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K01792   E5.1.3.15; glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase [EC:]

A0A023RPI6 A0A023RPI6_AERME   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A023VCH0 A0A023VCH0_CITFR   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
A0A023WM51 A0A023WM51_PSEST   Aldose epimerase
A0A024ECG7 A0A024ECG7_9PSED   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A024HQ61 A0A024HQ61_PSEKB   Uncharacterized protein
A0A059ARD7 A0A059ARD7_EUCGR   Uncharacterized protein
A0A059B2X3 A0A059B2X3_EUCGR   Uncharacterized protein
A0A059BXA3 A0A059BXA3_EUCGR   Uncharacterized protein
A0A059BZZ6 A0A059BZZ6_EUCGR   Uncharacterized protein
A0A059C1Y1 A0A059C1Y1_EUCGR   Uncharacterized protein
A0A059CJU7 A0A059CJU7_EUCGR   Uncharacterized protein
A0A059UZX6 A0A059UZX6_PSEPU   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A060B4Q4 A0A060B4Q4_9GAMM   Aldose epimerase
A0A060GZP9 A0A060GZP9_XYLFS   Aldose-1-epimerase
A0A060HHW2 A0A060HHW2_XYLFS   Aldose-1-epimerase
A0A061GCZ2 A0A061GCZ2_THECC   Galactose mutarotase-like superfamily protein
A0A061HEL2 A0A061HEL2_9BASI   Uncharacterized protein
A0A067CB41 A0A067CB41_SAPPC   Uncharacterized protein
A0A067H647 A0A067H647_CITSI   Uncharacterized protein
A0A067JZB2 A0A067JZB2_JATCU   Uncharacterized protein
A0A067K9G1 A0A067K9G1_JATCU   Uncharacterized protein
A0A067K9N5 A0A067K9N5_JATCU   Uncharacterized protein
A0A067KSZ7 A0A067KSZ7_JATCU   Uncharacterized protein
A0A067LCU2 A0A067LCU2_JATCU   Uncharacterized protein
A0A067LD46 A0A067LD46_JATCU   Uncharacterized protein
A0A068HAY8 A0A068HAY8_KLEOX   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
A0A068NF29 A0A068NF29_9ACTO   Thioesterase
A0A068QT24 A0A068QT24_9GAMM   Putative glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase [EC:]
A0A068R5C0 A0A068R5C0_9GAMM   Putative glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase [EC:]
A0A072U4Z1 A0A072U4Z1_MEDTR   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
A0A075NX49 A0A075NX49_9ALTE   Aldose epimerase
A0A075PD71 A0A075PD71_PSEFL   Aldose epimerase
A0A076LTV8 A0A076LTV8_9GAMM   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein YeaD
A0A076NL20 A0A076NL20_9CORY   Uncharacterized protein
A0A076PMM9 A0A076PMM9_COMTE   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A077FFV8 A0A077FFV8_9PSED   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A077LI30 A0A077LI30_9PSED   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A078C318 A0A078C318_BRANA   BnaC03g06530D protein
A0A078C400 A0A078C400_BRANA   BnaC08g31480D protein
A0A078DI61 A0A078DI61_BRANA   BnaA03g10320D protein
A0A078DJK8 A0A078DJK8_BRANA   BnaA01g15080D protein
A0A078DL96 A0A078DL96_BRANA   BnaA01g15090D protein
A0A078DZR6 A0A078DZR6_BRANA   BnaC01g17820D protein
A0A078E4P5 A0A078E4P5_BRANA   BnaC01g17810D protein
A0A078FEE9 A0A078FEE9_BRANA   BnaA09g39330D protein
A0A078FIE0 A0A078FIE0_BRANA   BnaC03g12990D protein
A0A078GKJ3 A0A078GKJ3_BRANA   BnaC09g32880D protein
A0A078IY17 A0A078IY17_BRANA   BnaA07g38160D protein
A0A085QER8 A0A085QER8_VIBCL   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
A0A087B6F6 A0A087B6F6_9BIFI   Aldose 1-epimerase [EC:]
A0A087SGA7 A0A087SGA7_AUXPR   Putative glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
A0A087SLS5 A0A087SLS5_AUXPR   Putative glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
A0A087ZS11 A0A087ZS11_APIME   Uncharacterized protein
A0A088NRX0 A0A088NRX0_9PSED   Aldose epimerase
A0A089RB06 A0A089RB06_9ENTR   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
A0A089ULC9 A0A089ULC9_9ENTR   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
A0A089V3V4 A0A089V3V4_9ENTR   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
A0A089WQN9 A0A089WQN9_9PSED   Aldose epimerase
A0A089YZJ8 A0A089YZJ8_9PSED   Aldose epimerase
A0A090AHG8 A0A090AHG8_9GAMM   Aldose epimerase
A0A090IFJ1 A0A090IFJ1_9GAMM   Putative aldose 1-epimerase
A0A090IL08 A0A090IL08_9GAMM   Putative aldose 1-epimerase
A0A097IHJ0 A0A097IHJ0_9CORY   Aldose epimerase
A0A097R7Y1 A0A097R7Y1_HAFAL   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
A0A0A0KYB3 A0A0A0KYB3_CUCSA   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0A0KZL0 A0A0A0KZL0_CUCSA   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0A0L8P2 A0A0A0L8P2_CUCSA   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0A0LKA7 A0A0A0LKA7_CUCSA   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0A0LZV2 A0A0A0LZV2_CUCSA   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0A0SS91 A0A0A0SS91_9VIBR   Aldose epimerase
A0A0A0UA08 A0A0A0UA08_BIFLN   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A0A0ZAL9 A0A0A0ZAL9_9GAMM   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
A0A0A1B451 A0A0A1B451_9GAMM   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
A0A0A1FJE7 A0A0A1FJE7_9BURK   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A0A1H7M2 A0A0A1H7M2_9BURK   Putative Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A0A6ZRX3 A0A0A6ZRX3_SHIDY   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
A0A0A7EC13 A0A0A7EC13_9GAMM   Aldose epimerase
A0A0A7I239 A0A0A7I239_9BIFI   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
A0A0A7JRE9 A0A0A7JRE9_9PSED   Aldose epimerase
A0A0A7MGC3 A0A0A7MGC3_ACTEU   Aldose epimerase
A0A0A7S1R2 A0A0A7S1R2_9GAMM   Putative enzyme related to aldose 1-epimerase [EC:]
A0A0A8E0A0 A0A0A8E0A0_9XANT   Epimerase
A0A0A8FCT4 A0A0A8FCT4_9GAMM   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
A0A0A8FMU3 A0A0A8FMU3_9ACTO   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A0B5BNN0 A0A0B5BNN0_MANHA   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A0B5BV17 A0A0B5BV17_MANHA   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A0B5D485 A0A0B5D485_9CORY   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0B5IFQ2 A0A0B5IFQ2_RAOOR   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
A0A0B5KLB9 A0A0B5KLB9_9PSED   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A0B6FQG5 A0A0B6FQG5_YERFR   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
A0A0B6TNH7 A0A0B6TNH7_9CORY   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0B6X6R1 A0A0B6X6R1_XENBV   Putative glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase [EC:]
A0A0B7G7K1 A0A0B7G7K1_KLEVA   D-hexose-6-phosphate mutarotase
A0A0B7IY35 A0A0B7IY35_9PROT   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A0C4WL82 A0A0C4WL82_9GAMM   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
A0A0C5EHM0 A0A0C5EHM0_9PSED   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0C5V4R5 A0A0C5V4R5_9GAMM   Putative enzyme-like aldose 1-epimerase
A0A0C5V5P7 A0A0C5V5P7_9XANT   Epimerase
A0A0C5VEK7 A0A0C5VEK7_PROFF   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A0C5WY90 A0A0C5WY90_9GAMM   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0D1CW52 A0A0D1CW52_USTMA   Chromosome 3, whole genome shotgun sequence
