EC                 Enzyme                                 
coenzyme F420:methanophenazine dehydrogenase;
F420H2 dehydrogenase;
fpoBCDIF (gene names)
Acting on the CH-NH group of donors;
With other, known, physiological acceptors
reduced coenzyme F420:methanophenazine oxidoreductase
reduced coenzyme F420 + methanophenazine = oxidized coenzyme F420 + dihydromethanophenazine [RN:R11874]
reduced coenzyme F420 [CPD:C01080];
methanophenazine [CPD:C11903]
oxidized coenzyme F420 [CPD:C00876];
dihydromethanophenazine [CPD:C11904]
The enzyme, found in some methanogenic archaea, is responsible for the reoxidation of coenzyme F420, which is reduced during methanogenesis, and for the reduction of methanophenazine to dihydromethanophenazine, which is required by EC, dihydromethanophenazine:CoB-CoM heterodisulfide reductase. The enzyme is membrane-bound, and is coupled to proton translocation across the cytoplasmic membrane, generating a proton motive force that is used for ATP generation.
EC created 2017
K22158  F420H2 dehydrogenase subunit A
K22159  F420H2 dehydrogenase subunit B
K22160  F420H2 dehydrogenase subunit C
K22161  F420H2 dehydrogenase subunit D
K22162  F420H2 dehydrogenase subunit F
K22163  F420H2 dehydrogenase subunit H
K22164  F420H2 dehydrogenase subunit I
K22165  F420H2 dehydrogenase subunit J
K22166  F420H2 dehydrogenase subunit K
K22167  F420H2 dehydrogenase subunit L
K22168  F420H2 dehydrogenase subunit M
K22169  F420H2 dehydrogenase subunit N
K22170  F420H2 dehydrogenase subunit O
MBAMbar_A0255 Mbar_A3400 Mbar_A3401 Mbar_A3402 Mbar_A3403 Mbar_A3404 Mbar_A3405 Mbar_A3406 Mbar_A3407 Mbar_A3408 Mbar_A3409 Mbar_A3410 Mbar_A3411 Mbar_A3412
MBYMSBRM_1550 MSBRM_1551 MSBRM_1552 MSBRM_1553 MSBRM_1554 MSBRM_1555 MSBRM_1556 MSBRM_1557 MSBRM_1558 MSBRM_1559 MSBRM_1560 MSBRM_1561 MSBRM_1562 MSBRM_2697
MBWMSBRW_0740 MSBRW_1322 MSBRW_1323 MSBRW_1324 MSBRW_1325 MSBRW_1326 MSBRW_1327 MSBRW_1328 MSBRW_1329 MSBRW_1330 MSBRW_1331 MSBRW_1332 MSBRW_1333 MSBRW_1334
MBARMSBR2_0847 MSBR2_0848 MSBR2_0849 MSBR2_0850 MSBR2_0851 MSBR2_0852 MSBR2_0853 MSBR2_0854 MSBR2_0855 MSBR2_0856 MSBR2_0857 MSBR2_0858 MSBR2_0859 MSBR2_2653
MBAKMSBR3_1273 MSBR3_1275 MSBR3_1276 MSBR3_1277 MSBR3_1278 MSBR3_1279 MSBR3_1280 MSBR3_1281 MSBR3_1282 MSBR3_1283 MSBR3_1284 MSBR3_1285 MSBR3_1286 MSBR3_1287 MSBR3_2772
MACMA_1495(fpoA) MA_1496(fpoB) MA_1497(fpoC) MA_1498(fpoD) MA_1499(fpoH) MA_1500(fpoI) MA_1501(fpoJ) MA_1502(fpoJ) MA_1503(fpoK) MA_1504(fpoL) MA_1505(fpoM) MA_1506(fpoN) MA_1507(fpoO) MA_1509(fpoO) MA_3732(fpoF)
MMAMM_0627 MM_2479(fpoO) MM_2480(fpoN) MM_2481(fpoM) MM_2482(fpoL) MM_2483(fpoK) MM_2484(fpoJ) MM_2485(fpoJ) MM_2486(fpoI) MM_2487(fpoH) MM_2488(fpoD) MM_2489(fpoC) MM_2490(fpoB) MM_2491(fpoA)
