Database: CarbBank
Entry: 21709
LinkDB: 21709
CC: CCSD:21709
AU: Nojiri H; Stroud M; Hakomori S
TI: A specific type of ganglioside as a modulator of insulin-dependent
    cell growth and insulin receptor tyrosine kinase activity. Possible
    association of ganglioside-induced inhibition of insulin receptor
    function and monocytic differentiation induction in HL-60 cells
CT: J Biol Chem (1991) 266: 4531-4537 [PMID:1999434]
SC: 2-6SPG
TN: 6'-LM1
MT: ganglioside
MT: glycolipid
MT: glycosphingolipid
SB: Kleen A
DA: 27-12-1992
FC: e6eae344
SI: CBank:17691

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