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K07376   PRKG1; cGMP-dependent protein kinase 1 [EC:]

A0A067BV14 A0A067BV14_SAPPC   AGC/PKG protein kinase
A0A067C5P1 A0A067C5P1_SAPPC   AGC/PKG protein kinase
A0A067CID9 A0A067CID9_SAPPC   AGC/PKG protein kinase
A0A067CL01 A0A067CL01_SAPPC   AGC protein kinase
A0A067CTM4 A0A067CTM4_SAPPC   AGC/PKG protein kinase
A0A067D6K4 A0A067D6K4_SAPPC   AGC/PKA protein kinase
A0A067D9R5 A0A067D9R5_SAPPC   AGC/PKA protein kinase
A0A088AVK2 A0A088AVK2_APIME   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0J9QTI6 A0A0J9QTI6_DROSI   cGMP-dependent protein kinase [EC:]
A0A0J9QZR0 A0A0J9QZR0_DROSI   Uncharacterized protein, isoform B [EC:2.7.11.-]
A0A0J9XT43 A0A0J9XT43_BRUMA   cGMP-dependent protein kinase [EC:]
A0A125YJK5 A0A125YJK5_TOXGM   Protein kinase G AGC kinase family member PKG [EC:]
A0BE58 A0BE58_PARTE   Uncharacterized protein
A0CAU2 A0CAU2_PARTE   Uncharacterized protein
A0CNY1 A0CNY1_PARTE   Uncharacterized protein
A0CQJ9 A0CQJ9_PARTE   Uncharacterized protein
A0CWG2 A0CWG2_PARTE   Uncharacterized protein
A0D5C7 A0D5C7_PARTE   Uncharacterized protein
A0D9C4 A0D9C4_PARTE   Uncharacterized protein
A0DCJ0 A0DCJ0_PARTE   Uncharacterized protein
A0DI12 A0DI12_PARTE   Uncharacterized protein
A0DLB9 A0DLB9_PARTE   Uncharacterized protein
A0DP02 A0DP02_PARTE   Uncharacterized protein
A0DT28 A0DT28_PARTE   Uncharacterized protein
A0E0G1 A0E0G1_PARTE   Uncharacterized protein
A0E3G7 A0E3G7_PARTE   Uncharacterized protein
A0E4Z6 A0E4Z6_PARTE   Uncharacterized protein
A0E901 A0E901_PARTE   Uncharacterized protein
A4RT89 A4RT89_OSTLU   Uncharacterized protein
A5K0N4 A5K0N4_PLAVS   cGMP-dependent protein kinase, putative
A7AWX2 A7AWX2_BABBO   cGMP dependent protein kinase [EC:]
A7SCZ7 A7SCZ7_NEMVE   cGMP-dependent protein kinase [EC:]
A8JAZ7 A8JAZ7_CHLRE   cGMP-dependent protein kinase
A9UZT4 A9UZT4_MONBE   Predicted protein
B0WGS5 B0WGS5_CULQU   C-GMP dependent protein kinase
B0X970 B0X970_CULQU   cGMP-dependent protein kinase
B3LBC7 B3LBC7_PLAKH   cGMP-dependent protein kinase, putative
B3MLR5 B3MLR5_DROAN   cGMP-dependent protein kinase [EC:]
B3MP45 B3MP45_DROAN   Uncharacterized protein, isoform A [EC:]
B3MPL6 B3MPL6_DROAN   Uncharacterized protein, isoform B
B3N351 B3N351_DROER   Uncharacterized protein, isoform B
B3N883 B3N883_DROER   cGMP-dependent protein kinase [EC:]
B3N928 B3N928_DROER   Uncharacterized protein [EC:2.7.11.-]
B3S646 B3S646_TRIAD   Putative uncharacterized protein
B3S658 B3S658_TRIAD   cGMP-dependent protein kinase [EC:]
B4G7L7 B4G7L7_DROPE   GL18962
B4G9E3 B4G9E3_DROPE   GL19466
B4GPQ3 B4GPQ3_DROPE   cGMP-dependent protein kinase [EC:]
B4I315 B4I315_DROSE   GM18132
B4ID13 B4ID13_DROSE   cGMP-dependent protein kinase [EC:]
B4JDS9 B4JDS9_DROGR   cGMP-dependent protein kinase [EC:]
B4K274 B4K274_DROGR   GH23242
B4KF83 B4KF83_DROMO   cGMP-dependent protein kinase [EC:]
B4KHJ4 B4KHJ4_DROMO   Uncharacterized protein, isoform A [EC:2.7.11.-]
B4KK75 B4KK75_DROMO   Uncharacterized protein, isoform A [EC:]
B4LRS9 B4LRS9_DROVI   Uncharacterized protein
B4LTP9 B4LTP9_DROVI   cGMP-dependent protein kinase [EC:]
B4M9C8 B4M9C8_DROVI   Uncharacterized protein
B4MVC6 B4MVC6_DROWI   Uncharacterized protein [EC:]
