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[histone H3]-dimethyl-L-lysine36 demethylase;
KDM2A (gene name);
KDM2B (gene name);
JHDM1A (gene name);
JHDM1B (gene name);
JmjC domain-containing histone demethylase 1A;
H3-K36-specific demethylase (ambiguous);
histone-lysine (H3-K36) demethylase (ambiguous);
histone demethylase (ambiguous);
protein-6-N,6-N-dimethyl-L-lysine,2-oxoglutarate:oxygen oxidoreductase;
protein-N6,N6-dimethyl-L-lysine,2-oxoglutarate:oxygen oxidoreductase;
[histone-H3]-lysine-36 demethylase
Acting on paired donors, with incorporation or reduction of molecular oxygen;
With 2-oxoglutarate as one donor, and incorporation of one atom of oxygen into each donor
[histone H3]-N6,N6-dimethyl-L-lysine36,2-oxoglutarate:oxygen oxidoreductase
a [histone H3]-N6,N6-dimethyl-L-lysine36 + 2 2-oxoglutarate + 2 O2 = a [histone H3]-L-lysine36 + 2 succinate + 2 formaldehyde + 2 CO2 (overall reaction) [RN:R10056];
(1a) a [histone H3]-N6,N6-dimethyl-L-lysine36 + 2-oxoglutarate + O2 = a [histone H3]-N6-methyl-L-lysine36 + succinate + formaldehyde + CO2 [RN:R09510];
(1b) a [histone H3]-N6-methyl-L-lysine36 + 2-oxoglutarate + O2 = a [histone H3]-L-lysine36 + succinate + formaldehyde + CO2 [RN:R09511]
[histone H3]-N6,N6-dimethyl-L-lysine36;
2-oxoglutarate [CPD:C00026];
O2 [CPD:C00007];
[histone H3]-N6-methyl-L-lysine36
[histone H3]-L-lysine36;
succinate [CPD:C00042];
formaldehyde [CPD:C00067];
CO2 [CPD:C00011];
[histone H3]-N6-methyl-L-lysine36
Requires iron(II). Of the seven potential methylation sites in histones H3 (K4, K9, K27, K36, K79) and H4 (K20, R3) from HeLa cells, the enzyme is specific for Lys36. Lysine residues exist in three methylation states (mono-, di- and trimethylated). The enzyme preferentially demethylates the dimethyl form of Lys36 (K36me2), which is its natural substrate, to form the monomethylated and unmethylated forms of Lys36. It can also demethylate monomethylated (but not the trimethylated) Lys36. cf. EC, [histone H3]-trimethyl-L-lysine36 demethylase.
EC created 2006, modified 2019
K10276  F-box and leucine-rich repeat protein 10/11
K16914  bifunctional lysine-specific demethylase and histidyl-hydroxylase NO66
K24444  [histone H3]-dimethyl/trimethyl-L-lysine36 demethylase
HSA: 22992(KDM2A) 79697(RIOX1) 84678(KDM2B)
PTR: 104002100(RIOX1) 107967129(KDM2A) 465184(KDM2B)
PPS: 100983162(KDM2A) 100988129(KDM2B) 103787047(RIOX1)
GGO: 101140212(KDM2A) 101154151(KDM2B)
PON: 100434567(KDM2A) 100462645(KDM2B) 103892384(RIOX1)
NLE: 100579905(KDM2B) 100601545(KDM2A) 105739243(RIOX1)
MCC: 696773(RIOX1) 699938(KDM2B) 712907(KDM2A)
MCF: 102125851(KDM2B) 102135352(RIOX1) 102142242(KDM2A)
CSAB: 103219229(KDM2A) 103229309(RIOX1) 103239283(KDM2B)
RRO: 104656344(RIOX1) 104664750(KDM2A) 104666275(KDM2B)
RBB: 108518607(KDM2A) 108529633(KDM2B) 108536225(RIOX1)
CJC: 100397900(KDM2B) 100403232(KDM2A) 100404196(RIOX1)
SBQ: 101044630(KDM2B) 101049444(KDM2A) 104650789
MMU: 225876(Kdm2a) 30841(Kdm2b) 71952(Riox1)
MCAL: 110285231(Kdm2a) 110294179(Kdm2b) 110307186(Riox1)
MPAH: 110324497(Riox1) 110337427(Kdm2a) 110339091(Kdm2b)
RNO: 304495(Kdm2b) 314300(Riox1) 361700(Kdm2a)
MUN: 110545328(Kdm2b) 110558535(Riox1) 110560366(Kdm2a)
CGE: 100763039(Kdm2a) 100767158(Kdm2b)
NGI: 103725573(Kdm2a) 103739068(Kdm2b) 103747411(Riox1)
HGL: 101696346(Kdm2b) 101712659(Riox1) 101713712(Kdm2a)
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TUP: 102482421(KDM2A) 102484507(RIOX1) 102488934(KDM2B)
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ACTN: L083_5136
AFS: AFR_26720
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FTJ: FTUN_1194
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1  [PMID:16362057]
Tsukada Y, Fang J, Erdjument-Bromage H, Warren ME, Borchers CH, Tempst P, Zhang Y
Histone demethylation by a family of JmjC domain-containing proteins.
Nature 439:811-6 (2006)
[hsa:22992 84678] [sce:YER051W]
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