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K08738   CYC; cytochrome c

A0A010RKL6 A0A010RKL6_9PEZI   Cytochrome c
A0A023HN92 A0A023HN92_PLUXY   Mitochondrial cytochrome C
A0A023RKH4 A0A023RKH4_AERME   Cytochrome c-551
A0A023WMV9 A0A023WMV9_PSEST   Chemotaxis protein
A0A023WP99 A0A023WP99_PSEST   Cytochrome C biogenesis protein CcsA
A0A024E406 A0A024E406_9PSED   Cytochrome c-551
A0A024E6A7 A0A024E6A7_9PSED   Cytochrome c, class I
A0A024ELI2 A0A024ELI2_9PSED   Cytochrome c-551
A0A024HFF0 A0A024HFF0_PSEKB   Cache domain containing protein
A0A024HG91 A0A024HG91_PSEKB   Uncharacterized protein
A0A031JN33 A0A031JN33_9SPHN   Cytochrome C
A0A031JQU6 A0A031JQU6_9SPHN   Class I cytochrome c
A0A059BTW6 A0A059BTW6_EUCGR   Uncharacterized protein
A0A059XZ92 A0A059XZ92_9BACT   Cytochrome c, class I
A0A059ZV02 A0A059ZV02_9PROT   Cytochrome c551/c552
A0A060DI57 A0A060DI57_AZOBR   Cytochrome C
A0A060DIS2 A0A060DIS2_AZOBR   Cytochrome C
A0A060DJC6 A0A060DJC6_AZOBR   Cytochrome C
A0A060DL49 A0A060DL49_AZOBR   Uncharacterized protein
A0A060DRN0 A0A060DRN0_AZOBR   Cytochrome C
A0A060DSA9 A0A060DSA9_AZOBR   Cytochrome C
A0A060HR55 A0A060HR55_RHIET   Cytochrome-c CycM
A0A060I7D9 A0A060I7D9_RHIET   Cytochrome-c protein
A0A060I8D4 A0A060I8D4_RHIET   Cytochrome-c class 1 protein
A0A060KS00 A0A060KS00_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c552
A0A060NIA1 A0A060NIA1_9BURK   Cytochrome c551/c552
A0A060NUS5 A0A060NUS5_9BURK   Cytochrome c551/c552
A0A060P7N8 A0A060P7N8_9BURK   Cytochrome c class I
A0A060P817 A0A060P817_9BURK   Cytochrome c class I
A0A060PHZ0 A0A060PHZ0_9BURK   Putative membrane protein
A0A060PZX7 A0A060PZX7_9RICK   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A061DWB7 A0A061DWB7_THECC   Cytochrome c
A0A061FK97 A0A061FK97_THECC   Cytochrome c-2
A0A061H879 A0A061H879_9BASI   Uncharacterized protein
A0A067BWZ7 A0A067BWZ7_SAPPC   Cytochrome c
A0A067BY22 A0A067BY22_SAPPC   Cytochrome c
A0A067ED08 A0A067ED08_CITSI   Uncharacterized protein
A0A067L5F3 A0A067L5F3_JATCU   Uncharacterized protein
A0A067LEE8 A0A067LEE8_JATCU   Uncharacterized protein
A0A068SW59 A0A068SW59_RHIGA   Cytochrome c, membrane-bound
A0A068T2D0 A0A068T2D0_RHIGA   Cytochrome c2
A0A068TGI1 A0A068TGI1_RHIGA   Cytochrome c, membrane-bound
A0A068TJ65 A0A068TJ65_RHIGA   Cytochrome c2
A0A069BBZ7 A0A069BBZ7_BURPE   Cytochrome c
A0A072TMC1 A0A072TMC1_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A072ZFW3 A0A072ZFW3_PSEAI   Cytochrome C biogenesis protein CcsA
A0A074MFU5 A0A074MFU5_9SPHN   Uncharacterized protein
A0A074ZFW7 A0A074ZFW7_9TREM   Cytochrome
A0A075JZL8 A0A075JZL8_9GAMM   Cytochrome C
A0A075MLU2 A0A075MLU2_9PROT   Cytochrome c, membrane-bound
A0A075PNL1 A0A075PNL1_PSEFL   Cytochrome C
A0A075RS22 A0A075RS22_FLAPS   Cytochrome C552
A0A076HUE4 A0A076HUE4_9BACT   Uncharacterized protein
A0A076JW86 A0A076JW86_9RHOB   Cytochrome c2
A0A076JW92 A0A076JW92_9RHOB   Cytochrome c-552
A0A076K1R5 A0A076K1R5_9RHOB   Flavocytochrome c cytochrome subunit SoxE
A0A076K2U0 A0A076K2U0_9RHOB   Cytochrome c-551
A0A076K5N0 A0A076K5N0_9RHOB   Sulfite oxidase cytochrome subunit SoxD [EC:]
A0A076PRP4 A0A076PRP4_COMTE   Cytochrome C
A0A076PUX7 A0A076PUX7_COMTE   Cytochrome C
A0A076PW83 A0A076PW83_COMTE   Cytochrome C
A0A077AT28 A0A077AT28_9PROT   Uncharacterized protein
A0A077C1U1 A0A077C1U1_9PROT   Uncharacterized protein
A0A077EF08 A0A077EF08_9FLAO   Cytochrome c551/c552
A0A077EL50 A0A077EL50_9FLAO   Cytochrome c551/c552
A0A077FN18 A0A077FN18_9RICK   Cytochrome c2
A0A077KF77 A0A077KF77_9FLAO   Cytochrome c551/c552
A0A077LK23 A0A077LK23_9PSED   Cytochrome c2
A0A077TUC9 A0A077TUC9_PLACH   Cytochrome c2,putative
A0A077YE84 A0A077YE84_PLACH   Cytochrome c, putative
A0A077YH35 A0A077YH35_PLABA   Cytochrome c, putative
A0A078DQL2 A0A078DQL2_BRANA   BnaA03g24240D protein
A0A078FH37 A0A078FH37_BRANA   BnaA07g10260D protein
A0A078G9G4 A0A078G9G4_BRANA   BnaA09g30340D protein
A0A085EIG6 A0A085EIG6_9FLAO   Cytochrome C552
A0A087SBZ3 A0A087SBZ3_AUXPR   Cytochrome c
A0A088ABJ4 A0A088ABJ4_APIME   Uncharacterized protein
A0A088EXM0 A0A088EXM0_9SPHI   Uncharacterized protein
A0A088TFH7 A0A088TFH7_BURCE   Cytochrome c
A0A088TFH8 A0A088TFH8_BURCE   Cytochrome c-551
A0A088U8G1 A0A088U8G1_9BURK   Cytochrome c-552
A0A088UCB9 A0A088UCB9_BURCE   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A088UWH2 A0A088UWH2_9BURK   Cytochrome c
A0A088WZY7 A0A088WZY7_9BURK   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A088XNG9 A0A088XNG9_9BURK   Cytochrome c-551 domain protein
A0A089NMJ6 A0A089NMJ6_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c2
A0A089NP22 A0A089NP22_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c2
A0A089NVI4 A0A089NVI4_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c class I
A0A089Z1X3 A0A089Z1X3_9PSED   Cytochrome C
A0A090AH33 A0A090AH33_9GAMM   Cytochrome c class I
A0A090BU65 A0A090BU65_9GAMM   Cytochrome c class I
A0A095AIQ5 A0A095AIQ5_SCHHA   Cytochrome c
A0A095DQE5 A0A095DQE5_BURCE   Cytochrome c
A0A095DRE9 A0A095DRE9_BURCE   Cytochrome c-551
A0A095F5H7 A0A095F5H7_BURGA   Cytochrome C biogenesis protein CcdA
A0A095FIP9 A0A095FIP9_BURGA   Cytochrome c
A0A095GUE0 A0A095GUE0_BURCE   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A095MRY4 A0A095MRY4_BURPE   Cytochrome c-552
A0A095W1M6 A0A095W1M6_BURGA   Cytochrome C
A0A097EGM8 A0A097EGM8_9SPHN   Cytochrome C
A0A097EJZ4 A0A097EJZ4_9SPHN   Uncharacterized protein
A0A097EKS8 A0A097EKS8_9SPHN   Cytochrome C
A0A0A0KPD8 A0A0A0KPD8_CUCSA   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0A0SWD1 A0A0A0SWD1_9VIBR   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0A1F733 A0A0A1F733_9BURK   Cytochrome c2
A0A0A1F8Y8 A0A0A1F8Y8_9BURK   Cytochrome c551/c552
A0A0A1H1A6 A0A0A1H1A6_9BURK   Class I cytochrome c
A0A0A3XJ95 A0A0A3XJ95_BRAJP   Cytochrome C
A0A0A3Y5V9 A0A0A3Y5V9_BRAJP   Cystathionine beta-lyase
A0A0A7PD50 A0A0A7PD50_9SPHN   Cytochrome c, class I
A0A0A7PF63 A0A0A7PF63_9SPHN   Cytochrome c, class I
A0A0A7PJ99 A0A0A7PJ99_9SPHN   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0A8BCY6 A0A0A8BCY6_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A0A8BP35 A0A0A8BP35_9BURK   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0A8BPA6 A0A0A8BPA6_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A0A8BSV1 A0A0A8BSV1_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A0A8BT07 A0A0A8BT07_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A0A8BTG1 A0A0A8BTG1_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A0A8C0N9 A0A0A8C0N9_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A0A8C748 A0A0A8C748_9BURK   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0A8DXZ4 A0A0A8DXZ4_9XANT   Cytochrome C
A0A0A8G6I0 A0A0A8G6I0_RHIET   Cytochrome-c CycM
A0A0A8GE54 A0A0A8GE54_RHIET   Cytochrome-c class 1 protein
A0A0A8GSC0 A0A0A8GSC0_9PROT   Periplasmic monoheme cytochrome c553 [EC:]
A0A0A8GZH0 A0A0A8GZH0_9PROT   Periplasmic monoheme cytochrome c553 [EC:]
A0A0A8H3S4 A0A0A8H3S4_9PROT   Periplasmic monoheme cytochrome c553 [EC:]
A0A0A8H4B2 A0A0A8H4B2_CAMLA   Periplasmic monoheme cytochrome c553 [EC:]
A0A0A8H9Q7 A0A0A8H9Q7_9PROT   Periplasmic monoheme cytochrome c553 [EC:]
A0A0A8HIS7 A0A0A8HIS7_9PROT   Periplasmic monoheme cytochrome c553 [EC:]
A0A0A8HX76 A0A0A8HX76_CAMLA   Periplasmic monoheme cytochrome c553 [EC:]
A0A0A8IAH0 A0A0A8IAH0_CAMLA   Periplasmic monoheme cytochrome c553 [EC:]
A0A0A8K021 A0A0A8K021_9RHIZ   Membrane c-type cytochrome cy
A0A0B4WY67 A0A0B4WY67_9RHIZ   Cytochrome-c CycM
A0A0B4X852 A0A0B4X852_9RHIZ   Cytochrome-c class 1 protein
A0A0B4XCS3 A0A0B4XCS3_9RHIZ   Cytochrome-c class 1 protein
A0A0B4XE10 A0A0B4XE10_9RHIZ   Cytochrome-c domain-containing protein
A0A0B4XEQ0 A0A0B4XEQ0_9RHIZ   Cytochrome-c class 1 protein
A0A0B4XY92 A0A0B4XY92_9PROT   Cytochrome c2
A0A0B4Y572 A0A0B4Y572_9PROT   Cytochrome c domain-containing protein
A0A0B5DY06 A0A0B5DY06_9RHOB   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A0B5E681 A0A0B5E681_9RHOB   Cytochrome c, class I
A0A0B5F451 A0A0B5F451_9BURK   Cytochrome c-552
A0A0B5K8R2 A0A0B5K8R2_9PSED   Methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein
A0A0B5RP02 A0A0B5RP02_9FLAO   Cytochrome C552
A0A0B6RHA7 A0A0B6RHA7_BURGL   Cytochrome c class I
A0A0B6RVP1 A0A0B6RVP1_BURGL   Cytochrome c, class I
A0A0B6RWB1 A0A0B6RWB1_BURGL   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0B6UXH9 A0A0B6UXH9_CAMJU   Cytochrome C
A0A0B7IW73 A0A0B7IW73_9PROT   Cytochrome c-552
A0A0B7J2M1 A0A0B7J2M1_9RICK   Cytochrome c2
A0A0C4DHW6 A0A0C4DHW6_FUSO4   Cytochrome c
A0A0C4WIR5 A0A0C4WIR5_9GAMM   Cytochrome C biogenesis protein CcsA
A0A0C4Y1X3 A0A0C4Y1X3_CAPHI   Capra hircus breed Kapro cytochrome c mRNA
A0A0C4Y7F5 A0A0C4Y7F5_9BURK   Sulfite dehydrogenase cytochrome subunit SoxD
A0A0C4Y9U0 A0A0C4Y9U0_9BURK   Cytochrome c551/c552
A0A0C4YD99 A0A0C4YD99_9BURK   Cytochrome c2
A0A0C4YL32 A0A0C4YL32_9BURK   Sulfite dehydrogenase cytochrome subunit SoxD
A0A0C4YNE3 A0A0C4YNE3_9BURK   Sulfite dehydrogenase cytochrome subunit SoxD
A0A0C5DVC2 A0A0C5DVC2_9PSED   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0C5J283 A0A0C5J283_9RHOO   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0C5JBH1 A0A0C5JBH1_9RHOO   Cytochrome C
A0A0C5JV74 A0A0C5JV74_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A0C5K524 A0A0C5K524_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A0C5K671 A0A0C5K671_9BURK   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0C5KH60 A0A0C5KH60_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A0C5KY07 A0A0C5KY07_9SPHN   Cytochrome C
A0A0C5L349 A0A0C5L349_9SPHN   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0C5LBS9 A0A0C5LBS9_9SPHN   Cytochrome C
A0A0C5LHG5 A0A0C5LHG5_9SPHN   Cytochrome C
A0A0C5LLZ5 A0A0C5LLZ5_9SPHN   Cytochrome C
A0A0C5LMV4 A0A0C5LMV4_9SPHN   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0C5V137 A0A0C5V137_9XANT   Cytochrome C
A0A0C5X9G5 A0A0C5X9G5_9SPHN   Cytochrome C
A0A0C5XEC9 A0A0C5XEC9_9SPHN   Cytochrome C
A0A0C5XFR8 A0A0C5XFR8_9SPHN   Cytochrome C
A0A0C5XQZ1 A0A0C5XQZ1_9SPHN   Cytochrome C
A0A0C6FAK6 A0A0C6FAK6_9RHIZ   Cystathionine beta-lyase
A0A0C6FIG6 A0A0C6FIG6_9RHIZ   WD40 repeat
A0A0C6FUR5 A0A0C6FUR5_9RHIZ   Cytochrome C
A0A0C6FW97 A0A0C6FW97_9RHIZ   Cytochrome C
A0A0C6P2G5 A0A0C6P2G5_BORBO   Putative cytochrome c
A0A0C6PCP9 A0A0C6PCP9_BORBO   Cytochrome C552
A0A0D1CS37 A0A0D1CS37_USTMA   Putative cytochrome c isoform 2
A0A0D2Q041 A0A0D2Q041_GOSRA   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0D2S4C7 A0A0D2S4C7_GOSRA   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0D2SDL8 A0A0D2SDL8_GOSRA   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0D2TSA5 A0A0D2TSA5_GOSRA   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0D3B7Y2 A0A0D3B7Y2_BRAOL   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0D3CCI8 A0A0D3CCI8_BRAOL   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0D3D797 A0A0D3D797_BRAOL   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0D3LFA9 A0A0D3LFA9_9BACT   Cytochrome c class I
A0A0D3LH58 A0A0D3LH58_9BACT   PKD domain-containing protein
A0A0D3LLI2 A0A0D3LLI2_9BACT   PKD domain-containing protein
A0A0D3LM96 A0A0D3LM96_9BACT   Cytochrome c class I
A0A0D5AK38 A0A0D5AK38_9RALS   Cytochrome C
A0A0D5AKH2 A0A0D5AKH2_9RALS   Cytochrome C transmembrane protein
A0A0D5ATD8 A0A0D5ATD8_9RALS   Cytochrome C
A0A0D5ATJ6 A0A0D5ATJ6_9RALS   Cytochrome C
A0A0D5BJB6 A0A0D5BJB6_ELIMR   Cytochrome c-551
A0A0D5G7J5 A0A0D5G7J5_BURML   Cytochrome C
A0A0D5J550 A0A0D5J550_9BURK   Cytochrome c-552
A0A0D5J7K3 A0A0D5J7K3_9BURK   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A0D5L9L3 A0A0D5L9L3_9BURK   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A0D5LB74 A0A0D5LB74_9BURK   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A0D5LHM1 A0A0D5LHM1_9BURK   Cytochrome c
A0A0D5LJX1 A0A0D5LJX1_9RHIZ   Cytochrome C
A0A0D5V2F1 A0A0D5V2F1_9BURK   Cytochrome c iso-1/iso-2 domain protein
A0A0D5VA94 A0A0D5VA94_9BURK   Cytochrome c-552
A0A0D5VAH1 A0A0D5VAH1_9BURK   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A0D5VBE9 A0A0D5VBE9_9BURK   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A0D5Y7D2 A0A0D5Y7D2_9PSED   Cytochrome C
A0A0D6AY78 A0A0D6AY78_RHOSU   Cytochrome c2
A0A0D6AYA8 A0A0D6AYA8_RHOSU   Cytochrome c552
A0A0D6B454 A0A0D6B454_RHOSU   Cytochrome c, class I
A0A0D6BAI9 A0A0D6BAI9_9PSED   Cytochrome c2
A0A0D6BPG4 A0A0D6BPG4_9PSED   Cytochrome c2
A0A0D6EU52 A0A0D6EU52_9PROT   Cytochrome c-551
A0A0D6FYG9 A0A0D6FYG9_ALCXX   Cytochrome C
A0A0D6IRM8 A0A0D6IRM8_ALCXX   Cytochrome c552
A0A0D6JAJ5 A0A0D6JAJ5_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c2 (Modular protein)
A0A0D6JC27 A0A0D6JC27_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c2
A0A0D6JDT2 A0A0D6JDT2_9RHIZ   WD-containing repeat protein
A0A0D6JES1 A0A0D6JES1_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c class I
A0A0D6JGW6 A0A0D6JGW6_9RHIZ   Putative cytochrome c
A0A0D6JKN4 A0A0D6JKN4_9RHIZ   Putative sulfite oxidase cytochrome subunit
A0A0D6JLC8 A0A0D6JLC8_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c class I
A0A0E0T248 A0A0E0T248_DESVR   Cytochrome c class I
A0A0E0UFL9 A0A0E0UFL9_SINMB   Cytochrome c class I
A0A0E0UHX0 A0A0E0UHX0_SINMB   Cytochrome c class I
A0A0E0ULD9 A0A0E0ULD9_SINMB   Cytochrome c class I
A0A0E0UQN2 A0A0E0UQN2_SINMB   Cytochrome c class I
A0A0E1ALT6 A0A0E1ALT6_PSEAI   Cytochrome C biogenesis protein CcsA
A0A0E1E350 A0A0E1E350_9PSED   Cytochrome C
A0A0E1G119 A0A0E1G119_BURML   Cytochrome C
A0A0E1GJM6 A0A0E1GJM6_CAMFE   Periplasmic monoheme cytochrome c553 [EC:]
A0A0E3K4Q4 A0A0E3K4Q4_PSEFL   Cytochrome c2
A0A0E3U5N1 A0A0E3U5N1_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A0E3U9D3 A0A0E3U9D3_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A0E3V0P3 A0A0E3V0P3_9BURK   Cytochrome c551/c552
A0A0E3V841 A0A0E3V841_9BACT   Cytochrome C
A0A0E3V8G0 A0A0E3V8G0_9BACT   HHIP-like protein 1
A0A0E3YFC0 A0A0E3YFC0_9BURK   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0E3YGV7 A0A0E3YGV7_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A0E3ZD58 A0A0E3ZD58_9BACT   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0E3ZIC7 A0A0E3ZIC7_9BURK   Cytochrome c551/c552
A0A0E3ZIL6 A0A0E3ZIL6_9BACT   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0E3ZTY1 A0A0E3ZTY1_9BACT   Glycosyl hydrolase
A0A0E4A0Q7 A0A0E4A0Q7_9BACT   PKD domain-containing protein
A0A0F2KJB0 A0A0F2KJB0_9PROT   Cytochrome C
A0A0F2KL15 A0A0F2KL15_9PROT   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0F2KNN7 A0A0F2KNN7_9PROT   Cytochrome C
A0A0F2KPS6 A0A0F2KPS6_9PROT   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0F2KWC0 A0A0F2KWC0_9PROT   Cytochrome C
A0A0F6ANG6 A0A0F6ANG6_BRUA1   Cytochrome c, membrane-bound
A0A0F6ATP1 A0A0F6ATP1_BRUA1   Cytochrome c heme-binding site
A0A0F6WP05 A0A0F6WP05_9PROT   MFS transporter
