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KEGG Cancer Resource

KEGG Cancer is an interface to various types of cancer information in KEGG, including KEGG PATHWAY, KEGG BRITE, KEGG DISEASE, KEGG DRUG, KEGG COMPOUND, and KEGG GLYCAN databases, as summarized below. It also contains cancer pathway mapping tools for understanding cancer genomes.

Cancer Pathway Mapping

The KEGG pathway maps and disease entries for cancers can be searched and analyzed with the KEGG Mapper tools and the KEGG Atlas interface, such as for interpretation of somatic mutations, gene expressions and other cancer genome data. Some examples are shown below.

Somatic mutation frequency

COSMIC data for colorectal cancer
mapped on "Pathways in cancer"

The KEGG pathway maps for 14 cancers contain oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes with genetic alterations summarized in the gray box and also marked in red in the pathway. This is based on literature data. In contrast, the Sanger Institute's COSMIC (Catalogue Of Somatic Mutations In Cancer) database contains actual observations of genetic alterations in cancer genomes. Here the COSMIC data for 27 cancers (see detail of selecting COSMIC site and histology) are mapped against KEGG pathways using one of the tools of KEGG Mapper. The result can be viewed from the follwing link:
KEGG Atlas cancer map viewer
To analyze your own data, use this KEGG mapper tool:
Color Pathway WebGL
Note that this tool is based on WebGL and runs on Firefox, Chrome, and WebGL-enabled Safari browsers.

Cancer Stages

The KEGG pathway maps for 14 cancers are drawn in a stage-dependent manner; how different signaling pathways and cancer-related genes are involved at different stages of oncogenesis. This is summarized in the following BRITE hierarchy file:
Cancer stages
together with links to the snapshots of involved pathways in the signaling overview map and the individual maps.

Last updated: September 16, 2016
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