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K03350   APC3, CDC27; anaphase-promoting complex subunit 3

A0A059CEE9 A0A059CEE9_EUCGR   Uncharacterized protein
A0A061GIJ8 A0A061GIJ8_THECC   CDC27 family protein, putative
A0A061GMT5 A0A061GMT5_THECC   CDC27 family protein isoform 1
A0A067KPL9 A0A067KPL9_JATCU   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0A0M0J9 A0A0A0M0J9_CUCSA   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0D1E114 A0A0D1E114_USTMA   Chromosome 5, whole genome shotgun sequence
A0A0J8BTK5 A0A0J8BTK5_BETVU   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0J8CB93 A0A0J8CB93_BETVU   Uncharacterized protein
A0BXI1 A0BXI1_PARTE   Uncharacterized protein
A0C827 A0C827_PARTE   Uncharacterized protein
A0EE85 A0EE85_PARTE   Uncharacterized protein
A0EER1 A0EER1_PARTE   Uncharacterized protein
A0EER2 A0EER2_PARTE   Uncharacterized protein
A1CSS5 A1CSS5_ASPCL   20S cyclosome subunit (BimA/Nuc2/Cdc27), putative
A1DGG4 A1DGG4_NEOFI   20S cyclosome subunit (BimA/Nuc2/Cdc27), putative
A2A6Q5 CDC27_MOUSE * Cell division cycle protein 27 homolog
A2ESU1 A2ESU1_TRIVA   TPR Domain containing protein
A2F4U8 A2F4U8_TRIVA   TPR Domain containing protein
A2QZ82 A2QZ82_ASPNC   Aspergillus niger contig An12c0110, genomic contig
A3M0F8 A3M0F8_PICST   Anaphase promoting complex subunit CDC27 (Cell division control protein 27) (Anaphase promoting complex subunit 3) [EC:]
A4RYB9 A4RYB9_OSTLU   Uncharacterized protein
A5DAK9 A5DAK9_PICGU   Putative uncharacterized protein
A5DS36 A5DS36_LODEL   Putative uncharacterized protein
A5DS37 A5DS37_LODEL   Putative uncharacterized protein
A6RCH8 A6RCH8_AJECN   Putative uncharacterized protein
A7EWI8 A7EWI8_SCLS1   Putative uncharacterized protein
A7RXJ9 A7RXJ9_NEMVE   Predicted protein
A7TDV3 A7TDV3_VANPO   Putative uncharacterized protein
A7Z061 CDC27_BOVIN * Cell division cycle protein 27 homolog
A8NH71 A8NH71_COPC7   Cell division cycle protein 27/anaphase promoting complex subunit 3
A8PR19 A8PR19_MALGO   Uncharacterized protein
A9RVE2 A9RVE2_PHYPA   Predicted protein
A9SY54 A9SY54_PHYPA   Predicted protein
A9V3T3 A9V3T3_MONBE   Predicted protein
B0D3N6 B0D3N6_LACBS   Predicted protein
B0WT30 B0WT30_CULQU   Cell division cycle
B0WT31 B0WT31_CULQU   Putative uncharacterized protein
B2AVL2 B2AVL2_PODAN   Podospora anserina S mat+ genomic DNA chromosome 7, supercontig 1
B3M4Y9 B3M4Y9_DROAN   Uncharacterized protein
B3NFG3 B3NFG3_DROER   Uncharacterized protein
B3RRI2 B3RRI2_TRIAD   Putative uncharacterized protein
B4HV36 B4HV36_DROSE   GM13783
B4HV37 B4HV37_DROSE   GM13781
B4IX57 B4IX57_DROGR   GH16207
B4KXI1 B4KXI1_DROMO   Uncharacterized protein
B4LFV5 B4LFV5_DROVI   Uncharacterized protein
B4N3Q5 B4N3Q5_DROWI   Uncharacterized protein
B4PK46 B4PK46_DROYA   Uncharacterized protein
