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 Pathway module
   Energy metabolism
     Carbon fixation
       M00165  Reductive pentose phosphate cycle (Calvin cycle) [PATH:map01200 map00710]
       M00166  Reductive pentose phosphate cycle, ribulose-5P => glyceraldehyde-3P [PATH:map01200 map00710]
       M00167  Reductive pentose phosphate cycle, glyceraldehyde-3P => ribulose-5P [PATH:map01200 map00710]
       M00168  CAM (Crassulacean acid metabolism), dark [PATH:map01200 map00710]
       M00169  CAM (Crassulacean acid metabolism), light [PATH:map01200 map00710]
       M00172  C4-dicarboxylic acid cycle, NADP - malic enzyme type [PATH:map01200 map00710]
       M00171  C4-dicarboxylic acid cycle, NAD - malic enzyme type [PATH:map01200 map00710]
       M00170  C4-dicarboxylic acid cycle, phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase type [PATH:map01200 map00710]
       M00173  Reductive citrate cycle (Arnon-Buchanan cycle) [PATH:map01200 map00720]
       M00376  3-Hydroxypropionate bi-cycle [PATH:map01200 map00720]
       M00375  Hydroxypropionate-hydroxybutylate cycle [PATH:map01200 map00720]
       M00374  Dicarboxylate-hydroxybutyrate cycle [PATH:map01200 map00720]
       M00377  Reductive acetyl-CoA pathway (Wood-Ljungdahl pathway) [PATH:map01200 map00720]
       M00579  Phosphate acetyltransferase-acetate kinase pathway, acetyl-CoA => acetate [PATH:map01200 map00720]
       M00620  Incomplete reductive citrate cycle, acetyl-CoA => oxoglutarate [PATH:map01200 map00720]
     Nitrogen metabolism
     Methane metabolism
     Sulfur metabolism
   Carbohydrate and lipid metabolism
   Nucleotide and amino acid metabolism
   Secondary metabolism
 Structural complex
 Functional set
 Signature module

Last updated: May 17, 2018