A0A0F6YLB6 A0A0F6YLB6_9DELT   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0F6Z2M4 A0A0F6Z2M4_9PROT   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0F7JYK6 A0A0F7JYK6_9GAMM   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0F7K2Z5 A0A0F7K2Z5_9GAMM   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0F7KI89 A0A0F7KI89_9PROT   Cytochrome C-551
A0A0F7KSS9 A0A0F7KSS9_9SPHN   Cytochrome c-552
A0A0F7KTC3 A0A0F7KTC3_9SPHN   Cytochrome c2 iso-2
A0A0F7KUA1 A0A0F7KUA1_9SPHN   Cytochrome c2 iso-2
A0A0F7PDT1 A0A0F7PDT1_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c2
A0A0F7PGS9 A0A0F7PGS9_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c2
A0A0F7PLG0 A0A0F7PLG0_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c2
A0A0F7PRN9 A0A0F7PRN9_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c2
A0A0G3BG56 A0A0G3BG56_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A0G3BS98 A0A0G3BS98_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A0G3ES24 A0A0G3ES24_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A0G3LLA0 A0A0G3LLA0_XANCT   Cytochrome C
A0A0G3M3G0 A0A0G3M3G0_9FLAO   Cytochrome C
A0A0G3WML8 A0A0G3WML8_BURPY   Cytochrome C
A0A0G3WQ72 A0A0G3WQ72_BURPY   Cytochrome C
A0A0G3X6Y7 A0A0G3X6Y7_9SPHN   Cytochrome C
A0A0G3XBT9 A0A0G3XBT9_9SPHN   Cytochrome C2
A0A0G3XLD8 A0A0G3XLD8_9SPHN   Cytochrome C
A0A0G3XMF0 A0A0G3XMF0_9SPHN   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0G3YUY3 A0A0G3YUY3_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A0G3Z2V4 A0A0G3Z2V4_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A0G8UH10 A0A0G8UH10_9XANT   Cytochrome C
A0A0G9H9X3 A0A0G9H9X3_9GAMM   Cytochrome C
A0A0G9MKA9 A0A0G9MKA9_9SPHN   Membrane c-type cytochrome cy
A0A0H2WGM7 A0A0H2WGM7_BURMA   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A0H2WKL4 A0A0H2WKL4_BURMA   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A0H2X8L9 A0A0H2X8L9_XANC8   Cytochrome C2
A0A0H2XNJ3 A0A0H2XNJ3_BURCA   Cytochrome c, class I
A0A0H2XRW0 A0A0H2XRW0_BURCA   Cytochrome c, class I
A0A0H2XS19 A0A0H2XS19_BURCA   Cytochrome c, class I
A0A0H2ZKE3 A0A0H2ZKE3_PSEAB   Cytochrome c-551
A0A0H3A8G1 A0A0H3A8G1_DESVV   Cytochrome c, class I
A0A0H3AM53 A0A0H3AM53_BRUO2   Cytochrome c, membrane-bound
A0A0H3AVE4 A0A0H3AVE4_BRUO2   Cytochrome c heme-binding site:cytochrome c, class IA/ IB:cytochrome c, class I
A0A0H3AVU4 A0A0H3AVU4_RICRS   Cytochrome c
A0A0H3C7Q4 A0A0H3C7Q4_CAUCN   Cytochrome c
A0A0H3CA31 A0A0H3CA31_CAUCN   Cytochrome c
A0A0H3CC26 A0A0H3CC26_CAUCN   Cytochrome c2
A0A0H3G197 A0A0H3G197_BRUSU   Cytochrome c, membrane-bound
A0A0H3GEB8 A0A0H3GEB8_BRUSU   Cytochrome c2
A0A0H3HSC9 A0A0H3HSC9_BURP2   Cytochrome C552
A0A0H3HUV1 A0A0H3HUV1_BURP2   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A0H3KGV8 A0A0H3KGV8_BURM1   Putative cytochrome c551/c552
A0A0H3KS80 A0A0H3KS80_BURM1   Putative cytochrome c-551
A0A0H3LKR3 A0A0H3LKR3_BORBR   Putative cytochrome c
A0A0H3LS02 A0A0H3LS02_BORBR   Cytochrome C552
A0A0H3LW59 A0A0H3LW59_BARHE   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0H3LZW3 A0A0H3LZW3_BARQU   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0H3M8X8 A0A0H3M8X8_EHRRW   Cytochrome c homolog
A0A0H3P9B7 A0A0H3P9B7_CAMJJ   Cytochrome c553
A0A0H3WS51 A0A0H3WS51_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A0H3WWN0 A0A0H3WWN0_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A0H3WYL8 A0A0H3WYL8_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A0H4KUE4 A0A0H4KUE4_9RHOB   Cytochrome c2
A0A0H4KYE6 A0A0H4KYE6_9RHOB   Cytochrome c2
A0A0H4L0U3 A0A0H4L0U3_9RHOB   Cytochrome c2 [EC:]
A0A0H4L3S5 A0A0H4L3S5_9RHOB   WD40 repeat protein
A0A0H4LDE5 A0A0H4LDE5_9RHOB   Cytochrome c2
A0A0H4P690 A0A0H4P690_9BACT   Cytochrome c551/c552
A0A0H4PAJ5 A0A0H4PAJ5_9BACT   Cytochrome c class I
A0A0H4PZI3 A0A0H4PZI3_9BACT   Cytochrome c class I
A0A0H4VF18 A0A0H4VF18_9SPHN   Cytochrome C
A0A0H4W5R7 A0A0H4W5R7_9BACT   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0H4W8L7 A0A0H4W8L7_9BORD   Cytochrome c-552
A0A0H4WJ33 A0A0H4WJ33_9BORD   Cytochrome c2 iso-2
A0A0H5ADQ8 A0A0H5ADQ8_9PSED   Cytochrome C
A0A0H5BD23 A0A0H5BD23_BLAVI   Cytochrome c2
A0A0J6C1W9 A0A0J6C1W9_9BORD   Cytochrome C
A0A0J6C9F2 A0A0J6C9F2_9BORD   Cytochrome C
A0A0K0GJ04 A0A0K0GJ04_XANOP   Cytochrome C2
A0A0K0J057 A0A0K0J057_BRUMA   BMA-CYC-2.2
A0A0K0STA3 A0A0K0STA3_9PROT   Cytochrome C
A0A0K0SYN3 A0A0K0SYN3_9PROT   Cytochrome C
A0A0K0TY84 A0A0K0TY84_9RHIZ   Cytochrome C
A0A0K0U2C0 A0A0K0U2C0_9RHIZ   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0K0WMB8 A0A0K0WMB8_9BACT   Cytochrome c551/c552
A0A0K0Y4F6 A0A0K0Y4F6_9RHOB   Cytochrome c2
A0A0K0Y4J3 A0A0K0Y4J3_9RHOB   Cytochrome c2
A0A0K0Y8Q7 A0A0K0Y8Q7_9RHOB   Cytochrome c-552
A0A0K0YA11 A0A0K0YA11_9RHOB   Cytochrome c2
A0A0K1J2I0 A0A0K1J2I0_9RHOO   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0K1J2N3 A0A0K1J2N3_9RHOO   Cytochrome c class I
A0A0K1J318 A0A0K1J318_9RHOO   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0K1J340 A0A0K1J340_9RHOO   Cache sensor protein
A0A0K1J6J1 A0A0K1J6J1_9RHOO   Putative cytochrome c
A0A0K1J8J3 A0A0K1J8J3_9RHOO   Cytochrome c, class I
A0A0K1JB34 A0A0K1JB34_9RHOO   Cytochrome c-552 protein
A0A0K1JB73 A0A0K1JB73_9RHOO   Cytochrome c, class I
A0A0K1K458 A0A0K1K458_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A0K1K684 A0A0K1K684_9BURK   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0K1NER1 A0A0K1NER1_9BURK   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0K1NGN6 A0A0K1NGN6_9BURK   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0K1XE88 A0A0K1XE88_9GAMM   Cytochrome C biogenesis protein CcsA
A0A0K2BHW7 A0A0K2BHW7_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A0K2BID2 A0A0K2BID2_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A0K2BJE9 A0A0K2BJE9_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A0K2DB45 A0A0K2DB45_9RHIZ   Cytochrome C
A0A0K2DET7 A0A0K2DET7_9RHIZ   Cytochrome C
A0A0K2DGR6 A0A0K2DGR6_9RHIZ   Cytochrome C
A0A0K2DGX2 A0A0K2DGX2_9RHIZ   Cytochrome C
A0A0K2DIG3 A0A0K2DIG3_9RHIZ   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0K2DJE8 A0A0K2DJE8_9RHIZ   Cytochrome C
A0A0K2GBT8 A0A0K2GBT8_9BACT   Cytochrome c-type
A0A0L0IYC1 A0A0L0IYC1_9RHOB   Cytochrome C
A0A0L0J377 A0A0L0J377_9RHOB   Cytochrome C
A0A0L0P6Y7 A0A0L0P6Y7_9ASCO   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0L8HF67 A0A0L8HF67_OCTBM   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0L8HFB3 A0A0L8HFB3_OCTBM   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0L9TC06 A0A0L9TC06_PHAAN   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0L9U2E1 A0A0L9U2E1_PHAAN   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0M3QC81 A0A0M3QC81_SPHS1   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0M3SW99 A0A0M3SW99_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A0M3V292 A0A0M3V292_9PROT   Periplasmic monoheme cytochrome c553 [EC:]
A0A0M4CRM9 A0A0M4CRM9_SPHS1   Cytochrome c, class I
A0A0M4CTR1 A0A0M4CTR1_SPHS1   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0M4CVG2 A0A0M4CVG2_SPHS1   Cytochrome C
A0A0M4KWS2 A0A0M4KWS2_9BURK   Cytochrome c551/c552
A0A0M4LFW5 A0A0M4LFW5_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A0M4LJE2 A0A0M4LJE2_9RHIZ   Membrane c-type cytochrome cy
A0A0M4LX70 A0A0M4LX70_9SPHN   Cytochrome c
A0A0M4PW64 A0A0M4PW64_9BURK   Cytochrome C biogenesis protein CcdA
A0A0M4RE79 A0A0M4RE79_9PSED   Cytochrome C
A0A0M5L4M8 A0A0M5L4M8_9SPHN   Membrane c-type cytochrome cy
A0A0M5LF94 A0A0M5LF94_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A0M5LLA5 A0A0M5LLA5_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A0M6Y484 A0A0M6Y484_9RHOB   Cytochrome c552
A0A0M6YCK3 A0A0M6YCK3_9RHOB   Cytochrome c2
A0A0N7FX83 A0A0N7FX83_9RHOB   Cytochrome C
A0A0N7HIB2 A0A0N7HIB2_9RHOB   Cytochrome c2
A0A0N7HIH2 A0A0N7HIH2_9RHOB   Membrane c-type cytochrome cy
A0A0N7I0T1 A0A0N7I0T1_SPHMC   Cytochrome C
A0A0N7I7I3 A0A0N7I7I3_AZOBR   Cytochrome C
A0A0N7JA12 A0A0N7JA12_9BURK   Cytochrome c-552
A0A0N9M5K9 A0A0N9M5K9_9GAMM   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0N9M915 A0A0N9M915_9GAMM   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0N9NFY0 A0A0N9NFY0_9RHOB   MFS transporter
A0A0N9NQP6 A0A0N9NQP6_9RHOB   Cytochrome C
A0A0N9NVR9 A0A0N9NVR9_9RHOB   Cytochrome C
A0A0N9UP69 A0A0N9UP69_SPHMC   Cytochrome C
A0A0N9UZE8 A0A0N9UZE8_SPHMC   Cytochrome c, class I
A0A0P0A9F5 A0A0P0A9F5_9RHOB   Sulfite dehydrogenase cytochrome subunit SoxD
A0A0P0C122 A0A0P0C122_9BACT   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0P0CPS4 A0A0P0CPS4_9CAUL   Cytochrome C
A0A0P0D1W6 A0A0P0D1W6_9CAUL   Cytochrome C
A0A0P0DSM4 A0A0P0DSM4_SPHMC   Cytochrome c, class I
A0A0P0F1X1 A0A0P0F1X1_AZOBR   Cytochrome C
A0A0P0F256 A0A0P0F256_AZOBR   Cytochrome C
A0A0P0F9H3 A0A0P0F9H3_AZOBR   Cytochrome C
A0A0P0FD95 A0A0P0FD95_AZOBR   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0P0KNF8 A0A0P0KNF8_9BURK   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A0P0KXU4 A0A0P0KXU4_9BURK   Cytochrome c, class I
A0A0P0LFX4 A0A0P0LFX4_9BURK   Cytochrome c-552
A0A0P0M7V8 A0A0P0M7V8_9BURK   Cytochrome c-552
A0A0P0MEY7 A0A0P0MEY7_9BURK   Cytochrome c-552
A0A0P0NBW2 A0A0P0NBW2_9SPHI   Cytochrome C552
A0A0P0NZ18 A0A0P0NZ18_9CAUL   Cytochrome C
A0A0P0P1J6 A0A0P0P1J6_9CAUL   Cytochrome C
A0A0P0P461 A0A0P0P461_9CAUL   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0P0R5U0 A0A0P0R5U0_9BURK   Cytochrome c551/c552
A0A0P0R8M2 A0A0P0R8M2_9BURK   Cytochrome c551/c552
A0A0P0RQF7 A0A0P0RQF7_9BURK   Sulfite dehydrogenase cytochrome subunit SoxD
A0A0P0U9S7 A0A0P0U9S7_FLAPS   Cytochrome C552
A0A0Q2L3C0 A0A0Q2L3C0_CAMCO   Cytochrome C
A0A0R3B361 A0A0R3B361_9PSED   Cytochrome C biogenesis protein CcsA
A0A0S1AVQ7 A0A0S1AVQ7_9GAMM   Cytochrome C
A0A0S1AVX2 A0A0S1AVX2_9GAMM   Cytochrome c, class I
A0A0S2DM34 A0A0S2DM34_LYSEN   Cytochrome c
A0A0S2EKZ9 A0A0S2EKZ9_9RHIZ   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0S2ELP0 A0A0S2ELP0_9RHIZ   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0S2JLN5 A0A0S2JLN5_ALCFA   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0S2JWF9 A0A0S2JWF9_ALCFA   Cytochrome C
A0A0S2JWI8 A0A0S2JWI8_ALCFA   Cytochrome C
A0A0S2TBW0 A0A0S2TBW0_9GAMM   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0S2TFL7 A0A0S2TFL7_9GAMM   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0S2TGE1 A0A0S2TGE1_9GAMM   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0S3AF59 A0A0S3AF59_9PROT   Cytochrome C-551
A0A0S3F3J1 A0A0S3F3J1_9SPHN   Cytochrome C
A0A0S3FQ31 A0A0S3FQ31_9FLAO   Cytochrome C
A0A0S7EDU9 A0A0S7EDU9_9FLAO   Cytochrome C552
A0A0T7CLP3 A0A0T7CLP3_BORP1   Putative cytochrome c
A0A0T7CST1 A0A0T7CST1_BORP1   Cytochrome c-552
A0A0U2NAG8 A0A0U2NAG8_9BURK   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0U2Y3X7 A0A0U2Y3X7_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A0U2Y8M4 A0A0U2Y8M4_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A0U2YCU1 A0A0U2YCU1_9BURK   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0U2YHS2 A0A0U2YHS2_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A0U3B1H8 A0A0U3B1H8_9BURK   Cytochrome c2 protein
A0A0U3BDX4 A0A0U3BDX4_9BURK   Cytochrome c551/c552 transmembrane protein
A0A0U3EHK3 A0A0U3EHK3_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A0U3EZB7 A0A0U3EZB7_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A0U3MF84 A0A0U3MF84_9BURK   Cytochrome c, class I
A0A0U4VRL3 A0A0U4VRL3_9PSED   Cytochrome C
A0A0U4W453 A0A0U4W453_9BACT   Cytochrome C552
A0A0U5EZS4 A0A0U5EZS4_9PROT   Cytochrome c, class I
A0A0U5FCE8 A0A0U5FCE8_XANCI   Cytochrome c
A0A0U5MBH1 A0A0U5MBH1_9PROT   Cytochrome C2(Cytochrome c domain,26-121)
A0A0U5MMT6 A0A0U5MMT6_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c, membrane-bound
A0A0U5MPV5 A0A0U5MPV5_9PROT   Cytochrome c2 iso-2
A0A0U5MZB6 A0A0U5MZB6_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c, membrane-bound
A0A0X1SJA6 A0A0X1SJA6_9RHIZ   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0X1SLB7 A0A0X1SLB7_9RHIZ   Cytochrome C
A0A0X8CES0 A0A0X8CES0_9BRAD   Cystathionine beta-lyase
A0A0X8CFV1 A0A0X8CFV1_9BRAD   Cytochrome C
A0A0X8CPW1 A0A0X8CPW1_9BRAD   Cytochrome C
A0A0X8G5E1 A0A0X8G5E1_9FLAO   Uncharacterized protein
A0A0X8GSP3 A0A0X8GSP3_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A0X8K657 A0A0X8K657_9GAMM   Cytochrome C
A0A0X8R4H8 A0A0X8R4H8_9SPHN   Cytochrome c2
A0A0Y0G2S1 A0A0Y0G2S1_9RHIZ   Cytochrome C
A0A0Y0K0A2 A0A0Y0K0A2_9RHIZ   Cystathionine beta-lyase
A0A103K5U8 A0A103K5U8_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A103KC24 A0A103KC24_9BURK   Cytochrome C biogenesis protein CcdA
A0A108LWE6 A0A108LWE6_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A109Q862 A0A109Q862_9BRAD   Cytochrome C
A0A109QAT4 A0A109QAT4_9BRAD   Uncharacterized protein
A0A109R7H1 A0A109R7H1_PSEFR   Cytochrome C
A0A109RVQ8 A0A109RVQ8_9BURK   Uncharacterized protein
A0A109VSN6 A0A109VSN6_RHIRD   Cytochrome C
A0A109VX37 A0A109VX37_RHIRD   Cytochrome C
A0A109YLH7 A0A109YLH7_9SPHN   Cytochrome c, class I [EC:]
A0A119GBA8 A0A119GBA8_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A119XN79 A0A119XN79_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A120LU20 A0A120LU20_9SPHN   Cytochrome c552
A0A124Q9Z5 A0A124Q9Z5_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A125RS20 A0A125RS20_RHIRD   Cytochrome C
A0A125RS52 A0A125RS52_RHIRD   Cysteine desulfurase
A0A125YIF5 A0A125YIF5_TOXGM   Cytochrome c, putative
A0A125YS54 A0A125YS54_TOXGM   Cytochrome c, putative
A0A126NNB3 A0A126NNB3_9GAMM   Cytochrome C
A0A126NPS1 A0A126NPS1_9GAMM   Uncharacterized protein
A0A126NSH7 A0A126NSH7_9BRAD   Cytochrome C
A0A126P1E7 A0A126P1E7_9BRAD   Cytochrome C
A0A126P4A3 A0A126P4A3_9BRAD   Cytochrome C
A0A126P5V9 A0A126P5V9_9BRAD   Uncharacterized protein
A0A126PAI5 A0A126PAI5_9BACT   Uncharacterized protein
A0A126RA02 A0A126RA02_9SPHN   Cytochrome c
A0A126RB42 A0A126RB42_9SPHN   Cytochrome c
A0A126RIZ2 A0A126RIZ2_9SPHN   Uncharacterized protein
A0A126RK27 A0A126RK27_9SPHN   Cytochrome C class I
A0A126RNI4 A0A126RNI4_9SPHN   Cytochrome c class I
A0A126RS54 A0A126RS54_9SPHN   Cytochrome c
A0A126UV16 A0A126UV16_9RHOB   Cytochrome C
A0A126UZ46 A0A126UZ46_9RHOB   Cytochrome C
A0A126ZGM9 A0A126ZGM9_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A126ZIJ7 A0A126ZIJ7_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A127CQ53 A0A127CQ53_9RHIZ   Cytochrome C
A0A127EPY0 A0A127EPY0_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c2
A0A127EQP0 A0A127EQP0_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c class I
A0A127EVC3 A0A127EVC3_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c2
A0A127EW08 A0A127EW08_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c, class I
A0A127EXX4 A0A127EXX4_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c2
A0A127EZT8 A0A127EZT8_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c, class I
A0A127F2L5 A0A127F2L5_9RHIZ   Cytochrome C
A0A127F650 A0A127F650_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c, class I
A0A127HR61 A0A127HR61_PSEAZ   Cytochrome C
A0A127K5G8 A0A127K5G8_9RHOO   Uncharacterized protein
A0A127K722 A0A127K722_9RHOO   Cytochrome C
