EC                 Enzyme                                 

4-hydroxy-3-methylbut-2-en-1-yl diphosphate reductase;
isopentenyl-diphosphate:NADP+ oxidoreductase;
(E)-4-hydroxy-3-methylbut-2-en-1-yl diphosphate reductase;
HMBPP reductase;
Acting on CH or CH2 groups;
With an iron-sulfur protein as acceptor
isopentenyl-diphosphate:ferredoxin oxidoreductase
(1) isopentenyl diphosphate + 2 oxidized ferredoxin [iron-sulfur] cluster + H2O = (E)-4-hydroxy-3-methylbut-2-en-1-yl diphosphate + 2 reduced ferredoxin [iron-sulfur] cluster + 2 H+ [RN:R05884];
(2) dimethylallyl diphosphate + 2 oxidized ferredoxin [iron-sulfur] cluster + H2O = (E)-4-hydroxy-3-methylbut-2-en-1-yl diphosphate + 2 reduced ferredoxin [iron-sulfur] cluster + 2 H+ [RN:R08210]
R05884 R08210
isopentenyl diphosphate [CPD:C00129];
oxidized ferredoxin [iron-sulfur] cluster [CPD:C00139];
H2O [CPD:C00001];
dimethylallyl diphosphate [CPD:C00235]
(E)-4-hydroxy-3-methylbut-2-en-1-yl diphosphate [CPD:C11811];
reduced ferredoxin [iron-sulfur] cluster [CPD:C00138];
H+ [CPD:C00080]
An iron-sulfur protein that contains either a [3Fe-4S] [6] or a [4Fe-4S] [5] cluster. This enzyme forms a system with a ferredoxin or a flavodoxin and an NAD(P)H-dependent reductase. This is the last enzyme in the non-mevalonate pathway for isoprenoid biosynthesis. This pathway, also known as the 1-deoxy-D-xylulose 5-phosphate (DOXP) or as the 2-C-methyl-D-erythritol-4-phosphate (MEP) pathway, is found in most bacteria and in plant chloroplasts. The enzyme acts in the reverse direction, producing a 5:1 mixture of isopentenyl diphosphate and dimethylallyl diphosphate.
EC created 2003 as EC, modified 2009, transferred 2016 to EC
ec00900  Terpenoid backbone biosynthesis
ec01100  Metabolic pathways
ec01110  Biosynthesis of secondary metabolites
K03527  4-hydroxy-3-methylbut-2-en-1-yl diphosphate reductase
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