A0A0D2QX66 A0A0D2QX66_GOSRA   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0D2RM19 A0A0D2RM19_GOSRA   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0D2RS54 A0A0D2RS54_GOSRA   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0D2TC98 A0A0D2TC98_GOSRA   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0D2THV4 A0A0D2THV4_GOSRA   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0D2TK82 A0A0D2TK82_GOSRA   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0D2UMY5 A0A0D2UMY5_GOSRA   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0D2VBM3 A0A0D2VBM3_GOSRA   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0D5M5T4 A0A0D5M5T4_9GAMM   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A0D5RCX8 A0A0D5RCX8_XANCI   Membrane-bound lytic murein transglycosylase B
A0A0D5WT91 A0A0D5WT91_9ENTR   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
A0A0D5XS29 A0A0D5XS29_9PSED   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A0D6BRR0 A0A0D6BRR0_9PSED   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A0D6ECL5 A0A0D6ECL5_9GAMM   Glycoside hydrolase-type carbohydrate-binding, subgroup
A0A0D6EUF5 A0A0D6EUF5_9PROT   Dihydroxy-acid dehydratase
A0A0D6GFY5 A0A0D6GFY5_SALTM   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
A0A0D9HL72 A0A0D9HL72_9ENTR   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
A0A0E0TZ32 A0A0E0TZ32_ECOLX   Aldose 1-epimerase YaeD
A0A0E0V5L5 A0A0E0V5L5_ECOLX   Conserved protein
A0A0E0WY44 A0A0E0WY44_9ENTR   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein YeaD
A0A0E0Y1Q9 A0A0E0Y1Q9_ECO1C   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A0E0YCQ5 A0A0E0YCQ5_ALTME   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A0E1B7C9 A0A0E1B7C9_PSEAI   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A0E1CFT9 A0A0E1CFT9_KLEPN   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
A0A0E1ED75 A0A0E1ED75_9PSED   Aldose epimerase
A0A0E1GVR0 A0A0E1GVR0_KLEPN   Putative glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase [EC:]
A0A0E1NEZ2 A0A0E1NEZ2_YEREN   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein YeaD [EC:]
A0A0E1NNP5 A0A0E1NNP5_YERPA   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
A0A0E3GZ07 A0A0E3GZ07_PSEFL   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A0E3KLL3 A0A0E3KLL3_CORUL   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A0E3Z3A3 A0A0E3Z3A3_9GAMM   Epimerase
A0A0F6B0L5 A0A0F6B0L5_SALT1   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A0F6C572 A0A0F6C572_ECOLX   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0F6SC05 A0A0F6SC05_CROSK   Putative aldolase 1-epimerase
A0A0F6TUC4 A0A0F6TUC4_CITAM   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
A0A0F7D307 A0A0F7D307_SERFO   D-hexose-6-phosphate mutarotase
A0A0F7KGI8 A0A0F7KGI8_9PROT   Aldose epimerase
A0A0F7M1M1 A0A0F7M1M1_9GAMM   Aldose 1-epimerase-like enzyme [EC:]
A0A0F7YFL8 A0A0F7YFL8_9PSED   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A0G3BLI6 A0A0G3BLI6_9BURK   Aldose epimerase
A0A0G3CVB4 A0A0G3CVB4_9GAMM   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
A0A0G3G1T7 A0A0G3G1T7_9GAMM   Aldose epimerase
A0A0G3H7N3 A0A0G3H7N3_9CORY   Aldose 1-epimerase-like enzyme [EC:]
A0A0G3HFW1 A0A0G3HFW1_9CORY   Aldose 1-epimerase-like enzyme [EC:]
A0A0G3LGK5 A0A0G3LGK5_XANCT   Aldose epimerase
A0A0G3QC25 A0A0G3QC25_KLUIN   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
A0A0G3S963 A0A0G3S963_KLEOX   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
A0A0G4B116 A0A0G4B116_9BACT   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A0G8UTM4 A0A0G8UTM4_9XANT   Epimerase
A0A0H2V969 A0A0H2V969_ECOL6   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0H2WPD5 A0A0H2WPD5_SALPA   Putative enzymes related to aldose 1-epimerase
A0A0H2XCR8 A0A0H2XCR8_XANC8   Transglycolase epimerase
A0A0H2YIA3 A0A0H2YIA3_YERPN   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0H2YZK2 A0A0H2YZK2_ECOK1   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0H2ZJL9 A0A0H2ZJL9_PSEAB   Putative aldose 1-epimerase
A0A0H3AI49 A0A0H3AI49_VIBC3   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0H3B412 A0A0H3B412_YERPY   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A0H3BP55 A0A0H3BP55_SALNS   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A0H3CJH5 A0A0H3CJH5_ENTCC   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A0H3DSN9 A0A0H3DSN9_EDWTF   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein YeaD
A0A0H3EB86 A0A0H3EB86_BIFBP   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
A0A0H3EJP9 A0A0H3EJP9_ECO8N   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0H3FC12 A0A0H3FC12_RAHSY   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A0H3FU03 A0A0H3FU03_ENTAK   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A0H3GRG2 A0A0H3GRG2_KLEPH   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0H3HAA2 A0A0H3HAA2_KLEOK   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A0H3I3V5 A0A0H3I3V5_PECSS   Aldose 1-epimerase like protein
A0A0H3K1I3 A0A0H3K1I3_SYNP6   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0H3L3X6 A0A0H3L3X6_PANAA   UPF0010 protein YeaD
A0A0H3MPF4 A0A0H3MPF4_ECO7I   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0H3NAW7 A0A0H3NAW7_SALTS   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0H3NPF6 A0A0H3NPF6_YERE1   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein YeaD
A0A0H4IGK7 A0A0H4IGK7_9ALTE   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0H5ASP6 A0A0H5ASP6_9PSED   Aldose epimerase
A0A0J8BTP3 A0A0J8BTP3_BETVU   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0J8C3I5 A0A0J8C3I5_BETVU   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0J8CBS0 A0A0J8CBS0_BETVU   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0J8CE07 A0A0J8CE07_BETVU   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0J8D808 A0A0J8D808_BETVU   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0K0GQS9 A0A0K0GQS9_XANOP   Transglycosylase
A0A0K0H9G0 A0A0K0H9G0_SALBC   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0K0ST59 A0A0K0ST59_9PROT   Aldose epimerase
A0A0K1F8M6 A0A0K1F8M6_9MICO   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0K1J7M5 A0A0K1J7M5_9RHOO   Aldose 1-epimerase [EC:]
A0A0K1K3I4 A0A0K1K3I4_9BURK   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0K1N5B5 A0A0K1N5B5_AGGAP   Aldose epimerase
A0A0K1UFF5 A0A0K1UFF5_9ALTE   Aldose epimerase
A0A0K2BKJ3 A0A0K2BKJ3_9BURK   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0K2N335 A0A0K2N335_9ENTR   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
A0A0K2P1T2 A0A0K2P1T2_9ENTR   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
A0A0K2PE00 A0A0K2PE00_9ENTR   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
A0A0L9T936 A0A0L9T936_PHAAN   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0L9T9I4 A0A0L9T9I4_PHAAN   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0L9UA83 A0A0L9UA83_PHAAN   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0L9VPU3 A0A0L9VPU3_PHAAN   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0M1R3E8 A0A0M1R3E8_ENTCL   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A0M1T8J9 A0A0M1T8J9_KLEPN   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
A0A0M4CEV4 A0A0M4CEV4_9CORY   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0M4L3Y1 A0A0M4L3Y1_CORUL   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A0M4QCA4 A0A0M4QCA4_9PSED   Aldose epimerase
A0A0M5JJK5 A0A0M5JJK5_9ACTO   Aldose epimerase
