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Entry naz_M00165
Name Reductive pentose phosphate cycle (Calvin cycle)
Definition K00855 (K01601-K01602) K00927 (K05298,K00150,K00134) (K01623,K01624) (K03841,K02446,K11532,K01086,K04041)
K00615 (K01623,K01624) (K01100,K11532,K01086) K00615 (K01807,K01808)
Ortholog table Taxonomy
Type Pathway module
Organism Nostoc azollae 0708 (Anabaena azollae 0708), cyanobacterial symbiont of the water fern Azolla (duckweed)
Pathway naz01200 naz00710
Reaction R01523 C00199 -> C01182
R00024 C01182 + C00011 -> C00197
R01512 C00197 -> C00236
R01061,R01063 C00236 -> C00118
R01068 C00118 -> C00354
R00762 C00354 -> C00085
R01067 C00085 -> C00279
R01829 C00279 -> C00447
R01845 C00447 -> C05382
R01641 C05382 -> C00117
R01056 C00117 -> C00199