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K00814   GPT, ALT; alanine transaminase [EC:]

A0A059AS13 A0A059AS13_EUCGR   Uncharacterized protein
A0A061GBY9 A0A061GBY9_THECC   Alanine aminotransferase 2
A0A067L953 A0A067L953_JATCU   Uncharacterized protein
A0A087ZNZ2 A0A087ZNZ2_APIME   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0A0K7K8 A0A0A0K7K8_CUCSA   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0A0LC12 A0A0A0LC12_CUCSA   Uncharacterized protein
A0BY66 A0BY66_PARTE   Chromosome undetermined scaffold_136, whole genome shotgun sequence
A0CAV0 A0CAV0_PARTE   Chromosome undetermined scaffold_162, whole genome shotgun sequence
A0E2A1 A0E2A1_PARTE   Chromosome undetermined scaffold_74, whole genome shotgun sequence
A1CT67 A1CT67_ASPCL   Alanine aminotransferase, putative
A1DMH7 A1DMH7_NEOFI   Alanine aminotransferase, putative
A2DJA3 A2DJA3_TRIVA   Aminotransferase, classes I and II family protein
A2E3X7 A2E3X7_TRIVA   Aminotransferase, classes I and II family protein
A2E7I0 A2E7I0_TRIVA   Aminotransferase, classes I and II family protein
A2EMD3 A2EMD3_TRIVA   Aminotransferase, classes I and II family protein
A2FY82 A2FY82_TRIVA   Aminotransferase, classes I and II family protein
A2GAH8 A2GAH8_TRIVA   Aminotransferase, classes I and II family protein
A3LPT6 A3LPT6_PICST   Alanine transaminase (ALAM)
A4H6X6 A4H6X6_LEIBR   ALAT protein
A4IFH5 ALAT1_BOVIN * Alanine aminotransferase 1
A4RUG5 A4RUG5_OSTLU   Uncharacterized protein
A5DFW3 A5DFW3_PICGU   Putative uncharacterized protein
A5DKX4 A5DKX4_PICGU   Putative uncharacterized protein
A5DZ46 A5DZ46_LODEL   Putative uncharacterized protein
A6R9P1 A6R9P1_AJECN   Putative uncharacterized protein
A7EA70 A7EA70_SCLS1   Putative uncharacterized protein
A7HBW3 A7HBW3_ANADF   Aminotransferase class I and II
A7T0S1 A7T0S1_NEMVE   Predicted protein
A7THP3 A7THP3_VANPO   Putative uncharacterized protein
A7TRR6 A7TRR6_VANPO   Putative uncharacterized protein
A8BP13 A8BP13_GIAIC   Alanine aminotransferase, putative
A8BW60 A8BW60_GIAIC   Alanine aminotransferase, putative
A8IKE1 A8IKE1_SOYBN   Alanine aminotransferase 1
A8J278 A8J278_CHLRE   Alanine aminotransferase
A8NZD0 A8NZD0_COPC7   Uncharacterized protein
A8QA50 A8QA50_MALGO   Uncharacterized protein
A8WW42 A8WW42_CAEBR   Protein CBG04059
A9RFW9 A9RFW9_PHYPA   Uncharacterized protein
A9SUK3 A9SUK3_PHYPA   Predicted protein
A9UV48 A9UV48_MONBE   Predicted protein
A9UWW3 A9UWW3_MONBE   Predicted protein
B0D405 B0D405_LACBS   Alanine aminotransferase [EC:]
B0EBN9 B0EBN9_ENTDS   Alanine aminotransferase, putative [EC:]
B0ED65 B0ED65_ENTDS   Alanine aminotransferase, putative [EC:]
B0X4U1 B0X4U1_CULQU   Alanine aminotransferase
B2ARQ5 B2ARQ5_PODAN   Podospora anserina S mat+ genomic DNA chromosome 4, supercontig 4