MMAZMmTuc01_0640 MmTuc01_2530 MmTuc01_2531 MmTuc01_2532 MmTuc01_2533 MmTuc01_2534 MmTuc01_2535 MmTuc01_2536 MmTuc01_2537 MmTuc01_2541
MMJMSMAS_0682 MSMAS_2211 MSMAS_2212 MSMAS_2213 MSMAS_2214 MSMAS_2215 MSMAS_2216 MSMAS_2217 MSMAS_2218 MSMAS_2219 MSMAS_2220 MSMAS_2221 MSMAS_2222 MSMAS_2223
MMACMSMAC_0683 MSMAC_2231 MSMAC_2232 MSMAC_2233 MSMAC_2234 MSMAC_2235 MSMAC_2236 MSMAC_2237 MSMAC_2238 MSMAC_2239 MSMAC_2240 MSMAC_2241 MSMAC_2242 MSMAC_2243
MVCMSVAZ_0678 MSVAZ_1516 MSVAZ_1517 MSVAZ_1518 MSVAZ_1519 MSVAZ_1520 MSVAZ_1521 MSVAZ_1522 MSVAZ_1523 MSVAZ_1524 MSVAZ_1525 MSVAZ_1526 MSVAZ_1527 MSVAZ_1528 MSVAZ_1535
MEKMSKOL_0656 MSKOL_1457 MSKOL_1458 MSKOL_1459 MSKOL_1460 MSKOL_1461 MSKOL_1462 MSKOL_1463 MSKOL_1464 MSKOL_1465 MSKOL_1466 MSKOL_1467 MSKOL_1468 MSKOL_1469
MLSMSLAZ_1449 MSLAZ_1450 MSLAZ_1451 MSLAZ_1452 MSLAZ_1453 MSLAZ_1454 MSLAZ_1455 MSLAZ_1456 MSLAZ_1457 MSLAZ_1458 MSLAZ_1459 MSLAZ_1460 MSLAZ_1461 MSLAZ_2236
METMMSMTP_0747 MSMTP_0962 MSMTP_0963 MSMTP_0964 MSMTP_0965 MSMTP_0966 MSMTP_0967 MSMTP_0968 MSMTP_0969 MSMTP_0970 MSMTP_0971 MSMTP_0972 MSMTP_0973 MSMTP_0974 MSMTP_0980
MEFMSWH1_0877 MSWH1_1906 MSWH1_1907 MSWH1_1908 MSWH1_1909 MSWH1_1910 MSWH1_1911 MSWH1_1912 MSWH1_1913 MSWH1_1914 MSWH1_1915 MSWH1_1916 MSWH1_1917 MSWH1_1918
MEQMSWHS_0936 MSWHS_3153 MSWHS_3154 MSWHS_3155 MSWHS_3156 MSWHS_3157 MSWHS_3158 MSWHS_3159 MSWHS_3160 MSWHS_3161 MSWHS_3162 MSWHS_3163 MSWHS_3164 MSWHS_3165
MSJMSSAC_1436 MSSAC_1440 MSSAC_1441 MSSAC_1442 MSSAC_1443 MSSAC_1444 MSSAC_1445 MSSAC_1446 MSSAC_1447 MSSAC_1448 MSSAC_1449 MSSAC_1450 MSSAC_1451 MSSAC_1452 MSSAC_3542
MSZMSSIH_1503 MSSIH_1504 MSSIH_1505 MSSIH_1506 MSSIH_1507 MSSIH_1508 MSSIH_1509 MSSIH_1510 MSSIH_1511 MSSIH_1512 MSSIH_1513 MSSIH_1514 MSSIH_1515 MSSIH_1519 MSSIH_3083
MSWMSSIT_1561 MSSIT_1562 MSSIT_1563 MSSIT_1564 MSSIT_1565 MSSIT_1566 MSSIT_1567 MSSIT_1568 MSSIT_1569 MSSIT_1570 MSSIT_1571 MSSIT_1572 MSSIT_1573 MSSIT_1720 MSSIT_3141
MTHRMSTHT_0197 MSTHT_0198 MSTHT_0199 MSTHT_0200 MSTHT_0201 MSTHT_0202 MSTHT_0203 MSTHT_0204 MSTHT_0205 MSTHT_0206 MSTHT_0207 MSTHT_0208 MSTHT_0209 MSTHT_2389
MTHEMSTHC_0522 MSTHC_0523 MSTHC_0524 MSTHC_0525 MSTHC_0526 MSTHC_0527 MSTHC_0528 MSTHC_0529 MSTHC_0530 MSTHC_0531 MSTHC_0532 MSTHC_0533 MSTHC_0534 MSTHC_0891
MHORMSHOH_0800 MSHOH_2821 MSHOH_2822 MSHOH_2823 MSHOH_2824 MSHOH_2825 MSHOH_2826 MSHOH_2827 MSHOH_2828 MSHOH_2829 MSHOH_2830 MSHOH_2831 MSHOH_2832 MSHOH_2833
MFZAOB57_001380 AOB57_001385 AOB57_001390 AOB57_001395 AOB57_001400(nuoH) AOB57_001405 AOB57_001410 AOB57_001415 AOB57_001420(nuoK) AOB57_001425 AOB57_001430 AOB57_001435 AOB57_001440 AOB57_003475
MBUMbur_1286(fpoO) Mbur_1287 Mbur_1288 Mbur_1289 Mbur_1290 Mbur_1292(fpoI) Mbur_1293 Mbur_1294(fpoD) Mbur_1295 Mbur_1296(fpoB) Mbur_1297 Mbur_2371(fpoF)
