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toluene 4-monooxygenase;
Acting on paired donors, with incorporation or reduction of molecular oxygen;
With NADH or NADPH as one donor, and incorporation of one atom of oxygen into the other donor
toluene,NADH:oxygen oxidoreductase (4-hydroxylating)
toluene + NADH + H+ + O2 = 4-methylphenol + NAD+ + H2O [RN:R05666]
toluene [CPD:C01455];
NADH [CPD:C00004];
H+ [CPD:C00080];
O2 [CPD:C00007]
4-methylphenol [CPD:C01468];
NAD+ [CPD:C00003];
H2O [CPD:C00001]
This bacterial enzyme belongs to a family of soluble diiron hydroxylases that includes toluene-, benzene-, xylene- and methane monooxygenases, phenol hydroxylases, and alkene epoxidases. The enzyme comprises a four-component complex that includes a hydroxylase, NADH-ferredoxin oxidoreductase, a Rieske-type [2Fe-2S] ferredoxin, and an effector protein.
EC created 2017
ec00623  Toluene degradation
ec01100  Metabolic pathways
ec01120  Microbial metabolism in diverse environments
K15760  toluene monooxygenase system protein A
K15761  toluene monooxygenase system protein B
K15763  toluene monooxygenase system protein D
K15764  toluene monooxygenase system protein E
PSDDSC_04385 DSC_04390 DSC_04400 DSC_04405
MSRAU15_20735 AU15_20740 AU15_20750 AU15_20755
CZACYCME_2094 CYCME_2095 CYCME_2097 CYCME_2098
THISHZT40_03305 HZT40_03320 HZT40_03325
TBNTBH_C0915 TBH_C0916 TBH_C0918 TBH_C0919
SINIGT972_13790 GT972_13795 GT972_13805 GT972_13810
RPIRpic_4632 Rpic_4633 Rpic_4635 Rpic_4636
RPFRpic12D_3556 Rpic12D_3557 Rpic12D_3559 Rpic12D_3560
CNCCNE_BB1p12320(tmoE) CNE_BB1p12330(tmoD) CNE_BB1p12350(tmoB) CNE_BB1p12360(tmoA)
REUReut_B5675 Reut_B5676 Reut_B5678 Reut_B5679
RMERmet_1312(tmoE) Rmet_1313(tmoD) Rmet_1315(tmoB) Rmet_1316(tmoA)
CTIpRALTA_0461(tmoA) pRALTA_0462(tmoB) pRALTA_0465(tmoD) pRALTA_0466(tmoE)
CCAXKZ686_10020 KZ686_10025 KZ686_10035 KZ686_10040
BCONNL30_24535 NL30_24540 NL30_24550 NL30_24555
BSTLBBJ41_10535 BBJ41_10540 BBJ41_10550 BBJ41_10555
BUGBC1001_PA6406(tmoE) BC1001_PA6407(tmoD) BC1001_PA6409(tmoB) BC1001_PA6410(tmoA)
BGEBC1002_6838 BC1002_6839 BC1002_6841 BC1002_6845
BPXBUPH_05041 BUPH_05042 BUPH_08274(tmoA) BUPH_08478
PARBCJU94_38140 CJU94_38145 CJU94_38155 CJU94_38160
PSAAQEN71_40025 QEN71_40030 QEN71_40040 QEN71_40045
PPKU875_01855 U875_01860 U875_01870 U875_01875
PRBX636_07595 X636_07600 X636_07610 X636_07615
PCOMNTU39_08980 NTU39_08985 NTU39_08995 NTU39_09000 NTU39_10785 NTU39_10790 NTU39_10795
BHOD560_1528(touE) D560_1529 D560_1530 D560_1531(tmoA)
BHMD558_1519(touE) D558_1520 D558_1521 D558_1522(tmoA)
HPSEHPF_01785(tmoE) HPF_01790(tmoD) HPF_01800(tmoB) HPF_01805(tmoA1)
