Database: CarbBank
Entry: 47458
LinkDB: 47458
CC: CCSD:47458
AU: Handa K; White T; Ito K; Fang H; Wang SS; Hakomori SI
TI: P-selectin-dependent adhesion of human cancer cells: Requirement for
    co-expression of a 'PSGL-1-like' core protein and the glycosylation
    process for sialosyl-Le(x) or sialosyl-Le(a)
CT: Int J Oncol (1995) 6: 773-781
BS: (CN) human, (OT) colon cells, (disease) cancer
BS: (CN) human, (OT) gastric cells, (disease) cancer
BS: (CN) human, (OT) leukemia cells, (disease) cancer
BS: (CN) human, (OT) lung cells, (disease) cancer
BS: (CN) human, (OT) lymphoid cells, (disease) cancer
AN: sialyl Lewis x antigen
SB: Westra B
DA: 13-02-1996
FC: 447263c5
SI: CBank:12783

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