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Joubert syndrome
Joubert syndrome and related disorders are a group of multiple congenital anomaly syndromes characterized by 'molar tooth sign', a specific midbrain-hindbrain malformation seen in brain images. Joubert syndrome is associated with retinal dystrophy, nephronophthisis, liver fibrosis and polydactyly. Most of the causative genes encode cilium-related proteins.
Developmental disorder
BRITE hierarchy
Inositol phosphate metabolism
Phosphatidylinositol signaling system
AHI1 (mutation) [HSA:54806] [KO:K16740]
NPHP1 (deletion) [HSA:4867]
CEP290 (mutation) [HSA:80184] [KO:K16533]
TMEM67 (mutation) [HSA:91147]
RPGRIP1L (mutation) [HSA:23322] [KO:K16550]
ARL13B (mutation) [HSA:200894] [KO:K07962]
CC2D2A (mutation) [HSA:57545]
OFD1 (mutation) [HSA:8481] [KO:K16480]
TMEM216 (mutation) [HSA:51259]
INPP5E (mutation) [HSA:56623] [KO:K01099]
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