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 Aspartic Peptidases
 Cysteine Peptidases
 Glutamic Peptidases
 Metallo Peptidases
   Family M1
   Family M2
   Family M3
   Family M4: thermolysin family
   Family M5: mycolysin family
   Family M6: immune inhibitor A family
   Family M7: snapalysin family
   Family M8: leishmanolysin family
   Family M9
   Family M10
   Family M12: astacin/adamalysin family
   Family M13: neprilysin family
   Family M14: carboxypeptidase A family
     K08779  CPA1; carboxypeptidase A1 [EC:]
     K08780  CPA3; carboxypeptidase A3 [EC:]
     K08781  CPA5; carboxypeptidase A5 [EC:]
     K08782  CPA6; carboxypeptidase A6 [EC:]
     K01298  CPA2; carboxypeptidase A2 [EC:]
     K08637  CPA4; carboxypeptidase A4 [EC:3.4.17.-]
     K01290  CPAN; carboxypeptidase A, invertebrate [EC:3.4.17.-]
     K01291  CPB1; carboxypeptidase B [EC:]
     K01300  CPB2; carboxypeptidase B2 [EC:]
     K08783  ECM14; extracellular matrix protein 14 [EC:3.4.17.-]
     K07752  CPD; carboxypeptidase D [EC:]
     K01294  CPE; carboxypeptidase E [EC:]
     K01296  CPM; carboxypeptidase M [EC:]
     K01292  CPN1; carboxypeptidase N catalytic subunit [EC:]
     K13023  CPN2; carboxypeptidase N regulatory subunit
     K05996  cpt; carboxypeptidase T [EC:]
     K08638  CPXM1; carboxypeptidase X1 [EC:3.4.17.-]
     K08639  CPXM2; carboxypeptidase X2
     K13022  CPZ; carboxypeptidase Z [EC:3.4.17.-]
     K01308  yqgT; g-D-glutamyl-meso-diaminopimelate peptidase [EC:]
   Family M15: zinc D-Ala-D-Ala carboxypeptidase family
   Family M16: pitrilysin family
   Family M17: leucyl aminopeptidase family
   Family M18
   Family M19: membrane dipeptidase family
   Family M20
   Family M23
   Family M24
   Family M26
   Family M27
   Family M28: aminopeptidase Y family
   Family M29: aminopeptidase T family
   Family M32: carboxypeptidase Taq family
   Family M34: anthrax lethal factor family
   Family M35: deuterolysin family
   Family M36: fungalysin family
   Family M38: beta-aspartyl dipeptidase family
   Family M41: FtsH endopeptidase family
   Family M42: glutamyl aminopeptidase family
   Family M43: cytophagalysin family
   Family M48: Ste24 endopeptidase family
   Family M49: dipeptidyl-peptidase III family
   Family M50: S2P protease family
   Family M54
   Family M55: DppA aminopeptidase family
   Family M56
   Family M67
   Family M73
   Family M74
   Family M79: prenyl protease 2 family
   Family M88
   Family M90
 Mixed Peptidases
 Serine Peptidases
 Threonine Peptidases
 Peptidases of Unknown Catalytic Type

Last updated: August 1, 2017
Classification taken and modified from MEROPS