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ID   A7ZWV1_ECOHS            Unreviewed;        91 AA.
AC   A7ZWV1;
DT   23-OCT-2007, integrated into UniProtKB/TrEMBL.
DT   23-OCT-2007, sequence version 1.
DT   07-JAN-2015, entry version 44.
DE   SubName: Full=IS1, transposase orfA {ECO:0000313|EMBL:ABV04755.1};
GN   OrderedLocusNames=EcHS_A0367 {ECO:0000313|EMBL:ABV04755.1}, EcHS_A0738
GN   {ECO:0000313|EMBL:ABV05106.1}, EcHS_A0781
GN   {ECO:0000313|EMBL:ABV05147.1}, EcHS_A1141
GN   {ECO:0000313|EMBL:ABV05484.1}, EcHS_A1164
GN   {ECO:0000313|EMBL:ABV05503.1}, EcHS_A1385
GN   {ECO:0000313|EMBL:ABV05716.1}, EcHS_A1529
GN   {ECO:0000313|EMBL:ABV05857.1}, EcHS_A1652
GN   {ECO:0000313|EMBL:ABV05973.1}, EcHS_A1780
GN   {ECO:0000313|EMBL:ABV06096.1}, EcHS_A1899
GN   {ECO:0000313|EMBL:ABV06210.1}, EcHS_A2417
GN   {ECO:0000313|EMBL:ABV06692.1}, EcHS_A2649
GN   {ECO:0000313|EMBL:ABV06908.1}, EcHS_A2654
GN   {ECO:0000313|EMBL:ABV06913.1}, EcHS_A2760
GN   {ECO:0000313|EMBL:ABV07012.1}, EcHS_A2786
GN   {ECO:0000313|EMBL:ABV07037.1}, EcHS_A2921
GN   {ECO:0000313|EMBL:ABV07166.1}, EcHS_A3006
GN   {ECO:0000313|EMBL:ABV07245.1}, EcHS_A3092
GN   {ECO:0000313|EMBL:ABV07328.1}, EcHS_A3144
GN   {ECO:0000313|EMBL:ABV07379.1}, EcHS_A3239
GN   {ECO:0000313|EMBL:ABV07470.1}, EcHS_A3687
GN   {ECO:0000313|EMBL:ABV07898.1}, EcHS_A4685
GN   {ECO:0000313|EMBL:ABV06960.1};
OS   Escherichia coli O9:H4 (strain HS).
OC   Bacteria; Proteobacteria; Gammaproteobacteria; Enterobacteriales;
OC   Enterobacteriaceae; Escherichia.
OX   NCBI_TaxID=331112 {ECO:0000313|EMBL:ABV04755.1, ECO:0000313|Proteomes:UP000001123};
RN   [1] {ECO:0000313|EMBL:ABV04755.1, ECO:0000313|Proteomes:UP000001123}
RC   STRAIN=HS {ECO:0000313|EMBL:ABV04755.1,
RC   ECO:0000313|Proteomes:UP000001123};
RX   PubMed=18676672; DOI=10.1128/JB.00619-08;
RA   Rasko D.A., Rosovitz M.J., Myers G.S.A., Mongodin E.F., Fricke W.F.,
RA   Gajer P., Crabtree J., Sebaihia M., Thomson N.R., Chaudhuri R.,
RA   Henderson I.R., Sperandio V., Ravel J.;
RT   "The pangenome structure of Escherichia coli: comparative genomic
RT   analysis of E. coli commensal and pathogenic isolates.";
RL   J. Bacteriol. 190:6881-6893(2008).