B3RVC4 B3RVC4_TRIAD   Putative uncharacterized protein
B4FG03 B4FG03_MAIZE   Uncharacterized protein
B4FJ86 B4FJ86_MAIZE   Uncharacterized protein
B4L1S6 B4L1S6_DROMO   GI15248
B4NQ25 B4NQ25_DROWI   GK17070
B4Q2A9 B4Q2A9_DROYA   GE17071
B4R4B9 B4R4B9_DROSI   GD17120
B5YN17 B5YN17_THAPS   Alanine aminotransferase, aminotransferase class I [EC:]
B6GZH1 B6GZH1_PENCW   Pc12g09430 protein
B6SMP5 B6SMP5_MAIZE   Alanine aminotransferase 2
B6TBZ8 B6TBZ8_MAIZE   Alanine aminotransferase 2
B7FUH0 B7FUH0_PHATC   Predicted protein
B7PAY5 B7PAY5_IXOSC   Alanine aminotransferase, putative [EC:]
B7PLP0 B7PLP0_IXOSC   Alanine aminotransferase, putative [EC:]
B7Q481 B7Q481_IXOSC   Alanine aminotransferase, putative [EC:]
B7QLI8 B7QLI8_IXOSC   Tyrosine aminotransferase, putative [EC:]
B7S432 B7S432_PHATC   Predicted protein
B8C017 B8C017_THAPS   Alanine aminotransferase [EC:]
B8N2F9 B8N2F9_ASPFN   Alanine aminotransferase, putative
B9GXZ6 B9GXZ6_POPTR   Uncharacterized protein
B9N7I4 B9N7I4_POPTR   Alanine aminotransferas family protein
B9T3X7 B9T3X7_RICCO   Alanine transaminase, putative [EC:]
B9WDV5 B9WDV5_CANDC   Alanine aminotransferase, mitochondrial, putative [EC:]
C1DZZ2 C1DZZ2_MICSR   Alanine aminotransferase
C1GMM2 C1GMM2_PARBD   Uncharacterized protein
C1HBR6 C1HBR6_PARBA   Alanine aminotransferase
C1MIX0 C1MIX0_MICPC   Predicted protein
C3ZV83 C3ZV83_BRAFL   Putative uncharacterized protein
C4JGK6 C4JGK6_UNCRE   Putative uncharacterized protein
C4LWI5 C4LWI5_ENTHI   Alanine aminotransferase, putative
C4LX51 C4LX51_ENTHI   Alanine aminotransferase, putative
C4R4P4 C4R4P4_PICPG   Putative alanine transaminase (Glutamic pyruvic transaminase)
C4XXQ1 C4XXQ1_CLAL4   Putative uncharacterized protein
C5DN28 C5DN28_LACTC   KLTH0G13662p
C5MA21 C5MA21_CANTT   Putative uncharacterized protein
C5PGW1 C5PGW1_COCP7   Alanine aminotransferase , putative [EC:]
C5WN87 C5WN87_SORBI   Putative uncharacterized protein Sb01g023740
C5X2E3 C5X2E3_SORBI   Putative uncharacterized protein Sb02g039340
C7YM94 C7YM94_NECH7   Putative uncharacterized protein
C9SSU3 C9SSU3_VERA1   Alanine aminotransferase
D0MY04 D0MY04_PHYIT   Alanine aminotransferase 2
D0MY09 D0MY09_PHYIT   Alanine aminotransferase 2
D4B3D2 D4B3D2_ARTBC   Uncharacterized protein
D4D9C6 D4D9C6_TRIVH   Uncharacterized protein
D5GFS5 D5GFS5_TUBMM   Whole genome shotgun sequence assembly, scaffold_31, strain Mel28
D7KFD9 D7KFD9_ARALL   Alanine aminotransferase
D7KYL5 D7KYL5_ARALL   Putative uncharacterized protein
D8QJZ0 D8QJZ0_SCHCM   Putative uncharacterized protein
D8REX7 D8REX7_SELML   Putative uncharacterized protein
D8RIG1 D8RIG1_SELML   Putative uncharacterized protein
D8TJR2 D8TJR2_VOLCA   Putative uncharacterized protein