A0A0N1QS82 A0A0N1QS82_SALSV   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A0N1RV46 A0A0N1RV46_PANAN   Aldose 1-epimerase YeaD
A0A0N2A8A6 A0A0N2A8A6_SERMA   Putative aldose 1-epimerase
A0A0P0MB57 A0A0P0MB57_9BURK   Putative glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase [EC:]
A0A0P0MDU3 A0A0P0MDU3_9BURK   Putative glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase [EC:]
A0A0Q3K225 A0A0Q3K225_BRADI   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0R0LLZ2 A0A0R0LLZ2_SOYBN   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0R4FN00 A0A0R4FN00_XENNE   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0S1AUP7 A0A0S1AUP7_9GAMM   Epimerase
A0A0S1YIB5 A0A0S1YIB5_9ALTE   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A0S2DM75 A0A0S2DM75_LYSEN   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A0S2F6S7 A0A0S2F6S7_9GAMM   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
A0A0S2FVG2 A0A0S2FVG2_9GAMM   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
A0A0S2GBP8 A0A0S2GBP8_9GAMM   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
A0A0S2JHI9 A0A0S2JHI9_9GAMM   D-hexose-6-phosphate mutarotase
A0A0S2K640 A0A0S2K640_9GAMM   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A0S2SEJ1 A0A0S2SEJ1_9GAMM   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
A0A0S2THZ2 A0A0S2THZ2_9GAMM   D-hexose-6-phosphate mutarotase
A0A0S3AFM7 A0A0S3AFM7_9PROT   D-hexose-6-phosphate mutarotase
A0A0S3AYA4 A0A0S3AYA4_9GAMM   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
A0A0S3JAJ2 A0A0S3JAJ2_9ENTR   D-hexose-6-phosphate mutarotase
A0A0T9M2R1 A0A0T9M2R1_YERIN   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein YeaD [EC:]
A0A0T9P365 A0A0T9P365_YERKR   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein YeaD [EC:]
A0A0T9Q6X2 A0A0T9Q6X2_9GAMM   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein YeaD [EC:]
A0A0T9SWS7 A0A0T9SWS7_YEREN   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein YeaD [EC:]
A0A0U1GWP5 A0A0U1GWP5_SALTM   Aldose 1-epimerase [EC:]
A0A0U1HWA2 A0A0U1HWA2_YERRO   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein YeaD [EC:]
A0A0U1QWG9 A0A0U1QWG9_YERP3   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A0U2JK04 A0A0U2JK04_9ALTE   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0U2LR27 A0A0U2LR27_9GAMM   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
A0A0U2XT46 A0A0U2XT46_9MICC   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0U2Z6V7 A0A0U2Z6V7_9GAMM   D-hexose-6-phosphate mutarotase
A0A0U3CJF5 A0A0U3CJF5_9BURK   Aldose 1-epimerase protein
A0A0U3EL58 A0A0U3EL58_9BURK   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0U3LEM7 A0A0U3LEM7_9BURK   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A0U4HV56 A0A0U4HV56_9ENTR   D-hexose-6-phosphate mutarotase
A0A0U4WV26 A0A0U4WV26_9PSED   D-hexose-6-phosphate mutarotase
A0A0U5GM92 A0A0U5GM92_9GAMM   Putative glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase [EC:]
A0A0X8F2J8 A0A0X8F2J8_PSEFR   D-hexose-6-phosphate mutarotase
A0A0X8HH51 A0A0X8HH51_9GAMM   Putative glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase [EC:]
A0A0X8JGX0 A0A0X8JGX0_9ACTO   D-hexose-6-phosphate mutarotase
A0A0X8K3R5 A0A0X8K3R5_9ACTO   D-hexose-6-phosphate mutarotase
A0A0X8LMY3 A0A0X8LMY3_VIBFL   D-hexose-6-phosphate mutarotase
A0A0X8Q740 A0A0X8Q740_ENTAG   D-hexose-6-phosphate mutarotase
A0A109RV97 A0A109RV97_9BURK   Uncharacterized protein
A0A126NRY1 A0A126NRY1_9GAMM   Epimerase
A0A126VJ58 A0A126VJ58_SERRU   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein YeaD
A0A126ZHV8 A0A126ZHV8_9BURK   D-hexose-6-phosphate mutarotase
A0A127K3R7 A0A127K3R7_9RHOO   D-hexose-6-phosphate mutarotase
A0A127L3K8 A0A127L3K8_9ENTR   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
A0A127M845 A0A127M845_9GAMM   Uncharacterized protein
A0A127N1R5 A0A127N1R5_9PSED   D-hexose-6-phosphate mutarotase
A0A127QBI9 A0A127QBI9_9BURK   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
A0A140NB21 A0A140NB21_ECOBD   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A140NF02 A0A140NF02_PROSM   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A142E0N2 A0A142E0N2_9GAMM   Aldose epimerase
A0A142FL97 A0A142FL97_9ALTE   D-hexose-6-phosphate mutarotase
A0A142G2Z3 A0A142G2Z3_AGGAC   D-hexose-6-phosphate mutarotase
A0A142H3M2 A0A142H3M2_9ENTR   D-hexose-6-phosphate mutarotase
A0A142IL69 A0A142IL69_PSEAC   D-hexose-6-phosphate mutarotase
A0A142N4J4 A0A142N4J4_9PSED   D-hexose-6-phosphate mutarotase
A0A142XZV4 A0A142XZV4_9PLAN   Putative glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase [EC:]
A0A143BFM1 A0A143BFM1_9BACT   Uncharacterized protein
A0A143HKU8 A0A143HKU8_9GAMM   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
A0A167GY35 A0A167GY35_9BURK   Uncharacterized protein
A0A172YCS9 A0A172YCS9_9GAMM   D-hexose-6-phosphate mutarotase
A0A191ZH89 A0A191ZH89_9GAMM   Uncharacterized protein
A0A193KD39 A0A193KD39_9VIBR   D-hexose-6-phosphate mutarotase
A0A1A9AZC4 A0A1A9AZC4_PLESH   Putative glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase [EC:]
A0A1A9EZY1 A0A1A9EZY1_9GAMM   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1A9F9T4 A0A1A9F9T4_LELAM   D-hexose-6-phosphate mutarotase
A0A1A9HUN3 A0A1A9HUN3_9BURK   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1B0ZIE1 A0A1B0ZIE1_9MICO   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1B1BQ52 A0A1B1BQ52_9MICO   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A1B1KS76 A0A1B1KS76_SERPL   Putative glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
A0A1B1N8J8 A0A1B1N8J8_9MICO   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A1B1NQF3 A0A1B1NQF3_9VIBR   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase [EC:]
A0A1B2MZ05 A0A1B2MZ05_9GAMM   Epimerase
A0A1B3DXT7 A0A1B3DXT7_PSEFL   D-hexose-6-phosphate mutarotase
A0A1B3F072 A0A1B3F072_ENTCL   D-hexose-6-phosphate mutarotase
A0A1B3LNC0 A0A1B3LNC0_9RHOO   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
A0A1C9VAQ2 A0A1C9VAQ2_9BURK   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1C9W7G7 A0A1C9W7G7_9GAMM   Putative glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase [EC:]
A0A1D7P4Z6 A0A1D7P4Z6_9GAMM   D-hexose-6-phosphate mutarotase
A0A1D7R212 A0A1D7R212_PASMD   D-hexose-6-phosphate mutarotase
A0A1D7TJU1 A0A1D7TJU1_9PROT   Putative aldose 1-epimerase
A0A1D7Z5S3 A0A1D7Z5S3_9GAMM   D-hexose-6-phosphate mutarotase
A0A1D8J814 A0A1D8J814_9BURK   D-hexose-6-phosphate mutarotase
A0A1D8N2V8 A0A1D8N2V8_9GAMM   D-hexose-6-phosphate mutarotase
A0A1D8RTK6 A0A1D8RTK6_9GAMM   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1D8Y9V7 A0A1D8Y9V7_9GAMM   Epimerase
A0A1D9BBH2 A0A1D9BBH2_9NEIS   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1D9GIR3 A0A1D9GIR3_9ALTE   D-hexose-6-phosphate mutarotase
A0A1D9LI77 A0A1D9LI77_9NEIS   D-hexose-6-phosphate mutarotase
A0A1D9MJD7 A0A1D9MJD7_9ACTO   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1E3XIR2 A0A1E3XIR2_PASMD   D-hexose-6-phosphate mutarotase
A0A1H5V2E6 A0A1H5V2E6_9RHOO   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A1H6KGZ0 A0A1H6KGZ0_9BACT   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A1I8NBW9 A0A1I8NBW9_MUSDO   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1I9LRU2 A0A1I9LRU2_ARATH   Galactose mutarotase-like superfamily protein