B6H265 B6H265_PENRW   Pc13g04030 protein
B7FPJ5 B7FPJ5_PHATC   Predicted protein
B7QD41 B7QD41_IXOSC   Cell division cycle regulator protein, putative
B8BVV5 B8BVV5_THAPS   Uncharacterized protein
B8NBR6 B8NBR6_ASPFN   20S cyclosome subunit (BimA/Nuc2/Cdc27), putative
B9IJK0 B9IJK0_POPTR   Uncharacterized protein
B9ILT0 B9ILT0_POPTR   HOBBIT family protein
B9RKJ5 B9RKJ5_RICCO   Cell division cycle, putative
B9WKV8 B9WKV8_CANDC   Anaphase-promoting complex subunit, putative
C1E0V5 C1E0V5_MICSR   Anaphase promoting complex 3
C1GDJ7 C1GDJ7_PARBD   Uncharacterized protein
C1MTW7 C1MTW7_MICPC   Predicted protein
C3YYK3 C3YYK3_BRAFL   Putative uncharacterized protein
C4JEF5 C4JEF5_UNCRE   Protein bimA
C4QVD5 C4QVD5_PICPG   Subunit of the Anaphase-Promoting Complex/Cyclosome (APC/C)
C4V902 C4V902_NOSCE   Putative uncharacterized protein
C4Y713 C4Y713_CLAL4   Putative uncharacterized protein
C5DE46 C5DE46_LACTC   KLTH0C06204p
C5M4H2 C5M4H2_CANTT   Putative uncharacterized protein
C5PHV4 C5PHV4_COCP7   Protein bimA, putative
C5XEU3 C5XEU3_SORBI   Putative uncharacterized protein Sb03g042610
C7YYV2 C7YYV2_NECH7   Predicted protein
D0MZY9 D0MZY9_PHYIT   Anaphase-promoting complex subunit, putative
D4AKT1 D4AKT1_ARTBC   Uncharacterized protein
D4DDX8 D4DDX8_TRIVH   Uncharacterized protein
D5GKD6 D5GKD6_TUBMM   Uncharacterized protein
D6WE80 D6WE80_TRICA   Putative uncharacterized protein
D7L5N4 D7L5N4_ARALL   Binding protein
D7L6D6 D7L6D6_ARALL   Putative uncharacterized protein
D7LKD8 D7LKD8_ARALL   Putative uncharacterized protein
D7LKE3 D7LKE3_ARALL   Putative uncharacterized protein
D7TBH7 D7TBH7_VITVI   Putative uncharacterized protein
D8PWM7 D8PWM7_SCHCM   Putative uncharacterized protein
D8RCQ8 D8RCQ8_SELML   Putative uncharacterized protein HBT1-1
D8TBA6 D8TBA6_SELML   Putative uncharacterized protein HBT1-2
D8UBG1 D8UBG1_VOLCA   Putative uncharacterized protein
E0S9Y2 E0S9Y2_ENCIT   Putative nuclear scaffolding protein
E0VL43 E0VL43_PEDHC   Cell division cycle, putative
E1ZGK4 E1ZGK4_CHLVA   Putative uncharacterized protein
E2BBZ1 E2BBZ1_HARSA   Cell division cycle protein 27-like protein
E3JUP2 E3JUP2_PUCGT   Putative uncharacterized protein
E3RJU3 E3RJU3_PYRTT   Putative uncharacterized protein
E5SKT6 E5SKT6_TRISP   Putative tetratricopeptide protein
E6R0J4 E6R0J4_CRYGW   Ubiquitin-protein ligase, putative
E9DY18 E9DY18_METAQ   20S cyclosome subunit (BimA/Nuc2/Cdc27), putative
E9ETU4 E9ETU4_METRA   Tetratricopeptide repeat protein
F0ZS45 F0ZS45_DICPU   Putative uncharacterized protein
F4QBA8 F4QBA8_DICFS   Anaphase promoting complex subunit 3
F4R4P2 F4R4P2_MELLP   Putative uncharacterized protein
F6RN71 F6RN71_HORSE   Uncharacterized protein
F7FIS9 F7FIS9_MONDO   Uncharacterized protein