A0A127K8Q3 A0A127K8Q3_9RHOO   Uncharacterized protein
A0A127MBY9 A0A127MBY9_9SPHN   Cytochrome C
A0A127MHP8 A0A127MHP8_9SPHN   Cytochrome C
A0A127MJU2 A0A127MJU2_9SPHN   Uncharacterized protein
A0A127MKW7 A0A127MKW7_9PSED   Cytochrome C biogenesis protein CcsA
A0A127MU39 A0A127MU39_9PSED   Cytochrome c2
A0A127Q079 A0A127Q079_9BURK   Cytochrome c
A0A127VJY1 A0A127VJY1_9SPHI   Cytochrome C552
A0A132BBU7 A0A132BBU7_9HELO   Mitochondrial cytochrome C
A0A132EWX2 A0A132EWX2_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A132EZ87 A0A132EZ87_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A140GVN6 A0A140GVN6_9RHIZ   Cytochrome C, class I
A0A140ICM2 A0A140ICM2_9RHOO   Cytochrome C
A0A142EI85 A0A142EI85_9BACT   Cytochrome C
A0A142ELE5 A0A142ELE5_9BACT   PKD domain-containing protein
A0A142HLY9 A0A142HLY9_9BACT   Uncharacterized protein
A0A142I076 A0A142I076_9SPHI   Uncharacterized protein
A0A142I9F5 A0A142I9F5_9SPHN   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A142LDG1 A0A142LDG1_9RHOB   Uncharacterized protein
A0A142LDQ0 A0A142LDQ0_9RHOB   Uncharacterized protein
A0A142LF31 A0A142LF31_9RHOB   Uncharacterized protein
A0A142LJC1 A0A142LJC1_9PROT   Cytochrome C
A0A142LMT8 A0A142LMT8_9PROT   Uncharacterized protein
A0A142M2L9 A0A142M2L9_AMIAI   Cytochrome C
A0A142MAB8 A0A142MAB8_AMIAI   Cysteine desulfurase
A0A142MDG4 A0A142MDG4_AMIAI   Uncharacterized protein
A0A142MFE8 A0A142MFE8_AMIAI   Cytochrome C
A0A142NDX0 A0A142NDX0_9PSED   Cytochrome C
A0A142VZN6 A0A142VZN6_9SPHN   Cytochrome c, class I
A0A142VZQ3 A0A142VZQ3_9SPHN   Cytochrome C
A0A142WZ11 A0A142WZ11_9PLAN   Quinoprotein glucose dehydrogenase B [EC:]
A0A142Y0F8 A0A142Y0F8_9PLAN   Quinoprotein glucose dehydrogenase B [EC:]
A0A143BHQ9 A0A143BHQ9_9BACT   Uncharacterized protein
A0A143BNJ6 A0A143BNJ6_9BACT   Uncharacterized protein
A0A143DG66 A0A143DG66_9PROT   Cytochrome C
A0A143DGD2 A0A143DGD2_9PROT   Uncharacterized protein
A0A143PJT6 A0A143PJT6_9BACT   Cytochrome c oxidase, cbb3-type, subunit III
A0A144PY29 A0A144PY29_9GAMM   Cytochrome C
A0A157QNE8 A0A157QNE8_9BORD   Cytochrome C
A0A158NAA3 A0A158NAA3_ATTCE   Uncharacterized protein
A0A158NMU9 A0A158NMU9_ATTCE   Uncharacterized protein
A0A159Z595 A0A159Z595_9RHOB   Diheme cytochrome c SoxD
A0A159Z631 A0A159Z631_9RHOB   Cytochrome c2
A0A159Z771 A0A159Z771_9RHOB   Cytochrome c2
A0A159Z8T4 A0A159Z8T4_9RHOB   Cytochrome c552
A0A160BLW4 A0A160BLW4_9PROT   Cytochrome C
A0A160HXE2 A0A160HXE2_9CAUL   Cytochrome C
A0A160JD70 A0A160JD70_9PROT   Cytochrome C
A0A160N589 A0A160N589_9GAMM   Uncharacterized protein
A0A160UAB7 A0A160UAB7_BRASZ   Cytochrome c2
A0A160UBP6 A0A160UBP6_BRASZ   Cytochrome c2
A0A160UC57 A0A160UC57_BRASZ   Cytochrome c
A0A160UD57 A0A160UD57_BRASZ   Cytochrome c2
A0A160UE13 A0A160UE13_BRASZ   Membrane ctype cytochrome cy
A0A160UG36 A0A160UG36_BRASZ   Sulfite dehydrogenase cytochrome subunit SoxD
A0A162Z3E8 A0A162Z3E8_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A162Z4H4 A0A162Z4H4_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A162Z8A8 A0A162Z8A8_9BURK   Uncharacterized protein
A0A167I166 A0A167I166_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A168JEK9 A0A168JEK9_9BURK   Uncharacterized protein
A0A168NT92 A0A168NT92_9CAUL   Cytochrome C
A0A170PZG0 A0A170PZG0_BRASZ   Membrane ctype cytochrome cy
A0A172SPT2 A0A172SPT2_CAMHY   Periplasmic monoheme cytochrome c553 [EC:]
A0A172TRI1 A0A172TRI1_9BACT   Uncharacterized protein
A0A172XQR2 A0A172XQR2_9FLAO   Cytochrome C
A0A172Y7I9 A0A172Y7I9_9CAUL   Cytochrome C
A0A172Y9C9 A0A172Y9C9_9CAUL   Cytochrome C
A0A172Z839 A0A172Z839_9PSED   Cytochrome C
A0A173KRL2 A0A173KRL2_9SPHN   Cytochrome c type-2
A0A173KTJ1 A0A173KTJ1_9SPHN   Cytochrome
A0A173KW58 A0A173KW58_9SPHN   Cytochrome
A0A175Y0D9 A0A175Y0D9_9SPHN   Cytochrome C
A0A175Y1G7 A0A175Y1G7_9SPHN   Cytochrome C
A0A178H035 A0A178H035_AGRRH   Cytochrome C
A0A178H6C9 A0A178H6C9_AGRRH   Cysteine desulfurase
A0A178W284 A0A178W284_ARATH   CYTC-1
A0A179HFH1 A0A179HFH1_9HYPO   Cytochrome c domain-containingprotein
A0A191TPB4 A0A191TPB4_9BACT   Uncharacterized protein
A0A191ZJV9 A0A191ZJV9_9GAMM   Uncharacterized protein
A0A192D1K7 A0A192D1K7_9SPHN   Cytochrome C
A0A192D3F4 A0A192D3F4_9SPHN   Cytochrome c, class I
A0A192D4A7 A0A192D4A7_9SPHN   Cytochrome C
A0A192IFQ3 A0A192IFQ3_9RHIZ   Uncharacterized protein
A0A192IFX0 A0A192IFX0_9RHIZ   Uncharacterized protein
A0A192IN12 A0A192IN12_9RHIZ   Cytochrome C
A0A192IP74 A0A192IP74_9RHIZ   Uncharacterized protein
A0A192T3J6 A0A192T3J6_9RHIZ   Cytochrome-c CycM
A0A192TAC1 A0A192TAC1_9RHIZ   Cytochrome-c class 1 protein
A0A193FMN6 A0A193FMN6_9BORD   Cytochrome C
A0A193G7V7 A0A193G7V7_9BORD   Uncharacterized protein
A0A193G9T4 A0A193G9T4_9BORD   Cytochrome C
A0A193GAG5 A0A193GAG5_9BORD   Uncharacterized protein
A0A193GFJ2 A0A193GFJ2_9BORD   Cytochrome C
A0A193GHP2 A0A193GHP2_9BORD   Cytochrome C
A0A193GL28 A0A193GL28_9BORD   Cytochrome C
A0A193LDS2 A0A193LDS2_9GAMM   Uncharacterized protein
A0A193LFG5 A0A193LFG5_9GAMM   Uncharacterized protein
A0A193LFJ4 A0A193LFJ4_9GAMM   Uncharacterized protein
A0A193LJD5 A0A193LJD5_9GAMM   Uncharacterized protein
A0A194XD69 A0A194XD69_9HELO   Putative cytochrome c
A0A1A7VD07 A0A1A7VD07_PLAKH   Cytochrome c, putative
A0A1A7VGZ7 A0A1A7VGZ7_PLAKH   Cytochrome c, putative
A0A1A9FRM0 A0A1A9FRM0_9RHIZ   Cysteine desulfurase
A0A1A9FVA8 A0A1A9FVA8_9RHIZ   Cytochrome C
A0A1A9G392 A0A1A9G392_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1A9GCM9 A0A1A9GCM9_9RHIZ   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1A9HFU1 A0A1A9HFU1_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A1A9I2X6 A0A1A9I2X6_9BACT   Cytochrome c class I
A0A1B0ZYS2 A0A1B0ZYS2_9RHOB   Cytochrome C
A0A1B1A4Q8 A0A1B1A4Q8_9RHOB   Cytochrome C
A0A1B1A7T9 A0A1B1A7T9_9RHOB   Cytochrome C
A0A1B1AFJ9 A0A1B1AFJ9_9CAUL   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1B1AMI4 A0A1B1AMI4_9CAUL   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1B1PKY4 A0A1B1PKY4_9RHOB   MFS transporter
A0A1B1PM82 A0A1B1PM82_9RHOB   Cytochrome C
A0A1B1PSE9 A0A1B1PSE9_9RHOB   Cytochrome C
A0A1B1PXK0 A0A1B1PXK0_9RHOB   Cytochrome C
A0A1B1PY21 A0A1B1PY21_9RHOB   Cytochrome C
A0A1B1UC79 A0A1B1UC79_9BRAD   Cytochrome C
A0A1B1UDN2 A0A1B1UDN2_9BRAD   Cytochrome C
A0A1B1UGW9 A0A1B1UGW9_9BRAD   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1B1UNP8 A0A1B1UNP8_9BRAD   Cystathionine beta-lyase
A0A1B1UPF6 A0A1B1UPF6_9BRAD   Cytochrome C
A0A1B1URX8 A0A1B1URX8_9BRAD   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1B1USB6 A0A1B1USB6_9BRAD   Cytochrome C
A0A1B1USW0 A0A1B1USW0_9BRAD   Cytochrome C
A0A1B1UT64 A0A1B1UT64_9BRAD   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1B1UTM7 A0A1B1UTM7_9BRAD   Cytochrome C
A0A1B1YU44 A0A1B1YU44_9GAMM   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1B2A987 A0A1B2A987_9SPHN   Cytochrome c2 iso-2
A0A1B2AC43 A0A1B2AC43_9SPHN   Cytochrome c-552
A0A1B2MZK4 A0A1B2MZK4_9GAMM   Cytochrome C
A0A1B2R673 A0A1B2R673_9BORD   Cytochrome C
A0A1B2TZ57 A0A1B2TZ57_FLAJO   Cytochrome c-552
A0A1B3C756 A0A1B3C756_9PSED   Cytochrome C biogenesis protein CcsA
A0A1B3DUZ2 A0A1B3DUZ2_PSEFL   Cytochrome C
A0A1B3LHX3 A0A1B3LHX3_9PROT   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1B3LLL0 A0A1B3LLL0_9PROT   Cytochrome c-552
A0A1B3LQD4 A0A1B3LQD4_9PROT   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1B3LQT2 A0A1B3LQT2_9PROT   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1B3LTG0 A0A1B3LTG0_9BURK   Cytochrome c-551
A0A1B3LXI6 A0A1B3LXI6_9BURK   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1B3M218 A0A1B3M218_9BURK   Cytochrome c-552
A0A1B3M322 A0A1B3M322_9BURK   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1B3M6I7 A0A1B3M6I7_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1B3MDG9 A0A1B3MDG9_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1B3MQ99 A0A1B3MQ99_9SPHN   Cytochrome c domain protein
A0A1B3MXT4 A0A1B3MXT4_9SPHN   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1B3N2X0 A0A1B3N2X0_9SPHN   Cytochrome c-2 domain protein
A0A1B3N4J7 A0A1B3N4J7_9SPHN   Cytochrome c2
A0A1B3N5C2 A0A1B3N5C2_9SPHN   Cytochrome c domain protein
A0A1B3N6F2 A0A1B3N6F2_9SPHN   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1B3N8Q9 A0A1B3N8Q9_9SPHN   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1B3NDY3 A0A1B3NDY3_9BRAD   Cytochrome
A0A1B3NE52 A0A1B3NE52_9BRAD   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1B3NFR6 A0A1B3NFR6_9BRAD   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1B3NH13 A0A1B3NH13_9BRAD   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1B3NJV2 A0A1B3NJV2_9BRAD   Cytochrome
A0A1B3NPL3 A0A1B3NPL3_9BRAD   Cytochrome
A0A1B3NTD5 A0A1B3NTD5_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1B3NW44 A0A1B3NW44_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1B3NZ61 A0A1B3NZ61_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c domain protein
A0A1B3P2E0 A0A1B3P2E0_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1B3P3Y5 A0A1B3P3Y5_9RHIZ   Cytochrome
A0A1B3PF15 A0A1B3PF15_9BURK   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1B3PHX2 A0A1B3PHX2_9BURK   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1B3PIA9 A0A1B3PIA9_9BURK   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1B3PPI7 A0A1B3PPI7_9BURK   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1B3Z5P3 A0A1B3Z5P3_9SPHN   Cytochrome C
A0A1B3ZDP3 A0A1B3ZDP3_9SPHN   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1B3ZHF7 A0A1B3ZHF7_9SPHN   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1B4AQI1 A0A1B4AQI1_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A1B4AWM5 A0A1B4AWM5_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A1B4BNP3 A0A1B4BNP3_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A1B4BU93 A0A1B4BU93_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A1B4HPV4 A0A1B4HPV4_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A1B4HW44 A0A1B4HW44_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A1B4JRM1 A0A1B4JRM1_BURTH   Cytochrome C
A0A1B4NNE1 A0A1B4NNE1_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A1B4NTV8 A0A1B4NTV8_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A1B7YZ18 A0A1B7YZ18_9FLAO   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1B7Z8D2 A0A1B7Z8D2_9FLAO   Cytochrome C
A0A1B9V2J6 A0A1B9V2J6_RHIRD   Cytochrome C
A0A1B9V6B7 A0A1B9V6B7_RHIRD   Cysteine desulfurase
A0A1C3YK94 A0A1C3YK94_GIBZE   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1C7DBV1 A0A1C7DBV1_9SPHN   Cytochrome c-552
A0A1C9VG13 A0A1C9VG13_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A1C9VMP4 A0A1C9VMP4_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A1D5RKU7 A0A1D5RKU7_MACMU   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1D7NJ48 A0A1D7NJ48_9SPHN   Cytochrome c
A0A1D7NPD4 A0A1D7NPD4_9SPHN   Cytochrome c
A0A1D7QEP7 A0A1D7QEP7_9SPHI   Cytochrome C552
A0A1D7TMN4 A0A1D7TMN4_9PROT   Sulfur oxidation c-type cytochrome SoxD
A0A1D7TZI4 A0A1D7TZI4_9BRAD   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1D7U051 A0A1D7U051_9BRAD   Cytochrome C
A0A1D7U0F0 A0A1D7U0F0_9BRAD   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1D7U9P6 A0A1D7U9P6_9BRAD   Cytochrome C
A0A1D7UAB9 A0A1D7UAB9_9BRAD   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1D7UBE1 A0A1D7UBE1_9BRAD   Cytochrome C
A0A1D7ZDS3 A0A1D7ZDS3_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A1D7ZGJ7 A0A1D7ZGJ7_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A1D7ZSG8 A0A1D7ZSG8_9BURK   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1D7ZT75 A0A1D7ZT75_9BURK   Cytochrome C biogenesis protein CcdA
A0A1D7ZU52 A0A1D7ZU52_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A1D8A2Z1 A0A1D8A2Z1_9SPHN   Cytochrome C
A0A1D8A6Y6 A0A1D8A6Y6_9SPHN   Cytochrome C
A0A1D8A9E3 A0A1D8A9E3_9SPHN   Cytochrome c, class I
A0A1D8ADG5 A0A1D8ADG5_9SPHN   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1D8IRN6 A0A1D8IRN6_9GAMM   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1D8P350 A0A1D8P350_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A1D8P646 A0A1D8P646_9FLAO   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1D8YAH8 A0A1D8YAH8_9GAMM   Cytochrome C
A0A1D9BBG9 A0A1D9BBG9_9NEIS   Cytochrome C
A0A1D9BF05 A0A1D9BF05_9NEIS   Cytochrome C
A0A1D9CYI8 A0A1D9CYI8_9GAMM   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1D9GJH0 A0A1D9GJH0_9ALTE   Cytochrome C
A0A1D9GRD9 A0A1D9GRD9_9ALTE   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1D9GXZ9 A0A1D9GXZ9_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A1D9H3C1 A0A1D9H3C1_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A1D9H8I2 A0A1D9H8I2_9BURK   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1D9HC67 A0A1D9HC67_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A1D9LIL0 A0A1D9LIL0_9NEIS   Cytochrome C biogenesis protein CcsA
A0A1D9MAL1 A0A1D9MAL1_9RHOB   Cytochrome C
A0A1D9ME06 A0A1D9ME06_9RHOB   Cytochrome C
A0A1D9MF06 A0A1D9MF06_9RHOB   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1D9MH93 A0A1D9MH93_9RHOB   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1D9P9E8 A0A1D9P9E8_9FLAO   Cytochrome C552
A0A1D9PY88 A0A1D9PY88_SCLS1   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1E7F9U2 A0A1E7F9U2_9STRA   Cytochrome c
A0A1E7FHS7 A0A1E7FHS7_9STRA   Cytochrom_C-domain-containing protein
A0A1G9PBA5 A0A1G9PBA5_9PSED   Cytochrome c
A0A1G9RXL0 A0A1G9RXL0_9PSED   Cytochrome c
A0A1G9VKI6 A0A1G9VKI6_9PSED   Cytochrome c
A0A1H5W2F3 A0A1H5W2F3_9RHOO   Cytochrome c
A0A1H5XC24 A0A1H5XC24_9RHOO   Cytochrome c
A0A1H5Z9N1 A0A1H5Z9N1_9RHOO   Cytochrome c
A0A1I8N8V4 A0A1I8N8V4_MUSDO   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1I9XTM0 A0A1I9XTM0_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A1I9Y5M0 A0A1I9Y5M0_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A1I9YGV8 A0A1I9YGV8_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A1I9YIA1 A0A1I9YIA1_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A1I9YSB2 A0A1I9YSB2_9BURK   Cytochrome C biogenesis protein CcdA
A0A1J0LRC0 A0A1J0LRC0_THEBO   Sulfite dehydrogenase cytochrome subunit SoxD
A0A1J0V6U5 A0A1J0V6U5_9SPHN   Cytochrome c2
A0A1J0VEK5 A0A1J0VEK5_9GAMM   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1J0WKI2 A0A1J0WKI2_9RHOB   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1J0WN62 A0A1J0WN62_9RHOB   Cytochrome C
A0A1J1E309 A0A1J1E309_LYSEN   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1J7GE10 A0A1J7GE10_LUPAN   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1J7GL60 A0A1J7GL60_LUPAN   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1J7HEQ4 A0A1J7HEQ4_LUPAN   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1L3I034 A0A1L3I034_9RHOB   Cytochrome c2
A0A1L3I0Q8 A0A1L3I0Q8_9RHOB   Cytochrome c
A0A1L3I1D8 A0A1L3I1D8_9RHOB   Cytochrome c-552
A0A1L3I2C9 A0A1L3I2C9_9RHOB   Cytochrome c-like protein
A0A1L3I3I9 A0A1L3I3I9_9RHOB   Sulfite oxidase cytochrome subunit
A0A1L3JDU8 A0A1L3JDU8_9SPHN   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1L3LHB3 A0A1L3LHB3_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c
