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Flagellar assembly - Caulobacter crescentus CB15
Cellular Processes; Cell motility
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Flagellar assembly

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Caulobacter crescentus CB15 [GN:ccr]
flhA; flagellar biosynthesis protein FlhA [KO:K02400]
flhB; flagellar biosynthesis protein FlhB [KO:K02401]
fliR; flagellar biosynthesis protein FliR [KO:K02421]
fliQ; flagellar biosynthesis protein FliQ [KO:K02420]
fliP; flagellar biosynthesis protein FliP [KO:K02419]
fliO protein; K02418 flagellar protein FliO/FliZ [KO:K02418]
flagellar motor switch protein; K02417 flagellar motor switch protein FliN/FliY [KO:K02417]
hypothetical protein; K02417 flagellar motor switch protein FliN/FliY [KO:K02417]
chemotaxis protein MotB; K02557 chemotaxis protein MotB [KO:K02557]
flagellar motor protein MotA; K02556 chemotaxis protein MotA [KO:K02556]
flagellar hook protein; K02390 flagellar hook protein FlgE [KO:K02390]
flagellar hook assembly protein FlgD; K02389 flagellar basal-body rod modification protein FlgD [KO:K02389]
FliJ protein; K02413 flagellar FliJ protein [KO:K02413]
fliI; flagellum-specific ATP synthase [KO:K02412] [EC:]
fliH; flagellar assembly protein H [KO:K02411]
fliG; flagellar motor switch protein G [KO:K02410]
fliF; flagellar MS-ring protein [KO:K02409]
fliE; flagellar hook-basal body protein FliE [KO:K02408]
flgC; flagellar basal body rod protein FlgC [KO:K02388]
flgB; flagellar basal-body rod protein FlgB [KO:K02387]
distal basal-body ring component protein FlaD; K02386 flagella basal body P-ring formation protein FlgA [KO:K02386]
flagellar basal body rod protein FlgF; K02391 flagellar basal-body rod protein FlgF [KO:K02391]
flgG; flagellar basal body rod protein FlgG [KO:K02392]
flgH; flagellar basal body L-ring protein [KO:K02393]
flgI; flagellar basal body P-ring biosynthesis protein FlgA [KO:K02394]
flagellar hook-associated protein FlaN; K02396 flagellar hook-associated protein 1 FlgK [KO:K02396]
flagellin; K02397 flagellar hook-associated protein 3 FlgL [KO:K02397]
flagellin FljL; K02406 flagellin [KO:K02406]
flagellin FljK; K02406 flagellin [KO:K02406]
flagellin FljM; K02406 flagellin [KO:K02406]
flagellin FljN; K02406 flagellin [KO:K02406]
flagellin FljO; K02406 flagellin [KO:K02406]
flagellin; K02406 flagellin [KO:K02406]
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