Database: CarbBank
Entry: 30544
LinkDB: 30544
CC: CCSD:30544
AU: Slaghek TM; Nakahara Y; Ogawa T; Kamerling JP; Vliegenthart JFG
TI: Synthesis of oligosaccharides related to hyaluronic acid, Part 2.
    Synthesis of hyaluronic acid-related di, tri-, and tetra-saccharides
    having an N-acetylglucosamine residue at the reducing end
CT: Carbohydr Res (1994) 255: 61-85 [PMID:8181016]
SC: 5
ST: synthetic
MT: hyaluronan
SB: Doubet S
DA: 25-04-1994
FC: e7a0d3e7
SI: CBank:8434

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