A0A1L3LPW7 A0A1L3LPW7_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c2
A0A1L3LVJ7 A0A1L3LVJ7_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c2
A0A1L3SLX7 A0A1L3SLX7_9RHIZ   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1L3SQ13 A0A1L3SQ13_9RHIZ   Cytochrome C
A0A1L3SQT1 A0A1L3SQT1_9RHIZ   MFS transporter
A0A1L3ZQN3 A0A1L3ZQN3_9SPHN   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1L3ZU25 A0A1L3ZU25_9SPHN   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1L3ZZB9 A0A1L3ZZB9_9SPHN   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1L3ZZJ6 A0A1L3ZZJ6_9SPHN   Cytochrome C
A0A1L5BJX0 A0A1L5BJX0_9SPHN   Cytochrome C
A0A1L5BMU2 A0A1L5BMU2_9SPHN   Cytochrome C
A0A1L5BP38 A0A1L5BP38_9SPHN   Cytochrome C
A0A1L5BUD7 A0A1L5BUD7_9SPHN   Cytochrome C
A0A1L5Y3X7 A0A1L5Y3X7_9XANT   Cytochrome C
A0A1L6FC15 A0A1L6FC15_9RHOO   Cytochrome c
A0A1L6HSL5 A0A1L6HSL5_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A1L6HVJ4 A0A1L6HVJ4_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A1L6I415 A0A1L6I415_9BURK   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1L6I685 A0A1L6I685_9BURK   Cytochrome C biogenesis protein CcdA
A0A1L6J6Y6 A0A1L6J6Y6_9SPHN   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1L6JAV7 A0A1L6JAV7_9SPHN   Cytochrome C
A0A1L6Y8K1 A0A1L6Y8K1_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c2
A0A1L6Y9Y7 A0A1L6Y9Y7_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c2
A0A1L6YGR4 A0A1L6YGR4_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c2
A0A1L7AB52 A0A1L7AB52_9PROT   Cytochrome C
A0A1L7ADF2 A0A1L7ADF2_9PROT   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1L7AKP7 A0A1L7AKP7_9PROT   Cytochrome C
A0A1P8F355 A0A1P8F355_9PSED   Cytochrome C biogenesis protein CcsA
A0A1P8F3Z6 A0A1P8F3Z6_9PSED   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1P8F5K4 A0A1P8F5K4_9CHLR   Thiosulfate dehydrogenase [EC:]
A0A1P8FFR8 A0A1P8FFR8_9PROT   Cytochrome C biogenesis protein CcsA
A0A1P8FJ20 A0A1P8FJ20_9PROT   Class I cytochrome c
A0A1P8FKI8 A0A1P8FKI8_9PROT   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1P8FM45 A0A1P8FM45_9PROT   Cytochrome C
A0A1P8JRB5 A0A1P8JRB5_9BURK   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1P8JV85 A0A1P8JV85_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A1P8K3G0 A0A1P8K3G0_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A1P8K8W5 A0A1P8K8W5_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A1P8KCA8 A0A1P8KCA8_9BURK   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1P8KL48 A0A1P8KL48_9PROT   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1P8KPM0 A0A1P8KPM0_9PROT   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1P8MX90 A0A1P8MX90_9RHOB   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1P8N1J7 A0A1P8N1J7_9RHOB   Cytochrome C
A0A1P8PSM9 A0A1P8PSM9_9SPHN   Cytochrome C
A0A1P8PTF0 A0A1P8PTF0_9SPHN   Cytochrome C
A0A1P8PX07 A0A1P8PX07_9SPHN   Cytochrome C
A0A1P8R703 A0A1P8R703_9GAMM   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1P8UMN6 A0A1P8UMN6_9RHOB   Cytochrome c
A0A1P8UQR2 A0A1P8UQR2_9RHOB   Sulfur dehydrogenase subunit SoxD [EC:1.-.-.-]
A0A1P8UQY8 A0A1P8UQY8_9RHOB   Sulfide dehydrogenase (Flavocytochrome c), cytochrome c subunit [EC:]
A0A1P8UTB7 A0A1P8UTB7_9RHOB   Cytochrome c
A0A1P8UVX4 A0A1P8UVX4_9RHOB   Cytochrome c
A0A1P8UWC8 A0A1P8UWC8_9RHOB   Cytochrome c
A0A1P8X2C1 A0A1P8X2C1_9SPHN   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1P8X2F2 A0A1P8X2F2_9SPHN   Cytochrome c, class I
A0A1P9X481 A0A1P9X481_9BACT   Cytochrome C
A0A1S0RCE6 A0A1S0RCE6_ENSAD   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1S0RCN9 A0A1S0RCN9_ENSAD   Cytochrome C
A0A1S0RF61 A0A1S0RF61_ENSAD   Cytochrome C
A0A1S1ZFI2 A0A1S1ZFI2_BRUAO   Cytochrome C
A0A1S2XSH1 A0A1S2XSH1_CICAR   cytochrome c-2
A0A1S2YXE8 A0A1S2YXE8_CICAR   cytochrome c-2
A0A1S3BUU3 A0A1S3BUU3_CUCME   cytochrome c
A0A1S3I630 A0A1S3I630_LINUN   cytochrome c-like
A0A1S3TS68 A0A1S3TS68_VIGRR   cytochrome c
A0A1S3VNI4 A0A1S3VNI4_VIGRR   cytochrome c
A0A1S3YDA5 A0A1S3YDA5_TOBAC   cytochrome c-like
A0A1S3YMB4 A0A1S3YMB4_TOBAC   cytochrome c
A0A1S3ZQ07 A0A1S3ZQ07_TOBAC   cytochrome c
A0A1S4BHB3 A0A1S4BHB3_TOBAC   cytochrome c-like
A0A1S4C7X6 A0A1S4C7X6_TOBAC   cytochrome c
A0A1S4CDI0 A0A1S4CDI0_TOBAC   cytochrome c
A0A1S4CNA9 A0A1S4CNA9_TOBAC   cytochrome c-like
A0A1S6ES00 A0A1S6ES00_9CAUL   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1S6EY83 A0A1S6EY83_9CAUL   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1S6F4U1 A0A1S6F4U1_9BURK   Cytochrome C552
A0A1S6FBT0 A0A1S6FBT0_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A1S6FEH2 A0A1S6FEH2_9BURK   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1S6FMV9 A0A1S6FMV9_9SPHN   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1S6FPZ3 A0A1S6FPZ3_9SPHN   Cytochrome C
A0A1S6IDN0 A0A1S6IDN0_9RHOB   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1S6IE23 A0A1S6IE23_9RHOB   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1S6IHS9 A0A1S6IHS9_9RHOB   MFS transporter
A0A1S6U7P0 A0A1S6U7P0_9PROT   Periplasmic monoheme cytochrome c553 [EC:]
A0A1T3EAT8 A0A1T3EAT8_9FLAO   Cytochrome C
A0A1T3ESY1 A0A1T3ESY1_9FLAO   Cytochrome C
A0A1T3EZQ8 A0A1T3EZQ8_ELIME   Cytochrome C
A0A1T3FC69 A0A1T3FC69_9FLAO   Cytochrome C
A0A1T3FR48 A0A1T3FR48_9FLAO   Cytochrome C
A0A1T3HBS4 A0A1T3HBS4_ELIME   Cytochrome C
A0A1T3MI09 A0A1T3MI09_9FLAO   Cytochrome C
A0A1U6GPH4 A0A1U6GPH4_9GAMM   Cytochrome c
A0A1U7D0V4 A0A1U7D0V4_9RHOB   Cytochrome c
A0A1U7D131 A0A1U7D131_9RHOB   Sulfur dehydrogenase subunit SoxD [EC:1.-.-.-]
A0A1U7D322 A0A1U7D322_9RHOB   Cytochrome c
A0A1U7D3I3 A0A1U7D3I3_9RHOB   Cytochrome c
A0A1U7D452 A0A1U7D452_9RHOB   Cytochrome c
A0A1U7D625 A0A1U7D625_9RHOB   Cytochrome c
A0A1U7DS94 A0A1U7DS94_9FLAO   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1U7V4X2 A0A1U7V4X2_NICSY   cytochrome c-like
A0A1U7V776 A0A1U7V776_NICSY   cytochrome c
A0A1U7VBG8 A0A1U7VBG8_NICSY   cytochrome c-like
A0A1U7WJ44 A0A1U7WJ44_NICSY   cytochrome c
A0A1U7Z127 A0A1U7Z127_NELNU   cytochrome c
A0A1U8DVD3 A0A1U8DVD3_CAPAN   cytochrome c
A0A1U8INI1 A0A1U8INI1_GOSHI   cytochrome c-like
A0A1U8J8W5 A0A1U8J8W5_GOSHI   cytochrome c-like
A0A1U8JSI5 A0A1U8JSI5_GOSHI   cytochrome c
A0A1U8K6U4 A0A1U8K6U4_GOSHI   cytochrome c-like
A0A1U8KUS5 A0A1U8KUS5_GOSHI   cytochrome c-like
A0A1U8M2J2 A0A1U8M2J2_GOSHI   cytochrome c
A0A1U8MNT2 A0A1U8MNT2_GOSHI   cytochrome c-like
A0A1U8PBV1 A0A1U8PBV1_GOSHI   cytochrome c
A0A1U9JN45 A0A1U9JN45_9NEIS   Cytochrome C
A0A1U9JQU7 A0A1U9JQU7_9NEIS   Cytochrome C biogenesis protein CcsA
A0A1U9JR30 A0A1U9JR30_9NEIS   Cytochrome C
A0A1U9JUJ0 A0A1U9JUJ0_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c class I (Precursor)
A0A1U9JXY4 A0A1U9JXY4_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A1U9K176 A0A1U9K176_9BURK   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1U9KFG3 A0A1U9KFG3_ACEAC   Cytochrome C
A0A1U9RHS0 A0A1U9RHS0_9PROT   Cytochrome C
A0A1U9YZN3 A0A1U9YZN3_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c552
A0A1V0BG54 A0A1V0BG54_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A1V0DF07 A0A1V0DF07_9BACT   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1V0FQ05 A0A1V0FQ05_9GAMM   Cytochrome C biogenesis protein CcsA
A0A1V0GNS6 A0A1V0GNS6_9RHOB   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1V0GUG5 A0A1V0GUG5_9RHOB   Cytochrome C
A0A1V0HUN4 A0A1V0HUN4_9RHOB   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1V0HYV3 A0A1V0HYV3_9RHOB   Cytochrome C
A0A1V0HYZ5 A0A1V0HYZ5_9RHOB   Cytochrome C
A0A1V0I2K9 A0A1V0I2K9_9RHOB   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1V0I2P7 A0A1V0I2P7_9RHOB   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1V0PTF5 A0A1V0PTF5_9RHOB   Cytochrome c2
A0A1V0PVG0 A0A1V0PVG0_9RHOB   Cytochrome c2
A0A1V0PX93 A0A1V0PX93_9RHOB   Cytochrome c2
A0A1V0PZJ6 A0A1V0PZJ6_9RHOB   Sulfite dehydrogenase cytochrome subunit SoxD
A0A1V0Q0Z4 A0A1V0Q0Z4_9RHOB   WD domain/cytochrome c family protein
A0A1V0Q244 A0A1V0Q244_9RHOB   Sulfite dehydrogenase cytochrome subunit
A0A1V0REP3 A0A1V0REP3_9PROT   Cytochrome c
A0A1V0RKX6 A0A1V0RKX6_9RHOB   Cytochrome c-551
A0A1V0RMJ9 A0A1V0RMJ9_9RHOB   Cytochrome c-552
A0A1V0RNY9 A0A1V0RNY9_9RHOB   Cytochrome c2
A0A1V0RP73 A0A1V0RP73_9RHOB   Cytochrome c2
A0A1V0RSD6 A0A1V0RSD6_9RHOB   Cytochrome c2
A0A1V0RTP6 A0A1V0RTP6_9RHOB   Cytochrome c-550
A0A1V2AM25 A0A1V2AM25_RHIRD   Cytochrome C
A0A1W1I8Y3 A0A1W1I8Y3_9BACT   Putative sulfite oxidase cytochrome subunit
A0A1W2WN08 A0A1W2WN08_CIOIN   cytochrome c, somatic
A0A1W2WN41 A0A1W2WN41_CIOIN   cytochrome c-like
A0A1W6BW11 A0A1W6BW11_9PROT   Periplasmic monoheme cytochrome c553 [EC:]
A0A1W6CHG3 A0A1W6CHG3_9PROT   Cytochrome C
A0A1W6CTW5 A0A1W6CTW5_9PROT   Cytochrome C
A0A1W6CZ49 A0A1W6CZ49_9RHOB   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1W6E881 A0A1W6E881_9BACT   Cytochrome C
A0A1W6E9I7 A0A1W6E9I7_9BACT   HHIP-like protein 1
A0A1W6EBI6 A0A1W6EBI6_9BACT   Cytochrome C
A0A1W6EE51 A0A1W6EE51_9BACT   Sulfite oxidase
A0A1W6L8R3 A0A1W6L8R3_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A1W6LIA6 A0A1W6LIA6_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A1W6MRE3 A0A1W6MRE3_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1W6N4F4 A0A1W6N4F4_9PROT   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1W6NXF1 A0A1W6NXF1_9RHOB   Cytochrome c2
A0A1W6NY69 A0A1W6NY69_9RHOB   Cytochrome C, class I
A0A1W6P2N0 A0A1W6P2N0_9RHOB   Cytochrome c551
A0A1W6RHB0 A0A1W6RHB0_9RHIZ   Cytochrome C
A0A1W6RIH6 A0A1W6RIH6_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1W6RQB0 A0A1W6RQB0_9RHIZ   Cytochrome C
A0A1W6RS31 A0A1W6RS31_9RHIZ   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1W6SME8 A0A1W6SME8_9PROT   Cytochrome C-551
A0A1W6X0K8 A0A1W6X0K8_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1W6X500 A0A1W6X500_9RHIZ   Cytochrome C
A0A1W6X9W7 A0A1W6X9W7_9RHIZ   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1W6XAS5 A0A1W6XAS5_9RHIZ   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1W6XAZ8 A0A1W6XAZ8_9RHIZ   Cytochrome C
A0A1W6XGI0 A0A1W6XGI0_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1W6XHG8 A0A1W6XHG8_9RHIZ   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1W6XHM3 A0A1W6XHM3_9RHIZ   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1W6ZLG7 A0A1W6ZLG7_9RHIZ   Cytochrome C
A0A1W6ZN66 A0A1W6ZN66_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1W6ZWM3 A0A1W6ZWM3_9RHIZ   Cytochrome C
A0A1W6ZWM6 A0A1W6ZWM6_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c family protein
A0A1W6ZZ09 A0A1W6ZZ09_9RHIZ   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1X7U633 A0A1X7U633_AMPQE   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1X9N6Q8 A0A1X9N6Q8_9GAMM   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1X9N8C0 A0A1X9N8C0_9GAMM   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1X9N8D0 A0A1X9N8D0_9GAMM   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1X9NDW0 A0A1X9NDW0_9GAMM   Uncharacterized protein
A0A1X9YA92 A0A1X9YA92_9SPHN   Class I cytochrome c
A0A1X9YH86 A0A1X9YH86_9SPHN   Cytochrome C
A0A1Y0CZE4 A0A1Y0CZE4_9GAMM   Cytochrome C biogenesis protein CcsA
A0A1Y0E8Z7 A0A1Y0E8Z7_9RHOB   Cytochrome c-552
A0A1Y0E906 A0A1Y0E906_9RHOB   Cytochrome c2
A0A1Y0EGY0 A0A1Y0EGY0_9RHOB   Cytochrome c2
A0A1Y0ENK6 A0A1Y0ENK6_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A1Y0EP99 A0A1Y0EP99_9BURK   Cytochrome C
A0A1Y0G3D5 A0A1Y0G3D5_9PROT   Cytochrome C
A0A1Y0G7Y8 A0A1Y0G7Y8_9PROT   Cytochrome C
A0A1Y0VER2 A0A1Y0VER2_KOMEU   Cytochrome c iso-2
A0A212FHK7 A0A212FHK7_DANPL   Cytochrome c
A0BU26 A0BU26_PARTE   Uncharacterized protein
A0C010 A0C010_PARTE   Uncharacterized protein
A0CJR6 A0CJR6_PARTE   Uncharacterized protein
A0D6G7 A0D6G7_PARTE   Uncharacterized protein
A0DNX0 A0DNX0_PARTE   Uncharacterized protein
A0DUF3 A0DUF3_PARTE   Uncharacterized protein
A0E542 A0E542_PARTE   Uncharacterized protein
A0E8X0 A0E8X0_PARTE   Uncharacterized protein
A0LCA9 A0LCA9_MAGMM   Cytochrome c, testis
A0LDB6 A0LDB6_MAGMM   Cytochrome c, class I
A0LDB7 A0LDB7_MAGMM   Cytochrome c, class I
A0LDJ5 A0LDJ5_MAGMM   Cytochrome c, class I
A1B311 A1B311_PARDP   Cytochrome c, class I
A1B3D6 A1B3D6_PARDP   Cytochrome c, class I
A1B9M6 A1B9M6_PARDP   Sulfur dehydrogenase subunit SoxD [EC:1.-.-.-]
A1B9M7 A1B9M7_PARDP   Sulfide dehydrogenase (Flavocytochrome), cytochrome c subunit [EC:1.8.2.-]
A1C6Y9 A1C6Y9_ASPCL   Cytochrome c
A1DHL6 A1DHL6_NEOFI   Cytochrome c
A1K9P8 A1K9P8_AZOSB   Probable cytochrome c-552 precourser
A1K9T0 A1K9T0_AZOSB   Conserved hypothetical secreted protein
A1KBB0 A1KBB0_AZOSB   Probable cytochrome c-552
A1TMA5 A1TMA5_ACIAC   Cytochrome c, class I
A1UU31 A1UU31_BARBK   Cytochrome c family protein
A1VRA0 A1VRA0_POLNA   Cytochrome c, class I
A1W4X9 A1W4X9_ACISJ   Cytochrome c, class I
A1WBY7 A1WBY7_ACISJ   Cytochrome c, class I
A1WIA2 A1WIA2_VEREI   Sulfite dehydrogenase (Cytochrome) subunit SorB [EC:]
A1WMU3 A1WMU3_VEREI   Cytochrome c, class I
A2Q5X9 A2Q5X9_MEDTR   Cytochrome c, monohaem
A2Q5Y1 A2Q5Y1_MEDTR   Cytochrome c, monohaem
A2QC04 A2QC04_ASPNC   Cytochrome c cyc-Aspergillus niger
A2S706 A2S706_BURM9   Cytochrome c family protein
A2SAC5 A2SAC5_BURM9   Cytochrome c family protein
A2SE85 A2SE85_METPP   Putative sulfite oxidase cytochrome subunit
A2SFK9 A2SFK9_METPP   Cytochrome c551/c552-like protein
A2SHK4 A2SHK4_METPP   Putative sulfite oxidase cytochrome subunit
A2SIK3 A2SIK3_METPP   Diheme cytochrome c SoxD
A3AYZ5 A3AYZ5_ORYSJ   Uncharacterized protein
A3N6U7 A3N6U7_BURP6   Cytochrome c family protein
A3NEN9 A3NEN9_BURP6   Cytochrome c family protein
A3NSI4 A3NSI4_BURP0   Cytochrome c family protein
A3P0J6 A3P0J6_BURP0   Cytochrome c family protein
A3PJ29 A3PJ29_RHOS1   Cytochrome c, class I
A3PL28 A3PL28_RHOS1   Cytochrome c, class I
A3PM96 A3PM96_RHOS1   Cytochrome c, class I
A4ANV6 A4ANV6_MARSH   Putative large, multifunctional secreted protein
A4AS04 A4AS04_MARSH   Cytochrome c552
A4CMA3 A4CMA3_ROBBH   Putative secreted glycosyl hydrolase
A4G344 A4G344_HERAR   Cytochrome c-551 (Cytochrome c551) (Cytochrome C8)
A4G3C5 A4G3C5_HERAR   Cytochrome c2
A4G3X0 A4G3X0_HERAR   Uncharacterized protein
A4G4C9 A4G4C9_HERAR   Putative sulfite dehydrogenase cytochrome subunit SoxD
A4G566 A4G566_HERAR   Cytochrome c
A4H8Q9 A4H8Q9_LEIBR   Putative cytochrome c
A4H8R0 A4H8R0_LEIBR   Putative cytochrome c
A4HX28 A4HX28_LEIIN   Putative cytochrome c
A4HX29 A4HX29_LEIIN   Putative cytochrome c
A4JAG4 A4JAG4_BURVG   Cytochrome c, class I
A4JGY9 A4JGY9_BURVG   Cytochrome c, class I
A4RW27 A4RW27_OSTLU   Uncharacterized protein
A4SX06 A4SX06_POLAQ   Sulfur dehydrogenase subunit SoxD [EC:1.-.-.-]
A4VQA6 A4VQA6_PSEU5   Cytochrome c-551
A4VRQ7 A4VRQ7_PSEU5   Methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein
A4WPW7 A4WPW7_RHOS5   Cytochrome c, class I
A4WR85 A4WR85_RHOS5   Cytochrome c, class I
A4WTX3 A4WTX3_RHOS5   Cytochrome c, class I
A4WZF2 A4WZF2_RHOS5   Uncharacterized protein
