Database: CarbBank
Entry: 21098
LinkDB: 21098
CC: CCSD:21098
AU: Lindstedt R; Baker N; Falk P; Hull R; Hull S; Karr J; Leffler H; Eden
    CS; Larson G
TI: Binding specificities of wild-type and Cloned Escherichia coli
    strains that recognize globo-A
CT: Infect Immun (1989) 57: 3389-3394 [PMID:2572551]
SC: H type 4 chain (globo-H)
TN: V2Fuc-Gb5-Cer
MT: glycolipid
MT: glycosphingolipid
SB: Doubet S
DA: 04-01-1992
FC: 5f92e542
SI: CBank:17176

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