MMETMCMEM_0516 MCMEM_1731 MCMEM_1732 MCMEM_1733 MCMEM_1734 MCMEM_1735 MCMEM_1736 MCMEM_1737 MCMEM_1738 MCMEM_1739 MCMEM_1741 MCMEM_1742 MCMEM_1743 MCMEM_1744
MELOJ7W08_00605 J7W08_07695 J7W08_07700 J7W08_07705 J7W08_07710(nuoL) J7W08_07715(nuoK) J7W08_07720 J7W08_07725 J7W08_07730 J7W08_07735(nuoH) J7W08_07745 J7W08_07750
MMHMmah_1512 Mmah_1589 Mmah_1590 Mmah_1591 Mmah_1592 Mmah_1593 Mmah_1594 Mmah_1595 Mmah_1596 Mmah_1597 Mmah_1598 Mmah_1599 Mmah_1600 Mmah_1601
MHAZBHR79_05715 BHR79_05720 BHR79_05725 BHR79_05730 BHR79_05735 BHR79_05740 BHR79_05745 BHR79_05750 BHR79_05755 BHR79_05760 BHR79_05765 BHR79_05770 BHR79_05775 BHR79_06170
MEVMetev_0271 Metev_0272 Metev_0273 Metev_0274 Metev_0275 Metev_0276 Metev_0277 Metev_0278 Metev_0279 Metev_0280 Metev_0281 Metev_0282 Metev_0283 Metev_2138
MZHMzhil_0169 Mzhil_1589 Mzhil_1590 Mzhil_1591 Mzhil_1592 Mzhil_1593 Mzhil_1594 Mzhil_1595 Mzhil_1596 Mzhil_1597 Mzhil_1598 Mzhil_1599 Mzhil_1600 Mzhil_1601
MPYMpsy_2036 Mpsy_2566(fpoA) Mpsy_2567(fpoB) Mpsy_2568 Mpsy_2569(fpoD) Mpsy_2570 Mpsy_2571 Mpsy_2572(fpoJ) Mpsy_2573 Mpsy_2574 Mpsy_2575 Mpsy_2576 Mpsy_2577 Mpsy_2578
MZIHWN40_09990(fpoO) HWN40_09995 HWN40_10000 HWN40_10005(nuoL) HWN40_10010(nuoK) HWN40_10015 HWN40_10020 HWN40_10025 HWN40_10030(nuoH) HWN40_10035 HWN40_10040 HWN40_10045 HWN40_10050 HWN40_11980
MHZMetho_1442 Metho_1443 Metho_1444 Metho_1445 Metho_1446 Metho_1447 Metho_1448 Metho_1449 Metho_1450 Metho_1451 Metho_1452 Metho_1453 Metho_1454 Metho_2246
MTPMthe_1050 Mthe_1051 Mthe_1052 Mthe_1053 Mthe_1054 Mthe_1055 Mthe_1056 Mthe_1057 Mthe_1058 Mthe_1059 Mthe_1060
MCJMCON_2389(fpoO) MCON_3060(fpoA) MCON_3061(fpoB) MCON_3062(fpoD) MCON_3063(fpoH) MCON_3064 MCON_3067(fpoK) MCON_3068(fpoL) MCON_3069(fpoM) MCON_3070(fpoN)
MHIMhar_0854 Mhar_1410 Mhar_1411 Mhar_1412 Mhar_1413 Mhar_1414 Mhar_1415 Mhar_1416 Mhar_1417 Mhar_1418 Mhar_1419 Mhar_1420
MERMMINT_02050 MMINT_02070 MMINT_02080 MMINT_02090 MMINT_02100
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1  [PMID:9914308]
Brodersen J, Gottschalk G, Deppenmeier U
Membrane-bound F420H2-dependent heterodisulfide reduction in methanococcus voltae
Arch Microbiol 171:115-21 (1999)
2  [PMID:10751389]
Baumer S, Ide T, Jacobi C, Johann A, Gottschalk G, Deppenmeier U
The F420H2 dehydrogenase from Methanosarcina mazei is a Redox-driven proton pump closely related to NADH dehydrogenases.
J Biol Chem 275:17968-73 (2000)
3  [PMID:15168610]
Deppenmeier U
The membrane-bound electron transport system of Methanosarcina species.
J Bioenerg Biomembr 36:55-64 (2004)
Abken H. J. and Deppenmeier, U.
Purification and properties of an F420H2 dehydrogenase from Methanosarcina mazei Go1.
FEMS Microbiol Lett 154:231-237 (2006)
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