A0A1I9XT53 A0A1I9XT53_9BURK   Aldose epimerase
A0A1J0E850 A0A1J0E850_PRORE   Putative glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase [EC:]
A0A1J0VDS4 A0A1J0VDS4_9EURY   D-hexose-6-phosphate mutarotase
A0A1J0X2Z6 A0A1J0X2Z6_9BURK  
A0A1J1EEE7 A0A1J1EEE7_LYSEN   Aldose 1-epimerase
A0A1J7FP36 A0A1J7FP36_LUPAN   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1J7HXH7 A0A1J7HXH7_LUPAN   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1J7IS24 A0A1J7IS24_LUPAN   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1L3IDA3 A0A1L3IDA3_PROST   D-hexose-6-phosphate mutarotase
A0A1L4E2Z6 A0A1L4E2Z6_9GAMM  
A0A1L5Q807 A0A1L5Q807_9RHOB  
A0A1L5XXM3 A0A1L5XXM3_9XANT   Epimerase
A0KP88 A0KP88_AERHH   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
A0KYB1 A0KYB1_SHESA   Aldose 1-epimerase
A1CHK2 A1CHK2_ASPCL   Aldose 1-epimerase, putative
A1CX85 A1CX85_NEOFI   Aldose 1-epimerase, putative
A1JQI5 A1JQI5_YERE8   Uncharacterized protein
A1K622 A1K622_AZOSB   Uncharacterized protein
A1S7G4 A1S7G4_SHEAM   Uncharacterized protein
A1SX88 A1SX88_PSYIN   Aldose 1-epimerase
A1TL05 A1TL05_ACIAC   Aldose 1-epimerase
A1U130 A1U130_MARHV   Aldose 1-epimerase
A1VNA8 A1VNA8_POLNA   Aldose 1-epimerase
A2QIJ6 A2QIJ6_ASPNC   Aspergillus niger contig An04c0140, genomic contig
A2SKQ8 A2SKQ8_METPP   Aldose 1-epimerase
A3D3C1 A3D3C1_SHEB5   Aldose 1-epimerase
A3LZ59 A3LZ59_PICST   Hypothetical uncharacterized conserved protein
A3N3L3 A3N3L3_ACTP2   Uncharacterized protein
A3QEY3 A3QEY3_SHELP   Aldose 1-epimerase
A4HB57 A4HB57_LEIBR   Contig, possible fusion of chromosomes 20 and 34
A4IAA4 A4IAA4_LEIIN   Aldose 1-epimerase-like protein
A4QG47 A4QG47_CORGB   Uncharacterized protein
A4RRV8 A4RRV8_OSTLU   Uncharacterized protein
A4RVK9 A4RVK9_OSTLU   Uncharacterized protein
A4RZZ2 A4RZZ2_OSTLU   Uncharacterized protein
A4S333 A4S333_OSTLU   Uncharacterized protein
A4SJ40 A4SJ40_AERS4   Aldose 1-epimerase
A4VRX8 A4VRX8_PSEU5   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
A4W9H3 A4W9H3_ENT38   Aldose 1-epimerase
A4XNE6 A4XNE6_PSEMY   Aldose 1-epimerase
A4Y5T0 A4Y5T0_SHEPC   Aldose 1-epimerase
A5DJA2 A5DJA2_PICGU   Uncharacterized protein
A5E2F8 A5E2F8_LODEL   Uncharacterized protein
A5UEZ4 A5UEZ4_HAEIG   Predicted enzyme
A5WB48 A5WB48_PSEP1   Aldose 1-epimerase
A5WC51 A5WC51_PSYWF   Aldose 1-epimerase
A6RB54 A6RB54_AJECN   Uncharacterized protein
A6T7Q8 A6T7Q8_KLEP7   Uncharacterized protein
A6VEN6 A6VEN6_PSEA7   Uncharacterized protein
A6VNC5 A6VNC5_ACTSZ   Aldose 1-epimerase
A6VSX2 A6VSX2_MARMS   Aldose 1-epimerase
A7EFT9 A7EFT9_SCLS1   Uncharacterized protein
A7MNU0 A7MNU0_CROS8   Uncharacterized protein
A7MUH7 A7MUH7_VIBCB   Uncharacterized protein
A7SVG9 A7SVG9_NEMVE   Predicted protein
A7TE07 A7TE07_VANPO   Putative uncharacterized protein
A7TJ56 A7TJ56_VANPO   Putative uncharacterized protein
A7ZMQ0 A7ZMQ0_ECO24   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
A8AHG7 A8AHG7_CITK8   Uncharacterized protein
A8FWT1 A8FWT1_SHESH   Aldose 1-epimerase
A8GFE0 A8GFE0_SERP5   Aldose 1-epimerase
A8H3N7 A8H3N7_SHEPA   Aldose 1-epimerase
A8ITZ0 A8ITZ0_CHLRE   Predicted protein
A8J3Q5 A8J3Q5_CHLRE   Predicted protein
A8N1H3 A8N1H3_COPC7   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
A9BX69 A9BX69_DELAS   Aldose 1-epimerase
A9KXJ7 A9KXJ7_SHEB9   Aldose 1-epimerase
A9MFH7 A9MFH7_SALAR   Uncharacterized protein
A9PGY2 A9PGY2_POPTR   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
A9RQG4 A9RQG4_PHYPA   Predicted protein
A9RR40 A9RR40_PHYPA   Predicted protein
A9TTU2 A9TTU2_PHYPA   Predicted protein
A9U353 A9U353_PHYPA   Predicted protein
A9UX39 A9UX39_MONBE   Predicted protein
A9UY64 A9UY64_MONBE   Predicted protein
B0BTK0 B0BTK0_ACTPJ   Uncharacterized protein
B0C788 B0C788_ACAM1   Aldose 1-epimerase
B0CPU4 B0CPU4_LACBS   Predicted protein
B0KR58 B0KR58_PSEPG   Aldose 1-epimerase
B0RMC8 B0RMC8_XANCB   Lytic murein transglycosylase [EC:3.2.1.-]
B0TJJ7 B0TJJ7_SHEHH   Aldose 1-epimerase
B0W4P3 B0W4P3_CULQU   Aldose 1-epimerase
B1J440 B1J440_PSEPW   Aldose 1-epimerase
B1KPP6 B1KPP6_SHEWM   Aldose 1-epimerase
B1LD96 B1LD96_ECOSM   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
B1XP17 B1XP17_SYNP2   Aldose 1-epimerase
B1Y8G3 B1Y8G3_LEPCP   Aldose 1-epimerase
B2AAB7 B2AAB7_PODAN   Podospora anserina S mat+ genomic DNA chromosome 1, supercontig 1
B2FP61 B2FP61_STRMK   Putative aldose-1-epimerase
B2GGP8 B2GGP8_KOCRD   Uncharacterized protein
B2I620 B2I620_XYLF2   Aldose 1-epimerase
B2U413 B2U413_SHIB3   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
B2URK1 B2URK1_AKKM8   Aldose 1-epimerase
B2VJ33 B2VJ33_ERWT9   Uncharacterized protein
B3DU90 B3DU90_BIFLD   Aldose 1-epimerase-like protein
B3H2Z0 B3H2Z0_ACTP7   Uncharacterized protein
B3MV55 B3MV55_DROAN   Uncharacterized protein, isoform A [EC:5.-.-.-]
B3NAE4 B3NAE4_DROER   Uncharacterized protein, isoform A [EC:5.-.-.-]
B3PHI2 B3PHI2_CELJU   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
B3RSA1 B3RSA1_TRIAD   Putative uncharacterized protein
B4EXT8 B4EXT8_PROMH   Putative aldose 1-epimerase
B4FB29 B4FB29_MAIZE   Galactose mutarotase-like superfamily protein
B4FIK0 B4FIK0_MAIZE   Galactose mutarotase-like superfamily protein
B4FQ84 B4FQ84_MAIZE   Uncharacterized protein
B4FX85 B4FX85_MAIZE   Uncharacterized protein
B4G1N6 B4G1N6_MAIZE   Apospory-associated protein C
B4HX88 B4HX88_DROSE   GM15127
B4KIW8 B4KIW8_DROMO   Uncharacterized protein, isoform A [EC:5.-.-.-]
B4M8K3 B4M8K3_DROVI   Uncharacterized protein, isoform A [EC:5.-.-.-]
B4MYQ7 B4MYQ7_DROWI   Uncharacterized protein [EC:5.-.-.-]
B4P3P3 B4P3P3_DROYA   Uncharacterized protein, isoform A [EC:5.-.-.-]
B4Q552 B4Q552_DROSI   GD22046
B4SNS5 B4SNS5_STRM5   Aldose 1-epimerase
B5F862 B5F862_SALA4   Aldose 1-epimerase
B5FCL1 B5FCL1_VIBFM   Aldose 1-epimerase
B5RB22 B5RB22_SALG2   Uncharacterized protein
B5XS73 B5XS73_KLEP3   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
B6ENN9 B6ENN9_ALISL   Putative aldose 1-epimerase
B6HB68 B6HB68_PENRW   Pc18g03000 protein
B6IBK1 B6IBK1_ECOSE   Uncharacterized protein
B6SPF9 B6SPF9_MAIZE   Apospory-associated protein C
B6T6S5 B6T6S5_MAIZE   Apospory-associated protein C
B7GA17 B7GA17_PHATC   Predicted protein
B7GT94 B7GT94_BIFLS   Aldose 1-epimerase
B7KG95 B7KG95_CYAP7   Aldose 1-epimerase
B7L6Q5 B7L6Q5_ECO55   YeaD protein
B7LQ19 B7LQ19_ESCF3   Uncharacterized protein
B7MAZ1 B7MAZ1_ECO45   Uncharacterized protein
B7MVR1 B7MVR1_ECO81   Uncharacterized protein
B7N5B6 B7N5B6_ECOLU   Uncharacterized protein
B7PMK4 B7PMK4_IXOSC   Putative uncharacterized protein
B7USG0 B7USG0_ECO27   Uncharacterized protein
B7VLB1 B7VLB1_VIBTL   Uncharacterized protein
B8A312 B8A312_MAIZE   Galactose mutarotase-like superfamily protein
B8BQI4 B8BQI4_THAPS   Aldose-1-epimerase
B8C822 B8C822_THAPS   Uncharacterized protein
B8CR31 B8CR31_SHEPW   Aldose 1-epimerase
B8EAM9 B8EAM9_SHEB2   Aldose 1-epimerase
B8F530 B8F530_HAEPS   Aldose 1-epimerase-like protein
B8GM99 B8GM99_THISH   Aldose 1-epimerase
B8N9D5 B8N9D5_ASPFN   Possible apospory-associated protein c
B9F3C8 B9F3C8_ORYSJ   Os02g0176900 protein
B9GI73 B9GI73_POPTR   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