B4N0R8 B4N0R8_DROWI   cGMP-dependent protein kinase [EC:]
B4NLI5 B4NLI5_DROWI   Uncharacterized protein [EC:2.7.11.-]
B4NXZ5 B4NXZ5_DROYA   Uncharacterized protein, isoform A [EC:]
B4NZ52 B4NZ52_DROYA   Uncharacterized protein, isoform A [EC:2.7.11.-]
B4P2X2 B4P2X2_DROYA   cGMP-dependent protein kinase [EC:]
B4Q9N2 B4Q9N2_DROSI   GD22740
B7PRK0 B7PRK0_IXOSC   cAMP-dependent protein kinase catalytic subunit, putative [EC:]
B7QCG1 B7QCG1_IXOSC   cGMP-dependent protein kinase, putative [EC:]
B8BR98 B8BR98_THAPS   Uncharacterized protein
B8BTD0 B8BTD0_THAPS   Uncharacterized protein
C1E8D5 C1E8D5_MICSR   Uncharacterized protein
C1EHV2 C1EHV2_MICSR   Cgmp-dependent protein kinase
C3XZZ2 C3XZZ2_BRAFL   Putative uncharacterized protein
C3Z4R1 C3Z4R1_BRAFL   Putative uncharacterized protein
D0MVI2 D0MVI2_PHYIT   cGMP-dependent protein kinase, putative
D0NBI6 D0NBI6_PHYIT   cGMP-dependent protein kinase, putative
D0NG65 D0NG65_PHYIT   cGMP-dependent protein kinase, putative
D0NJI5 D0NJI5_PHYIT   cAMP-dependent protein kinase catalytic subunit, putative
D0NLP3 D0NLP3_PHYIT   cGMP-dependent protein kinase, putative
D7EJR5 D7EJR5_TRICA   Uncharacterized protein
D7EJR6 D7EJR6_TRICA   Uncharacterized protein
D8TYJ7 D8TYJ7_VOLCA   Putative uncharacterized protein
D8U5A8 D8U5A8_VOLCA   Putative uncharacterized protein
E0VGN7 E0VGN7_PEDHC   cAMP-dependent protein kinase catalytic subunit, putative [EC:]
E0W2T9 E0W2T9_PEDHC   cGMP-dependent protein kinase, isozyme, putative [EC:]
E5S111 E5S111_TRISP   cGMP-dependent protein kinase [EC:]
F0XYA5 F0XYA5_AURAN   Putative uncharacterized protein
F0Y674 F0Y674_AURAN   Putative uncharacterized protein
F0YCJ9 F0YCJ9_AURAN   Putative uncharacterized protein
F0YGU0 F0YGU0_AURAN   Putative uncharacterized protein
F0YI40 F0YI40_AURAN   Putative uncharacterized protein
F0YQ87 F0YQ87_AURAN   Putative cGMP-dependent protein kinase
F1NE85 F1NE85_CHICK   cGMP-dependent protein kinase [EC:]
F2UPI0 F2UPI0_SALR5   AGC/PKG protein kinase
F4W6N1 F4W6N1_ACREC   cGMP-dependent protein kinase, isozyme 2 forms cD5/T2
G4YZS3 G4YZS3_PHYSP   Putative uncharacterized protein
G4Z174 G4Z174_PHYSP   Putative uncharacterized protein
G4Z7W4 G4Z7W4_PHYSP   Putative uncharacterized protein
G4ZFB0 G4ZFB0_PHYSP   Putative uncharacterized protein
G5A5C4 G5A5C4_PHYSP   Putative uncharacterized protein
G5AFV2 G5AFV2_PHYSP   Putative uncharacterized protein
H2RRP1 H2RRP1_TAKRU   cGMP-dependent protein kinase [EC:]
I0Z269 I0Z269_9CHLO   Putative cGMP-dependent protein kinase
I7M3B5 I7M3B5_TETTS   CGMP-dependent kinase 5-1
I7MD55 I7MD55_TETTS   CGMP-dependent kinase 5-1
I7MFS4 I7MFS4_TETTS   CGMP-dependent kinase 5-1
J4C3U4 J4C3U4_THEOR   CGMP-dependent protein kinase
J9K7J2 J9K7J2_ACYPI   Uncharacterized protein
K6UM71 K6UM71_9APIC   cGMP-dependent protein kinase
K6ZDM7 K6ZDM7_PANTR   cGMP-dependent protein kinase [EC:]
O77676 KGP1_RABIT * cGMP-dependent protein kinase 1
P00516 KGP1_BOVIN * cGMP-dependent protein kinase 1
P0C605 KGP1_MOUSE * cGMP-dependent protein kinase 1
P32023 KGP25_DROME * cGMP-dependent protein kinase, isozyme 2 forms cD5/T2
Q03042 KGP1_DROME * cGMP-dependent protein kinase, isozyme 1
