Database: CarbBank
Entry: 5050
LinkDB: 5050
CC: CCSD:5050
AU: Narasimhan S; Freed JC; Schachter H
TI: The effect of a 'bisecting' N-acetylglucosaminyl group on the binding
    of biantennary, complex oligosaccharides to concanavalin A, Phaseolus
    vulgaris erythroagglutinin (E-PHA), and Ricinus communis agglutinin (RCA-
    120) immobilized on agarose
CT: Carbohydr Res (1986) 149: 65-83 [PMID:3731182]
SC: 1
MT: N-linked glycoprotein
SB: Paulsen H
DA: 27-11-1990
FC: 57e3fc38
SI: CBank:9424

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