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Smith-Kingsmore syndrome;
Macrocephaly-intellectual disability-neurodevelopmental disorder-small thorax syndrome
Smith-Kingsmore syndrome (SKS), also known as macrocephaly-intellectual disability-neurodevelopmental disorder-small thorax syndrome (MINDS syndrome), is a rare autosomal dominant disorder. Heterozygous mutations in MTOR gene have been shown to underlie SKS. The most consistent findings in SKS are intellectual disability (ID), developmental delay, megalencephaly, and seizures. There is moderate clinical variability, ranging from patients with macrocephaly, mild ID, and no convulsions, to severe forms in patients with intractable epilepsy, megalencephaly, severe ID, and autistic spectrum disorder.
Congenital malformation
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   H01928  Smith-Kingsmore syndrome
BRITE hierarchy
hsa04150 mTOR signaling pathway   
MTOR [HSA:2475] [KO:K07203]
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OMIM: 616638
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