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Photosynthesis - antenna proteins - Synechococcus sp. CC9311
The chlorophyll-binding subunits of photosystems I and II are internal antenna light-harvesting proteins of oxygenic photosynthesis. The antenna proteins that exist in phycobilisomes in cyanobacteria and light-harvesting chlorophyll protein complexes in green plants act as peripheral antenna systems, enabling more efficient absorption of light energy.
Metabolism; Energy metabolism
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Photosynthesis - antenna proteins

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Synechococcus sp. CC9311 [GN:syg]
apcA; allophycocyanin, subunit alpha [KO:K02092]
apcB-2; allophycocyanin subunit beta [KO:K02093]
apcC; phycobilisome linker polypeptide [KO:K02094]
apcD; allophycocyanin alpha, B subunit [KO:K02095]
apcE; anchor polypeptide LCM [KO:K02096]
apcB-1; allophycocyanin subunit beta [KO:K02097]
cpcA; phycocyanin, subunit alpha [KO:K02284]
cpcB; phycocyanin subunit beta [KO:K02285]
phycobilisome linker polypeptide; K02286 phycocyanin-associated rod linker protein [KO:K02286]
cpcE; phycocyanin subunit alpha phycocyanobilin lyase, CpcE subunit [KO:K02288] [EC:4.-.-.-]
cpcF; phycocyanin subunit alpha phycocyanobilin lyase, CpcF subunit [KO:K02289]
cpcG1; phycobilisome rod-core linker polypeptide cpcG1 [KO:K02290]
phycobilisome rod-core linker polypeptide (L-RC 28.5); K02290 phycobilisome rod-core linker protein [KO:K02290]
phycobilisome rod-core linker polypeptide (L-RC 28.5); K02290 phycobilisome rod-core linker protein [KO:K02290]
cpaA-1; C-phycoerythrin class I alpha chain [KO:K05376]
cpaA-2; C-phycoerythrin class II alpha chain [KO:K05376]
cpaB-1; C-phycoerythrin class I beta chain [KO:K05377]
cpaB-2; C-phycoerythrin class II beta chain [KO:K05377]
mpeC; phycoerythrin class II gamma chain, linker polypeptide [KO:K05378]
cpeC; phycobilisome linker polypeptide [KO:K05378]
phycobilisome linker polypeptide; K05379 phycoerythrin-associated linker protein [KO:K05379]
cpeD-1; phycobilisome linker polypeptide [KO:K05380]
phycoerythrin linker protein CpeS; K05382 phycoerythrin-associated linker protein [KO:K05382]
hypothetical protein; K05383 CpeT protein [KO:K05383]
bilin biosynthesis protein mpeU; K05384 bilin biosynthesis protein [KO:K05384]
bilin biosynthesis protein mpeV; K05384 bilin biosynthesis protein [KO:K05384]
bilin biosynthesis protein cpeY; K05385 bilin biosynthesis protein [KO:K05385]
bilin biosynthesis protein cpeZ; K05386 bilin biosynthesis protein [KO:K05386]
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