Glycosaminoglycan binding proteins

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 Heparan sulfate/Haparin
(General comment) Chemotaxis, singal transduction, inflammation
(General comment) Chemokine presentation, transcellular transport, signal transduction
   Adhesion molecules of cell surface
(General comment) Cell attachment, inflammation, transition
(General comment) Effective diffusion, tissue differentiation, development
   Growth factors/receptors
(General comment) Ligand-receptor clustering and signaling, cell migration, mitogenesis
   Extracellular matrix molecules
(General comment) Storage depot, cell adhesion and motility, ECM/barrier formation
     K03903  FGA; fibrinogen alpha chain
     K03904  FGB; fibrinogen beta chain
     K03905  FGG; fibrinogen gamma chain
     K05717  FN1; fibronectin 1
     K06825  FBN1; fibrillin 1
     ------  LAMA5; laminin, alpha 5 [HSA:3911] [KO:K06240]
     K06252  TN; tenascin
     K16857  THBS1; thrombospondin 1
     K04659  THBS2S; thrombospondin 2/3/4/5
     K06251  VTN; vitronectin
     K06236  COL1A; collagen, type I, alpha
     K19719  COL2A; collagen, type II, alpha
     K19720  COL3A; collagen, type III, alpha
     K06237  COL4A; collagen, type IV, alpha
     K19721  COL5AS; collagen, type V/XI/XXIV/XXVII, alpha
     K06238  COL6A; collagen, type VI, alpha
     K16617  COL13A; collagen, type XIII, alpha
     K06823  COL18A; collagen, type XVIII, alpha
Adhesion, focal adhesion formation
   Axon guidance molecules
   Coagulation and fibrinolysis
(General comment) Coagulation, inflammation, complement control
(General comment) Variety
   Microbial pathogens
(General comment) Adhesion of microorganism to host cells

Last updated: April 11, 2018