B9GL94 B9GL94_POPTR   Uncharacterized protein
B9GLR9 B9GLR9_POPTR   Uncharacterized protein
B9GXM3 B9GXM3_POPTR   Uncharacterized protein
B9HF22 B9HF22_POPTR   Uncharacterized protein
B9ILW3 B9ILW3_POPTR   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
B9MCN9 B9MCN9_ACIET   Aldose 1-epimerase
B9N327 B9N327_POPTR   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
B9RCN0 B9RCN0_RICCO   Aldose 1-epimerase, putative
B9RE17 B9RE17_RICCO   Aldose 1-epimerase, putative
B9S658 B9S658_RICCO   Aldose 1-epimerase, putative
B9S660 B9S660_RICCO   Aldose 1-epimerase, putative
B9S6E7 B9S6E7_RICCO   Aldose 1-epimerase, putative
B9WH51 B9WH51_CANDC   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase, putative
C0PFN4 C0PFN4_MAIZE   Galactose mutarotase-like superfamily protein
C0Q703 C0Q703_SALPC   Putative aldose 1-epimerase-like protein
C1DK58 C1DK58_AZOVD   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
C1DYU3 C1DYU3_MICCC   Uncharacterized protein
C1EFT3 C1EFT3_MICCC   Uncharacterized protein
C1F494 C1F494_ACIC5   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
C1FDY2 C1FDY2_MICCC   Uncharacterized protein
C1FID4 C1FID4_MICCC   Uncharacterized protein
C1G7G3 C1G7G3_PARBD   Uncharacterized protein
C1GXW0 C1GXW0_PARBA   Uncharacterized protein
C1MKE5 C1MKE5_MICPC   Predicted protein
C1MQ88 C1MQ88_MICPC   Predicted protein
C1MWQ0 C1MWQ0_MICPC   Predicted protein
C1N4J2 C1N4J2_MICPC   Predicted protein
C3K4D8 C3K4D8_PSEFS   Putative aldose 1-epimerase
C3LNV2 C3LNV2_VIBCM   Uncharacterized protein
C3Y7A8 C3Y7A8_BRAFL   Putative uncharacterized protein
C3ZP58 C3ZP58_BRAFL   Putative uncharacterized protein
C4JG88 C4JG88_UNCRE   Uncharacterized protein
C4LB89 C4LB89_TOLAT   Aldose 1-epimerase
C4QXA0 C4QXA0_KOMPG   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase (Hexose-6-phosphate mutarotase)
C4Y2D3 C4Y2D3_CLAL4   Uncharacterized protein
C4ZP30 C4ZP30_THASP   Aldose 1-epimerase
C5B9X3 C5B9X3_EDWI9   Aldose 1-epimerase
C5BLT5 C5BLT5_TERTT   Putative transglycolase
C5CQJ9 C5CQJ9_VARPS   Aldose 1-epimerase
C5MH21 C5MH21_CANTT   Uncharacterized protein
C5PJP7 C5PJP7_COCP7   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
C5X9W0 C5X9W0_SORBI   Uncharacterized protein
C5XFB8 C5XFB8_SORBI   Uncharacterized protein
C5XW89 C5XW89_SORBI   Uncharacterized protein
C5Y9J4 C5Y9J4_SORBI   Uncharacterized protein
C5YFG9 C5YFG9_SORBI   Uncharacterized protein
C5YJF5 C5YJF5_SORBI   Uncharacterized protein
C5YVZ4 C5YVZ4_SORBI   Uncharacterized protein
C6C5X3 C6C5X3_DICDC   Aldose 1-epimerase
C6CJ78 C6CJ78_DICZE   Aldose 1-epimerase
C6DGV6 C6DGV6_PECCP   Aldose 1-epimerase
C6T8J1 C6T8J1_SOYBN   Putative uncharacterized protein
C6TIX4 C6TIX4_SOYBN   Putative uncharacterized protein
C6TJI3 C6TJI3_SOYBN   Putative uncharacterized protein
C6WTI5 C6WTI5_METML   Aldose 1-epimerase
C6X901 C6X901_METGS   Aldose 1-epimerase
C7BIC7 C7BIC7_PHOAA   Uncharacterized protein
C7MCG5 C7MCG5_BRAFD   Aldose 1-epimerase-like enzyme
C7NF43 C7NF43_KYTSD   Aldose 1-epimerase-like enzyme
C7R5C3 C7R5C3_JONDD   Aldose 1-epimerase
C7YWA3 C7YWA3_NECH7   Predicted protein
C8UA34 C8UA34_ECO10   Uncharacterized protein
C8UBM6 C8UBM6_ECO1A   Uncharacterized protein
C8X8Z8 C8X8Z8_NAKMY   Aldose 1-epimerase
C9R5F9 C9R5F9_AGGAD   Aldose epimerase
C9SQD2 C9SQD2_VERA1   Putative uncharacterized protein
C9Y1W2 C9Y1W2_CROTZ   UPF0010 protein yeaD [EC:]
D0J000 D0J000_COMT2   Aldose 1-epimerase
D0KCY0 D0KCY0_PECWW   Aldose 1-epimerase
D0L1V5 D0L1V5_HALNC   Aldose 1-epimerase
D0NIZ4 D0NIZ4_PHYIT   Aldose 1-epimerase, putative
D0NLM4 D0NLM4_PHYIT   Aldose 1-epimerase, putative
D0NLN3 D0NLN3_PHYIT   Aldose 1-epimerase, putative
D0NQX5 D0NQX5_PHYIT   Putative uncharacterized protein
D0NQX7 D0NQX7_PHYIT   Aldose 1-epimerase, putative
D0NRM9 D0NRM9_PHYIT   Aldose 1-epimerase, putative
D0P0T4 D0P0T4_PHYIT   Aldose 1-epimerase, putative
D0P3F1 D0P3F1_PHYIT   Aldose 1-epimerase, putative
D0ZH47 D0ZH47_EDWTE   Putative aldose 1-epimerase
D1BIE3 D1BIE3_SANKS   Aldose 1-epimerase-like enzyme
D2AEN6 D2AEN6_SHIF2   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
D2C0U6 D2C0U6_DICD5   Aldose 1-epimerase
D2TAF5 D2TAF5_ERWP6   UPF0010 protein yeaD
D2TUI3 D2TUI3_CITRI   Putative aldose 1-epimerase
D2UGT9 D2UGT9_XANAP   Hypothetical aldose 1-epimerase protein [EC:]
D3GVJ4 D3GVJ4_ECO44   Putative aldose 1-epimerase
D3QVP5 D3QVP5_ECOCB   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
D3RV94 D3RV94_ALLVD   Aldose 1-epimerase
D3V1N3 D3V1N3_XENBS   Uncharacterized protein
D3VHC4 D3VHC4_XENNA   Uncharacterized protein
D4ANU7 D4ANU7_ARTBC   Uncharacterized protein
D4BL96 D4BL96_BIFBR   Aldose 1-epimerase
D4BP26 D4BP26_BIFBR   Aldose 1-epimerase
D4CZ77 D4CZ77_TRIVH   Uncharacterized protein
D4GG27 D4GG27_PANAM   YeaD
D4HAR4 D4HAR4_PROAS   Aldose 1-epimerase
D4I3Z0 D4I3Z0_ERWAC   UPF0010 protein yeaD
D4ZLR2 D4ZLR2_SHEVD   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
D5CTZ0 D5CTZ0_SIDLE   Aldose 1-epimerase
D5GBC7 D5GBC7_TUBMM   Uncharacterized protein
D5X6J9 D5X6J9_THIK1   Aldose 1-epimerase
D6CSD7 D6CSD7_THIA3   Putative Aldose 1-epimerase [EC:]
D6W7E6 D6W7E6_TRICA   Putative glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase-like Protein
D6ZXL3 D6ZXL3_BIFLJ   Aldose 1-epimerase
D7DLT6 D7DLT6_METV0   Aldose 1-epimerase
D7GGS5 D7GGS5_PROFC   Aldose 1-epimerase
D7L9N3 D7L9N3_ARALL   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
D7LSC1 D7LSC1_ARALL   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
D7M6K2 D7M6K2_ARALL   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
D7M918 D7M918_ARALL   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
D7MAY2 D7MAY2_ARALL   Predicted protein
D7MFV7 D7MFV7_ARALL   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
D7MMG0 D7MMG0_ARALL   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
D7MN90 D7MN90_ARALL   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
D7SPC0 D7SPC0_VITVI   Putative uncharacterized protein
D7SQC7 D7SQC7_VITVI   Putative uncharacterized protein
D7UCK4 D7UCK4_VITVI   Putative uncharacterized protein
D8IPG5 D8IPG5_HERSS   Aldose 1-epimerase protein [EC:]
D8MSZ6 D8MSZ6_ERWBE   Aldose 1-epimerase
D8PQ54 D8PQ54_SCHCM   Putative uncharacterized protein
D8QWH7 D8QWH7_SELML   Putative uncharacterized protein
D8RUB1 D8RUB1_SELML   Putative uncharacterized protein
D8SVX7 D8SVX7_SELML   Putative uncharacterized protein
D8TST4 D8TST4_VOLCA   Putative uncharacterized protein
D8TZC5 D8TZC5_VOLCA   Putative uncharacterized protein
D8TZC7 D8TZC7_VOLCA   Putative uncharacterized protein
D8TZC8 D8TZC8_VOLCA   Putative uncharacterized protein
D8U6F1 D8U6F1_VOLCA   Putative uncharacterized protein
D9QDD0 D9QDD0_CORP2   Aldose 1-epimerase
D9SJ66 D9SJ66_GALCS   Aldose 1-epimerase
E0IXB5 E0IXB5_ECOLW   Conserved protein
E0SBC0 E0SBC0_DICD3   Conserved protein [EC:]
E0UT96 E0UT96_SULAO   Aldose 1-epimerase
E0VQN5 E0VQN5_PEDHC   Putative uncharacterized protein
E1SFB0 E1SFB0_PANVC   UPF0010 protein yeaD
E1SMT0 E1SMT0_FERBD   Aldose 1-epimerase
E1V7S6 E1V7S6_HALED   Epimerase domain protein
E1W5Z0 E1W5Z0_HAEP3   Conserved protein
E1X7E6 E1X7E6_HAEI1   Conserved protein
E1ZG04 E1ZG04_CHLVA   Putative uncharacterized protein