HTNKI616_01905 KI616_01910 KI616_01920 KI616_01925
MPTMpe_A0814(tbuA1) Mpe_A0815(tbuU) Mpe_A0817(tbuV) Mpe_A0818(tbuA2) Mpe_A2540(tbuU) Mpe_A2542(tbuV) Mpe_A2543(tbuA2)
METPC1M51_16275 C1M51_16280 C1M51_16290 C1M51_16295
IDCLRM40_19610 LRM40_19615 LRM40_19625 LRM40_19630
RBUPG1C_06390 PG1C_06395 PG1C_06405 PG1C_06410 PG1C_06860 PG1C_06865 PG1C_06875 PG1C_06880
DARDaro_3816 Daro_3817 Daro_3819 Daro_3820
DEYHYN24_09680 HYN24_09685 HYN24_09695 HYN24_09700
DDENKI615_16995 KI615_17000 KI615_17010 KI615_17015
FLEKI610_08735 KI610_08740 KI610_08750 KI610_08755
AZDCDA09_10195 CDA09_10200 CDA09_10210 CDA09_10215
AZRCJ010_11500 CJ010_11505 CJ010_11515 CJ010_11520
THAUC4PIVTH_0962(tmoE) C4PIVTH_0963(tmoD) C4PIVTH_0965(tmoB) C4PIVTH_0966(tmoA)
THKCCZ27_06370 CCZ27_06375 CCZ27_06385 CCZ27_06390
BBTBBta_1594 BBta_1595 BBta_1597 BBta_1598
AOLS58_10630 S58_10640 S58_10660 S58_10670
BROBRAD285_2998 BRAD285_2999 BRAD285_3001 BRAD285_3002
XDIEZH22_10090 EZH22_10095 EZH22_10105 EZH22_10110 EZH22_30900 EZH22_30905 EZH22_30915 EZH22_30920
APOLK9D25_20280 K9D25_20285 K9D25_20295 K9D25_20300 K9D25_21345 K9D25_21350 K9D25_21360 K9D25_21365
HMCHYPMC_2241(tmoE) HYPMC_2242(tmoD) HYPMC_2244 HYPMC_2245(tmoA)
ACIBACBT_0269(tmoE) ACBT_0270(tmoD) ACBT_0272(tmoB) ACBT_0273(tmoA)
LLUAKJ09_01040 AKJ09_01043 AKJ09_01044
BTSBtus_2065 Btus_2066 Btus_2068 Btus_2069
SAYTPY_0635 TPY_0636 TPY_0638 TPY_0639
SAPSulac_3000 Sulac_3001 Sulac_3003 Sulac_3004
MSHGMSG_02600(mphN) MSG_02601(tmoB) MSG_02603(tmoD) MSG_02604
MFJMFLOJ_53260 MFLOJ_53270 MFLOJ_53290 MFLOJ_53300
MSTOMSTO_08220 MSTO_08230 MSTO_08250 MSTO_08260
MSAKMSAS_06380 MSAS_06390 MSAS_06410 MSAS_06420
MLWMJO58_13450 MJO58_13465 MJO58_13470
MPHLMPHLCCUG_04537(tmoE) MPHLCCUG_04538(tmoD) MPHLCCUG_04540(tmoB) MPHLCCUG_04541(tmoA)
MLLB1R94_25125 B1R94_25130 B1R94_25140 B1R94_25145
MHASMHAS_04833(tmoA) MHAS_04834(tmoB) MHAS_04836(tmoD) MHAS_04837(tmoE)
MMAGMMAD_01670 MMAD_01680 MMAD_01710
MMORMMOR_05330 MMOR_05340 MMOR_05360 MMOR_05370
MANYMANY_23670 MANY_23680 MANY_23700 MANY_23710
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MHIBMHIB_29660 MHIB_29670 MHIB_29690 MHIB_29700
CCYCSCMU_04660 SCMU_04670 SCMU_04690 SCMU_04700
NFRERS450000_00312(tmoA) ERS450000_00313(tmoB) ERS450000_00314(tmoD) ERS450000_00315(tmoE)
ROAPd630_LPD03568 Pd630_LPD03569 Pd630_LPD03571 Pd630_LPD03572
RKOJWS14_48075 JWS14_48080 JWS14_48085 JWS14_48090
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GPOGPOL_c08420 GPOL_c08430 GPOL_c08440 GPOL_c08450
PHWG7075_19675 G7075_19680 G7075_19690 G7075_19695
FRAFrancci3_0211 Francci3_0212 Francci3_0214 Francci3_0215
AMQAMETH_6107 AMETH_6108 AMETH_6109 AMETH_6110