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CC   Distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs License
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DR   EMBL; CP000802; ABV04755.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
DR   EMBL; CP000802; ABV05106.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
DR   EMBL; CP000802; ABV05147.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
DR   EMBL; CP000802; ABV05484.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
DR   EMBL; CP000802; ABV05503.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
DR   EMBL; CP000802; ABV05716.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
DR   EMBL; CP000802; ABV05857.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
DR   EMBL; CP000802; ABV05973.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
DR   EMBL; CP000802; ABV06096.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
DR   EMBL; CP000802; ABV06210.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
DR   EMBL; CP000802; ABV06692.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
DR   EMBL; CP000802; ABV06908.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
DR   EMBL; CP000802; ABV06913.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
DR   EMBL; CP000802; ABV06960.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
DR   EMBL; CP000802; ABV07012.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
DR   EMBL; CP000802; ABV07037.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
DR   EMBL; CP000802; ABV07166.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
DR   EMBL; CP000802; ABV07245.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
DR   EMBL; CP000802; ABV07328.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
DR   EMBL; CP000802; ABV07379.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
DR   EMBL; CP000802; ABV07470.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
DR   EMBL; CP000802; ABV07898.1; -; Genomic_DNA.
DR   RefSeq; YP_001457138.1; NC_009800.1.
DR   RefSeq; YP_001457489.1; NC_009800.1.
DR   RefSeq; YP_001457530.1; NC_009800.1.
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DR   RefSeq; YP_001459853.1; NC_009800.1.
DR   RefSeq; YP_001460281.1; NC_009800.1.
DR   ProteinModelPortal; A7ZWV1; -.
DR   STRING; 331112.EcHS_A4685; -.
DR   EnsemblBacteria; ABV04755; ABV04755; EcHS_A0367.
DR   EnsemblBacteria; ABV05106; ABV05106; EcHS_A0738.
DR   EnsemblBacteria; ABV05147; ABV05147; EcHS_A0781.
DR   EnsemblBacteria; ABV05484; ABV05484; EcHS_A1141.
DR   EnsemblBacteria; ABV05503; ABV05503; EcHS_A1164.
DR   EnsemblBacteria; ABV05716; ABV05716; EcHS_A1385.
DR   EnsemblBacteria; ABV05857; ABV05857; EcHS_A1529.
DR   EnsemblBacteria; ABV05973; ABV05973; EcHS_A1652.
DR   EnsemblBacteria; ABV06096; ABV06096; EcHS_A1780.
DR   EnsemblBacteria; ABV06210; ABV06210; EcHS_A1899.
DR   EnsemblBacteria; ABV06692; ABV06692; EcHS_A2417.
DR   EnsemblBacteria; ABV06908; ABV06908; EcHS_A2649.
DR   EnsemblBacteria; ABV06913; ABV06913; EcHS_A2654.
DR   EnsemblBacteria; ABV06960; ABV06960; EcHS_A4685.
DR   EnsemblBacteria; ABV07012; ABV07012; EcHS_A2760.
DR   EnsemblBacteria; ABV07037; ABV07037; EcHS_A2786.
DR   EnsemblBacteria; ABV07166; ABV07166; EcHS_A2921.
DR   EnsemblBacteria; ABV07245; ABV07245; EcHS_A3006.
DR   EnsemblBacteria; ABV07328; ABV07328; EcHS_A3092.
DR   EnsemblBacteria; ABV07379; ABV07379; EcHS_A3144.
DR   EnsemblBacteria; ABV07470; ABV07470; EcHS_A3239.
DR   EnsemblBacteria; ABV07898; ABV07898; EcHS_A3687.
DR   GeneID; 5591349; -.
DR   GeneID; 5591469; -.
DR   GeneID; 5591509; -.
DR   GeneID; 5591850; -.
DR   GeneID; 5591922; -.
DR   GeneID; 5591934; -.
DR   GeneID; 5592472; -.
DR   GeneID; 5592749; -.
DR   GeneID; 5593083; -.
DR   GeneID; 5593193; -.
DR   GeneID; 5593243; -.
DR   GeneID; 5593261; -.
DR   GeneID; 5593380; -.
DR   GeneID; 5593536; -.
DR   GeneID; 5593565; -.
DR   GeneID; 5594062; -.
DR   GeneID; 5594153; -.
DR   GeneID; 5594308; -.
DR   GeneID; 5594414; -.
DR   GeneID; 5594770; -.
