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GenomeNet Database Resources

DBGET: Integrated Database Retrieval System
   DBGET search
   LinkDB search      REST service is available
KEGG: Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes
   KEGG2 - Table of contents
   KEGG PATHWAY - Systems information: pathways
   KEGG BRITE - Systems information: ontologies
   KEGG Organisms - Organism-specific entry points
   KEGG GENES - Genomic information
   KEGG LIGAND - Chemical information
   KEGG MEDICUS - Health information
Reaction Ontology: Reaction classifications
varDB: Antigenic variation database
Community Databases
   CYORF - Cyanobacteria annotation database
   BSORF - Bacillus subtilis genome database
   EXPRESSION - Gene expression profile database

GenomeNet Bioinformatics Tools

Sequence Analysis
   BLAST / FASTA - Sequence similarity search
   MOTIF - Sequence motif search
   CLUSTALW / MAFFT / PRRN - Multiple alignment
Genome Analysis
   OC Viewer - KEGG ortholog clusters Updated!
     REST service is available
   KAAS - KEGG automatic annotation server
   MAPLE - Functionome evaluator
   EGassembler - EST consensus contigs
   GENIES - Gene network prediction
   DINIES - Drug-target network prediction
Chemical Analysis
   SIMCOMP / SUBCOMP - Chemical structure search
     REST service is available
   KCaM - Glycan structure search
   PathComp - Possible reaction path computation
   PathSearch - Similar reaction path search
   PathPred - Reaction pathway prediction
   E-zyme - Enzymatic reaction prediction Updated!

KEGG pathway maps
BRITE functional hierarchies
KEGG Organisms
    Draft genomes

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