E0VVS1 E0VVS1_PEDHC   Alanine aminotransferase, putative [EC:]
E0VVX2 E0VVX2_PEDHC   Alanine aminotransferase, putative [EC:]
E1GKB7 E1GKB7_LOALO   Uncharacterized protein
E1Z361 E1Z361_CHLVA   Putative uncharacterized protein
E2B482 E2B482_HARSA   Alanine aminotransferase 2
E2LNL0 E2LNL0_MONPE   Uncharacterized protein
E3KD89 E3KD89_PUCGT   Alanine transaminase
E3RNX7 E3RNX7_PYRTT   Putative uncharacterized protein
E5STL7 E5STL7_TRISP   Aminotransferase, classes I and II superfamily
E6R9R0 E6R9R0_CRYGW   Glutamate-pyruvate transaminase/Glutamate-alanine transaminase, putative
E9AGF0 E9AGF0_LEIIN   Alanine aminotransferase
E9ANZ0 E9ANZ0_LEIMU   Putative alanine aminotransferase
E9BB38 E9BB38_LEIDB   Alanine aminotransferase
E9E0R8 E9E0R8_METAQ   Alanine aminotransferase, putative
E9EP21 E9EP21_METRA   Alanine transaminase-like protein
F0ZWD8 F0ZWD8_DICPU   Alanine transaminase
F1RP04 F1RP04_PIG   Uncharacterized protein
F4I7I0 ALAT1_ARATH * Alanine aminotransferase 1, mitochondrial
F4PHY1 F4PHY1_DICFS   Alanine transaminase
F4RKZ1 F4RKZ1_MELLP   Putative uncharacterized protein
F4RKZ4 F4RKZ4_MELLP   Putative uncharacterized protein
F4SAA5 F4SAA5_MELLP   Putative uncharacterized protein
F5H9E5 F5H9E5_CRYNB   Uncharacterized protein
F6HXL0 F6HXL0_VITVI   Putative uncharacterized protein
F6TEF9 F6TEF9_MACMU   Alanine aminotransferase 1
F7CTM0 F7CTM0_MONDO   Uncharacterized protein
F7G415 F7G415_CALJA   Uncharacterized protein
F8MXQ1 F8MXQ1_NEUT8   Putative uncharacterized protein
F8NQU5 F8NQU5_SERL9   Putative uncharacterized protein
F9X9J3 F9X9J3_ZYMTI   Uncharacterized protein
G0RNI5 G0RNI5_HYPJQ   Alanine transaminase-like protein
G0S8Z8 G0S8Z8_CHATD   Alanine transaminase-like protein
G0V9H0 G0V9H0_NAUCC   Uncharacterized protein
G0VBZ1 G0VBZ1_NAUCC   Uncharacterized protein
G0W623 G0W623_NAUDC   Uncharacterized protein
G0WGV0 G0WGV0_NAUDC   Uncharacterized protein
G2QHF4 G2QHF4_THIHA   Uncharacterized protein
G2QXZ0 G2QXZ0_THITE   Uncharacterized protein
G2X5N3 G2X5N3_VERDV   Alanine aminotransferase
G3AQU5 G3AQU5_SPAPN   Putative uncharacterized protein
G3B292 G3B292_CANTC   PLP-dependent transferase
G3JFG0 G3JFG0_CORMM   Alanine aminotransferase, putative
G3RJK4 G3RJK4_GORGO   Uncharacterized protein
G3V872 G3V872_RAT   Glutamic pyruvate transaminase (Alanine aminotransferase) 2 (Predicted), isoform CRA_b
G4N6X3 G4N6X3_MAGO7   Uncharacterized protein
G4YHC0 G4YHC0_PHYSP   Putative uncharacterized protein
G4YHC5 G4YHC5_PHYSP   Putative uncharacterized protein
G7L970 G7L970_MEDTR   Alanine aminotransferase
G8BMY5 G8BMY5_TETPH   Uncharacterized protein
G8BYF6 G8BYF6_TETPH   Uncharacterized protein
G8JTL7 G8JTL7_ERECY   Uncharacterized protein
G8ZX57 G8ZX57_TORDC   Uncharacterized protein
