K07989                      KO                                     

SH2 domain-containing protein 1B
ko04650  Natural killer cell mediated cytotoxicity
KEGG Orthology (KO) [BR:ko00001]
 09150 Organismal Systems
  09151 Immune system
   04650 Natural killer cell mediated cytotoxicity
    K07989  SH2D1B, EAT2; SH2 domain-containing protein 1B
 09180 Brite Hierarchies
  09183 Protein families: signaling and cellular processes
   04990 Domain-containing proteins not elsewhere classified
    K07989  SH2D1B, EAT2; SH2 domain-containing protein 1B
Domain-containing proteins not elsewhere classified [BR:ko04990]
 Src homology (SH) domain-containing proteins
  Other SH2 and SH3-containing proteins
   K07989  SH2D1B, EAT2; SH2 domain-containing protein 1B
HSA: 117157(SH2D1B)
PTR: 457464(SH2D1B)
PPS: 100984836(SH2D1B)
GGO: 101145013(SH2D1B)
PON: 100450772(SH2D1B)
NLE: 100585207(SH2D1B)
MCC: 720097(SH2D1B)
MCF: 102132319(SH2D1B)
CSAB: 103223659(SH2D1B)
RRO: 104663734(SH2D1B)
RBB: 108535492(SH2D1B)
CJC: 100408363(SH2D1B)
SBQ: 101045348(SH2D1B)
MMU: 26904(Sh2d1b1) 545378(Sh2d1b2)
RNO: 501869(Sh2d1b)
MUN: 110550632(Sh2d1b)
CGE: 100768725(Sh2d1b)
NGI: 103746784(Sh2d1b)
HGL: 101701557(Sh2d1b)
CCAN: 109690976(Sh2d1b)
OCU: 103350022(SH2D1B)
TUP: 102470340(SH2D1B)
CFA: 609474(SH2D1B)
VVP: 112914302(SH2D1B)
AML: 100480679(SH2D1B)
UMR: 103658244(SH2D1B)
UAH: 113268669(SH2D1B)
ORO: 101366789(SH2D1B)
ELK: 111151140
FCA: 101083998(SH2D1B)
PTG: 102960871(SH2D1B)
PPAD: 109276659(SH2D1B)
AJU: 106986768(SH2D1B)
BTA: 617485(SH2D1B)
BOM: 102264831(SH2D1B)
BIU: 109577968(SH2D1B)
BBUB: 102413772(SH2D1B)
CHX: 102181175(SH2D1B)
OAS: 101108790(SH2D1B)
SSC: 100620669(SH2D1B)
CFR: 102513279(SH2D1B)
CDK: 105092695(SH2D1B)
BACU: 103005134(SH2D1B)
LVE: 103085710(SH2D1B)
OOR: 101285633(SH2D1B)
DLE: 111170405(SH2D1B)
PCAD: 102986358(SH2D1B)
ECB: 100058250(SH2D1B)
EPZ: 103561276(SH2D1B)
EAI: 106823692(SH2D1B)
MNA: 107535138(SH2D1B)
HAI: 109392297(SH2D1B)
DRO: 112297386(SH2D1B)
PALE: 102893316(SH2D1B)
RAY: 107502488(SH2D1B)
MJV: 108398476(SH2D1B)
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TMU: 101354708
MDO: 100015719(SH2D1B)
SHR: 100925702(SH2D1B)
PCW: 110209894(SH2D1B)
GGA: 418411(SH2D1B)
CJO: 107321169(SH2D1B)
NMEL: 110400733(SH2D1B)
APLA: 101803185(SH2D1B)
ACYG: 106039199(SH2D1B)
TGU: 100229574(SH2D1B)
LSR: 110477025(SH2D1B)
SCAN: 103820729(SH2D1B)
GFR: 102045419(SH2D1B)
FAB: 101805712(SH2D1B)
PHI: 102105987
PMAJ: 107202079(SH2D1B)
CCAE: 111940432(SH2D1B)
CCW: 104687003
ETL: 114057231(SH2D1B)
FPG: 101911982(SH2D1B)
FCH: 102053121
CLV: 102084395(SH2D1B)
EGZ: 104125034(SH2D1B)
NNI: 104014120(SH2D1B)
ACUN: 113484411(SH2D1B)
PADL: 103916824(SH2D1B)
AAM: 106490626(SH2D1B)
ASN: 102378466(SH2D1B)
AMJ: 102575227(SH2D1B)
PSS: 102457346(SH2D1B)
CMY: 102944061(SH2D1B)
CPIC: 101952363(SH2D1B)
ACS: 100560639
PVT: 110085860(SH2D1B)
PBI: 103051417
PMUR: 107293270
TSR: 106544689
PMUA: 114595901
GJA: 107123970
XLA: 108707522
XTR: 100486929(sh2d1b)
NPR: 108794721
DRE: 100000923(si:ch73-264p11.1)
IPU: 100528723(sh21b)
PHYP: 113541294
AMEX: 103047291
EEE: 113567865
TRU: 101071277
LCO: 104938246
NCC: 104958447(sh2d1b)
MZE: 101464785
ONL: 100689879
OLA: 101167248
XMA: 102224455
XCO: 114136473
PRET: 103456982
CVG: 107103374
KMR: 108250619(si:ch73-264p11.1)
ALIM: 106531849
AOCE: 111570979
CSEM: 103377501
POV: 109646973
LCF: 108885031
SDU: 111238288
SLAL: 111647297
BPEC: 110158660
MALB: 109951071
ELS: 105022002
SFM: 108939543
PKI: 111838079
LCM: 102355450
RTP: 109924445
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Morra M, Lu J, Poy F, Martin M, Sayos J, Calpe S, Gullo C, Howie D, Rietdijk S, Thompson A, Coyle AJ, Denny C, Yaffe MB, Engel P, Eck MJ, Terhorst C
Structural basis for the interaction of the free SH2 domain EAT-2 with SLAM receptors in hematopoietic cells.
EMBO J 20:5840-52 (2001)

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