K14310                      KO                                     

NUP205, NUP192
nuclear pore complex protein Nup205
ko03013  RNA transport
H01657  Nephrotic syndrome
KEGG Orthology (KO) [BR:ko00001]
 09120 Genetic Information Processing
  09122 Translation
   03013 RNA transport
    K14310  NUP205, NUP192; nuclear pore complex protein Nup205
 09180 Brite Hierarchies
  09182 Protein families: genetic information processing
   03019 Messenger RNA biogenesis
    K14310  NUP205, NUP192; nuclear pore complex protein Nup205
   03036 Chromosome and associated proteins
    K14310  NUP205, NUP192; nuclear pore complex protein Nup205
Messenger RNA biogenesis [BR:ko03019]
 Eukaryotic type
  mRNA surveillance and transport factors
   Transport factors
    Nuclear pore complex
     K14310  NUP205, NUP192; nuclear pore complex protein Nup205
Chromosome and associated proteins [BR:ko03036]
 Eukaryotic type
  Centrosome formation and ciliogenesis proteins
   Spindle formation proteins
    K14310  NUP205, NUP192; nuclear pore complex protein Nup205
Other DBs
GO: 0017056
TC: 1.I.1.1
HSA: 23165(NUP205)
PTR: 472524(NUP205)
PPS: 100974753(NUP205)
GGO: 101152172(NUP205)
PON: 100447321(NUP205)
NLE: 100590839(NUP205)
MCC: 708216(NUP205)
MCF: 101865200(NUP205)
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RRO: 104671201(NUP205)
RBB: 108539208(NUP205)
CJC: 100413815(NUP205)
SBQ: 101028549(NUP205)
MMU: 70699(Nup205)
MCAL: 110295556(Nup205)
MPAH: 110314207(Nup205)
RNO: 362335(Nup205)
MUN: 110558569(Nup205)
CGE: 100773309(Nup205)
NGI: 103726071(Nup205)
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ERC: Ecym_8239
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NCS: NCAS_0A01330(NCAS0A01330)
NDI: NDAI_0C02230(NDAI0C02230)
TPF: TPHA_0E02340(TPHA0E02340)
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CAL: CAALFM_CR00230WA(CaO19.7511)
SLB: AWJ20_3856(NUP192)
NCR: NCU00273
MGR: MGG_08911
SSCK: SPSK_10611
MAW: MAC_02544
MAJ: MAA_03470
CMT: CCM_07552
MBE: MBM_07034
ANI: AN0037.2
ANG: ANI_1_892124(An14g06530)
CIM: CIMG_12323(CIMG09298)
PBL: PAAG_11515(PAAG_02533)
ABE: ARB_03386
TVE: TRV_08070
PTE: PTT_08592
SPO: SPCC290.03c(nup186)
CNE: CNE00190
TASA: A1Q1_00159
MRR: Moror_772
MGL: MGL_3371
MRT: MRET_2674
SPAR: SPRG_19283
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Hachet V, Busso C, Toya M, Sugimoto A, Askjaer P, Gonczy P
The nucleoporin Nup205/NPP-3 is lost near centrosomes at mitotic onset and can modulate the timing of this process in Caenorhabditis elegans embryos.
Mol Biol Cell 23:3111-21 (2012)
Gomez-Ospina N, Morgan G, Giddings TH Jr, Kosova B, Hurt E, Winey M
Yeast nuclear pore complex assembly defects determined by nuclear envelope reconstruction.
J Struct Biol 132:1-5 (2000)

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