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 Aspartic Peptidases
 Cysteine Peptidases
   Family C1: papain family
     K06000  E3.4.22.2; papain [EC:]
     K16292  CEP, CYSEP; KDEL-tailed cysteine endopeptidase [EC:3.4.22.-]
     K01363  CTSB; cathepsin B [EC:]
     K01275  CTSC; cathepsin C [EC:]
     K01373  CTSF; cathepsin F [EC:]
     K01366  CTSH; cathepsin H [EC:]
     K01371  CTSK; cathepsin K [EC:]
     K01365  CTSL; cathepsin L [EC:]
     K09600  CTSM; cathepsin M [EC:3.4.22.-]
     K01374  CTSO; cathepsin O [EC:]
     K09599  CTSP; cathepsin P [EC:3.4.22.-]
     K09601  CTSR; cathepsin R [EC:3.4.22.-]
     K01368  CTSS; cathepsin S [EC:]
     K01375  CTSL2, CTSV; cathepsin V [EC:]
     K08569  CTSW; cathepsin W [EC:3.4.22.-]
     K08568  CTSZ; cathepsin X [EC:]
     K08570  EHCP; histolysain [EC:]
     K13441  RCR3; cysteine protease
     K16290  XCP; xylem cysteine proteinase [EC:3.4.22.-]
     K08571  E3.4.22.51; cruzipain [EC:]
     K13538  CPA; cysteine peptidase A [EC:3.4.22.-]
     K13537  CPB; cysteine peptidase B [EC:3.4.22.-]
     K08572  CPC; cysteine peptidase C [EC:3.4.22.-]
     K01372  BLMH, pepC; bleomycin hydrolase [EC:]
   Family C2: calpain family
   Family C10: streptopain family
   Family C11: clostripain family
   Family C12: ubiquitin C-terminal hydrolase family
   Family C13: legumain family
   Family C14: caspase family
   Family C15: pyroglutamyl peptidase I family
   Family C19: ubiquitin-specific protease family
   Family C25: gingipain family
   Family C26: gamma-glutamyl hydrolase family
   Family C40
   Family C44
   Family C45
   Family C46: hedgehog family
   Family C47: staphopain family
   Family C48: Ulp1 endopeptidase family
   Family C50: separase family
   Family C54: Aut2 peptidase family
   Family C55: YopJ protease family
   Family C56: PfpI endopeptidase family
   Family C58
   Family C59
   Family C60
   Family C64
   Family C65
   Family C67
   Family C69
   Family C70
   Family C75
   Family C78
   Family C79
   Family C82
   Family C85: DUBA deubiquitinylating enzyme
   Family C86
   Family C88
   Family C89
 Metallo Peptidases
 Mixed Peptidases
 Serine Peptidases
 Threonine Peptidases
 Peptidases of Unknown Catalytic Type

Last updated: May 6, 2016
Classification taken and modified from MEROPS