E1ZG08 E1ZG08_CHLVA   Putative uncharacterized protein
E1ZPL1 E1ZPL1_CHLVA   Putative uncharacterized protein
E3DH62 E3DH62_ERWSE   Aldose 1-epimerase
E3EQA7 E3EQA7_BIFBS   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
E3GAN3 E3GAN3_ENTLS   Aldose 1-epimerase
E3K6D9 E3K6D9_PUCGT   Uncharacterized protein
E3PNG4 E3PNG4_ECOH1   Putative aldose 1-epimerase
E3RMC6 E3RMC6_PYRTT   Putative uncharacterized protein
E4PPG4 E4PPG4_MARAH   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
E4U1X8 E4U1X8_SULKY   Aldose 1-epimerase
E6RDR6 E6RDR6_CRYGW   Uncharacterized protein
E6RMA3 E6RMA3_PSEU9   Uncharacterized protein
E6UZ61 E6UZ61_VARPE   Aldose 1-epimerase
E6WF91 E6WF91_PANSA   Aldose 1-epimerase
E6WXI0 E6WXI0_PSEUU   Aldose 1-epimerase
E6XGN0 E6XGN0_SHEP2   Aldose 1-epimerase
E7A4J8 E7A4J8_HAEIF   Predicted enzyme related to aldose 1-epimerase
E8MGD0 E8MGD0_BIFL2   Uncharacterized protein
E8MWZ6 E8MWZ6_BIFL1   Uncharacterized protein
E8V3S4 E8V3S4_TERSS   Aldose 1-epimerase
E8WVV4 E8WVV4_GRATM   Aldose 1-epimerase
E8XFL8 E8XFL8_SALT4   Aldose 1-epimerase
E9B5C7 E9B5C7_LEIMU   Aldose 1-epimerase-like protein
E9BRB4 E9BRB4_LEIDB   Aldose 1-epimerase-like protein
E9ECP4 E9ECP4_METAQ   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
E9EKS8 E9EKS8_METRA   Aldose-1-epimerase
E9GXW6 E9GXW6_DAPPU   Putative uncharacterized protein
F0BID6 F0BID6_9XANT   Lytic murein transglycosylase
F0LPX3 F0LPX3_VIBFN   Aldose 1-epimerase
F0QB77 F0QB77_ACIAP   Aldose 1-epimerase
F0YER2 F0YER2_AURAN   Putative uncharacterized protein
F0YFC8 F0YFC8_AURAN   Putative uncharacterized protein
F0YGG6 F0YGG6_AURAN   Putative uncharacterized protein
F0ZJ06 F0ZJ06_DICPU   Putative uncharacterized protein
F2G572 F2G572_ALTMD   Aldose 1-epimerase
F2JVA3 F2JVA3_MARM1   Aldose 1-epimerase
F2KB58 F2KB58_PSEBN   Putative aldose 1-epimerase
F2MUV6 F2MUV6_PSEU6   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
F2UGP7 F2UGP7_SALR5   Putative uncharacterized protein
F2UJ06 F2UJ06_SALR5   Putative uncharacterized protein
F4AJT0 F4AJT0_GLAS4   Aldose 1-epimerase
F4DW12 F4DW12_PSEMN   Aldose 1-epimerase
F4HFN9 F4HFN9_GALAU   Aldose 1-epimerase
F4PXF3 F4PXF3_DICFS   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
F4S8Z0 F4S8Z0_MELLP   Putative uncharacterized protein
F5HGS4 F5HGS4_CRYNB   Uncharacterized protein
F5XYB6 F5XYB6_RAMTT   Uncharacterized protein
F5ZBB2 F5ZBB2_ALTNA   Aldose 1-epimerase-like protein
F6A9H3 F6A9H3_PSEF1   Aldose 1-epimerase
F6AWQ6 F6AWQ6_DELSC   Aldose 1-epimerase
F6D1H9 F6D1H9_MARPP   Aldose 1-epimerase
F6D924 F6D924_THICA   Aldose 1-epimerase
F7VLR4 F7VLR4_SORMK   WGS project CABT00000000 data, contig 2.1
F7YLW9 F7YLW9_VIBA7   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
F8AU35 F8AU35_BIFLN   Aldose 1-epimerase
F8G0U5 F8G0U5_PSEP6   Aldose 1-epimerase
F8GHD6 F8GHD6_NITSI   Aldose 1-epimerase
F8H6N2 F8H6N2_PSEST   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
F8MZJ6 F8MZJ6_NEUT8   Uncharacterized protein
F8NIZ1 F8NIZ1_SERL9   Putative uncharacterized protein
F9TD34 F9TD34_9VIBR   Aldose epimerase
F9X9J9 F9X9J9_ZYMTI   Uncharacterized protein
F9XZ08 F9XZ08_BIFBU   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
F9XZW4 F9XZW4_BIFBU   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
F9ZGM5 F9ZGM5_9PROT   Aldose 1-epimerase
G0A4R8 G0A4R8_METMM   Aldose 1-epimerase
G0AFC4 G0AFC4_COLFT   Aldose 1-epimerase
G0ARS5 G0ARS5_9GAMM   Aldose 1-epimerase
G0CAW3 G0CAW3_XANCA   Transglycosylase
G0JXP6 G0JXP6_STEMA   Aldose 1-epimerase
G0RKB3 G0RKB3_HYPJQ   Aldose-1-epimerase
G0SCY8 G0SCY8_CHATD   Putative carbohydrate binding protein
G0VGK5 G0VGK5_NAUCC   Uncharacterized protein
G0WF43 G0WF43_NAUDC   Uncharacterized protein
G2J2T8 G2J2T8_PSEUL   Aldose 1-epimerase
G2M0I0 G2M0I0_9XANT   Membrane-bound lytic murein transglycosylase B
G2Q1A6 G2Q1A6_MYCTT   Uncharacterized protein
G2REM2 G2REM2_THITE   Uncharacterized protein
G2S9E4 G2S9E4_ENTAL   Aldose 1-epimerase
G2X9H5 G2X9H5_VERDV   Putative uncharacterized protein
G3AP11 G3AP11_SPAPN   Putative uncharacterized protein
G3B6G1 G3B6G1_CANTC   Galactose mutarotase-like protein
G3JI27 G3JI27_CORMM   Putative apospory-associated protein c
G4N684 G4N684_MAGO7   Uncharacterized protein
G4QH26 G4QH26_GLANF   Aldose 1-epimerase
G4Z0F1 G4Z0F1_PHYSP   Putative uncharacterized protein
G4ZFU1 G4ZFU1_PHYSP   Putative uncharacterized protein
G4ZMD1 G4ZMD1_PHYSP   Putative uncharacterized protein
G4ZMV4 G4ZMV4_PHYSP   Putative uncharacterized protein
G4ZQ84 G4ZQ84_PHYSP   Putative uncharacterized protein
G4ZQA0 G4ZQA0_PHYSP   Putative uncharacterized protein
G4ZQA3 G4ZQA3_PHYSP   Putative uncharacterized protein
G6CPN4 G6CPN4_DANPL   Uncharacterized protein
G7IN18 G7IN18_MEDTR   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
G7JU00 G7JU00_MEDTR   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase-like protein
G7JVI6 G7JVI6_MEDTR   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
G7KAP1 G7KAP1_MEDTR   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase-like protein
G7KEX7 G7KEX7_MEDTR   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
G7L400 G7L400_MEDTR   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase-like protein
G7TJS0 G7TJS0_XANOB   Transglycosylase, epimerase
G7UVJ0 G7UVJ0_PSEUP   Transglycosylase
G8BW10 G8BW10_TETPH   Uncharacterized protein
G8BW61 G8BW61_TETPH   Uncharacterized protein
G8JWM5 G8JWM5_ERECY   Uncharacterized protein
G8LKG2 G8LKG2_ENTCL   Putative glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
G8NXP5 G8NXP5_GRAMM   Aldose 1-epimerase
G8PY53 G8PY53_PSEFL   Aldose 1-epimerase
G8QJS5 G8QJS5_DECSP   Aldose 1-epimerase-like enzyme
G8ZLS0 G8ZLS0_TORDC   Uncharacterized protein
H0PZI9 H0PZI9_9RHOO   Aldose 1-epimerase
H2AMA1 H2AMA1_KAZAF   Uncharacterized protein
H2FUF6 H2FUF6_OCESG   Aldose 1-epimerase
H2GZE3 H2GZE3_CORD7   Uncharacterized protein
H2IHT9 H2IHT9_VIBSJ   Uncharacterized protein
H2IYM8 H2IYM8_RAHAC   Aldose 1-epimerase-like enzyme
H6MZW7 H6MZW7_GORPV   Aldose 1-epimerase-like enzyme
H8NNB4 H8NNB4_RAHAQ   Aldose 1-epimerase
H8WDU7 H8WDU7_MARHY   Uncharacterized protein
H8X7C9 H8X7C9_CANO9   Uncharacterized protein
H9URM1 H9URM1_ECOLX   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
I0IJ95 I0IJ95_PHYMF   Putative aldose 1-epimerase [EC:5.1.3.-]
I0YXL7 I0YXL7_COCSC   Uncharacterized protein
I0Z4V2 I0Z4V2_COCSC   Galactose mutarotase-like protein
I0Z7D3 I0Z7D3_COCSC   Apospory-associated protein C
I1I280 I1I280_BRADI   Uncharacterized protein
I1IPE6 I1IPE6_BRADI   Uncharacterized protein
I1J1G7 I1J1G7_BRADI   Uncharacterized protein
I1J2U2 I1J2U2_BRADI   Uncharacterized protein
I1J8T9 I1J8T9_SOYBN   Uncharacterized protein
I1JRX2 I1JRX2_SOYBN   Uncharacterized protein
I1N5K4 I1N5K4_SOYBN   Uncharacterized protein
I1N6Z9 I1N6Z9_SOYBN   Uncharacterized protein
I1RCZ8 I1RCZ8_GIBZE   Uncharacterized protein
I1XKG2 I1XKG2_METNJ   Aldose 1-epimerase
I1YED9 I1YED9_METFJ   Aldose 1-epimerase
I2BA90 I2BA90_SHIBC   Putative aldose 1-epimerase
I2BR34 I2BR34_PSEFL   Uncharacterized protein
I2H8U0 I2H8U0_TETBL   Uncharacterized protein
I3UVA0 I3UVA0_PSEPU   Aldose 1-epimerase
I3WJB5 I3WJB5_BIFBI   Transglycosylase
I3Y724 I3Y724_THIV6   Aldose 1-epimerase-like enzyme
