Database: CarbBank
Entry: 29075
LinkDB: 29075
CC: CCSD:29075
AU: Hanisch FG; Chai W; Rosankiewicz JR; Lawson AM; Stoll MS; Feizi T
TI: Core-typing of O-linked glycans from human gastric mucins. Lack of
    evidence for the occurrence of the core sequence Gal1-6GalNAc
CT: Eur J Biochem (1993) 217: 645-655 [PMID:7693465]
SC: 6
BS: (CN) human, (OT) gastric mucin
MT: O-linked glycoprotein
SB: Doubet S
DA: 08-12-1993
FC: 5d73e3e5
SI: CBank:1483

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