A4XEH9 A4XEH9_NOVAD   Cytochrome c, class I
A4XFG5 A4XFG5_NOVAD   Cytochrome c, class I
A4YLZ0 A4YLZ0_BRASO   Cytochrome c homolog
A4YN71 A4YN71_BRASO   Cytochrome c
A4YSV6 A4YSV6_BRASO   Putative sulfite oxidase cytochrome subunit (SoxD)
A4Z0Q0 A4Z0Q0_BRASO   Putative cytochrome c
A4Z0V6 A4Z0V6_BRASO   Cytochrome C
A5CF41 A5CF41_ORITB   Cytochrome c
A5DJV7 A5DJV7_PICGU   Cytochrome c
A5DYC1 A5DYC1_LODEL   Cytochrome c
A5ECH7 A5ECH7_BRASB   Cytochrome C
A5ECM3 A5ECM3_BRASB   Putative cytochrome c
A5ED49 A5ED49_BRASB   Putative Cytochrome c
A5EEA5 A5EEA5_BRASB   Cytochrome c
A5EHW3 A5EHW3_BRASB   Sulfur dehydrogenase subunit SoxD [EC:1.-.-.-]
A5EL65 A5EL65_BRASB   Putative cytochrome c region protein
A5EQ92 A5EQ92_BRASB   Cytochrome c2
A5ERZ5 A5ERZ5_BRASB   Cytochrome c
A5FLC7 A5FLC7_FLAJ1   Cytochrome c551/c552-like protein
A5FTZ2 A5FTZ2_ACICJ   Cytochrome c, class I
A5FW83 A5FW83_ACICJ   Cytochrome c, class I
A5G0B6 A5G0B6_ACICJ   Cytochrome c, class I
A5G2A1 A5G2A1_ACICJ   Cytochrome c, class I
A5G2Z9 A5G2Z9_ACICJ   Cytochrome c, class I
A5JZA8 A5JZA8_PLAVS   Cytochrome c, putative
A5K1I5 A5K1I5_PLAVS   Cytochrome c, putative
A5UTE0 A5UTE0_ROSS1   Cytochrome c, class I
A5UW58 A5UW58_ROSS1   Cytochrome c, class I
A5V904 A5V904_SPHWW   Cytochrome c, class I
A5VBD5 A5VBD5_SPHWW   Cytochrome c, class I
A5VDV6 A5VDV6_SPHWW   Cytochrome c, class I
A5VFF8 A5VFF8_SPHWW   Cytochrome c, class I
A5WCQ2 A5WCQ2_PSYWF   Cytochrome c, class I
A5YN36 A5YN36_RHOPT   Cytochrome c class I
A6GVN1 A6GVN1_FLAPJ   Cytochrome c551/c552 family protein
A6Q6A1 A6Q6A1_SULNB   Sulfur oxidation protein, cytochrome c subunit
A6RAF0 A6RAF0_AJECN   Cytochrome c
A6SV40 A6SV40_JANMA   Cytochrome c, class I
A6SVP8 A6SVP8_JANMA   Cytochrome c-552
A6SVY9 A6SVY9_JANMA   Cytochrome c2
A6UC76 A6UC76_SINMW   Cytochrome c class I
A6UF14 A6UF14_SINMW   Cytochrome c class I
A6UGH4 A6UGH4_SINMW   Cytochrome c class I
A6UKS4 A6UKS4_SINMW   Cytochrome c class I
A6UMP0 A6UMP0_SINMW   Cytochrome c class I
A6UYX9 A6UYX9_PSEA7   Cytochrome c-551
A6WUU3 A6WUU3_OCHA4   Cytochrome c class I
A6X352 A6X352_OCHA4   Cytochrome c class I
A7ANI1 A7ANI1_BABBO   Cytochrome c, putative
A7AP89 A7AP89_BABBO   Cytochrome c family protein
A7E6R4 A7E6R4_SCLS1   Cytochrome c
A7H2L4 A7H2L4_CAMJD   Cytochrome c553
A7HPP0 A7HPP0_PARL1   Cytochrome c class I
A7HW37 A7HW37_PARL1   Cytochrome c class I
A7IBX2 A7IBX2_XANP2   Cytochrome c class I
A7IFH2 A7IFH2_XANP2   Putative cytochrome
A7IG94 A7IG94_XANP2   Cytochrome c class I
A7IIN0 A7IIN0_XANP2   Cytochrome c class I
A7IMT2 A7IMT2_XANP2   Cytochrome c class I
A7NLP9 A7NLP9_ROSCS   Cytochrome c class I
A7NME2 A7NME2_ROSCS   Cytochrome c class I
A7RP70 A7RP70_NEMVE   Predicted protein
A7RZ03 A7RZ03_NEMVE   Predicted protein
A7TN23 A7TN23_VANPO   Uncharacterized protein
A8ESA9 A8ESA9_ARCB4   Sulfur oxidation protein SoxCD, diheme cytochrome c subunit
A8EY03 A8EY03_RICCK   Cytochrome c
A8F114 A8F114_RICM5   Cytochrome c
A8GMQ4 A8GMQ4_RICAH   Cytochrome c
A8HUL3 A8HUL3_AZOC5   Cytochrome c
A8I0F1 A8I0F1_AZOC5   Cytochrome c
A8I5P2 A8I5P2_AZOC5   Putative cytochrome c protein
A8IC62 A8IC62_AZOC5   Putative sulfite oxidase cytochrome subunit
A8IGU6 A8IGU6_AZOC5   Cytochrome c
A8IHH4 A8IHH4_AZOC5   Putative c-type cytochrome
A8J5T0 A8J5T0_CHLRE   Mitochondrial cytochrome c
A8LIG4 A8LIG4_DINSH   Uncharacterized protein
A8LJ38 A8LJ38_DINSH   Cytochrome c
A8LJ39 A8LJ39_DINSH   Cytochrome c
A8LLZ3 A8LLZ3_DINSH   Cytochrome c2
A8LNR5 A8LNR5_DINSH   Cytochrome c class I
A8LNU8 A8LNU8_DINSH   Cytochrome c class I
A8LQ40 A8LQ40_DINSH   Cytochrome c2
A8LQB4 A8LQB4_DINSH   Cytochrome c552
A8P386 A8P386_COPC7   Cytochrome c
A8QAI4 A8QAI4_MALGO   Uncharacterized protein
A8WQY3 CYC21_CAEBR * Cytochrome c 2.1
A9B7B6 A9B7B6_HERA2   Cytochrome c class I
A9BTX3 A9BTX3_DELAS   Cytochrome c class I
A9CFY9 A9CFY9_AGRFC   Cytochrome c2
A9CGJ2 A9CGJ2_AGRFC   Cytochrome c2
A9HIV3 A9HIV3_GLUDA   Cytochrome c class I
A9I4N2 A9I4N2_BORPD   Cytochrome c family protein
A9I4P1 A9I4P1_BORPD   Putative cytochrome c
A9IMZ7 A9IMZ7_BART1   Cytochrome c
A9M6P4 A9M6P4_BRUC2   Cytochrome c
A9MDT1 A9MDT1_BRUC2   Cytochrome c2
A9RJ09 A9RJ09_PHYPA   Predicted protein
A9SLT5 A9SLT5_PHYPA   Predicted protein
A9SNF0 A9SNF0_PHYPA   Uncharacterized protein
A9SRQ9 A9SRQ9_PHYPA   Predicted protein
A9V8A8 A9V8A8_MONBE   Predicted protein
A9V8B2 A9V8B2_MONBE   Predicted protein
A9VZK9 A9VZK9_METEP   Cytochrome c class I
A9W173 A9W173_METEP   Cytochrome c class I
A9W6M8 A9W6M8_METEP   WD-40 repeat protein
A9W765 A9W765_METEP   Cytochrome c, class I
A9WGY3 A9WGY3_CHLAA   Cytochrome c class I
A9WXN0 A9WXN0_BRUSI   Uncharacterized protein
B0BWS6 B0BWS6_RICRO   Cytochrome c
B0CI59 B0CI59_BRUSI   Cytochrome c
B0D4B4 B0D4B4_LACBS   Cytochrome c C1
B0KNJ6 B0KNJ6_PSEPG   Cytochrome c class I
B0RUN3 B0RUN3_XANCB   Putative cytochrome C
B0T1L4 B0T1L4_CAUSK   Cytochrome c class I
B0T1U1 B0T1U1_CAUSK   Cytochrome c class I
B0T1W7 B0T1W7_CAUSK   Cytochrome c class I
B0T5J3 B0T5J3_CAUSK   Cytochrome c class I
B0UD56 B0UD56_METS4   Cytochrome c, class I
B0UGW3 B0UGW3_METS4   Cytochrome c class I
B0ULC2 B0ULC2_METS4   Cytochrome c class I
B0UML1 B0UML1_METS4   Cytochrome c class I
B0UNK8 B0UNK8_METS4   Cytochrome c class I
B0WTG4 B0WTG4_CULQU   Cytochrome c-2
B0XHT8 B0XHT8_CULQU   Cytochrome c
B1JTL4 B1JTL4_BURCC   Cytochrome c class I
B1JWU9 B1JWU9_BURCC   Cytochrome c class I
B1KAS0 B1KAS0_BURCC   Cytochrome c class I
B1LVX4 B1LVX4_METRJ   Cytochrome c class I
B1LWI4 B1LWI4_METRJ   Cytochrome c class I
B1M1Z4 B1M1Z4_METRJ   Cytochrome c class I
B1M6T4 B1M6T4_METRJ   Cytochrome c class I
B1M7W5 B1M7W5_METRJ   Cytochrome c class I
B1M8I8 B1M8I8_METRJ   Cytochrome c class I
B1XV35 B1XV35_POLNS   Cytochrome c class I
B1Y6K9 B1Y6K9_LEPCP   Cytochrome c class I
B1Y814 B1Y814_LEPCP   Cytochrome c class I
B1YR73 B1YR73_BURA4   Cytochrome c class I
B1YUW2 B1YUW2_BURA4   Cytochrome c class I
B1Z8Y0 B1Z8Y0_METPB   Cytochrome c class I
B1ZD66 B1ZD66_METPB   Putative sulfite oxidase cytochrome subunit (SoxD)
B1ZFG4 B1ZFG4_METPB   Cytochrome c class I
B1ZJ24 B1ZJ24_METPB   Cytochrome c class I
B2B0B7 B2B0B7_PODAN   Podospora anserina S mat+ genomic DNA chromosome 3, supercontig 2
B2FHG3 B2FHG3_STRMK   Putative cytochrome c
B2IAX0 B2IAX0_BEII9   Cytochrome c class I
B2ID00 B2ID00_BEII9   Cytochrome c class I
B2IDY2 B2IDY2_BEII9   Cytochrome c class I
B2JET2 B2JET2_PARP8   Cytochrome c class I
B2JKD1 B2JKD1_PARP8   Cytochrome c class I
B2JUQ8 B2JUQ8_PARP8   Cytochrome c class I
B2LXS2 B2LXS2_VITVI   Mitochondrial cytochrome c
B2SWN9 B2SWN9_PARPJ   Cytochrome c class I
B2T149 B2T149_PARPJ   Cytochrome c class I
B2U9I9 B2U9I9_RALPJ   Cytochrome c class I
B2UEZ6 B2UEZ6_RALPJ   Cytochrome c class I
B2UG51 B2UG51_RALPJ   Cytochrome c class I
B2V801 B2V801_SULSY   Cytochrome c class I
B3CMH7 B3CMH7_WOLPP   Cytochrome c family protein
B3CTS3 B3CTS3_ORITI   Cytochrome c
B3LAW9 B3LAW9_PLAKH   Cytochrome c, putative
B3LBT2 B3LBT2_PLAKH   Cytochrome c, putative
B3MU97 B3MU97_DROAN   Uncharacterized protein
B3MU98 B3MU98_DROAN   Uncharacterized protein, isoform A
B3NNJ2 B3NNJ2_DROER   Uncharacterized protein, isoform A
B3NNJ3 B3NNJ3_DROER   Uncharacterized protein
B3PSK1 B3PSK1_RHIE6   Probable cytochrome c protein
B3PXG1 B3PXG1_RHIE6   Cytochrome c protein
B3Q924 B3Q924_RHOPT   Putative sulfite oxidase cytochrome subunit (SoxD)
B3QGN4 B3QGN4_RHOPT   Cytochrome c class I
B3R7Z9 B3R7Z9_CUPTR   Sulfite oxidation cytochrome c subunit 551/552
B3R800 B3R800_CUPTR   Sulfite oxidase cytochrome subunit c551/c552
B3R8D0 B3R8D0_CUPTR   Putative cytochrome C precurseur similar to cytochrome c-551 from Pseudomonas aeruginosa
B3RCE8 B3RCE8_CUPTR   Putative Cytochrome c, class I
B3RCN6 B3RCN6_CUPTR   Cytochrome c2
B3RNR9 B3RNR9_TRIAD   Uncharacterized protein
B4E8G6 B4E8G6_BURCJ   Putative cytochrome c protein
B4EE89 B4EE89_BURCJ   Putative cytochrome c-551
B4ENG5 B4ENG5_BURCJ   Putative cytochrome c
B4FYS2 B4FYS2_MAIZE   Cytochrome c-2
B4G8S0 B4G8S0_DROPE   GL18778
B4G8S1 B4G8S1_DROPE   GL18777
B4I533 B4I533_DROSE   GM17196
B4I534 B4I534_DROSE   GM17197
B4KG54 B4KG54_DROMO   Uncharacterized protein
B4KG55 B4KG55_DROMO   Uncharacterized protein
B4LSR4 B4LSR4_DROVI   Uncharacterized protein
B4LSR5 B4LSR5_DROVI   Uncharacterized protein
B4MVR8 B4MVR8_DROWI   Uncharacterized protein
B4MYS5 B4MYS5_DROWI   Uncharacterized protein
B4P9B4 B4P9B4_DROYA   Uncharacterized protein
B4P9B5 B4P9B5_DROYA   Uncharacterized protein, isoform A
B4Q7E8 B4Q7E8_DROSI   GD24072
B4Q7E9 B4Q7E9_DROSI   GD24074
B4R803 B4R803_PHEZH   Cytochrome c family protein
B4R8H5 B4R8H5_PHEZH   Cytochrome c family protein
B4RD96 B4RD96_PHEZH   Cytochrome c family protein
B4RDS5 B4RDS5_PHEZH   Cytochrome c, membrane-bound
B4SSI0 B4SSI0_STRM5   Cytochrome c class I
B4U797 B4U797_HYDS0   Cytochrome c class I
B4UKW3 B4UKW3_ANASK   Cytochrome c class I
B4UMQ1 B4UMQ1_ANASK   Cache type 2 domain protein
B5AFH2 B5AFH2_BOMMO   Mitochondrial cytochrome c
B5Y3C2 B5Y3C2_PHATC   Predicted protein
B5ZTY8 B5ZTY8_RHILW   Cytochrome c class I
B5ZWP1 B5ZWP1_RHILW   Cytochrome c class I
B6GWS1 B6GWS1_PENRW   Pc12g07280 protein
B6ITV5 B6ITV5_RHOCS   Cytochrome c2 iso-2 (C552)
B6IWU0 B6IWU0_RHOCS   Cytochrome c
B6IYE8 B6IYE8_RHOCS   Cytochrome c2 iso-1
B6JC98 B6JC98_OLICO   Putative cytochrome c
B6JJE3 B6JJE3_OLICO   Cytochrome c
B6TGS7 B6TGS7_MAIZE   Cytochrome c
B7A5K3 B7A5K3_THEAQ   Cytochrome c class I
B7KRH2 B7KRH2_METC4   WD-40 repeat protein
B7KWC7 B7KWC7_METC4   Cytochrome c, class I
B7L044 B7L044_METC4   Cytochrome c class I
B7L213 B7L213_METC4   Cytochrome c class I
B7Q2Y4 B7Q2Y4_IXOSC   Cytochrome C, putative
B8C6T1 B8C6T1_THAPS   Uncharacterized protein
B8EJJ2 B8EJJ2_METSB   Cytochrome c class I
B8EK52 B8EK52_METSB   Cytochrome c class I
B8EMW5 B8EMW5_METSB   Cytochrome c class I
B8G4P7 B8G4P7_CHLAD   Cytochrome c class I
B8GAM1 B8GAM1_CHLAD   Cytochrome c class I
B8ICG6 B8ICG6_METNO   Cytochrome c class I
B8ID58 B8ID58_METNO   Cytochrome c class I
B8ILD9 B8ILD9_METNO   Cytochrome c class I
B8IWF3 B8IWF3_METNO   Cytochrome c class I
B8J5R2 B8J5R2_ANAD2   Cytochrome c class I
B8NGN0 B8NGN0_ASPFN   Cytochrome c
B8P796 B8P796_POSPM   Cytochrome-c from the OXPHOS pathway
B9IQC2 B9IQC2_POPTR   Cytochrome c family protein
B9J7U2 B9J7U2_AGRRK   Cytochrome-c protein
B9JGV1 B9JGV1_AGRRK   Cytochrome-c protein
B9JY23 B9JY23_AGRVS   Cytochrome c
B9KFI7 B9KFI7_CAMLR   Cytochrome c family protein
B9KHR5 B9KHR5_ANAMF   Cytochrome C (CycM)
B9KK36 B9KK36_RHOSK   Cytochrome c2 CycA
B9KLP8 B9KLP8_RHOSK   Cytochrome c-type cyt cy
B9KR22 B9KR22_RHOSK   Cytochrome c, class I
B9MFA0 B9MFA0_ACIET   Cytochrome c class I
B9MFP3 B9MFP3_ACIET   Cytochrome c class I
B9RFB0 B9RFB0_RICCO   Cytochrome c, putative
B9SS73 B9SS73_RICCO   Cytochrome c, putative
B9WCS2 B9WCS2_CANDC   Cytochrome c, putative
C0PK55 C0PK55_MAIZE   Cytochrome c-2
C0QPY8 C0QPY8_PERMH   Cytochrome c552
C0R3M8 C0R3M8_WOLWR   Cytochrome c family protein
C0RGA3 C0RGA3_BRUMB   Cytochrome c
C0RKB4 C0RKB4_BRUMB   Cytochrome c2
C1D9D3 C1D9D3_LARHH   Cytochrome c, class I
C1DFX6 C1DFX6_AZOVD   Cytochrome c-551
C1DWR3 C1DWR3_SULAA   Cytochrome c552
C1EDX4 C1EDX4_MICCC   Uncharacterized protein
C1GI92 C1GI92_PARBD   Cytochrome c
C1H5S3 C1H5S3_PARBA   Cytochrome c
C1MXP8 C1MXP8_MICPC   Predicted protein
C3K1S6 C3K1S6_PSEFS   Putative cytochrome C
C3MC48 C3MC48_SINFN   Cytochrome c, class I
C3MFR4 C3MFR4_SINFN   Cytochrome c family protein
C3MH22 C3MH22_SINFN   Cytochrome c family protein
C3PMV0 C3PMV0_RICAE   Cytochrome c
C3YEP8 C3YEP8_BRAFL   Uncharacterized protein
C3Z391 C3Z391_BRAFL   Uncharacterized protein
C4JV65 C4JV65_UNCRE   Cytochrome c
C4K130 C4K130_RICPU   Cytochrome c
C4KAI9 C4KAI9_THASP   Putative cache sensor protein
C4KAZ7 C4KAZ7_THASP   Cytochrome c class I
C4KCD0 C4KCD0_THASP   Cytochrome c class I
C4KSK4 C4KSK4_BURPE   Cytochrome c family protein
C4KXG8 C4KXG8_BURPE   Cytochrome c family protein
C4R6L9 C4R6L9_KOMPG   Cytochrome c, isoform 1
C4Y346 C4Y346_CLAL4   Cytochrome c
C5A8Y9 C5A8Y9_BURGB   Cytochrome c family protein
C5ABL7 C5ABL7_BURGB   Cytochrome c, class I
C5APH8 C5APH8_METEA   Cytochrome c family protein
C5ASA3 C5ASA3_METEA   Putative sulfite oxidase cytochrome subunit (SoxD)
C5AVF6 C5AVF6_METEA   Cytochrome c2
C5AVV8 C5AVV8_METEA   Cytochrome c, class I
C5AYX9 C5AYX9_METEA   Cytochrome c, class I
C5B354 C5B354_METEA   Putative cytochrome c, class I
C5B619 C5B619_METEA   Cytochrome c family protein
C5CKK0 C5CKK0_VARPS   Cytochrome c class I
C5D0D6 C5D0D6_VARPS   Cytochrome c class I
C5D222 C5D222_VARPS   Cytochrome c class I
C5M5A7 C5M5A7_CANTT   Cytochrome c
C5P0C0 C5P0C0_COCP7   Cytochrome c, putative
C5XEM6 C5XEM6_SORBI   Uncharacterized protein
C5YY64 C5YY64_SORBI   Uncharacterized protein
C6ABP6 C6ABP6_BARGA   Cytochrome c
C6B239 C6B239_RHILS   Cytochrome c class I
C6B315 C6B315_RHILS   Cytochrome c class I
C6BGP7 C6BGP7_RALP1   Cytochrome c class I
C6BKQ7 C6BKQ7_RALP1   Cytochrome c class I
C6BKS8 C6BKS8_RALP1   Cytochrome c class I
C6BR83 C6BR83_RALP1   Cytochrome c class I
C6SX87 C6SX87_SOYBN   Uncharacterized protein
C6SYA8 C6SYA8_SOYBN   Uncharacterized protein
C6SZC5 C6SZC5_SOYBN   Uncharacterized protein
C6TJ91 C6TJ91_SOYBN   Uncharacterized protein
C6UN54 C6UN54_HODCD   Putative cytochrome c
C6V4W4 C6V4W4_NEORI   Cytochrome c family protein
C6VRM7 C6VRM7_DYAFD   PKD domain containing protein
C6VSN6 C6VSN6_DYAFD   Cytochrome c class I
C6VYQ6 C6VYQ6_DYAFD   Cytochrome c class I
C6W7R0 C6W7R0_DYAFD   PKD domain containing protein
C6WTI6 C6WTI6_METML   Cytochrome c class I
C6WXM4 C6WXM4_METML   Cytochrome c class I
C6X279 C6X279_FLAB3   Cytochrome c551/c552
C6X902 C6X902_METGS   Cytochrome c class I
C6XKY6 C6XKY6_HIRBI   Cytochrome c class I
C6XLX1 C6XLX1_HIRBI   Cytochrome c class I
C6XQ33 C6XQ33_HIRBI   Cytochrome c class I
C6XQB6 C6XQB6_HIRBI   Cytochrome c class I
C6XU46 C6XU46_PEDHD   Cytochrome c class I
C6XUQ4 C6XUQ4_PEDHD   Cytochrome c class I
C7C6Y3 C7C6Y3_METED   Putative cytochrome c, class I
C7C9Q0 C7C9Q0_METED   Cytochrome c, class I
C7CBM1 C7CBM1_METED   Putative sulfite oxidase cytochrome subunit (SoxD)
C7CBQ2 C7CBQ2_METED   Cytochrome c, class I
C7CD38 C7CD38_METED   Cytochrome c, class I
C7CDF8 C7CDF8_METED   Cytochrome c2
C7JH82 C7JH82_ACEP3   Cytochrome c
C7LF97 C7LF97_BRUMC   Cytochrome c, membrane-bound
C7LH19 C7LH19_BRUMC   Cytochrome c2
C7PEL8 C7PEL8_CHIPD   Putative cytochrome c, class I
C7PHX2 C7PHX2_CHIPD   PKD domain containing protein
C7PV84 C7PV84_CHIPD   Cytochrome c class I
C7R6R3 C7R6R3_KANKD   Cytochrome c class I
C7RK29 C7RK29_ACCPU   Cytochrome c class I
C7RKL1 C7RKL1_ACCPU   Cytochrome c class I
C7Z0T9 C7Z0T9_NECH7   Predicted protein
C9SGU8 C9SGU8_VERA1   Cytochrome c
D0J0E7 D0J0E7_COMT2   Cytochrome c, class I
D0J4W0 D0J4W0_COMT2   Putative Cytochrome c
D0J655 D0J655_COMT2   Cytochrome c, class I
D0KYB6 D0KYB6_HALNC   Uncharacterized protein
D0NKY1 D0NKY1_PHYIT   Cytochrome c
D1ASV8 D1ASV8_ANACI   Cytochrome c
