KEGG   DRUG: Cinnamon bark
D06712            Crude     Drug                                   

Cinnamon bark (JP17);
Powdered cinnamon bark (JP17);
Cinnamon bark (TN)
Cinnamaldehyde [CPD:C00903], Cinnamyl acetate [CPD:C12299], (-)-Epicatechin [CPD:C09727], 1-Phenylpropyl acetate [CPD:C17666], 2-Phenylpropyl acetate [CPD:C17665], 3-Phenylpropyl acetate [CPD:C17663], Cinncassiol A [CPD:C17645], Cinncassiol B [CPD:C17648], Cinncassiol C1 [CPD:C17643], Cinncassiol C2 [CPD:C17642], Cinncassiol C3 [CPD:C17641], Cinncassiol D1 [CPD:C17652], Cinncassiol D2 [CPD:C17653], Cinncassiol D3 [CPD:C17655], Cinncassiol D4 [CPD:C17656], Cinncassiol E [CPD:C17659], Procyanidin B2 [CPD:C17639], Procyanidin B5 [CPD:C17640], Cinnamtannin A1 [CPD:C17624], Cinnamtannin A2 [CPD:C17625], Cinnamtannin A3 [CPD:C17626], Cinnamtannin A4 [CPD:C10222], Cinnamtannin B2 [CPD:C17629], Cinnamtannin B1 [CPD:C17631], Cinnamtannin D1 [CPD:C17632], Cinnamtannin D2 [CPD:C17633], Cinnzeylanine, Cinnzeylanol, Anhydrocinnzeylanine, Anhydrocinnzeylanol
Cinnamomum cassia [TAX:119260]
Same as: E00084 E00567
Therapeutic category: 5100
Product: D06712<JP>
Product (mixture): D08706<JP> D08708<JP>
Analgesic, Antipyretic, Sweating
Lauraceae (laurel family) Cinnamon bark (dried)
Major component: Cinnamaldehyde [CPD:C00903]
Therapeutic category of drugs in Japan [BR:br08301]
 5  Crude drugs and Chinese medicine formulations
  51  Crude drugs
   510  Crude drugs
    5100  Crude drugs
     D06712  Cinnamon bark (JP17); Powdered cinnamon bark (JP17)
Classification of Japanese OTC drugs [BR:br08313]
 Agents for nervous and sensory systems
  03 Antipyretic analgesic agents
   D06712  Cinnamon bark (JP17)
 Agents for digestive organs
  11 Stomachics
   D06712  Cinnamon bark (JP17)
Risk category of Japanese OTC drugs [BR:br08312]
 Third-class OTC drugs
  Crude drugs
   Cinnamon bark
    D06712  Cinnamon bark (JP17)
Traditional Chinese Medicine in Japan [BR:br08304]
 Crude drugs
  Diaphoretic drugs
   Diaphoretic drugs pungent in flavor and warm in property
    D06712  Cinnamon bark; Powdered cinnamon bark; Cinnamon bark
Crude drugs [BR:br08305]
 Other flowering plants
  Lauraceae (laurel family)
   D06712  Cinnamon bark
Drugs listed in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia [BR:br08311]
 Crude drugs
  D06712  Cinnamon bark
  D06712  Powdered cinnamon bark
Other DBs
PubChem: 47208363

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