K14318                      KO                                     

nuclear pore complex protein Nup88
ko03013  RNA transport
M00427  Nuclear pore complex
KEGG Orthology (KO) [BR:ko00001]
 Genetic Information Processing
   03013 RNA transport
    K14318  NUP88; nuclear pore complex protein Nup88
KEGG modules [BR:ko00002]
 Structural complex
  Genetic information processing
   RNA processing
    M00427  Nuclear pore complex
     K14318  NUP88; nuclear pore complex protein Nup88
Messenger RNA biogenesis [BR:ko03019]
 Eukaryotic Type
  mRNA surveillance and transport factors
   Transport factors
    Nuclear pore complex
     K14318  NUP88; nuclear pore complex protein Nup88
BRITE hierarchy
Other DBs
GO: 0017056
TC: 1.l.1
HSA: 4927(NUP88)
PTR: 748596(NUP88)
PPS: 100974503(NUP88)
GGO: 101128091(NUP88)
PON: 100173714(NUP88)
NLE: 100606497(NUP88)
MCC: 711734(NUP88)
MCF: 101866000(NUP88)
CSAB: 103242234(NUP88)
RRO: 104656210(NUP88)
RBB: 108514343(NUP88)
CJC: 100398342(NUP88)
SBQ: 101027875(NUP88)
MMU: 19069(Nup88)
RNO: 113929(Nup88)
CGE: 100754367(Nup88)
NGI: 103752211(Nup88)
HGL: 101726684(Nup88)
CCAN: 109689403(Nup88)
OCU: 100345268(NUP88)
TUP: 102474677(NUP88)
CFA: 607268(NUP88)
AML: 100465869(NUP88)
UMR: 103660437(NUP88)
ORO: 101363696(NUP88)
FCA: 101090055(NUP88)
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BTA: 504786(NUP88)
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CIN: 100185467
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DME: Dmel_CG6819(mbo)
DSI: Dsimw501_GD20552(Dsim_GD20552)
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ATS: 109748335(LOC109748335)
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ZMA: 100272301(si486016f12b)
SITA: 101759810
PDA: 103705613
EGU: 105047081
MUS: 103988024
DCT: 110108781
AOF: 109831087
ATR: 18435800
PPP: 112284039
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Hashizume C, Nakano H, Yoshida K, Wong RW
Characterization of the role of the tumor marker Nup88 in mitosis.
Mol Cancer 9:119 (2010)
Roth P, Xylourgidis N, Sabri N, Uv A, Fornerod M, Samakovlis C
The Drosophila nucleoporin DNup88 localizes DNup214 and CRM1 on the nuclear envelope and attenuates NES-mediated nuclear export.
J Cell Biol 163:701-6 (2003)

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