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 Pathways and Ontologies
 Genes and Proteins
   Orthologs and modules
   Protein families: metabolism
   Protein families: genetic information processing
   Protein families: signaling and cellular processes
     ko02000  Transporters
     ko02044  Secretion system
     ko02042  Bacterial toxins
     ko02022  Two-component system
     ko02035  Bacterial motility proteins
     ko04812  Cytoskeleton proteins
     ko04147  Exosome
     ko02048  Prokaryotic defense system
     ko04030  G protein-coupled receptors
     ko01020  Enzyme-linked receptors
     ko04050  Cytokine receptors
     ko03310  Nuclear receptors
     ko04040  Ion channels
     ko04031  GTP-binding proteins
     ko04052  Cytokines
     ko04516  Cell adhesion molecules and their ligands
     ko04090  Cellular antigens
     ko00535  Proteoglycans
     ko00536  Glycosaminoglycan binding proteins
     ko04091  Lectins
   RNA family
 Compounds and Reactions
 Organisms and Cells

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