Database: CarbBank
Entry: 16229
LinkDB: 16229
CC: CCSD:16229
AU: Fukuda MN; Bothner B; Lloyd KO; Rettig WJ; Tiller PR; Dell A
TI: Structures of glycosphingolipids isolated from human embryonal
    carcinoma cells. The presence of mono- and disialosyl glycolipids with
    blood-group type 1 sequence
CT: J Biol Chem (1986) 261: 5145-5153 [PMID:3514610]
BS: (CN) human, (LS) embryo, (disease) cancer
TN: 6'-LM1
MT: ganglioside
MT: glycolipid
MT: glycosphingolipid
SB: Stuike-Prill R
DA: 04-01-1992
FC: e6eae344
SI: CBank:17691

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