DR   GeneID; 5594777; -.
DR   GeneID; 5594853; -.
DR   KEGG; ecx:EcHS_A0367; -.
DR   KEGG; ecx:EcHS_A0738; -.
DR   KEGG; ecx:EcHS_A0781; -.
DR   KEGG; ecx:EcHS_A1141; -.
DR   KEGG; ecx:EcHS_A1164; -.
DR   KEGG; ecx:EcHS_A1385; -.
DR   KEGG; ecx:EcHS_A1529; -.
DR   KEGG; ecx:EcHS_A1652; -.
DR   KEGG; ecx:EcHS_A1780; -.
DR   KEGG; ecx:EcHS_A1899; -.
DR   KEGG; ecx:EcHS_A2417; -.
DR   KEGG; ecx:EcHS_A2649; -.
DR   KEGG; ecx:EcHS_A2654; -.
DR   KEGG; ecx:EcHS_A2760; -.
DR   KEGG; ecx:EcHS_A2786; -.
DR   KEGG; ecx:EcHS_A2921; -.
DR   KEGG; ecx:EcHS_A3006; -.
DR   KEGG; ecx:EcHS_A3092; -.
DR   KEGG; ecx:EcHS_A3144; -.
DR   KEGG; ecx:EcHS_A3239; -.
DR   KEGG; ecx:EcHS_A3687; -.
DR   KEGG; ecx:EcHS_A4685; -.
DR   eggNOG; COG3677; -.
DR   HOGENOM; HOG000007613; -.
DR   OrthoDB; EOG6X3W86; -.
DR   BioCyc; ECOL331112:GHHI-1134-MONOMER; -.
DR   BioCyc; ECOL331112:GHHI-1156-MONOMER; -.
DR   BioCyc; ECOL331112:GHHI-1376-MONOMER; -.
DR   BioCyc; ECOL331112:GHHI-1521-MONOMER; -.
DR   BioCyc; ECOL331112:GHHI-1642-MONOMER; -.
DR   BioCyc; ECOL331112:GHHI-1771-MONOMER; -.
DR   BioCyc; ECOL331112:GHHI-1889-MONOMER; -.
DR   BioCyc; ECOL331112:GHHI-2403-MONOMER; -.
DR   BioCyc; ECOL331112:GHHI-2629-MONOMER; -.
DR   BioCyc; ECOL331112:GHHI-2634-MONOMER; -.
DR   BioCyc; ECOL331112:GHHI-2685-MONOMER; -.
DR   BioCyc; ECOL331112:GHHI-2744-MONOMER; -.
DR   BioCyc; ECOL331112:GHHI-2770-MONOMER; -.
DR   BioCyc; ECOL331112:GHHI-2905-MONOMER; -.
DR   BioCyc; ECOL331112:GHHI-2994-MONOMER; -.
DR   BioCyc; ECOL331112:GHHI-3083-MONOMER; -.
DR   BioCyc; ECOL331112:GHHI-3135-MONOMER; -.
DR   BioCyc; ECOL331112:GHHI-3231-MONOMER; -.
DR   BioCyc; ECOL331112:GHHI-365-MONOMER; -.
DR   BioCyc; ECOL331112:GHHI-3683-MONOMER; -.
DR   BioCyc; ECOL331112:GHHI-734-MONOMER; -.
DR   BioCyc; ECOL331112:GHHI-777-MONOMER; -.
DR   Proteomes; UP000001123; Chromosome.
DR   GO; GO:0006313; P:transposition, DNA-mediated; IEA:InterPro.
DR   InterPro; IPR024431; InsA_HTH_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR003220; InsA_N_dom.
DR   Pfam; PF12759; HTH_Tnp_IS1; 1.
DR   Pfam; PF03811; Zn_Tnp_IS1; 1.
PE   4: Predicted;
KW   Complete proteome {ECO:0000313|Proteomes:UP000001123}.
SQ   SEQUENCE   91 AA;  9868 MW;  8249588966B91FC5 CRC64;
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