F8MMN6 F8MMN6_NEUT8   Putative uncharacterized protein
F8P6D1 F8P6D1_SERL9   Putative uncharacterized protein
F9X728 F9X728_ZYMTI   Uncharacterized protein
G0RQG0 G0RQG0_HYPJQ   Predicted protein
G0S4F8 G0S4F8_CHATD   Anaphase-promoting complex subunit-like protein
G0VFQ2 G0VFQ2_NAUCC   Uncharacterized protein
G0WBV1 G0WBV1_NAUDC   Uncharacterized protein
G2QC79 G2QC79_MYCTT   Uncharacterized protein
G2RB17 G2RB17_THITE   Uncharacterized protein
G2X6T8 G2X6T8_VERDV   BimA
G3AIT1 G3AIT1_SPAPN   Putative uncharacterized protein
G3BF29 G3BF29_CANTC   TPR-like protein
G3JQ18 G3JQ18_CORMM   20S cyclosome subunit (BimA/Nuc2/Cdc27), putative
G4N876 G4N876_MAGO7   Uncharacterized protein
G4YIN8 G4YIN8_PHYSP   Putative uncharacterized protein
G7PV30 G7PV30_MACFA   Putative uncharacterized protein
G8BTE1 G8BTE1_TETPH   Uncharacterized protein
G8JVX6 G8JVX6_ERECY   Uncharacterized protein
G8ZRL9 G8ZRL9_TORDC   Uncharacterized protein
H2B2E7 H2B2E7_KAZAF   Uncharacterized protein
H3B6A1 H3B6A1_LATCH   Uncharacterized protein
H8WW82 H8WW82_CANO9   Cdc27 ubiquitin-protein ligase
I0YXR9 I0YXR9_9CHLO   TPR-like protein
I1GX85 I1GX85_BRADI   Uncharacterized protein
I1KWP4 I1KWP4_SOYBN   Uncharacterized protein
I1LWZ1 I1LWZ1_SOYBN   Uncharacterized protein
I1N4V8 I1N4V8_SOYBN   Uncharacterized protein
I1N6L5 I1N6L5_SOYBN   Uncharacterized protein
I1RNC0 I1RNC0_GIBZE   Uncharacterized protein
I2H2F4 I2H2F4_TETBL   Uncharacterized protein
I4YDE8 I4YDE8_WALMC   TPR-like protein
I6UPS6 I6UPS6_ENCHA   Uncharacterized protein
I6ZWE1 I6ZWE1_ENCRO   Putative nuclear scaffolding protein
I7LZP8 I7LZP8_TETTS   Tetratricopeptide repeat protein
J3KHV0 J3KHV0_COCIM   BimA protein
J9K6D1 J9K6D1_ACYPI   Uncharacterized protein
K1XL33 K1XL33_MARBU   Tetratricopeptide
K3W1P4 K3W1P4_FUSPC   Uncharacterized protein
K5W8Z8 K5W8Z8_PHACS   Uncharacterized protein
K5XHV8 K5XHV8_AGABU   Uncharacterized protein
K8EVY2 K8EVY2_9CHLO   Uncharacterized protein
K8Z5I0 K8Z5I0_9STRA   Anaphase-promoting complex subunit 3
K9I6M0 K9I6M0_AGABB   Uncharacterized protein
L1J319 L1J319_GUITH   Uncharacterized protein
L5KTD9 L5KTD9_PTEAL   Cell division cycle protein 27 like protein
L8GCP5 L8GCP5_ACACA   Tetratricopeptide repeat domain containing protein
M1VH42 M1VH42_CYAME   Cell division cycle protein cdc27
M2N4W7 M2N4W7_BAUCO   Uncharacterized protein
M2S8M7 M2S8M7_COCSN   Uncharacterized protein
M2XA84 M2XA84_GALSU   Anaphase-promoting complex subunit 3
M3A0X1 M3A0X1_PSEFD   Uncharacterized protein
M5W6V3 M5W6V3_PRUPE   Uncharacterized protein
M7TF78 M7TF78_EUTLA   Putative 20s cyclosome subunit ( nuc2 cdc27) protein
P10505 APC3_SCHPO * Anaphase-promoting complex subunit 3
P17885 BIMA_EMENI * Protein bimA
P30260 CDC27_HUMAN * Cell division cycle protein 27 homolog
P38042 CDC27_YEAST * Anaphase-promoting complex subunit CDC27
