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Taxonomy Checker

The following interface can be used to examine the distribution of organism groups for a given KEGG module (M number), a given KO group (K number), or a combination of them (M and K numbers) defined by a logical expression.

Enter single M/K number or logical expression of M/K numbers

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(K02575,M00438) M00531

Annotation Guide

Genome annotation in KEGG is done as cross-species annotation assigning all appropriate K numbers (KO identifiers) to all available genomes. For those K numbers that correspond to cleanly defined sequence similarity groups, the assignment is performed automatically when the annotation level of the organism is designated as "koala". The success of this automation depends on the quality of K number groups, which is continuously improved together with KEGG modules for functionally coupled K number sets. Here another representation is introduced for a set of K numbers. It is a table representation, collectively called annotation guide, enabling comparisons of related modules and pathways, including enzyme complexes that are not necessarily defined as KEGG modules.

This page will be a collection of tables such as below:

Last updated: July 1, 2014
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