D1B412 D1B412_SULD5   Cytochrome c class I
D2GVD1 D2GVD1_AILME   Cytochrome c, somatic
D2QDG9 D2QDG9_SPILD   PKD domain containing protein
D2QIG5 D2QIG5_SPILD   Cytochrome c class I
D2QIU4 D2QIU4_SPILD   PKD domain containing protein
D2QPE0 D2QPE0_SPILD   PKD domain containing protein
D2QPJ1 D2QPJ1_SPILD   PKD domain containing protein
D2UDD6 D2UDD6_XANAP   Putative cytochrome c protein
D3DFM2 D3DFM2_HYDTT   Cytochrome c
D3DGZ1 D3DGZ1_HYDTT   Cytochrome c
D3NRP4 D3NRP4_AZOS1   Cytochrome C
D3NZZ0 D3NZZ0_AZOS1   Cytochrome C
D3P080 D3P080_AZOS1   Uncharacterized protein
D3P2P5 D3P2P5_AZOS1   Cytochrome C
D3P4K4 D3P4K4_AZOS1   Cytochrome C
D3PPK1 D3PPK1_MEIRD   Cytochrome c class I
D3SLS7 D3SLS7_THEAH   Cytochrome c class I
D3SMI2 D3SMI2_THEAH   Cytochrome c class I
D4AKI5 D4AKI5_ARTBC   Uncharacterized protein
D4DI63 D4DI63_TRIVH   Uncharacterized protein
D4YXI7 D4YXI7_SPHJU   Cytochrome c2
D4Z038 D4Z038_SPHJU   Cytochrome c
D4Z1E6 D4Z1E6_SPHJU   Cytochrome c
D4Z550 D4Z550_SPHJU   Cytochrome c
D4Z7I5 D4Z7I5_SPHJU   Cytochrome c2
D5ATW2 D5ATW2_RHOCB   Cytochrome c2-2
D5AWH5 D5AWH5_RICPP   Cytochrome c
D5BRT8 D5BRT8_PUNMI   Cytochrome c family protein [EC:]
D5BTY2 D5BTY2_PUNMI   Cytochrome C [EC:]
D5CMR4 D5CMR4_SIDLE   Cytochrome c class I
D5CNZ7 D5CNZ7_SIDLE   Cytochrome c class I
D5GDZ9 D5GDZ9_TUBMM   Uncharacterized protein
D5V1N7 D5V1N7_ARCNC   Cytochrome c class I
D5VJP5 D5VJP5_CAUST   Cytochrome c class I
D5VKV1 D5VKV1_CAUST   Cytochrome c class I
D5VMY7 D5VMY7_CAUST   Cytochrome c class I
D5W4I7 D5W4I7_BURSC   Cytochrome c class I
D5WA07 D5WA07_BURSC   Cytochrome c class I
D5WMK5 D5WMK5_BURSC   Cytochrome c class I
D5WNP2 D5WNP2_BURSC   Cytochrome c class I
D5WZJ1 D5WZJ1_THIK1   Cytochrome c class I
D5X461 D5X461_THIK1   Cytochrome c class I
D5X5Z9 D5X5Z9_THIK1   Cytochrome c class I
D6CM04 D6CM04_THIA3   Cytochrome c-551 (Cytochrome c551) (Cytochrome C8)
D6CMI0 D6CMI0_THIA3   Putative Cytochrome c, class ID
D6CMI2 D6CMI2_THIA3   Cytochrome c-551 (Cytochrome c551) (Cytochrome C8)
D6CQX0 D6CQX0_THIA3   Cytochrome c-551 (Cytochrome c551) (Cytochrome C8)
D6CVG9 D6CVG9_THIA3   Putative sulfite dehydrogenase cytochrome subunit SoxD
D6WVZ4 D6WVZ4_TRICA   Cytochrome c-2-like Protein
D7A1X1 D7A1X1_STAND   Cytochrome c class I
D7A6E0 D7A6E0_STAND   Putative cytochrome
D7A6X9 D7A6X9_STAND   Cytochrome c class I
D7BIL9 D7BIL9_MEISD   Mo-co oxidoreductase dimerization domain protein
D7DK45 D7DK45_METV0   Cytochrome c class I
D7DLT7 D7DLT7_METV0   Cytochrome c class I
D7KMK0 D7KMK0_ARALL   Cytochrome C-1
D7LY03 D7LY03_ARALL   Cytochrome C-2
D7TGR0 D7TGR0_VITVI   Uncharacterized protein
D8IXW6 D8IXW6_HERSS   Cytochrome c2 protein
D8J1K0 D8J1K0_HERSS   Cytochrome c551/c552 transmembrane protein
D8JQM4 D8JQM4_HYPDA   Cytochrome c class I
D8JTY1 D8JTY1_HYPDA   Cytochrome c class I
D8JVS0 D8JVS0_HYPDA   Cytochrome c class I
D8JXT6 D8JXT6_HYPDA   Cytochrome c class I
D8N0X9 D8N0X9_RALSL   Putative oxidoreductase cytochrome c552 signal peptide protein [EC:1.-.-.-]
D8N4B1 D8N4B1_RALSL   Sulfite oxidation cytochrome c-551
D8NLD0 D8NLD0_RALSL   Sulfite oxidation cytochrome c-551
D8NV77 D8NV77_RALSL   Sulfite oxidation cytochrome c-551
D8Q4P9 D8Q4P9_SCHCM   Uncharacterized protein
D8RC36 D8RC36_SELML   Uncharacterized protein
D8RFW8 D8RFW8_SELML   Uncharacterized protein
D8RHT8 D8RHT8_SELML   Uncharacterized protein
D8T2Y2 D8T2Y2_SELML   Uncharacterized protein
D9QL56 D9QL56_BRESC   Cytochrome c class I
D9QP99 D9QP99_BRESC   Cytochrome c class I
D9SHZ9 D9SHZ9_GALCS   Cytochrome c class I
D9SJ69 D9SJ69_GALCS   Cytochrome c class I
E0TE40 E0TE40_PARBH   Cytochrome C
E0TIB2 E0TIB2_PARBH   Cytochrome c, class I
E0UQR1 E0UQR1_SULAO   Cytochrome c class I
E0URX5 E0URX5_SULAO   Cytochrome c class I
E0VKR2 E0VKR2_PEDHC   Cytochrome c, putative
E0VWG6 E0VWG6_PEDHC   Cytochrome c, putative
E1SSH6 E1SSH6_FERBD   Cytochrome c class I
E1T594 E1T594_BURSG   Cytochrome c class I
E1TAX8 E1TAX8_BURSG   Cytochrome c class I
E1TKF1 E1TKF1_BURSG   Cytochrome c class I
E1VR47 E1VR47_9GAMM   Cytochrome c, monohaem
E1ZA99 E1ZA99_CHLVA   Uncharacterized protein
E2A6T0 E2A6T0_CAMFO   Cytochrome c-2
E2AH95 E2AH95_CAMFO   Cytochrome c
E3F0H4 E3F0H4_KETVY   Cytochrome c subfamily
E3F442 E3F442_KETVY   Cytochrome c, class I
E3HGC2 E3HGC2_ACHXA   Cytochrome c-551
E3HWB6 E3HWB6_ACHXA   Cytochrome c-552 2
E3I033 E3I033_RHOVT   Putative cache sensor protein
E3JW29 E3JW29_PUCGT   Cytochrome c
E3RCS8 E3RCS8_PYRTT   Uncharacterized protein
E4RTL7 E4RTL7_LEAB4   Cytochrome c class I
E4TBF7 E4TBF7_RIEAD   Uncharacterized protein
E4TDH3 E4TDH3_RIEAD   Cytochrome c class i
E4TYV8 E4TYV8_SULKY   Cytochrome c class I
E5AMP1 E5AMP1_PARRH   Cytochrome c551
E5S446 E5S446_TRISP   Cytochrome c
E6QYH0 E6QYH0_CRYGW   Uncharacterized protein
E6UW17 E6UW17_VARPE   Cytochrome c class I
E6V433 E6V433_VARPE   Cytochrome c class I
E6VJJ0 E6VJJ0_RHOPX   Cytochrome c class I
E6VK11 E6VK11_RHOPX   Cytochrome c class I
E6VNJ2 E6VNJ2_RHOPX   Putative sulfite oxidase cytochrome subunit (SoxD)
E6WZX4 E6WZX4_NITSE   Cytochrome c class I
E6YG71 E6YG71_BARC7   Uncharacterized protein
E8PNP9 E8PNP9_THESS   Cytochrome c
E8RKG2 E8RKG2_ASTEC   Cytochrome c class I
E8RQ76 E8RQ76_ASTEC   Cytochrome c class I
E8RSG1 E8RSG1_ASTEC   Cytochrome c class I
E8RTU6 E8RTU6_ASTEC   Cytochrome c class I
E8TEA6 E8TEA6_MESCW   Cytochrome c class I
E8TI09 E8TI09_MESCW   Cytochrome c class I
E8TMT4 E8TMT4_MESCW   Cytochrome c class I
E8TPP9 E8TPP9_MESCW   Cytochrome c class I
E8TR43 E8TR43_ALIDB   Cytochrome c class I
E8U0L2 E8U0L2_ALIDB   Cytochrome c class I
E8U2K0 E8U2K0_ALIDB   Cytochrome c class I
E8V262 E8V262_TERSS   Cytochrome c class I
E8YFK6 E8YFK6_9BURK   Cytochrome c class I
E8YKM3 E8YKM3_9BURK   Cytochrome c class I
E9AQU2 E9AQU2_LEIMU   Putative cytochrome c
E9BCZ0 E9BCZ0_LEIDB   Cytochrome c, putative
E9BCZ1 E9BCZ1_LEIDB   Cytochrome c, putative
E9E0Y7 E9E0Y7_METAQ   Cytochrome c
E9ERQ6 E9ERQ6_METRA   Cytochrome c domain protein
E9HT06 E9HT06_DAPPU   Uncharacterized protein
F0BII5 F0BII5_9XANT   Cytochrome c2
F0IXH0 F0IXH0_ACIMA   Putative sulfite oxidase SoxD
F0IXR2 F0IXR2_ACIMA   Putative cytochrome c
F0J1E9 F0J1E9_ACIMA   Cytochrome c
F0J5S7 F0J5S7_ACIMA   Putative cytochrome c
F0J7W8 F0J7W8_ACIMA   Cytochrome c
F0L3L3 F0L3L3_AGRSH   Cytochrome c
F0L3W6 F0L3W6_AGRSH   Cytochrome c2
F0LDX3 F0LDX3_AGRSH   Cytochrome c2
F0Q3T4 F0Q3T4_ACIAP   Cytochrome c class I
F0S747 F0S747_PSESL   Cytochrome c class I
F0SB92 F0SB92_PSESL   Cytochrome c class I
F0Y1I7 F0Y1I7_AURAN   Uncharacterized protein
F0YD26 F0YD26_AURAN   Uncharacterized protein
F0YKD7 F0YKD7_AURAN   Uncharacterized protein
F0ZXY4 F0ZXY4_DICPU   Uncharacterized protein
F2I3X0 F2I3X0_PELSM   Membrane c-type cytochrome cy
F2IVJ1 F2IVJ1_POLGS   Putative CytoChrome c-like protein
F2J066 F2J066_POLGS   Peptide chain release factor 2
F2J565 F2J565_POLGS   Probable sulfite oxidase cytochrome subunit
F2J566 F2J566_POLGS   Cytochrome c subfamily, putative
F2K7H1 F2K7H1_PSEBN   Cytochrome c-551
F2KF58 F2KF58_PSEBN   Cytochrome c-551
F2LGB3 F2LGB3_BURGS   Cytochrome c, class I
F2LHK4 F2LHK4_BURGS   Cytochrome c family protein
F2LNA9 F2LNA9_BURGS   Putative cytochrome c
F2N618 F2N618_PSEU6   NirM protein
F2N6Q8 F2N6Q8_PSEU6   Methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein
F2UBT8 F2UBT8_SALR5   Somatic cytochrome c
F3LNC3 F3LNC3_9BURK   Class I cytochrome c
F3LQB7 F3LQB7_9BURK   Cytochrome c-552 precourser
F3LU51 F3LU51_9BURK   Cytochrome c-552 precourser
F3LU59 F3LU59_9BURK   Cytochrome c-552 precourser
F4CBU9 F4CBU9_SPHS2   Cytochrome c class I
F4DW38 F4DW38_PSEMN   Cytochrome c-551
F4DZ55 F4DZ55_PSEMN   Cytochrome c class I
F4G7N2 F4G7N2_ALIDK   Cytochrome c class I
F4GB19 F4GB19_ALIDK   Cytochrome c class I
F4GF41 F4GF41_ALIDK   Cytochrome c class I
F4GSH9 F4GSH9_PUSST   Uncharacterized protein
F4GTB7 F4GTB7_PUSST   Uncharacterized protein
F4KRN9 F4KRN9_HALH1   PKD domain containing protein
F4L3L0 F4L3L0_HALH1   PKD domain containing protein
F4PHG4 F4PHG4_DICFS   Cytochrome c
F4RLJ9 F4RLJ9_MELLP   Uncharacterized protein
F5HI86 F5HI86_CRYNB   Uncharacterized protein
F5Y3J1 F5Y3J1_RAMTT   Cytochrome c-like protein
F5Y5K8 F5Y5K8_RAMTT   Candidate cytochrome c-552
F6AJJ9 F6AJJ9_PSEF1   Cytochrome c class I
F6AWB8 F6AWB8_DELSC   Cytochrome c class I
F6DB87 F6DB87_THICA   Uncharacterized protein
F6DIJ5 F6DIJ5_THETG   Cytochrome c class I
F6ET95 F6ET95_SPHCR   Cytochrome c class I
F6EU04 F6EU04_SPHCR   Cytochrome c class I
F6EU58 F6EU58_SPHCR   Cytochrome c class I
F6G6G3 F6G6G3_RALS8   Sulfite oxidation cytochrome c-551
F6IH87 F6IH87_9SPHN   Cytochrome c
F6IHB0 F6IHB0_9SPHN   Cytochrome c
F6IIA4 F6IIA4_9SPHN   Cytochrome c
F6IMK7 F6IMK7_9SPHN   Cytochrome c
F6STW5 F6STW5_MONDO   Cytochrome c, somatic
F6TS21 F6TS21_CALJA   Uncharacterized protein
F7AI40 F7AI40_CALJA   Cytochrome c
F7BMG9 F7BMG9_MACMU   Uncharacterized protein
F7D4V9 F7D4V9_HORSE   Cytochrome c
F7EJM9 F7EJM9_ORNAN   Cytochrome c, somatic
F7H7U7 F7H7U7_CALJA   Uncharacterized protein
F7VPR0 F7VPR0_SORMK   WGS project CABT00000000 data, contig 2.3
F7X3Y7 F7X3Y7_SINMM   Putative cytochrome C transmembrane protein
F7X677 F7X677_SINMM   Cytochrome c class I
F7XED8 F7XED8_SINMM   Cytochrome C
F7XIN0 F7XIN0_SINMM   Putative cytochrome c protein
F7XWD1 F7XWD1_MIDMI   Putative cytochrome C transmembrane protein
F7YDB6 F7YDB6_MESOW   Cytochrome c class I
F7YFB0 F7YFB0_MESOW   Cytochrome c class I
F7ZAB3 F7ZAB3_ROSLO   Cytochrome c-552
F7ZCB1 F7ZCB1_ROSLO   Cytochrome c2
F7ZFN9 F7ZFN9_ROSLO   Uncharacterized protein
F7ZJS1 F7ZJS1_ROSLO   Cytochrome c
F7ZJW2 F7ZJW2_ROSLO   Flavocytochrome c cytochrome subunit SoxE
F7ZJW3 F7ZJW3_ROSLO   Sulfite oxidase cytochrome subunit SoxD
F7ZM92 F7ZM92_ROSLO   Cytochrome c-551 (Precursor)
F8BUW5 F8BUW5_OLICO   Cytochrome c
F8BXU7 F8BXU7_OLICO   Cytochrome c2
F8EE32 F8EE32_RUNSL   PKD domain containing protein
F8EE92 F8EE92_RUNSL   Cytochrome c class I
F8EEU6 F8EEU6_RUNSL   Cytochrome c class I
F8EGW3 F8EGW3_RUNSL   Cytochrome c class I
F8ENR6 F8ENR6_RUNSL   Cytochrome c class I
F8GDC5 F8GDC5_NITSI   Cytochrome c class I
F8GT21 F8GT21_CUPNN   Cytochrome c-type
F8GTI2 F8GTI2_CUPNN   Uncharacterized protein
F8GTM1 F8GTM1_CUPNN   Cytochrome c551/c552
F8GWI5 F8GWI5_CUPNN   Cytochrome c class I
F8H0E6 F8H0E6_PSEST   Investigation Of The Solution Conformation
F8H5S1 F8H5S1_PSEST   Methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein
F8J564 F8J564_HYPSM   Cytochrome c class I
F8J8U8 F8J8U8_HYPSM   Cytochrome c2
F8J9K8 F8J9K8_HYPSM   Cytochrome c2 (Modular protein)
F8JBH5 F8JBH5_HYPSM   Cytochrome c homolog
F8JGS2 F8JGS2_HYPSM   Uncharacterized protein
F8JH86 F8JH86_HYPSM   Cytochrome c class I
F8MQH3 F8MQH3_NEUT8   Cytochrome c
F8NR02 F8NR02_SERL9   Uncharacterized protein
F8NVT9 F8NVT9_SERL9   Cytochrome C protein, CYTC2
F9XAS7 F9XAS7_ZYMTI   Uncharacterized protein
F9Y7U1 F9Y7U1_KETVW   Cytochrome c2
F9YA93 F9YA93_KETVW   Cytochrome c, class I
F9ZGC2 F9ZGC2_9PROT   Cytochrome c class I
F9ZQY6 F9ZQY6_ACICS   Cytochrome c, class I
G0AIE8 G0AIE8_COLFT   Cytochrome c551/c552
G0CAG1 G0CAG1_XANCA   Cytochrome C2
G0EZH3 G0EZH3_CUPNN   Sulfite oxidation cytochrome c subunit 551/552
G0EZH4 G0EZH4_CUPNN   C-type cytochrome SoxD
G0GXC4 G0GXC4_RICH0   Cytochrome c
G0IY99 G0IY99_CYCMS   Cytochrome c class I
G0J4C3 G0J4C3_CYCMS   Cytochrome c class I
G0K3S8 G0K3S8_STEMA   Cytochrome c class I
G0RSE1 G0RSE1_HYPJQ   Predicted protein
G0RZG2 G0RZG2_CHATD   Uncharacterized protein
G0V8Q9 G0V8Q9_NAUCC   Uncharacterized protein
G0VHJ4 G0VHJ4_NAUCC   Uncharacterized protein
G0W5U7 G0W5U7_NAUDC   Uncharacterized protein
G0WDE6 G0WDE6_NAUDC   Uncharacterized protein
G1K372 G1K372_MACMU   Uncharacterized protein
G1RY04 G1RY04_NOMLE   Uncharacterized protein
G1TFS7 G1TFS7_RABIT   Uncharacterized protein
G1TKY2 G1TKY2_RABIT   Uncharacterized protein
G1TTC7 G1TTC7_RABIT   Uncharacterized protein
G1TUQ7 G1TUQ7_RABIT   Uncharacterized protein
G1TVV5 G1TVV5_RABIT   Uncharacterized protein
G1TY21 G1TY21_RABIT   Uncharacterized protein
G1U0B4 G1U0B4_RABIT   Uncharacterized protein
G2HTV9 G2HTV9_9PROT   Sulfur oxidation protein SoxD
G2I4A9 G2I4A9_KOMMN   Cytochrome c
G2IJC5 G2IJC5_9SPHN   Cytochrome c
G2IKH3 G2IKH3_9SPHN   Cytochrome c
G2J255 G2J255_PSEUL   Cytochrome c, class I
G2KP23 G2KP23_MICAA   Cytochrome c domain protein
G2M1R6 G2M1R6_9XANT   Cytochrome C2
G2QPZ1 G2QPZ1_MYCTT   Uncharacterized protein
G2RHV1 G2RHV1_THITE   Uncharacterized protein
G2WSY7 G2WSY7_VERDV   Cytochrome c
G2Z3X2 G2Z3X2_FLABF   Cytochrome c family protein
G3AM39 G3AM39_SPAPN   Uncharacterized protein
G3AXT3 G3AXT3_CANTC   Cytochrome c
G3H2K2 G3H2K2_CRIGR   Cytochrome c, somatic
G3I3P7 G3I3P7_CRIGR   Cytochrome c, somatic
G3J9W0 G3J9W0_CORMM   Cytochrome c
G3RQE7 G3RQE7_GORGO   Uncharacterized protein
G3SZ22 G3SZ22_LOXAF   Cytochrome c, somatic
G3UCG1 G3UCG1_LOXAF   Uncharacterized protein
G3VSB9 G3VSB9_SARHA   Uncharacterized protein
G4KMH8 G4KMH8_RICJY   Cytochrome c
G4ML44 G4ML44_MAGO7   Cytochrome c
G4RFT1 G4RFT1_PELHB   Membrane c-type cytochrome cy
G4SXU8 G4SXU8_META2   Uncharacterized protein
G4XXL9 G4XXL9_HUMAN   Cytochrome c
G4XXM0 G4XXM0_PANPA   Cytochrome c
G4ZSR3 G4ZSR3_PHYSP   Cytochrome c
G5AWV4 G5AWV4_HETGA   Cytochrome c, somatic
G5AY59 G5AY59_HETGA   Cytochrome c, somatic
G5BAQ8 G5BAQ8_HETGA   Cytochrome c, somatic
G5BX00 G5BX00_HETGA   Cytochrome c, somatic
G5C8T5 G5C8T5_HETGA   Cytochrome c, somatic
G6E943 G6E943_9SPHN   Cytochrome c
G6EB54 G6EB54_9SPHN   Cytochrome c
G6Y269 G6Y269_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c class I
G6Y7J4 G6Y7J4_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c class i
G6YD51 G6YD51_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c
G6YD91 G6YD91_9RHIZ   Cytochrome C class I
G6YK33 G6YK33_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c family protein
G7D201 G7D201_BRAJP   Uncharacterized protein
G7D3G6 G7D3G6_BRAJP   Cytochrome C550,cytochrome C550
G7D4J3 G7D4J3_BRAJP   Uncharacterized protein
G7DA43 G7DA43_BRAJP   Uncharacterized protein
G7DD76 G7DD76_BRAJP   Uncharacterized protein
G7DDS0 G7DDS0_BRAJP   Cytochrome C
G7DK38 G7DK38_BRAJP   Cytochrome C
G7DMX7 G7DMX7_BRAJP   Sulfite oxidase cytochrome subunit
G7K7W9 G7K7W9_MEDTR   Cytochrome protein C
G7MPT8 G7MPT8_MACMU   Cytochrome c
G7P0Q2 G7P0Q2_MACFA   Cytochrome c
G7TJC0 G7TJC0_XANOB   CytochromeC2
G7UUG0 G7UUG0_PSEUP   Cytochrome c family protein
G7Z8D8 G7Z8D8_AZOL4   Cytochrome c
G7ZAU8 G7ZAU8_AZOL4   Cytochrome c
G7ZBW8 G7ZBW8_AZOL4   Cytochrome c
G7ZCQ8 G7ZCQ8_AZOL4   Uncharacterized protein
G8AFX8 G8AFX8_AZOBR   Cytochrome c2
G8AGH1 G8AGH1_AZOBR   Cytochrome C
G8AIP1 G8AIP1_AZOBR   Cytochrome c
G8ANM3 G8ANM3_AZOBR   Cytochrome c
G8AQD1 G8AQD1_AZOBR   Cytochrome c
G8AW69 G8AW69_AZOBR   Cytochrome C
G8AXZ9 G8AXZ9_AZOBR   Cytochrome C
G8BUM8 G8BUM8_TETPH   Uncharacterized protein
G8JQQ6 G8JQQ6_ERECY   Uncharacterized protein
G8M3V3 G8M3V3_9BURK   Cytochrome c class I
G8MI04 G8MI04_9BURK   Cytochrome c class I