I3ZAW7 I3ZAW7_TERRK   Aldose 1-epimerase-like enzyme
I4CMV3 I4CMV3_PSEST   Aldose 1-epimerase
I4YIQ4 I4YIQ4_WALMC   Galactose mutarotase-like protein
I7C054 I7C054_PSEPT   Aldose 1-epimerase
J3K580 J3K580_COCIM   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
J3L2J2 J3L2J2_ORYBR   Uncharacterized protein
J3LA41 J3LA41_ORYBR   Uncharacterized protein
J3M141 J3M141_ORYBR   Uncharacterized protein
J3M282 J3M282_ORYBR   Uncharacterized protein
J7KPZ8 J7KPZ8_PECCC   Putative aldose 1-epimerase
J7SL68 J7SL68_MORMO   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein YeaD
K0CYY2 K0CYY2_ALTMS   Aldose 1-epimerase
K0EGW5 K0EGW5_ALTMB   Aldose 1-epimerase
K0GD66 K0GD66_ACTSU   Uncharacterized protein
K1RLJ5 K1RLJ5_CRAGI   Uncharacterized protein
K1X817 K1X817_MARBU   Aldose 1-epimerase
K3UR49 K3UR49_FUSPC   Uncharacterized protein
K3XK81 K3XK81_SETIT   Uncharacterized protein
K3YC52 K3YC52_SETIT   Uncharacterized protein
K3YIK0 K3YIK0_SETIT   Uncharacterized protein
K3YU94 K3YU94_SETIT   Uncharacterized protein
K3Z825 K3Z825_SETIT   Uncharacterized protein
K3ZVD5 K3ZVD5_SETIT   Uncharacterized protein
K4AZT6 K4AZT6_SOLLC   Uncharacterized protein
K4BB24 K4BB24_SOLLC   Uncharacterized protein
K4CPI9 K4CPI9_SOLLC   Uncharacterized protein
K4CYF4 K4CYF4_SOLLC   Uncharacterized protein
K4KVD6 K4KVD6_SIMAS   Aldose 1-epimerase
K5WP85 K5WP85_PHACS   Uncharacterized protein
K5XKH1 K5XKH1_AGABU   Uncharacterized protein
K7A9G4 K7A9G4_9ALTE   Aldose-1-epimerase
K7KYT6 K7KYT6_SOYBN   Uncharacterized protein
K7LC03 K7LC03_SOYBN   Uncharacterized protein
K7MBQ9 K7MBQ9_SOYBN   Uncharacterized protein
K7N093 K7N093_SOYBN   Uncharacterized protein
K7RKS7 K7RKS7_ACIA4   Aldose 1-epimerase [EC:]
K8ADT2 K8ADT2_9ENTR   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein YeaD
K8EM36 K8EM36_9CHLO   Uncharacterized protein
K8EP70 K8EP70_9CHLO   Uncharacterized protein
K8EQR4 K8EQR4_9CHLO   Uncharacterized protein
K8F3Y7 K8F3Y7_9CHLO   Uncharacterized protein
K9NR73 K9NR73_9PSED   Aldose 1-epimerase [EC:]
K9PYH4 K9PYH4_9CYAN   Aldose 1-epimerase
K9VGK5 K9VGK5_9CYAN   Aldose 1-epimerase
L0FU19 L0FU19_PSEPU   Uncharacterized protein
L0GDD2 L0GDD2_PSEST   Aldose 1-epimerase-like enzyme
L0M764 L0M764_ENTBF   Aldose 1-epimerase-like enzyme
L0MJ55 L0MJ55_SERMA   Aldose 1-epimerase-like enzyme
L1IV54 L1IV54_GUITH   Uncharacterized protein
L1JGU9 L1JGU9_GUITH   Uncharacterized protein
L1JLE1 L1JLE1_GUITH   Uncharacterized protein
L8GS76 L8GS76_ACACA   Aldose 1epimerase family protein
M0S2F5 M0S2F5_MUSAM   Uncharacterized protein
M0SAP7 M0SAP7_MUSAM   Uncharacterized protein
M0TBZ6 M0TBZ6_MUSAM   Uncharacterized protein
M0TVG4 M0TVG4_MUSAM   Uncharacterized protein
M0ZGF0 M0ZGF0_SOLTU   Uncharacterized protein
M0ZVI1 M0ZVI1_SOLTU   Uncharacterized protein
M1A9H9 M1A9H9_SOLTU   Uncharacterized protein
M1AWS8 M1AWS8_SOLTU   Uncharacterized protein
M1NUH3 M1NUH3_9CORY   Uncharacterized protein
M1PAU6 M1PAU6_DESSD   Aldose 1-epimerase-like enzyme
M1UGJ3 M1UGJ3_9CORY   Uncharacterized protein
M1UXQ4 M1UXQ4_CYAM1   Apospory-associated protein C
M2LXU8 M2LXU8_BAUCO   Uncharacterized protein
M2TGE0 M2TGE0_COCSN   Uncharacterized protein
M2X9D6 M2X9D6_GALSU   Uncharacterized protein
M4R717 M4R717_BIBTR   Aldose 1-epimerase
M4U0A6 M4U0A6_9XANT   Epimerase
M4U423 M4U423_9GAMM   Aldose 1-epimerase
M4XNE4 M4XNE4_PSEDE   Aldose 1-epimerase
M5DU77 M5DU77_9GAMM   Uncharacterized protein
M5WH35 M5WH35_PRUPE   Uncharacterized protein
M5WSU7 M5WSU7_PRUPE   Uncharacterized protein
M5WSZ0 M5WSZ0_PRUPE   Uncharacterized protein
M5WUY1 M5WUY1_PRUPE   Uncharacterized protein
M5X337 M5X337_PRUPE   Uncharacterized protein
M5XPL3 M5XPL3_PRUPE   Uncharacterized protein
M7T5S0 M7T5S0_EUTLA   Putative aldose 1-epimerase protein
M8AUQ8 M8AUQ8_AEGTA   Putative apospory-associated protein C
M8C608 M8C608_AEGTA   Putative apospory-associated protein C
M8CAU9 M8CAU9_AEGTA   Putative apospory-associated protein C
M8CE96 M8CE96_AEGTA   Putative apospory-associated protein C
M9X002 M9X002_MANHA   D-hexose-6-phosphate epimerase [EC:]
M9X016 M9X016_MANHA   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase [EC:]
M9YNQ1 M9YNQ1_AZOVI   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
N1QAS3 N1QAS3_PSEFD   Uncharacterized protein
P39173 YEAD_ECOLI * Putative glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase [EC:]
P44160 Y1317_HAEIN * Putative glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase [EC:]
Q010X4 Q010X4_OSTTA   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
Q01QA0 Q01QA0_SOLUE   Aldose 1-epimerase
Q03161 YMY9_YEAST * Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase [EC:]
Q081B2 Q081B2_SHEFN   Aldose 1-epimerase
Q0ADB8 Q0ADB8_NITEC   Aldose 1-epimerase
Q0HTW0 Q0HTW0_SHESR   Aldose 1-epimerase
Q0JKP9 Q0JKP9_ORYSJ   Os01g0658700 protein
Q0T4Y7 Q0T4Y7_SHIF8   Uncharacterized protein
Q0UNM8 Q0UNM8_PHANO   Uncharacterized protein
Q0VKV7 Q0VKV7_ALCBS   Uncharacterized protein
Q12MD5 Q12MD5_SHEDO   Aldose 1-epimerase
Q15VD3 Q15VD3_PSEA6   Aldose 1-epimerase
Q172P9 Q172P9_AEDAE   AAEL007315-PA
Q1DH24 Q1DH24_AEDAE   AAEL015291-PA
Q1H4H5 Q1H4H5_METFK   Aldose 1-epimerase
Q1I2P9 Q1I2P9_PSEE4   Putative aldose 1-epimerase
Q1RB12 Q1RB12_ECOUT   Conserved protein YeaD
Q21KP9 Q21KP9_SACD2   Aldose 1-epimerase
Q29K64 Q29K64_DROPS   Uncharacterized protein, isoform A [EC:5.-.-.-]
Q2NTA4 Q2NTA4_SODGM   Putative glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
Q2SKD9 Q2SKD9_HAHCH   Uncharacterized enzyme related to aldose 1-epimerase
Q2UGX6 Q2UGX6_ASPOR   Uncharacterized protein
Q2Y974 Q2Y974_NITMU   Aldose 1-epimerase
Q30NT1 Q30NT1_SULDN   Aldose 1-epimerase
Q31DQ0 Q31DQ0_THICR   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
Q31PZ2 Q31PZ2_SYNE7   Uncharacterized protein
Q321R8 Q321R8_SHIBS   Uncharacterized protein
Q32GC9 Q32GC9_SHIDS   Uncharacterized protein
Q3BM87 Q3BM87_XANC5   Putative transglycosylase
Q3IJZ2 Q3IJZ2_PSEHT   Uncharacterized protein
Q3K4E9 Q3K4E9_PSEPF   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
Q3Z2B9 Q3Z2B9_SHISS   Uncharacterized protein
Q47CG8 Q47CG8_DECAR   Aldose 1-epimerase
Q47Y25 Q47Y25_COLP3   Epimerase family protein
Q48BP2 Q48BP2_PSE14   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
Q4DNT1 Q4DNT1_TRYCC   Uncharacterized protein
Q4K3K3 Q4K3K3_PSEF5   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
Q4Q2K6 Q4Q2K6_LEIMA   Aldose 1-epimerase-like protein
Q4QKK9 Q4QKK9_HAEI8   Predicted enzyme related to aldose 1-epimerase
Q4WPD6 Q4WPD6_ASPFU   Possible apospory-associated protein c
Q4ZLA1 Q4ZLA1_PSEU2   Aldose 1-epimerase
Q54ZC6 Q54ZC6_DICDI   Uncharacterized protein
Q57Q04 Q57Q04_SALCH   Putative enzymes related to aldose 1-epimerase
Q581U5 Q581U5_TRYB2   Putative uncharacterized protein
Q5A1Q0 Q5A1Q0_CANAL   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
Q5BCS3 Q5BCS3_EMENI   Uncharacterized protein
Q5E6D9 Q5E6D9_VIBF1   Conserved protein
Q5H678 Q5H678_XANOR   Membrane-bound lytic murein transglycosylase B
Q5K9R1 Q5K9R1_CRYNJ   Uncharacterized protein
Q5NY38 Q5NY38_AROAE   Predicted aldose 1-epimerase
Q65SU1 Q65SU1_MANSM   Uncharacterized protein
Q66AP8 Q66AP8_YERPS   Uncharacterized protein
Q6C9Z7 Q6C9Z7_YARLI   YALI0D07084p
Q6CT99 Q6CT99_KLULA   KLLA0C14300p
