Database: CarbBank
Entry: 45486
LinkDB: 45486
CC: CCSD:45486
AU: Muthing J; Neumann U
TI: Selective detection of terminally .alpha. 2-3 and .alpha. 2-6 sialylated neolacto-
    series gangliosides by immunostaining on thin layer chromatograms
CT: Biomed Chromatogr (1993) 7: 158-161 [PMID:8318834]
BS: (CN) human, (OT) granulocyte
TN: 6'-LM1
MT: ganglioside
MT: glycolipid
MT: glycosphingolipid
SB: Westra B
DA: 06-12-1995
FC: e6eae344
SI: CBank:17691

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