Q13976 KGP1_HUMAN * cGMP-dependent protein kinase 1
Q16JU3 Q16JU3_AEDAE   AAEL013214-PA
Q170R4 Q170R4_AEDAE   cGMP-dependent protein kinase [EC:]
Q178W2 Q178W2_AEDAE   AAEL005754-PA
Q22RR1 Q22RR1_TETTS   CGMP-dependent kinase 9-1
Q234E6 Q234E6_TETTS   CGMP-dependent kinase 9-1
Q23DN8 Q23DN8_TETTS   CGMP-dependent kinase 5-1
Q23KG5 Q23KG5_TETTS   CGMP-dependent kinase 9-1
Q29LM5 Q29LM5_DROPS   cGMP-dependent protein kinase [EC:]
Q29MD8 Q29MD8_DROPS   Uncharacterized protein, isoform C [EC:]
Q29NH6 Q29NH6_DROPS   Uncharacterized protein [EC:2.7.11.-]
Q3SEL7 Q3SEL7_PARTE   CGMP-dependent protein kinase 1-2
Q3SEL8 Q3SEL8_PARTE   CGMP-dependent protein kinase 1-3
Q3SEL9 Q3SEL9_PARTE   CGMP-dependent protein kinase 1-4
Q3SEM0 Q3SEM0_PARTE   CGMP-dependent protein kinase 10-1
Q3SEM1 Q3SEM1_PARTE   CGMP-dependent protein kinase 10-2
Q3SEM3 Q3SEM3_PARTE   CGMP-dependent protein kinase 11-2
Q3SEM8 Q3SEM8_PARTE   CGMP-dependent protein kinase 16-1
Q3SEM9 Q3SEM9_PARTE   CGMP-dependent protein kinase 2-2
Q3SEN1 Q3SEN1_PARTE   CGMP-dependent protein kinase 3-2
Q3SEN4 Q3SEN4_PARTE   CGMP-dependent protein kinase 5-1
Q3SEN5 Q3SEN5_PARTE   CGMP-dependent protein kinase 5-3
Q3SEN6 Q3SEN6_PARTE   CGMP-dependent protein kinase 5-4
Q3SEN9 Q3SEN9_PARTE   CGMP-dependent protein kinase 8-1
Q3SEP0 Q3SEP0_PARTE   CGMP-dependent protein kinase 8-2
Q3SEP1 Q3SEP1_PARTE   CGMP-dependent protein kinase 9-1
Q3SEP2 Q3SEP2_PARTE   CGMP-dependent protein kinase 9-2
Q3SEP3 Q3SEP3_PARTE   CGMP-dependent protein kinase 9-3
Q3SEP4 Q3SEP4_PARTE   CGMP-dependent protein kinase 9-4
Q3YJM5 Q3YJM5_PIG   cGMP-dependent protein kinase [EC:]
Q4MZK5 Q4MZK5_THEPA   cGMP-dependent protein kinase, putative [EC:]
Q4UBS1 Q4UBS1_THEAN   cGMP-dependent protein kinase, putative
Q4YI68 Q4YI68_PLABA   Putative uncharacterized protein
Q4YJL2 Q4YJL2_PLABA   Putative uncharacterized protein
Q4YVB8 Q4YVB8_PLABA   CGMP-dependent protein kinase 1, beta isozyme, putative
Q5CWD4 Q5CWD4_CRYPI   Cyclic nucleotide (CGMP)-dependent protein kinase with 3 cNMP binding domains and a Ser/Thr kinase domain
Q695H0 Q695H0_CHLRE   CGMP-dependent protein kinase [EC:]
Q6BFL9 Q6BFL9_PARTE   CGMP-dependent protein kinase, putative
Q75PY4 Q75PY4_ORYLA   cGMP-dependent protein kinase [EC:]
Q7PDS2 Q7PDS2_PLAYO   cGMP-dependent protein kinase-related
Q7Q1G7 Q7Q1G7_ANOGA   AGAP009798-PA
Q7Q8J6 Q7Q8J6_ANOGA   AGAP008585-PA
Q7T2E5 Q7T2E5_DANRE   cGMP-dependent protein kinase [EC:]
Q8BND1 Q8BND1_MOUSE   cGMP-dependent protein kinase [EC:]
Q8I719 Q8I719_PLAF7   cGMP-dependent protein kinase [EC:]
Q8SSX4 Q8SSX4_APIME   cGMP-dependent protein kinase [EC:]
Q8T9W9 Q8T9W9_BOMMO   cGMP-dependent protein kinase [EC:]
Q9VL34 Q9VL34_DROME   CG4839, isoform A
R1CWN4 R1CWN4_EMIHU   Uncharacterized protein
R1ERG1 R1ERG1_EMIHU   Uncharacterized protein
T1FP70 T1FP70_HELRO   Uncharacterized protein
T1G4W1 T1G4W1_HELRO   Uncharacterized protein
T1G9D8 T1G9D8_HELRO   Uncharacterized protein
U3KFF9 U3KFF9_FICAL   cGMP-dependent protein kinase [EC:]
U4PEQ9 U4PEQ9_CAEEL   cGMP-dependent protein kinase [EC:]
V3Z912 V3Z912_LOTGI   cGMP-dependent protein kinase [EC:]
V3ZX54 V3ZX54_LOTGI   cGMP-dependent protein kinase [EC:]
W7XAA6 W7XAA6_TETTS   CGMP-dependent kinase 5-1