Q6D4P5 Q6D4P5_PECAS   Putative aldose 1-epimerase
Q6FFJ6 Q6FFJ6_ACIAD   Uncharacterized protein
Q6FN26 Q6FN26_CANGA   Uncharacterized protein
Q6K2P3 Q6K2P3_ORYSJ   Apospory-associated protein C-like
Q6LNZ4 Q6LNZ4_PHOPR   Uncharacterized protein
Q6NED1 Q6NED1_CORDI   Uncharacterized protein
Q6Z3M0 Q6Z3M0_ORYSJ   Os08g0241600 protein
Q75DT2 Q75DT2_ASHGO   ABL056Cp
Q7CIH2 Q7CIH2_YERPE   Uncharacterized protein
Q7MMC6 Q7MMC6_VIBVY   Aldose 1-epimerase-related protein
Q7P195 Q7P195_CHRVO   Uncharacterized protein
Q7PW99 Q7PW99_ANOGA   AGAP009039-PA
Q7XSR8 Q7XSR8_ORYSJ   OSJNBa0041A02.19 protein
Q82VR2 Q82VR2_NITEU   Aldose 1-epimerase
Q83L67 Q83L67_SHIFL   Uncharacterized protein
Q87BZ0 Q87BZ0_XYLFT   Uncharacterized protein
Q87MS3 Q87MS3_VIBPA   Uncharacterized protein
Q87U25 Q87U25_PSESM   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
Q88C51 Q88C51_PSEPK   Uncharacterized protein
Q8EDI0 Q8EDI0_SHEON   Aldose 1-epimerase [EC:]
Q8FNB4 Q8FNB4_COREF   Uncharacterized protein
Q8G706 Q8G706_BIFLO   Uncharacterized protein
Q8NN78 Q8NN78_CORGL   Uncharacterized enzymes related to aldose 1-epimerase
Q8P3B9 Q8P3B9_XANCP   Transglycolase
Q8PEP9 Q8PEP9_XANAC   Transglycolase
Q8S3Q3 Q8S3Q3_ORYSJ   Apospory-associated protein C
Q8XDU6 Q8XDU6_ECO57   Uncharacterized protein
Q8ZPV9 YEAD_SALTY * Putative glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase [EC:]
Q940G5 Q940G5_ARATH   Galactose mutarotase-like superfamily protein
Q9CMU5 Q9CMU5_PASMU   Uncharacterized protein
Q9FJY6 Q9FJY6_ARATH   Apospory-associated protein C-like
Q9HTE2 Q9HTE2_PSEAE   Uncharacterized protein
Q9KQJ7 Q9KQJ7_VIBCH   Uncharacterized protein
Q9LVC5 Q9LVC5_ARATH   Apospory-associated protein C
Q9PB74 Q9PB74_XYLFA   Uncharacterized protein
Q9SS96 Q9SS96_ARATH   F4P13.13 protein
R0EXW4 R0EXW4_9BRAS   Uncharacterized protein
R0F5E1 R0F5E1_9BRAS   Uncharacterized protein
R0G7B8 R0G7B8_9BRAS   Uncharacterized protein
R0GN13 R0GN13_9BRAS   Uncharacterized protein
R0GVB0 R0GVB0_9BRAS   Uncharacterized protein
R0H0V5 R0H0V5_9BRAS   Uncharacterized protein
R0HGV9 R0HGV9_9BRAS   Uncharacterized protein
R1CPV4 R1CPV4_EMIHU   Uncharacterized protein
R1D7A9 R1D7A9_EMIHU   Uncharacterized protein
R1F420 R1F420_EMIHU   Uncharacterized protein
R1FXA4 R1FXA4_BOTPV   Putative aldose 1-epimerase protein
R4YCX4 R4YCX4_KLEPR   Uncharacterized protein
R4YLA0 R4YLA0_OLEAN   Aldose 1-epimerase [EC:]
R7Q852 R7Q852_CHOCR   Uncharacterized protein
R7QCE7 R7QCE7_CHOCR   Uncharacterized protein
R7W9N9 R7W9N9_AEGTA   Putative apospory-associated protein C
R7WDN6 R7WDN6_AEGTA   Putative apospory-associated protein C
R8BML0 R8BML0_TOGMI   Putative aldose 1-epimerase protein
R9AG32 R9AG32_WALI9   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
R9VEU0 R9VEU0_PSEPU   Aldose 1-epimerase
R9VLN2 R9VLN2_9ENTR   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
S0AEE4 S0AEE4_SERPL   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase YeaD [EC:]
S4YJA1 S4YJA1_SERPL   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
S5AGJ1 S5AGJ1_9ALTE   Uncharacterized protein
S5BZU6 S5BZU6_9ALTE   Uncharacterized protein
S5HGH5 S5HGH5_SALET   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
S5IRT2 S5IRT2_VIBPH   Aldose 1-epimerase
S5MUY7 S5MUY7_SALBN   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein YeaD
S5TKP8 S5TKP8_9CORY   Uncharacterized protein
S6AZZ2 S6AZZ2_9PROT   Aldose 1-epimerase
S6B276 S6B276_PSERE   Putative aldose 1-epimerase
S7QMU9 S7QMU9_GLOTA   Galactose mutarotase-like protein
T1X7P0 T1X7P0_VARPD   Putative aldose 1-epimerase
T2HFE3 T2HFE3_PSEPU   Putative aldose 1-epimerase
U3TRB4 U3TRB4_9ENTR   Aldose 1-epimerase
U3TV25 U3TV25_9ENTR   Aldose 1-epimerase
U4K9Y5 U4K9Y5_9VIBR   Putative Aldose 1-epimerase
U4M7J8 U4M7J8_9XANT   Epimerase
U5VLZ4 U5VLZ4_9PSED   Aldose 1-epimerase
V2X8S8 V2X8S8_MONRO   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
V2YBG8 V2YBG8_MONRO   Ymr099c-like protein
V4B5E7 V4B5E7_LOTGI   Uncharacterized protein
V4KMH7 V4KMH7_EUTSA   Uncharacterized protein
V4KTY1 V4KTY1_EUTSA   Uncharacterized protein
V4LG25 V4LG25_EUTSA   Uncharacterized protein
V4LHL8 V4LHL8_EUTSA   Uncharacterized protein
V4LN59 V4LN59_EUTSA   Uncharacterized protein
V4MHD0 V4MHD0_EUTSA   Uncharacterized protein
V4MP00 V4MP00_EUTSA   Uncharacterized protein
V4P635 V4P635_EUTSA   Uncharacterized protein
V4SJ74 V4SJ74_9ROSI   Uncharacterized protein
V4SPT5 V4SPT5_9ROSI   Uncharacterized protein
V4SXP3 V4SXP3_9ROSI   Uncharacterized protein
V4U1T8 V4U1T8_9ROSI   Uncharacterized protein
V4U299 V4U299_9ROSI   Uncharacterized protein
V4UK52 V4UK52_9ROSI   Uncharacterized protein
V5IRA9 V5IRA9_NEUCR   Uncharacterized protein
V5U1R9 V5U1R9_9ENTR   Uncharacterized protein
V7AQK5 V7AQK5_PHAVU   Uncharacterized protein
V7B1Q3 V7B1Q3_PHAVU   Uncharacterized protein
V7BMQ4 V7BMQ4_PHAVU   Uncharacterized protein
V7BYA3 V7BYA3_PHAVU   Uncharacterized protein
V7CCX4 V7CCX4_PHAVU   Uncharacterized protein
V7CI44 V7CI44_PHAVU   Uncharacterized protein
V7CMR2 V7CMR2_PHAVU   Uncharacterized protein
V7CRZ3 V7CRZ3_PHAVU   Uncharacterized protein
V9R5Y2 V9R5Y2_9PSED   Aldose 1-epimerase
V9V7A4 V9V7A4_9PSED   Aldose 1-epimerase
W0AWX9 W0AWX9_9ESCH   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
W0DPN9 W0DPN9_9GAMM   Aldose 1-epimerase
W0E0H4 W0E0H4_MARPU   Aldose epimerase
W0HH95 W0HH95_PSECI   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
W0HWG5 W0HWG5_9GAMM   Aldose 1-epimerase
W0L3L9 W0L3L9_9GAMM   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
W0MYB2 W0MYB2_PSESX   Aldose 1-epimerase
W0Q1Q4 W0Q1Q4_9PAST   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
W0Q8E7 W0Q8E7_9PAST   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
W0R8X2 W0R8X2_BIBTR   Aldose 1-epimerase
W0SG89 W0SG89_9RHOO   Aldose 1-epimerase
W0V2L1 W0V2L1_9BURK   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
W1N3G7 W1N3G7_9GAMM   Uncharacterized protein
W1NHR2 W1NHR2_AMBTC   Uncharacterized protein
W1PIB2 W1PIB2_AMBTC   Uncharacterized protein
W1Q0X0 W1Q0X0_AMBTC   Uncharacterized protein
W4KD95 W4KD95_9HOMO   Uncharacterized protein
W5Y3W1 W5Y3W1_9CORY   Uncharacterized protein
W6EDA6 W6EDA6_SULMU   Putative aldose 1-epimerase
W6EZN2 W6EZN2_BIFBR   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
W6F8E1 W6F8E1_BIFBR   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
W6IZ83 W6IZ83_9ENTR   D-hexose-6-phosphate mutarotase
W6KLM3 W6KLM3_9PROT   Putative Aldose 1-epimerase
W6QP02 W6QP02_PSEPS   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein [EC:]
W6YBB3 W6YBB3_COCCA   Uncharacterized protein
W6ZGP4 W6ZGP4_COCMI   Uncharacterized protein
W8G3T5 W8G3T5_9GAMM   Aldose epimerase
W8PS30 W8PS30_9PSED   Aldose epimerase
W8R331 W8R331_PSEST   Aldose epimerase
W8U1N4 W8U1N4_YEREN   Uncharacterized protein
W8V1K6 W8V1K6_KLEPN   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
W9AG52 W9AG52_ECOLX   Conserved protein YeaD
W9B7Q2 W9B7Q2_KLEPN   D-hexose-6-phosphate mutarotase
X2GXS3 X2GXS3_9GAMM   Aldose 1-epimerase family protein YeaD
X2JAD3 X2JAD3_DROME   CG9008, isoform D [EC:5.-.-.-]
X2JUX9 X2JUX9_AGGAC   Uncharacterized protein
X2KHR9 X2KHR9_SALET   Glucose-6-phosphate 1-epimerase
X4QQA4 X4QQA4_9ACTO   Aldose epimerase