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46,XY disorders of sex development (Disorders in androgen synthesis or action), including:
Congenital adrenal hyperplasias;
Leydig cell hypoplasia;
Androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS)
46,XY disorders of sex development (46,XY DSD) can be endocrine-related. Several enzymatic defects that result in insufficient production of testosterone have been reported. These androgen defects and impaired differentiation of Leydig cell, which secretes testosterone, can lead to ambiguous or completely feminized genitalia in 46,XY individuals. Furthermore, defective androgen action due to androgen receptor defects also cause feminization of 46,XY fetuses although they have normal levels of testosterone.
Reproductive system disease
BRITE hierarchy
Oocyte meiosis
Steroid hormone biosynthesis
Calcium signaling pathway
Neuroactive ligand-receptor interaction
(AIS) AR [HSA:367] [KO:K08557]
(Leydig) LHCGR [HSA:3973] [KO:K04248]
STAR [HSA:6770] [KO:K16931]
CYP11A1 [HSA:1583] [KO:K00498]
CYP17 [HSA:1586] [KO:K00512]
HSD3B2 [HSA:3284] [KO:K00070]
HSD17B3 [HSA:3293] [KO:K10207]
POR [HSA:5447] [KO:K00327]
SRD5A2 [HSA:6716] [KO:K12344]
DHCR7 [HSA:1717] [KO:K00213]
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