Q06AN9 CD27A_ARATH * Cell division cycle protein 27 homolog A
Q0DAW0 Q0DAW0_ORYSJ   Os06g0622500 protein
Q0P4V8 Q0P4V8_XENTR   Uncharacterized protein
Q0UEW0 Q0UEW0_PHANO   Putative uncharacterized protein
Q16G63 Q16G63_AEDAE   AAEL014508-PA
Q16L75 Q16L75_AEDAE   AAEL012735-PA
Q17HD1 Q17HD1_AEDAE   AAEL002708-PA
Q2M0G0 Q2M0G0_DROPS   Uncharacterized protein
Q2TZI3 Q2TZI3_ASPOR   DNA-binding cell division cycle control protein
Q4D1B0 Q4D1B0_TRYCC   Uncharacterized protein
Q4V8A2 CDC27_RAT * Cell division cycle protein 27 homolog
Q4X1V7 Q4X1V7_ASPFU   20S cyclosome subunit (BimA/Nuc2/Cdc27), putative
Q54J83 APC3_DICDI * Anaphase-promoting complex subunit 3
Q560E6 Q560E6_CRYNB   Uncharacterized protein
Q5A897 Q5A897_CANAL   Potential anaphase promoting complex TPR repeat subunit Cdc27
Q5A8G3 Q5A8G3_CANAL   Anaphase-promoting complex subunit 3
Q5CY49 Q5CY49_CRYPI   TPR repeat protein
Q5KPE8 Q5KPE8_CRYNJ   Ubiquitin-protein ligase, putative
Q5ZK91 Q5ZK91_CHICK   Uncharacterized protein
Q6FWY6 Q6FWY6_CANGA   Uncharacterized protein
Q6GQ04 Q6GQ04_XENLA   MGC80529 protein
Q751K0 Q751K0_ASHGO   AGL294Wp
Q7RXL4 Q7RXL4_NEUCR   Nuclear protein bimA
Q7ZWD5 Q7ZWD5_DANRE   Cell division cycle 27
Q8LGU6 CD27B_ARATH * Cell division cycle protein 27 homolog B
Q9N593 CDC27_CAEEL * Cell division cycle protein 27 homolog
Q9VS37 Q9VS37_DROME   Cell division cycle 27 ortholog, isoform A
R0G3K6 R0G3K6_9BRAS   Uncharacterized protein
R0I9E3 R0I9E3_9BRAS   Uncharacterized protein
R1EPB5 R1EPB5_BOTPV   Putative 20s cyclosome subunit ( nuc2 cdc27) protein
R1G1K7 R1G1K7_EMIHU   Uncharacterized protein
R7QTY0 R7QTY0_CHOCR   TPR repeat-containing protein
R7S2Z4 R7S2Z4_PUNST   TPR-like protein
R8BFF3 R8BFF3_TOGMI   Putative 20s cyclosome subunit ( nuc2 cdc27) protein
R8BFK1 R8BFK1_TOGMI   Putative 20s cyclosome subunit ( nuc2 cdc27) protein
R9AHZ8 R9AHZ8_WALI9   Protein bimA
S7QG92 S7QG92_GLOTA   TPR-like protein
T1FS31 T1FS31_HELRO   Uncharacterized protein
U3DII1 U3DII1_CALJA   Cell division cycle protein 27 homolog isoform 2
U5G816 U5G816_POPTR   Uncharacterized protein
V2XVM0 V2XVM0_MONRO   20s cyclosome subunit ( nuc2 cdc27)
V4AXD4 V4AXD4_LOTGI   Uncharacterized protein
V4CCS2 V4CCS2_LOTGI   Uncharacterized protein
V4LCX4 V4LCX4_EUTSA   Uncharacterized protein
V4M5U1 V4M5U1_EUTSA   Uncharacterized protein
V4UEK8 V4UEK8_9ROSI   Uncharacterized protein
V7B0C4 V7B0C4_PHAVU   Uncharacterized protein
V7BZX4 V7BZX4_PHAVU   Uncharacterized protein
V7C251 V7C251_PHAVU   Uncharacterized protein
V7CVH9 V7CVH9_PHAVU   Uncharacterized protein
V9KD62 V9KD62_CALMI   Cell division cycle protein 27-like protein
W4KJK7 W4KJK7_9HOMO   Uncharacterized protein
W6Z336 W6Z336_COCMI   Uncharacterized protein
W6Z3Z1 W6Z3Z1_COCCA   Uncharacterized protein