H2AQC0 H2AQC0_KAZAF   Uncharacterized protein
H2AR47 H2AR47_KAZAF   Uncharacterized protein
H2AR48 H2AR48_KAZAF   Uncharacterized protein
H2LSU5 H2LSU5_ORYLA   Uncharacterized protein
H2MTR5 H2MTR5_ORYLA   Uncharacterized protein
H2TVB7 H2TVB7_TAKRU   Uncharacterized protein
H6QTE1 H6QTE1_PUCGT   Alanine transaminase
H8X3T9 H8X3T9_CANO9   Alanine transaminase
H9G9N8 H9G9N8_ANOCA   Uncharacterized protein
H9GK05 H9GK05_ANOCA   Uncharacterized protein
I0Z0L3 I0Z0L3_9CHLO   Alanine aminotransferase 2
I1I3L2 I1I3L2_BRADI   Uncharacterized protein
I1KHJ4 I1KHJ4_SOYBN   Uncharacterized protein
I2H546 I2H546_TETBL   Uncharacterized protein
I2H643 I2H643_TETBL   Uncharacterized protein
I2H6V5 I2H6V5_TETBL   Uncharacterized protein
I4YGL4 I4YGL4_WALSC   PLP-dependent transferase
I7LXC9 I7LXC9_TETTS   Class I/II aminotransferase
J3KIU0 J3KIU0_COCIM   Alanine aminotransferase
J3MN04 J3MN04_ORYBR   Uncharacterized protein
J3MXR3 J3MXR3_ORYBR   Uncharacterized protein
J3N2A9 J3N2A9_ORYBR   Uncharacterized protein
J9JZJ2 J9JZJ2_ACYPI   Uncharacterized protein
K1X7V2 K1X7V2_MARBU   Aminotransferase class I and II
K3VHZ9 K3VHZ9_FUSPC   Uncharacterized protein
K4A967 K4A967_SETIT   Uncharacterized protein
K4BN59 K4BN59_SOLLC   Uncharacterized protein
K4C740 K4C740_SOLLC   Uncharacterized protein
K5VVN4 K5VVN4_AGABU   Uncharacterized protein
K5X1U3 K5X1U3_PHACS   Uncharacterized protein
K7G4K1 K7G4K1_PELSI   Uncharacterized protein
K8FES7 K8FES7_9CHLO   Uncharacterized protein
K9HD52 K9HD52_AGABB   Uncharacterized protein
L1IPV7 L1IPV7_GUITH   Uncharacterized protein
L1JCX8 L1JCX8_GUITH   Uncharacterized protein
L1JS25 L1JS25_GUITH   Uncharacterized protein
L1JZE3 L1JZE3_GUITH   Uncharacterized protein
L8H524 L8H524_ACACA   Alanine aminotransferase, mitochondrial, putative
L8HHW2 L8HHW2_ACACA   Alanine aminotransferase, mitochondrial, putative
M0RJE8 M0RJE8_MUSAM   Uncharacterized protein
M0S5X3 M0S5X3_MUSAM   Uncharacterized protein
M1V8U4 M1V8U4_CYAME   Alanine aminotransferase
M2NKS7 M2NKS7_BAUCO   Uncharacterized protein
M2RBM2 M2RBM2_COCSN   Uncharacterized protein
M2X7P2 M2X7P2_GALSU   Alanine transaminase [EC:]
M3VX08 M3VX08_FELCA   Uncharacterized protein
M4AWQ5 M4AWQ5_XIPMA   Uncharacterized protein
M5WXC0 M5WXC0_PRUPE   Uncharacterized protein
M7T5D7 M7T5D7_EUTLA   Putative alanine aminotransferase protein
N1Q6M0 N1Q6M0_PSEFD   Uncharacterized protein
O01685 O01685_CAEEL   C32F10.8, isoform a
P24298 ALAT1_HUMAN * Alanine aminotransferase 1
P25409 ALAT1_RAT * Alanine aminotransferase 1
P52892 ALAT_YEAST * Probable alanine aminotransferase [EC:]
P52893 ALAM_YEAST * Probable alanine aminotransferase, mitochondrial [EC:]
Q01CL8 Q01CL8_OSTTA   Pyridoxal phosphate-dependent transferase, major region, subdomain 2
