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 Pathway module
 Structural complex
   Energy metabolism
   Genetic information processing
   Environmental information processing
     Mineral and organic ion transport system
     Saccharide, polyol, and lipid transport system
     Phosphate and amino acid transport system
     Peptide and nickel transport system
     Metallic cation, iron-siderophore and vitamin B12 transport system
     ABC-2 type and other transport systems
     Drug efflux transporter/pump
     Phosphotransferase system (PTS)
       M00265  PTS system, glucose-specific II component [PATH:map00010 map00520 map02060] [BR:ko02000]
       M00809  PTS system, glucose-specific II component [PATH:map00010 map00520 map02060] [BR:ko02000]
       M00267  PTS system, N-acetylglucosamine-specific II component [PATH:map00520 map02060] [BR:ko02000]
       M00266  PTS system, maltose and glucose-specific II component [PATH:map00010 map00500 map00520 map02060] [BR:ko02000]
       M00806  PTS system, maltose-specific II component [PATH:map00500 map02060] [BR:ko02000]
       M00282  PTS system, D-glucosamine-specific II component [PATH:map00520 map02060] [BR:ko02000]
       M00269  PTS system, sucrose-specific II component [PATH:map00500 map02060] [BR:ko02000]
       M00271  PTS system, beta-glucosides-specific II component [PATH:map02060] [BR:ko02000]
       M00272  PTS system, arbutin-, cellobiose-, and salicin-specific II component [PATH:map00010 map02060] [BR:ko02000]
       M00270  PTS system, trehalose-specific II component [PATH:map00500 map02060] [BR:ko02000]
       M00303  PTS system, N-acetylmuramic acid-specific II component [PATH:map02060] [BR:ko02000]
       M00268  PTS system, arbutin-like II component [PATH:map02060] [BR:ko02000]
       M00273  PTS system, fructose-specific II component [PATH:map00051 map02060] [BR:ko02000]
       M00306  PTS system, fructose-specific II-like component [BR:ko02000]
       M00274  PTS system, mannitol-specific II component [PATH:map00051 map02060] [BR:ko02000]
       M00305  PTS system, 2-O-A-mannosyl-D-glycerate-specific II component [PATH:map02060] [BR:ko02000]
       M00281  PTS system, lactose-specific II component [PATH:map00052 map02060] [BR:ko02000]
       M00275  PTS system, cellobiose-specific II component [PATH:map00500 map02060] [BR:ko02000]
       M00280  PTS system, glucitol/sorbitol-specific II component [PATH:map00051 map02060] [BR:ko02000]
       M00279  PTS system, galactitol-specific II component [PATH:map00052 map02060] [BR:ko02000]
       M00807  PTS system, galactose-specific II component [PATH:map02060] [BR:ko02000]
       M00276  PTS system, mannose-specific II component [PATH:map00051 map02060] [BR:ko02000]
       M00764  PTS system, fructoselysine and glucoselysine-specific II component [PATH:map02060] [BR:ko02000]
       M00304  PTS system, fructose-specific II component [PATH:map00051 map02060] [BR:ko02000]
       M00278  PTS system, sorbose-specific II component [PATH:map00051 map02060] [BR:ko02000]
       M00277  PTS system, N-acetylgalactosamine-specific II component [PATH:map00052 map02060] [BR:ko02000]
       M00287  PTS system, galactosamine-specific II component [PATH:map00052 map02060] [BR:ko02000]
       M00610  PTS system, D-glucosaminate-specific II component [PATH:map02060] [BR:ko02000]
       M00283  PTS system, ascorbate-specific II component [PATH:map00053 map02060] [BR:ko02000]
     Bacterial secretion system
 Functional set
 Signature module

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