Database: CarbBank
Entry: 30267
LinkDB: 30267
CC: CCSD:30267
AU: Nikrad PV; Kashem MA; Wlasichuk KB; Alton G; Venot AP
TI: Use of human-milk fucosyltransferase in the chemoenzymic synthesis of
    analogues of the sialyl Lewis x and sialyl Lewis a tetrasaccharides
    modified at the C-2 position of the reducing unit
CT: Carbohydr Res (1993) 250: 145-160 [PMID:8143288]
SC: 13d
ST: synthetic
AN: sialyl Lewis x antigen
NT: C2 modified GlcpNAc analogues of this structure were also prepared.
    NAc replaced by azide (sc 13a), amino (sc 13b), propionamido (sc 13c)
SB: Doubet S
DA: 31-03-1994
FC: ebb58093
SI: CBank:16493

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