EC                Enzyme                                 

alkanesulfonate monooxygenase;
sulfate starvation-induced protein 6;
alkanesulfonate,reduced-FMN:oxygen oxidoreductase
Acting on paired donors, with incorporation or reduction of molecular oxygen;
With reduced flavin or flavoprotein as one donor, and incorporation of one atom of oxygen into the other donor
BRITE hierarchy
alkanesulfonate,FMNH2:oxygen oxidoreductase
an alkanesulfonate + FMNH2 + O2 = an aldehyde + FMN + sulfite + H2O [RN:R07210]
alkanesulfonate [CPD:C15521];
FMNH2 [CPD:C01847];
O2 [CPD:C00007]
aldehyde [CPD:C00071];
FMN [CPD:C00061];
sulfite [CPD:C00094];
H2O [CPD:C00001]
The enzyme from Escherichia coli catalyses the desulfonation of a wide range of aliphatic sulfonates (unsubstituted C1- to C14-sulfonates as well as substituted C2-sulfonates). Does not desulfonate taurine (2-aminoethanesulfonate) or aromatic sulfonates. Does not use FMN as a bound cofactor. Instead, it uses reduced FMN (i.e., FMNH2) as a substrate. FMNH2 is provided by SsuE, the associated FMN reductase (EC
EC created 2002
ec00920  Sulfur metabolism
ec01100  Metabolic pathways
K04091  alkanesulfonate monooxygenase
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SLI: Slin_3622
FAE: FAES_1987(ssuD)
SPON: HME9304_01067(ssuD)
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1  [PMID:10480865]
Eichhorn E, van der Ploeg JR, Leisinger T.
Characterization of a two-component alkanesulfonate monooxygenase from Escherichia coli.
J Biol Chem 274:26639-46 (1999)
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