Q0IXY9 Q0IXY9_ORYSJ   Os10g0390600 protein
Q0U723 Q0U723_PHANO   Putative uncharacterized protein
Q10334 ALAT_SCHPO * Putative alanine aminotransferase [EC:]
Q16UK6 Q16UK6_AEDAE   AAEL009875-PA
Q16UK8 Q16UK8_AEDAE   AAEL009872-PA
Q28DB5 ALAT2_XENTR * Alanine aminotransferase 2
Q2UM29 Q2UM29_ASPOR   Alanine aminotransferase
Q338N8 Q338N8_ORYSJ   Alanine aminotransferase
Q4E2N6 Q4E2N6_TRYCC   Alanine aminotransferase, putative [EC:]
Q4E2N8 Q4E2N8_TRYCC   Alanine aminotransferase, putative [EC:]
Q4E5N8 Q4E5N8_TRYCC   Alanine aminotransferase, putative [EC:]
Q4E5P0 Q4E5P0_TRYCC   Alanine aminotransferase, putative [EC:]
Q4GYI2 Q4GYI2_TRYB2   Alanine aminotransferase, putative [EC:]
Q4QGN0 Q4QGN0_LEIMA   Alanine aminotransferase [EC:]
Q4WN34 Q4WN34_ASPFU   Alanine aminotransferase, putative [EC:2.6.1.-]
Q54MJ7 ALAM_DICDI * Probable alanine aminotransferase, mitochondrial
Q566C3 Q566C3_MOUSE   Alanine aminotransferase 1
Q5AEC2 Q5AEC2_CANAL   Uncharacterized protein
Q5BC07 Q5BC07_EMENI   Uncharacterized protein
Q5KE74 Q5KE74_CRYNJ   Transaminase, putative
Q69PH8 Q69PH8_ORYSJ   Os09g0433900 protein
Q6CA32 Q6CA32_YARLI   YALI0D06325p
Q6FKE3 Q6FKE3_CANGA   Strain CBS138 chromosome L complete sequence
Q6GM82 ALAT2_XENLA * Alanine aminotransferase 2
Q74ZX3 Q74ZX3_ASHGO   AGR085Wp
Q7KV27 Q7KV27_DROME   CG1640, isoform A [EC:]
Q7Q4R9 Q7Q4R9_ANOGA   AGAP000901-PA
Q7RZ96 Q7RZ96_NEUCR   Alanine aminotransferase
Q8BGT5 ALAT2_MOUSE * Alanine aminotransferase 2
Q8QZR5 ALAT1_MOUSE * Alanine aminotransferase 1
Q8TD30 ALAT2_HUMAN * Alanine aminotransferase 2
Q9LDV4 ALAT2_ARATH * Alanine aminotransferase 2, mitochondrial
R0GCK5 R0GCK5_9BRAS   Uncharacterized protein
R0GWC3 R0GWC3_9BRAS   Uncharacterized protein
R1ENW4 R1ENW4_BOTPV   Putative alanine aminotransferase protein
R1EQD8 R1EQD8_EMIHU   Alanine aminotransferase
R1FWD4 R1FWD4_EMIHU   Alanine aminotransferase
R7STT6 R7STT6_DICSQ   Transaminase
R8BQW9 R8BQW9_TOGMI   Putative aminotransferase class i and ii protein
R9AX36 R9AX36_WALI9   Uncharacterized protein
S7PX85 S7PX85_GLOTA   PLP-dependent transferase
S8F550 S8F550_TOXGO   Aminotransferase, putative [EC:]
T1FMS3 T1FMS3_HELRO   Uncharacterized protein
V2WX37 V2WX37_MONRO   Alanine aminotransferase
V4A4R9 V4A4R9_LOTGI   Uncharacterized protein
V4AU38 V4AU38_LOTGI   Uncharacterized protein
V4KKY7 V4KKY7_EUTSA   Uncharacterized protein
V4L5Q3 V4L5Q3_EUTSA   Uncharacterized protein
V4SHF3 V4SHF3_9ROSI   Uncharacterized protein
V7ARW9 V7ARW9_PHAVU   Uncharacterized protein
V9KHR9 V9KHR9_CALMI   Alanine aminotransferase 2
W4JVT6 W4JVT6_9HOMO   Uncharacterized protein
W5Q2J9 W5Q2J9_SHEEP   Uncharacterized protein
W6Y064 W6Y064_COCCA   Uncharacterized protein
W6Z125 W6Z125_COCMI   Uncharacterized protein