AMYCCU254_12375 CU254_12380 CU254_12385 CU254_12390
AACDLWP59_25960 LWP59_25965 LWP59_25970 LWP59_25975 LWP59_38050 LWP59_38055 LWP59_38065 LWP59_38070
ARHDVSH64_15610 VSH64_15615 VSH64_15625 VSH64_15630
PDXPsed_0812 Psed_0813 Psed_0814 Psed_0815 Psed_1155 Psed_1156 Psed_1158 Psed_1159 Psed_1436 Psed_1437 Psed_1438 Psed_1439 Psed_6058 Psed_6059 Psed_6061 Psed_6062
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PPELH6H00_07165 H6H00_07170 H6H00_07175 H6H00_07180
SCYTSAMD_21820(tmoA) SAMD_21830(tmoB) SAMD_21850(tmoD) SAMD_21860(tmoE)
TROtrd_A0919 trd_A0920 trd_A0922 trd_A0923
NAJB1756_14060 B1756_14070 B1756_14075 B1756_14085
SSOSSO1227(tmoA) SSO1228(tmoA) SSO1231(tmoD) SSO1233(tmoE)
SOLSsol_2196 Ssol_2199 Ssol_2200
SSOASULA_2229 SULA_2232 SULA_2233
SSOLSULB_2230 SULB_2233 SULB_2234
SSOFSULC_2227 SULC_2230 SULC_2231
SSHIJ5U23_02013 J5U23_02014 J5U23_02017 J5U23_02018
SISLS215_0420 LS215_0421 LS215_0424 LS215_0425
SIDM164_0419 M164_0420 M164_0423 M164_0424
SINYN1551_2652 YN1551_2653 YN1551_2656 YN1551_2657
SIILD85_0410 LD85_0411 LD85_0414 LD85_0415
SIHSiH_0426 SiH_0427 SiH_0430 SiH_0431
SIRSiRe_0384 SiRe_0385 SiRe_0388 SiRe_0389
SULABFU36_13245 BFU36_13250 BFU36_13265 BFU36_13270
SULEGFS03_03520 GFS03_03525 GFS03_03540 GFS03_03545
SULOGFS33_07675 GFS33_07680 GFS33_07695 GFS33_07700
SULLEWF20_11120 EWF20_11125 EWF20_11140 EWF20_11145
AMANB6F84_00770 B6F84_00790 B6F84_00795 B6F84_00810
ABRIDFR85_14340 DFR85_14345 DFR85_14360 DFR85_14370
PASPars_0542 Pars_0543 Pars_0546 Pars_0548
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1  [PMID:2019563]
Whited GM, Gibson DT
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J Bacteriol 173:3010-6 (1991)
2  [PMID:11297417]
Hemmi H, Studts JM, Chae YK, Song J, Markley JL, Fox BG
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3  [PMID:18479085]
Schwartz JK, Wei PP, Mitchell KH, Fox BG, Solomon EI
Geometric and electronic structure studies of the binuclear nonheme ferrous active site of toluene-4-monooxygenase: parallels with methane monooxygenase and  insight into the role of the effector proteins in O2 activation.
J Am Chem Soc 130:7098-109 (2008)
4  [PMID:22264099]
Bailey LJ, Acheson JF, McCoy JG, Elsen NL, Phillips GN Jr, Fox BG
Crystallographic analysis of active site contributions to regiospecificity in the diiron enzyme toluene 4-monooxygenase.
Biochemistry 51:1101-13 (2012)
5  [PMID:24798294]
Hosseini A, Brouk M, Lucas MF, Glaser F, Fishman A, Guallar V
Atomic picture of ligand migration in toluene 4-monooxygenase.
J Phys Chem B 119:671-8 (2015)
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