G8NAF6 G8NAF6_9DEIN   Uncharacterized protein
G8NZY2 G8NZY2_GRAMM   Cytochrome c class I
G8PLZ7 G8PLZ7_PSEUV   Cytochrome c, class I
G8PPV3 G8PPV3_PSEUV   Diheme cytochrome c SoxE
G8PPV4 G8PPV4_PSEUV   Diheme cytochrome c SoxD
G8PQT3 G8PQT3_PSEUV   Diheme cytochrome c SoxD
G8Q9P3 G8Q9P3_PSEFL   Cytochrome c, class I
G8QGG2 G8QGG2_DECSP   Cytochrome c551/c552
G8QIW5 G8QIW5_DECSP   Cytochrome c551/c552
G8QJ31 G8QJ31_DECSP   Cytochrome c551/c552
G8QJW0 G8QJW0_DECSP   Cytochrome c553
G8QJW9 G8QJW9_DECSP   Cytochrome c551/c552
G8QP56 G8QP56_DECSP   Cytochrome c551/c552
G8TBA1 G8TBA1_NIAKG   Cytochrome c class I
G8XAL5 G8XAL5_FLACA   Cytochrome c551/c552 family protein
G8ZRK4 G8ZRK4_TORDC   Uncharacterized protein
G9A9I6 G9A9I6_RHIFH   Cytochrome c
G9AH35 G9AH35_RHIFH   Putative cytochrome c
H0PS42 H0PS42_9RHOO   Putative cytochrome c
H0PS53 H0PS53_9RHOO   Cytochrome c, class I
H0PT98 H0PT98_9RHOO   Cytochrome c-552 protein
H0PTM9 H0PTM9_9RHOO   Cytochrome c, class I
H0PUP4 H0PUP4_9RHOO   Cytochrome c, class I
H0PXW7 H0PXW7_9RHOO   Uncharacterized protein
H0PZ75 H0PZ75_9RHOO   Cytochrome c, class I
H0Q053 H0Q053_9RHOO   Cytochrome c
H0Q1T1 H0Q1T1_9RHOO   Cytochrome c, class I
H0Q3D6 H0Q3D6_9RHOO   Putative cache sensor protein
H0Q4A2 H0Q4A2_9RHOO   Putative cytochrome c
H1NJ24 H1NJ24_9BACT   Cytochrome C552
H2AV05 H2AV05_KAZAF   Uncharacterized protein
H2IKL1 H2IKL1_VIBSJ   Uncharacterized protein
H2XTZ1 H2XTZ1_CIOIN   Uncharacterized protein
H6PSX3 H6PSX3_RICP3   Cytochrome c
H6QK12 H6QK12_RICMA   Cytochrome c
H6SMZ0 H6SMZ0_PARPM   Cytochrome c2
H8K4L4 H8K4L4_RICAG   Cytochrome c
H8K8A3 H8K8A3_RICAC   Cytochrome c
H8KCR5 H8KCR5_RICMS   Cytochrome c
H8LNB7 H8LNB7_RICSL   Cytochrome c
H8X4A5 H8X4A5_CANO9   Cyc1 cytochrome c
H8XNL3 H8XNL3_FLAIG   Cytochrome c551/c552 family protein
H9ZQD2 H9ZQD2_THETH   Cytochrome c
I0AJF2 I0AJF2_IGNAJ   Cytochrome c class I
I0G0B6 I0G0B6_9BRAD   Cytochrome c
I0G2A2 I0G2A2_9BRAD   Cytochrome c2
I0G2N0 I0G2N0_9BRAD   Putative cytochrome c
I0G308 I0G308_9BRAD   Cytochrome c2
I0GEX1 I0GEX1_9BRAD   Putative cytochrome c
I0GF26 I0GF26_9BRAD   Cytochrome c550
I0HLW7 I0HLW7_RUBGI   Cytochrome c551 NirM
I0HLX5 I0HLX5_RUBGI   High-potential cytochrome c8
I0HRA9 I0HRA9_RUBGI   Putative cytochrome c-551
I0HUM6 I0HUM6_RUBGI   Low-potential cytochrome c8
I0IQA0 I0IQA0_LEPFC   Putative cytochrome c, class I
I0K3Z1 I0K3Z1_9BACT   Cytochrome c class I
I0K797 I0K797_9BACT   Cytochrome c, class I
I0K9Z0 I0K9Z0_9BACT   HHIP-like protein 1
I0KEY9 I0KEY9_9BACT   Uncharacterized protein
I0YYR5 I0YYR5_COCSC   Uncharacterized protein
I1HJA9 I1HJA9_BRADI   Uncharacterized protein
I1HU25 I1HU25_BRADI   Uncharacterized protein
I2DIV9 I2DIV9_9BURK   Cytochrome c551/c552
I2DPL8 I2DPL8_9BURK   Cytochrome c551/c552
I2ERS3 I2ERS3_EMTOG   PKD domain containing protein
I2EUK1 I2EUK1_EMTOG   PKD domain containing protein
I2EY76 I2EY76_EMTOG   Cytochrome c class I
I2EYB5 I2EYB5_EMTOG   PKD domain containing protein
I2EYJ9 I2EYJ9_EMTOG   Carbohydrate binding family 6
I2H3D5 I2H3D5_TETBL   Uncharacterized protein
I3LNY8 I3LNY8_PIG   Uncharacterized protein
I3TQJ0 I3TQJ0_TISMK   Putative CytoChrome c-like protein
I3TVU2 I3TVU2_TISMK   Diheme cytochrome c SoxE
I3TXG9 I3TXG9_TISMK   Cytochrome c family protein
I3U742 I3U742_ADVKW   Sulfite oxidase cytochrome subunit
I3UAU7 I3UAU7_ADVKW   Cytochrome C-552 2
I3UF30 I3UF30_ADVKW   Cytochrome C
I3UGE3 I3UGE3_ADVKW   Sulfite oxidase cytochrome subunit
I3X706 I3X706_RHIFR   Cytochrome c2
I3XCA4 I3XCA4_RHIFR   Cytochrome c2
I3XF94 I3XF94_RHIFR   Cytochrome c
I3XZ17 I3XZ17_SULBS   Cytochrome c553
I3ZAM4 I3ZAM4_BELBD   Cytochrome c551/c552
I4CN29 I4CN29_PSEST   Methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein
I4CPK5 I4CPK5_PSEST   Cytochrome c-551
I4Y5Y5 I4Y5Y5_WALMC   Cytochrome-c from the OXPHOS pathway
I6YRV4 I6YRV4_MELRP   Cytochrome c class I
I7E3T9 I7E3T9_PHAIB   Cytochrome c-like protein
I7E4G0 I7E4G0_PHAIB   Cytochrome c-552
I7EBT7 I7EBT7_PHAI2   Sulfite oxidase cytochrome subunit
I7EEG7 I7EEG7_PHAI2   Putative cytochrome c
I7EKM0 I7EKM0_PHAI2   Cytochrome c
I7ES98 I7ES98_PHAI2   Cytochrome c-like protein
I7ESY7 I7ESY7_PHAI2   Cytochrome c-552
I7EYI0 I7EYI0_PHAIB   Sulfite oxidase cytochrome subunit
I7F0V1 I7F0V1_PHAIB   Cytochrome c
I7HCC6 I7HCC6_9HELI   Cytochrome c553
I7JAA3 I7JAA3_9RICK   Cytochrome c2
I7MFH3 I7MFH3_TETTS   Cytochrome C-like protein
I7ML65 I7ML65_TETTS   Cytochrome protein C
J3JW09 J3JW09_DENPD   Uncharacterized protein
J3KEV9 J3KEV9_COCIM   Cytochrome c
J3M320 J3M320_ORYBR   Uncharacterized protein
J3M7A4 J3M7A4_ORYBR   Uncharacterized protein
J4CCX0 J4CCX0_THEOR   Cytochrome c
J4CDW1 J4CDW1_THEOR   Cytochrome C
J7IY21 J7IY21_BURCE   Cytochrome c, class I
J7IZW7 J7IZW7_BURCE   Class I cytochrome c
J7JIB0 J7JIB0_BURCE   Cytochrome C region protein
J7Q3H0 J7Q3H0_METSZ   Cytochrome c class I
J9K3P3 J9K3P3_ACYPI   Uncharacterized protein
J9R326 J9R326_RIEAN   Cytochrome c551/c552
J9R9J7 J9R9J7_RIEAN   Uncharacterized protein
J9YY63 J9YY63_9PROT   Cytochrome c
J9YZU4 J9YZU4_9PROT   Cytochrome c
J9ZAG7 J9ZAG7_LEPFM   Cytochrome c551/c552
K0CIR4 K0CIR4_ALCDB   Cytochrome c-551
K0DLE9 K0DLE9_9BURK   Cytochrome c class I
K0DN81 K0DN81_9BURK   Cytochrome c class I
K0DY47 K0DY47_9BURK   Sulfite oxidase cytochrome subunit
K0HQ28 K0HQ28_9BURK   Cytochrome c class I
K0I6H3 K0I6H3_9BURK   Class I cytochrome c
K0MEU2 K0MEU2_BORPB   Cytochrome C552
K0MFS6 K0MFS6_BORPB   Putative cytochrome c
K1WJ16 K1WJ16_MARBU   Cytochrome c
K3V9B8 K3V9B8_FUSPC   Uncharacterized protein
K3ZAX0 K3ZAX0_SETIT   Uncharacterized protein
K3ZAX4 K3ZAX4_SETIT   Uncharacterized protein
K4B1P8 K4B1P8_SOLLC   Uncharacterized protein
K4D814 K4D814_SOLLC   Uncharacterized protein
K5X6R0 K5X6R0_PHACS   Uncharacterized protein
K5XV53 K5XV53_AGABU   Cythochrome C
K6UY58 K6UY58_9APIC   Cytochrome c
K6V0S6 K6V0S6_9APIC   Cytochrome c
K7CAI8 K7CAI8_PANTR   Cytochrome c, somatic
K7E5S2 K7E5S2_MONDO   Uncharacterized protein
K7IXL7 K7IXL7_NASVI   Uncharacterized protein
K7J4F6 K7J4F6_NASVI   Uncharacterized protein
K7RJR2 K7RJR2_THEOS   Cytochrome c
K7UNJ8 K7UNJ8_MAIZE   Cytochrome c
K7Z687 K7Z687_9PROT   Cytochrome c distal domain protein
K8EY41 K8EY41_9CHLO   Uncharacterized protein
K9GP89 K9GP89_PEND1   Cytochrome c
K9NIU5 K9NIU5_9PSED   Cytochrome c2
L0FZQ4 L0FZQ4_ECHVK   Cytochrome c551/c552
L0GGD2 L0GGD2_PSEST   Uncharacterized protein
L0GI02 L0GI02_PSEST   Cytochrome c551/c552
L0H0T2 L0H0T2_9GAMM   Cytochrome c2
L0KB79 L0KB79_MESAW   Cytochrome c2
L0KKL9 L0KKL9_MESAW   Cytochrome c2
L0LHI7 L0LHI7_RHITR   Putative cytochrome c-like protein
L0LPF5 L0LPF5_RHITR   Cytochrome c2
L0LR83 L0LR83_RHITR   Cytochrome c2
L0NGY6 L0NGY6_9RHIZ   Sulfur dehydrogenase sub-unit SoxD hybrid diheme c-type cytochrome, iron-binding
L0NJI6 L0NJI6_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c
L0NL04 L0NL04_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c class I
L0NMM1 L0NMM1_9RHIZ   C-type cytochrome c552
L1JSY9 L1JSY9_GUITH   Uncharacterized protein
L7U693 L7U693_MYXSD   Cytochrome c family protein
L8HKB3 L8HKB3_ACACA   Cytochrome c, putative
L8I7H4 L8I7H4_9CETA   Uncharacterized protein
L8IC74 L8IC74_9CETA   Cytochrome c 2
L8IW34 L8IW34_9CETA   Cytochrome c
L8J2S8 L8J2S8_9CETA   Cytochrome c
L8YAT7 L8YAT7_TUPCH   Cytochrome c, somatic
L9L999 L9L999_TUPCH   Cytochrome c, somatic
M0RTM5 M0RTM5_MUSAM   Uncharacterized protein
M0SUR9 M0SUR9_MUSAM   Uncharacterized protein
M0T845 M0T845_MUSAM   Uncharacterized protein
M0TK41 M0TK41_MUSAM   Uncharacterized protein
M0ZKD3 M0ZKD3_SOLTU   Uncharacterized protein
M1CBK0 M1CBK0_SOLTU   Uncharacterized protein
M1P2M8 M1P2M8_BARAA   Cytochrome c
M1QJQ1 M1QJQ1_9AQUI   Cytochrome c class I
M1RQ96 M1RQ96_9PROT   Cytochrome c, class I
M1RRN0 M1RRN0_9AQUI   Cytochrome c class I
M1T3I5 M1T3I5_9PROT   Cytochrome c, class I
M1VHH6 M1VHH6_CYAM1   Similar to cytochrome c
M2MJB7 M2MJB7_BAUCO   Uncharacterized protein
M2TIW6 M2TIW6_COCSN   Uncharacterized protein
M2VTN6 M2VTN6_GALSU   Ubiquitin
M3X7H4 M3X7H4_FELCA   Uncharacterized protein
M4MGN6 M4MGN6_SINM2   Cytochrome C
M4MIU3 M4MIU3_SINM2   Putative cytochrome c
M4MN91 M4MN91_SINM2   Putative cytochrome C transmembrane protein
M4MUL2 M4MUL2_SINM2   Putative cytochrome C transmembrane protein
M4S198 M4S198_9SPHN   Class I cytochrome c
M4S503 M4S503_9SPHN   Class I cytochrome c
M4TWG7 M4TWG7_9XANT   Cytochrome C2
M4UKS3 M4UKS3_RALSL   Sulfite dehydrogenase cytochrome subunit SoxD
M4V6N5 M4V6N5_9DELT   Uncharacterized protein
M4VCT8 M4VCT8_9PROT   Cytochrome c
M4X6Y1 M4X6Y1_9PSED   Cytochrome c-551
M4Z2V4 M4Z2V4_9BRAD   Putative cytochrome C
M4Z7R8 M4Z7R8_9BRAD   Cytochrome c
M4ZAJ9 M4ZAJ9_9BRAD   Putative sulfite oxidase cytochrome subunit SoxD
M4ZDP0 M4ZDP0_9BRAD   Cytochrome c2
M4ZFF2 M4ZFF2_9BRAD   Cytochrome C
M4ZFS2 M4ZFS2_9BRAD   Cytochrome c homolog
M5A0H8 M5A0H8_9BRAD   Cytochrome C
M5XNM3 M5XNM3_PRUPE   Uncharacterized protein
M7SV00 M7SV00_EUTLA   Putative cytochrome c protein
M8BK26 M8BK26_AEGTA   Cytochrome c
M8BUK1 M8BUK1_AEGTA   Cytochrome c
M8C927 M8C927_AEGTA   Cytochrome c
M9PD22 M9PD22_DROME   Cytochrome c distal, isoform B
M9R7M0 M9R7M0_9RHOB   Cytochrome c-552
M9RIF9 M9RIF9_9RHOB   Putative class IA/IB cytochrome c
M9RSE7 M9RSE7_9RHOB   Class IA/IB family cytochrome c protein
M9RSY3 M9RSY3_9RHOB   Cytochrome c-552
M9WPN3 M9WPN3_9RICK   Cytochrome c family protein
M9X0N9 M9X0N9_9RICK   Cytochrome c family protein
M9YEZ6 M9YEZ6_AZOVI   Cytochrome c-551
N0B4G9 N0B4G9_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c class I
N0B4J7 N0B4J7_9RHIZ   Cytochrome C class I
N0B6E5 N0B6E5_9RHIZ   Cytochrome C class I
N0B763 N0B763_9RHIZ   Cytochrome C class I
N0B8W5 N0B8W5_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c2
N0BCS1 N0BCS1_9RHIZ   Cytochrome C class I
N1QD18 N1QD18_PSEFD   Uncharacterized protein
N6TTC8 N6TTC8_DENPD   Uncharacterized protein
O13393 CYC_PICST * Cytochrome c
O23138 CYC1_ARATH * Cytochrome c-1
O67504 O67504_AQUAE   Cytochrome c552
P00002 CYC_MACMU * Cytochrome c
P00011 CYC_CANLF * Cytochrome c
P00015 CYC2_MOUSE * Cytochrome c, testis-specific
P00020 CYC_ANAPL * Cytochrome c
P00021 CYC_COLLI * Cytochrome c
P00038 CYC_APIME * Cytochrome c
P00043 CYC_DEBHA * Cytochrome c
P00044 CYC1_YEAST * Cytochrome c iso-1
P00045 CYC7_YEAST * Cytochrome c iso-2
P00046 CYC_SCHPO * Cytochrome c
P00048 CYC_NEUCR * Cytochrome c
P00082 CYC2_RHOVT * Cytochrome c2
P00091 CYC22_RHOPA * Cytochrome c2
P00094 CYC2_RHOCB * Cytochrome c2
P00099 CY551_PSEAE * Cytochrome c-551
P00120 CY553_DESVM * Cytochrome c-553
P04032 CY553_DESVH * Cytochrome c-553
P04657 CYC1_DROME * Cytochrome c-1
P07625 CY551_ROSDO * Cytochrome c-551
P10715 CYC2_RAT * Cytochrome c, testis-specific
P15451 CYC_CHLRE * Cytochrome c
P15452 CY552_HYDTT * Cytochrome c-552
P19974 CYC21_CAEEL * Cytochrome c 2.1
P25400 CYC_CANGA * Cytochrome c
P30323 CYCM_BRADU * Cytochrome c homolog
P32556 CYC_KLULA * Cytochrome c
P38091 CYC_EMENI * Cytochrome c
P53698 CYC_CANAL * Cytochrome c
P62894 CYC_BOVIN * Cytochrome c
P62895 CYC_PIG * Cytochrome c
P62896 CYC_SHEEP * Cytochrome c
P62897 CYC_MOUSE * Cytochrome c, somatic
P62898 CYC_RAT * Cytochrome c, somatic
P67881 CYC_CHICK * Cytochrome c
P67882 CYC_MELGA * Cytochrome c
P68097 CYC_EQUAS * Cytochrome c
P68099 CYC_CAMDR * Cytochrome c
P80549 CY551_ALLVD * Cytochrome c-551
P84029 CYC2_DROME * Cytochrome c-2
P95339 CY552_NITEU * Cytochrome c-552
P99998 CYC_PANTR * Cytochrome c
P99999 CYC_HUMAN * Cytochrome c
Q02A35 Q02A35_SOLUE   Cytochrome c, class I
Q05389 CYCY_RHOCB * Cytochrome c-type cyt cy
Q07K37 Q07K37_RHOP5   Cytochrome c, class I
Q07M26 Q07M26_RHOP5   Sulfur dehydrogenase subunit SoxD [EC:1.-.-.-]
Q07RZ1 Q07RZ1_RHOP5   Cytochrome c, class I
Q0ADX3 Q0ADX3_NITEC   Cytochrome c, class I
Q0ANL0 Q0ANL0_MARMM   Cytochrome c, class I
Q0ASL3 Q0ASL3_MARMM   Cytochrome c, class I
Q0BCQ5 Q0BCQ5_BURCM   Cytochrome c, class I
Q0BJA7 Q0BJA7_BURCM   Cytochrome c, class I
Q0BQL2 Q0BQL2_GRABC   Cytochrome c
Q0BQU4 Q0BQU4_GRABC   Cytochrome c
Q0C3Q4 Q0C3Q4_HYPNA   Cytochrome c family protein
Q0C4F6 Q0C4F6_HYPNA   Cytochrome c family protein
Q0DI31 CYC_ORYSJ * Cytochrome c
Q0JYS2 Q0JYS2_CUPNH   Cytochrome c2
Q0JZ21 Q0JZ21_CUPNH   Cytochrome c-type
Q0K2D5 Q0K2D5_CUPNH   Cytochrome c551/c552
Q0K5U2 Q0K5U2_CUPNH   C-type cytochrome (SoxD)
Q0K5U3 Q0K5U3_CUPNH   Cytochrome c551/c552
Q0P9A3 Q0P9A3_CAMJE   Putative periplasmic cytochrome C
Q0TY36 Q0TY36_PHANO   Uncharacterized protein
Q11AX3 Q11AX3_CHESB   Cytochrome c, class I
Q11E81 Q11E81_CHESB   Cytochrome c, class I
Q11FK1 Q11FK1_CHESB   WD-40 repeat-containing protein
Q11XL9 Q11XL9_CYTH3   Sulfite oxidase cytochrome subunit
Q11XM0 Q11XM0_CYTH3   Cytochrome c551/c552
Q126Y3 Q126Y3_POLSJ   Cytochrome c, class I
Q12A96 Q12A96_POLSJ   Sulfur dehydrogenase subunit SoxD [EC:1.-.-.-]
Q12BW2 Q12BW2_POLSJ   Cytochrome c, class I
Q130M1 Q130M1_RHOPS   Sulfur dehydrogenase subunit SoxD [EC:1.-.-.-]
Q132M6 Q132M6_RHOPS   Cytochrome c, class I
Q133I0 Q133I0_RHOPS   Cytochrome c, class I
Q13IC5 Q13IC5_PARXL   Putative cytochrome c
Q13IL2 Q13IL2_PARXL   Putative sulfite oxidase cytochrome subunit
Q13YN7 Q13YN7_PARXL   Putative sulfite oxidase cytochrome c subunit, SoxD
Q143Y6 Q143Y6_PARXL   Putative cytochrome c, class I
Q146P9 Q146P9_PARXL   Putative cytochrome c, class I
Q15EU2 Q15EU2_SCHMA   Cytochrome c-like protein
Q16A02 Q16A02_ROSDO   Cytochrome c2
Q16A42 Q16A42_ROSDO   Cytochrome c2
Q16A43 Q16A43_ROSDO   Diheme cytochrome c SoxD
Q16AT5 Q16AT5_ROSDO   Cytochrome c552
Q16BI6 Q16BI6_ROSDO   WD repeat protein
Q16BT6 Q16BT6_ROSDO   Cytochrome c family protein
Q1D5H2 Q1D5H2_MYXXD   Cytochrome c family protein
Q1GDI1 Q1GDI1_RUEST   Cytochrome c class I
Q1GJM9 Q1GJM9_RUEST   Cytochrome c class I
Q1GLQ1 Q1GLQ1_RUEST   Cytochrome c class I
Q1GVI0 Q1GVI0_SPHAL   Cytochrome c, class I
Q1GVI1 Q1GVI1_SPHAL   Cytochrome c, class I
Q1GWW7 Q1GWW7_SPHAL   Cytochrome c, class I
Q1GZ74 Q1GZ74_METFK   Cytochrome c, class I
Q1H4H4 Q1H4H4_METFK   Cytochrome c, class I
Q1KKS2 CYCB_TAKRU * Cytochrome c-b
Q1KL06 CYCA_TAKRU * Cytochrome c-a
Q1LG27 Q1LG27_CUPMC   Cytochrome c, class I
Q1LHT0 Q1LHT0_CUPMC   Cytochrome c551/c552 h16_A3570
Q1LII3 Q1LII3_CUPMC   Cytochrome c-551 (Cytochrome c551) (Cytochrome C8)
Q1MEU1 Q1MEU1_RHIL3   Putative exported cytochrome c
Q1MGD7 Q1MGD7_RHIL3   Putative cytochrome c
Q1MN22 Q1MN22_RHIL3   Memmbrane-bound cytochrome c
Q1Q9D0 Q1Q9D0_PSYCK   Cytochrome c, class I
Q1QFP6 Q1QFP6_NITHX   Cytochrome c, class I
Q1QHU4 Q1QHU4_NITHX   Cytochrome c, class I
Q1QIK7 Q1QIK7_NITHX   Cytochrome c, class I
Q1QND2 Q1QND2_NITHX   Cytochrome c, class I
Q1QPA5 Q1QPA5_NITHX   Cytochrome c, class I
Q1QR79 Q1QR79_NITHX   Cytochrome c, class I
Q1RHX7 CYCM_RICBR * Cytochrome c homolog
Q1ZZQ7 Q1ZZQ7_ACYPI   ACYPI000041 protein
Q210C1 Q210C1_RHOPB   Cytochrome c, class I
Q219R7 Q219R7_RHOPB   Cytochrome c, class I
Q21QW9 Q21QW9_RHOFT   Cytochrome c, class I
Q21R20 Q21R20_RHOFT   Cytochrome c, class I
