DNA Repair and Recombination Proteins

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 Eukaryotic Type
 Prokaryotic Type
   SSBR (single strand breaks repair)
   DSBR (double strand breaks repair)
     HR (homologous recombination)
       RecBC pathway proteins
         K03582  recB; exodeoxyribonuclease V beta subunit [EC:]
         K03583  recC; exodeoxyribonuclease V gamma subunit [EC:]
         K03581  recD; exodeoxyribonuclease V alpha subunit [EC:]
         K03553  recA; recombination protein RecA
         K03550  ruvA; holliday junction DNA helicase RuvA [EC:]
         K03551  ruvB; holliday junction DNA helicase RuvB [EC:]
         K01159  ruvC; crossover junction endodeoxyribonuclease RuvC [EC:]
         K01160  rusA; crossover junction endodeoxyribonuclease RusA [EC:]
         K04066  priA; primosomal protein N' (replication factor Y) (superfamily II helicase) [EC:3.6.4.-]
         K02686  priB; primosomal replication protein N
         K04067  priC; primosomal replication protein N''
         K02317  dnaT; DNA replication protein DnaT
         K01141  sbcB, exoI; exodeoxyribonuclease I [EC:]
         K03546  sbcC; exonuclease SbcC
         K03547  sbcD; exonuclease SbcD
       RecFOR pathway proteins
       AddAB pathway proteins
       Other HR factor
       Archaeal homologous recombinant proteins
     NHEJ (non-homologous end-joining)
   TLS (translesion DNA synthesis) factors
   Other factors with a suspected DNA repair function

Last updated: July 24, 2017