Q21VL8 Q21VL8_RHOFT   Cytochrome c, class I
Q23240 CYC22_CAEEL * Probable cytochrome c 2.2
Q247Y9 Q247Y9_TETTS   Cytochrome C domain protein
Q28KI1 Q28KI1_JANSC   Cytochrome c class I
Q28W47 Q28W47_JANSC   Cytochrome c2
Q29MT1 Q29MT1_DROPS   Uncharacterized protein
Q29MT2 Q29MT2_DROPS   Uncharacterized protein
Q2G7L0 Q2G7L0_NOVAD   Cytochrome c, class I
Q2GA61 Q2GA61_NOVAD   Cytochrome c, class I
Q2GB57 Q2GB57_NOVAD   Cytochrome c, class I
Q2GCC9 Q2GCC9_NOVAD   Cytochrome c, class I
Q2GDT8 Q2GDT8_NEOSM   Cytochrome c
Q2GHD6 Q2GHD6_EHRCR   Cytochrome C, membrane-bound
Q2GLE8 Q2GLE8_ANAPZ   Cytochrome C, membrane-bound
Q2IK74 Q2IK74_ANADE   Sulfur dehydrogenase subunit SoxD [EC:1.-.-.-]
Q2IRV6 Q2IRV6_RHOP2   Sulfur dehydrogenase subunit SoxD [EC:1.-.-.-]
Q2ISY0 Q2ISY0_RHOP2   Cytochrome c, class I
Q2IZ83 Q2IZ83_RHOP2   Cytochrome c, class I
Q2K6Z6 Q2K6Z6_RHIEC   Probable cytochrome-c protein
Q2KDX8 Q2KDX8_RHIEC   Cytochrome-c protein
Q2KVC3 Q2KVC3_BORA1   Cytochrome C
Q2N7K5 Q2N7K5_ERYLH   Cytochrome c family protein
Q2N842 Q2N842_ERYLH   Cytochrome C
Q2RVM4 CYC2_RHORT * Cytochrome c2
Q2STW0 Q2STW0_BURTA   Cytochrome c family protein
Q2T0B7 Q2T0B7_BURTA   Cytochrome c subfamily, putative
Q2UFB7 Q2UFB7_ASPOR   Uncharacterized protein
Q2W1P5 Q2W1P5_MAGSA   Cytochrome C2, iso-2
Q2W7W2 Q2W7W2_MAGSA   Cytochrome C2
Q2YC69 Q2YC69_NITMU   Cytochrome c
Q2YIS2 Q2YIS2_BRUA2   Cytochrome c heme-binding site:Cytochrome c, class IA/ IB:Cytochrome c, class I
Q2YPQ4 Q2YPQ4_BRUA2   Cytochrome c heme-binding site:Cytochrome c, class IA/ IB:Cytochrome c, class I:Cytochrome c, class IC
Q30NU8 Q30NU8_SULDN   Diheme cytochrome c SoxD
Q31JC0 Q31JC0_THICR   Sulfur oxidation system protein SoxD
Q39DS8 Q39DS8_BURL3   Cytochrome c, class I
Q39KM0 Q39KM0_BURL3   Cytochrome c, class I
Q39TF5 Q39TF5_GEOMG   Uncharacterized protein
Q3AS46 Q3AS46_CHLCH   C-type cytochrome, putative
Q3BUW2 Q3BUW2_XANC5   Putative cytochrome C
Q3J003 Q3J003_RHOS4   Cytochrome cy
Q3J164 CYC2_RHOS4 * Cytochrome c2
Q3J3A0 Q3J3A0_RHOS4   Isocytochrome c2
Q3JV13 Q3JV13_BURP1   Cytochrome C552
Q3JY98 Q3JY98_BURP1   Cytochrome c family protein
Q3KAB4 Q3KAB4_PSEPF   Putative cytochrome C
Q3SFD3 Q3SFD3_THIDA   Probable cytochrome C transmembrane protein
Q3SNA4 Q3SNA4_NITWN   Cytochrome c, class I
Q3SPF6 Q3SPF6_NITWN   Cytochrome c, class I
Q3SUR3 Q3SUR3_NITWN   Cytochrome c, class I
Q3SVY7 Q3SVY7_NITWN   Cytochrome c, class I
Q3SZT9 CYC2_BOVIN * Cytochrome c 2
Q3YRE5 Q3YRE5_EHRCJ   Cytochrome c, class I
Q45233 CY550_BRADU * Cytochrome c-550
Q46R75 Q46R75_CUPNJ   Cytochrome c, class I
Q46VJ6 Q46VJ6_CUPNJ   Cytochrome c, class I
Q46W68 Q46W68_CUPNJ   Sulfur dehydrogenase subunit SoxD [EC:1.-.-.-]
Q46W69 Q46W69_CUPNJ   Cytochrome c, class I
Q470N5 Q470N5_CUPNJ   Cytochrome c, class I
Q47AT1 Q47AT1_DECAR   Cytochrome c, class I
Q47BB8 Q47BB8_DECAR   Sulfur dehydrogenase subunit SoxD [EC:1.-.-.-]
Q47E63 Q47E63_DECAR   Cytochrome c, class I
Q47FP8 Q47FP8_DECAR   Cytochrome c, class I
Q47FR2 Q47FR2_DECAR   Cytochrome c, class I
Q47HB9 Q47HB9_DECAR   Cytochrome c, class I
Q47I83 Q47I83_DECAR   Cytochrome c, class I
Q47YK6 Q47YK6_COLP3   Cytochrome c2
Q48KK4 Q48KK4_PSE14   Cytochrome c2
Q4CV48 Q4CV48_TRYCC   Cytochrome c, putative
Q4D480 Q4D480_TRYCC   Cytochrome c, putative
Q4FNB3 Q4FNB3_PELUB   Cytochrome C
Q4FR33 Q4FR33_PSYA2   Cytochrome C2
Q4HVX7 CYC_GIBZE * Cytochrome c
Q4KJW9 Q4KJW9_PSEF5   Cytochrome c2
Q4N3J2 Q4N3J2_THEPA   Cytochrome c, putative
Q4N594 CYC_THEPA * Cytochrome c
Q4QEN5 Q4QEN5_LEIMA   Cytochrome c
Q4SG99 CYC_TETNG * Cytochrome c
Q4U8X9 Q4U8X9_THEAN   Cyctochrome C, putative
Q4UEA0 CYC_THEAN * Cytochrome c
Q4UKP6 CYCM_RICFE * Cytochrome c homolog
Q4X0L0 Q4X0L0_ASPFU   Cytochrome c
Q4YGN2 Q4YGN2_PLABA   Uncharacterized protein
Q4YTB6 Q4YTB6_PLABA   Cytochrome c, putative
Q4YUW2 Q4YUW2_PLABA   Cytochrome c2,putative
Q4ZV95 Q4ZV95_PSEU2   Cytochrome c, class I
Q56A15 Q56A15_MOUSE   Cytochrome c
Q579S1 Q579S1_BRUAB   CycA, cytochrome c2
Q57FX5 Q57FX5_BRUAB   Cytochrome c, membrane-bound
Q57UI4 Q57UI4_TRYB2   Cytochrome c
Q5FG01 Q5FG01_EHRRG   Cytochrome c homolog
Q5GTG0 Q5GTG0_WOLTR   Cytochrome c2
Q5GYG6 Q5GYG6_XANOR   Cytochrome C2
Q5KNC7 Q5KNC7_CRYNJ   Electron carrier, putative
Q5LL49 Q5LL49_RUEPO   Cytochrome c family protein
Q5LLH2 Q5LLH2_RUEPO   Cytochrome c family protein
Q5LMM5 Q5LMM5_RUEPO   Cytochrome c552
Q5LSH5 Q5LSH5_RUEPO   WD domain/cytochrome c family protein
Q5LTA5 Q5LTA5_RUEPO   Cytochrome c family protein
Q5LUQ3 Q5LUQ3_RUEPO   Diheme cytochrome c SoxE
Q5LUQ4 Q5LUQ4_RUEPO   Diheme cytochrome c SoxD
Q5LWT7 Q5LWT7_RUEPO   Cytochrome c family protein
Q5NZC9 Q5NZC9_AROAE   Putative cytochrome c
Q5P8D6 Q5P8D6_AROAE   Uncharacterized protein
Q5RFH4 CYC_PONAB * Cytochrome c
Q5SIF9 Q5SIF9_THET8   Sulfite dehydrogenase cytochrome subunit SoxD
Q604Y1 Q604Y1_METCA   Cytochrome c family protein
Q63PV1 Q63PV1_BURPS   Putative cytochrome c-551
Q63WC0 Q63WC0_BURPS   Putative cytochrome c protein
Q640U4 CYC1_XENTR * Cytochrome c, somatic
Q64I04 Q64I04_AZOBR   Cytochrome C
Q68XB6 CYCM_RICTY * Cytochrome c homolog
Q6C9Q0 CYC_YARLI * Cytochrome c
Q6DKE1 CYC2_XENLA * Cytochrome c, testis-specific
Q6GQE4 CYC1A_XENLA * Cytochrome c, somatic A
Q6IQM2 CYC_DANRE * Cytochrome c
Q6N1E3 Q6N1E3_RHOPA   Possible cytochrome
Q6N3K0 Q6N3K0_RHOPA   Putative cytochrome c
Q6NTN0 CYC1B_XENLA * Cytochrome c, somatic B
Q6PBF4 CYC2_XENTR * Cytochrome c, testis-specific
Q6WUX8 CYC_GORGO * Cytochrome c
Q72IT7 Q72IT7_THET2   Cytochrome c
Q73GX6 Q73GX6_WOLPM   Cytochrome c family protein
Q753F4 CYC_ASHGO * Cytochrome c
Q7P1N8 Q7P1N8_CHRVO   Probable cytochrome C transmembrane protein
Q7RDJ2 Q7RDJ2_PLAYO   Cytochrome c
Q7RKU3 Q7RKU3_PLAYO   Cytochrome c
Q7VG08 Q7VG08_HELHP   Cytochrome c553
Q7VUN7 Q7VUN7_BORPE   Cytochrome c-552
Q7VX17 Q7VX17_BORPE   Putative cytochrome c
Q7W498 Q7W498_BORPA   Cytochrome C552
Q7W7X0 Q7W7X0_BORPA   Putative cytochrome c
Q869N1 CYC_DICDI * Cytochrome c
Q87H21 Q87H21_VIBPA   Uncharacterized protein
Q884L8 Q884L8_PSESM   Cytochrome c2
Q89DF1 Q89DF1_BRADU   Cyc1 protein
Q89FR2 Q89FR2_BRADU   Blr6637 protein
Q89H74 Q89H74_BRADU   Bll6120 protein
Q89IZ9 Q89IZ9_BRADU   Bll5485 protein
Q89PG3 Q89PG3_BRADU   SoxD protein
Q89SL2 Q89SL2_BRADU   Cytochrome c2
Q8I6T6 Q8I6T6_PLAF7   Cytochrome c2, putative
Q8IM53 Q8IM53_PLAF7   Cytochrome c, putative
Q8PA26 Q8PA26_XANCP   Cytochrome C2
Q8PLV5 Q8PLV5_XANAC   Cytochrome C2
Q8S0R8 Q8S0R8_ORYSJ   Os01g0885000 protein
Q8UJ37 CYCM_AGRFC * Cytochrome c homolog
Q8VUB4 Q8VUB4_BRASO   Cytochrome C2
Q8XUD1 Q8XUD1_RALSO   Probable cytochrome c551/c552 transmembrane protein
Q8Y1R0 Q8Y1R0_RALSO   Putative oxidoreductase cytochrome c552 signal peptide protein [EC:1.-.-.-]
Q8YB33 Q8YB33_BRUME   Cytochrome c2
Q8YEH5 Q8YEH5_BRUME   Cytochrome c-552
Q92IT3 CYCM_RICCN * Cytochrome c homolog
Q92MU4 Q92MU4_RHIME   Putative cytochrome C transmembrane protein
Q92SX7 Q92SX7_RHIME   Putative cytochrome C transmembrane protein
Q92WZ0 Q92WZ0_RHIME   Putative cytochrome c protein
Q92YQ4 Q92YQ4_RHIME   Cytochrome C
Q939T8 Q939T8_RHOSU   Diheme cytochrome c SoxD
Q98BN4 Q98BN4_RHILO   Cytochrome c
Q98D16 Q98D16_RHILO   Cytochrome c-1
Q98HR1 Q98HR1_RHILO   Cytochrome c2
Q98LF0 Q98LF0_RHILO   Cytochrome c
Q9A4A2 Q9A4A2_CAUCR   Cytochrome c, membrane-bound
Q9A7T8 Q9A7T8_CAUCR   Cytochrome c family protein
Q9A8Y7 Q9A8Y7_CAUCR   Cytochrome c family protein
Q9T0G2 CYC2_ARATH * Cytochrome c-2
Q9ZDS2 CYCM_RICPR * Cytochrome c homolog
R0GY45 R0GY45_9BRAS   Uncharacterized protein
R0I8G5 R0I8G5_9BRAS   Uncharacterized protein
R1B9U5 R1B9U5_EMIHU   Putative cytochrome c
R1BLY1 R1BLY1_EMIHU   Putative cytochrome c
R1BQ87 R1BQ87_EMIHU   Putative cytochrome c
R1CQ55 R1CQ55_EMIHU   Cytochrome C
R1CXY0 R1CXY0_EMIHU   Cytochrome c isoform 2
R1DEP9 R1DEP9_EMIHU   Putative cytochrome c
R1DK85 R1DK85_EMIHU   Putative cytochrome c
R1EIW3 R1EIW3_EMIHU   Putative cytochrome c
R1F966 R1F966_EMIHU   Putative cytochrome c
R1G1Z9 R1G1Z9_EMIHU   Putative cytochrome c
R1GA93 R1GA93_BOTPV   Putative cytochrome c protein
R4WFH1 R4WFH1_9BURK   Cytochrome c class I
R4WJI8 R4WJI8_9BURK   Cytochrome c family protein
R4WS44 R4WS44_9BURK   Cytochrome c class I
R4X1F2 R4X1F2_9BURK   Cytochrome c class I
R7QDE3 R7QDE3_CHOCR   Similar to cytochrome c
R7SUI1 R7SUI1_DICSQ   Cytochrome-c from the OXPHOS pathway
R8BJ56 R8BJ56_TOGMI   Putative cytochrome c protein
R9AK74 R9AK74_WALI9   Cytochrome c
R9VDX3 R9VDX3_PSEPU   Uncharacterized protein
S3D5H6 S3D5H6_GLAL2   Cytochrome c
S4YX07 S4YX07_9GAMM   Cytochrome C
S5IZ48 S5IZ48_VIBPH   Cytochrome C
S5PWI9 S5PWI9_ANAPH   Cytochrome C
S5RY86 S5RY86_RHIET   Cytochrome-c class 1 protein
S5SDK9 S5SDK9_RHIET   Cytochrome-c CycM
S5XPI8 S5XPI8_PARAH   Cytochrome c-552
S5XQ40 S5XQ40_PARAH   Cytochrome c550
S6ADX5 S6ADX5_9PROT   Class I cytochrome c
S6ANS7 S6ANS7_9PROT   PT repeat-containing protein
S6AQL8 S6AQL8_PSERE   Uncharacterized protein
S6BHW8 S6BHW8_PSERE   Cytochrome c
S6BIH7 S6BIH7_PSERE   Uncharacterized protein
S6BV61 S6BV61_9GAMM   Cytochrome c, class I
S6D0Y0 S6D0Y0_ACEPA   Cytochrome c, class I
S7MNE2 S7MNE2_MYOBR   Cytochrome c
S7QBN9 S7QBN9_MYOBR   Cytochrome c
S7RIR2 S7RIR2_GLOTA   Cytochrome c C1
T1F6M2 T1F6M2_HELRO   Uncharacterized protein
T1PF88 T1PF88_MUSDO   Cytochrome c
T1XC60 T1XC60_VARPD   Putative cytochrome c, class I
T1XF20 T1XF20_VARPD   Cytochrome c domain-containing protein
T1XL53 T1XL53_VARPD   Cytochrome c domain-containing protein
T1XMR9 T1XMR9_VARPD   Putative cytochrome c
T2MEP5 T2MEP5_HYDVU   Cytochrome c
U3QI97 U3QI97_RALPI   Cytochrome C
U3QMR4 U3QMR4_RALPI   Cytochrome C transmembrane protein
U3QMW1 U3QMW1_RALPI   Cytochrome C transmembrane protein
U3QVF5 U3QVF5_RALPI   Cytochrome C
U3R027 U3R027_RALPI   Uncharacterized protein
U4JWA5 U4JWA5_9VIBR   Putative Cytochrome c
U4M834 U4M834_9XANT   Putative cytochrome C2
U4PSL4 U4PSL4_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c-like protein
U4PYJ4 U4PYJ4_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c2
U4Q0U7 U4Q0U7_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c2
U5FVI3 U5FVI3_POPTR   Uncharacterized protein
U5GNH6 U5GNH6_POPTR   Uncharacterized protein
U5N8G4 U5N8G4_9BURK   Cytochrome c551/c552
U7DZX5 U7DZX5_POPTR   Uncharacterized protein
V2WCX6 V2WCX6_MONRO   Cytochrome c
V4BHC8 V4BHC8_LOTGI   Uncharacterized protein
V4KTA0 V4KTA0_EUTSA   Uncharacterized protein
V4L8A1 V4L8A1_EUTSA   Uncharacterized protein
V4T5D8 V4T5D8_9ROSI   Uncharacterized protein
V4TYB0 V4TYB0_9ROSI   Uncharacterized protein
V5PN04 V5PN04_9BURK   Cytochrome C
V5PUL0 V5PUL0_9BURK   Cytochrome C
V5PXQ8 V5PXQ8_9BURK   Cytochrome C transmembrane protein
V5PZ08 V5PZ08_9BURK   Cytochrome C
V5SBE1 V5SBE1_9RHIZ   Cytochrome C
V5SCZ6 V5SCZ6_9RHIZ   Cytochrome C
V5SGQ7 V5SGQ7_9RHIZ   Cytochrome C
V5UB20 V5UB20_9BURK   Cytochrome C
V5UD25 V5UD25_9BURK   Cytochrome C
V5UEL4 V5UEL4_9BURK   Cytochrome C
V5UGJ3 V5UGJ3_9BURK   Cytochrome C
V6F5Y7 V6F5Y7_9PROT   Cytochrome c-551
V6F780 V6F780_9PROT   Cytochrome c2 iso-2
V6F8L2 V6F8L2_9PROT   Uncharacterized protein
V7B4A0 V7B4A0_PHAVU   Uncharacterized protein
V7CI22 V7CI22_PHAVU   Uncharacterized protein
V9QWM0 V9QWM0_9PSED   Cytochrome C biogenesis protein CcsA
V9R2F8 V9R2F8_9PSED   Cytochrome C
V9R6P5 V9R6P5_9RICK   Cytochrome C
V9TV24 V9TV24_9PROT   Cytochrome c
V9VS78 V9VS78_9RHOB   MFS transporter
V9VSE9 V9VSE9_9RHOB   Cytochrome C
V9VUK5 V9VUK5_9RHOB   Cytochrome C550
V9WA21 V9WA21_9RHOB   Uncharacterized protein
V9WDC8 V9WDC8_9RHOB   Uncharacterized protein
V9WF17 V9WF17_9RHOB   Uncharacterized protein
V9WGD0 V9WGD0_9RHOB   Uncharacterized protein
V9WJJ4 V9WJJ4_9RHOB   Uncharacterized protein
V9WP05 V9WP05_9RHOB   Cytochrome c2
W0A3H0 W0A3H0_9SPHN   Uncharacterized protein
W0A8U3 W0A8U3_9SPHN   Uncharacterized protein
W0AA30 W0AA30_9SPHN   Uncharacterized protein
W0AE01 W0AE01_9SPHN   Uncharacterized protein
W0AFK9 W0AFK9_9SPHN   Uncharacterized protein
W0AJ13 W0AJ13_9SPHN   Uncharacterized protein
W0D8F0 W0D8F0_CAMFE   Cytochrome c553
W0DCL4 W0DCL4_9AQUI   Cytochrome C
W0DDF6 W0DDF6_9AQUI   Cytochrome C
W0DSZ7 W0DSZ7_9GAMM   Cytochrome biogenesis protein CcdA
W0E7Q2 W0E7Q2_MARPU   Cytochrome C551
W0EVI5 W0EVI5_9BACT   Cytochrome C
W0H7S5 W0H7S5_PSECI   Cytochrome c2
W0H8Y5 W0H8Y5_PSECI   Cytochrome c class i
W0ID63 W0ID63_RHILT   Cytochrome C
W0IEP6 W0IEP6_RHILT   Cytochrome C transmembrane protein
W0IHN0 W0IHN0_RHILT   Cytochrome C
W0IPA6 W0IPA6_RHILT   Cysteine desulfurase
W0MSX2 W0MSX2_PSESX   Cytochrome C
W0P6A1 W0P6A1_9BURK   Putative cytochrome c, class 1
W0PHW9 W0PHW9_9BURK   Putative cytochrome c, class 1
W0PJB2 W0PJB2_9BURK   Putative cytochrome c, class 1
W0RG91 W0RG91_9BACT   Cytochrome c class I
W0RP14 W0RP14_9BACT   PKD domain containing protein
W0SAQ9 W0SAQ9_9PROT   Cytochrome c class I
W0SB70 W0SB70_9PROT   Cytochrome c class I
W0SBI5 W0SBI5_9PROT   Cytochrome c class I
W0SBX3 W0SBX3_9PROT   Cytochrome c class I
W0SEU1 W0SEU1_9PROT   Cytochrome c class I
W0V283 W0V283_9BURK   Cytochrome c-551
W0VDK6 W0VDK6_9BURK   Cytochrome c2
W1N3W8 W1N3W8_9GAMM   Uncharacterized protein
W1NRT4 W1NRT4_AMBTC   Uncharacterized protein
W2SJX0 W2SJX0_NECAM   Cytochrome
W2SWV9 W2SWV9_NECAM   Cytochrome
W2TKL3 W2TKL3_NECAM   Cytochrome
W3WY22 W3WY22_9PEZI   Cytochrome c
W4KCM5 W4KCM5_9HOMO   Uncharacterized protein
W4Y4L0 W4Y4L0_STRPU   Uncharacterized protein
W4YJY4 W4YJY4_STRPU   Uncharacterized protein
W5Q7D8 W5Q7D8_SHEEP   Uncharacterized protein
W5Y9N8 W5Y9N8_KOMXY   Cytochrome c class I
W6I4W4 W6I4W4_9PROT   Cytochrome c
W6IKB6 W6IKB6_9PROT   Cytochrome c
W6KPB2 W6KPB2_9PROT   Cytochrome c2
W6R4A6 W6R4A6_9RHIZ   Cytochrome-c protein
W6RXV4 W6RXV4_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c
W6Z5R3 W6Z5R3_COCCA   Uncharacterized protein
W6ZI90 W6ZI90_COCMI   Uncharacterized protein
W7MZ20 W7MZ20_GIBM7   Cytochrome c
W8EUX4 W8EUX4_9BACT   Cytochrome c class I
W8I3Z3 W8I3Z3_ENSAD   Cytochrome c family protein
W8I4E0 W8I4E0_ENSAD   Cytochrome c family protein
W8IDH3 W8IDH3_ENSAD   Cytochrome c, class I
W8KDH9 W8KDH9_CAMCO   Cytochrome C553
W8KNK3 W8KNK3_CAMCO   Cytochrome C
W8L979 W8L979_HALHR   Cytochrome C551
W8PIT7 W8PIT7_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c2
W8PN56 W8PN56_9RHIZ   Cytochrome c2
W8PUQ6 W8PUQ6_9PSED   Cytochrome C
W8PVN3 W8PVN3_9PSED   Cytochrome C biogenesis protein CcsA
W8PWP0 W8PWP0_9PSED   Cytochrome C biogenesis protein CcsA
W8QET9 W8QET9_9PSED   Cytochrome C biogenesis protein CcsA
W8QVK2 W8QVK2_PSEST   Cytochrome C biogenesis protein CcsA
W8RR15 W8RR15_9RHOB   Cytochrome c2
W8S2W1 W8S2W1_9RHOB   Membrane c-type cytochrome cy
W8S6R7 W8S6R7_9RHOB   Sulfite dehydrogenase cytochrome subunit SoxD
W8SPY1 W8SPY1_9RHOB   Sulfite dehydrogenase cytochrome subunit SoxD
W8X5P6 W8X5P6_CASDE   Cytochrome c551/c552
W8X9B2 W8X9B2_CASDE   Cytochrome c, class I
X2J6D4 X2J6D4_DROME   Cytochrome c proximal, isoform B
X5GJN8 X5GJN8_9RICK   Cytochrome c family protein
X5GWF7 X5GWF7_9RICK   Cytochrome c family protein
X5MEH1 X5MEH1_BARHN   Cytochrome c