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selenate reductase
Other oxidoreductases;
Sole sub-subclass for oxidoreductases that do not belong in the other subclasses
BRITE hierarchy
selenite:reduced acceptor oxidoreductase
selenite + H2O + acceptor = selenate + reduced acceptor [RN:R07229]
selenite [CPD:C05684];
H2O [CPD:C00001];
acceptor [CPD:C00028]
selenate [CPD:C05697];
reduced acceptor [CPD:C00030]
The periplasmic enzyme from Thauera selenatis is a complex comprising three heterologous subunits (alpha, beta and gamma) that contains molybdenum, iron, acid-labile sulfide and heme b as cofactor constituents. Nitrate, nitrite, chlorate and sulfate are not substrates. A number of compounds, including acetate, lactate, pyruvate, and certain sugars, amino acids, fatty acids, di- and tricarboxylic acids, and benzoate can serve as electron donors.
EC created 2003
ec00450  Selenocompound metabolism
K07309  Tat-targeted selenate reductase subunit YnfE
K07310  Tat-targeted selenate reductase subunit YnfF
K12527  putative selenate reductase
K17050  selenate/chlorate reductase subunit alpha
K17051  selenate/chlorate reductase subunit beta
K17052  selenate/chlorate reductase subunit gamma
ECO: b1587(ynfE) b1588(ynfF) b2878(ygfK)
ECJ: JW1579(ynfE) JW5260(ynfF) JW5923(ygfK)
ECD: ECDH10B_1720(ynfE) ECDH10B_1721(ynfF) ECDH10B_3053(ygfK)
EBW: BWG_1401(ynfE) BWG_1402(ynfF) BWG_2604(ygfK)
ECOK: ECMDS42_1257(ynfE) ECMDS42_1258(ynfF) ECMDS42_2378(ygfK)
ECE: Z2575 Z2576 Z4217
ECS: ECs2293 ECs2294 ECs3751
ECF: ECH74115_2296(ynfE) ECH74115_2297 ECH74115_4168
ETW: ECSP_2151(ynfE) ECSP_2152(ynfF) ECSP_3848(ygfK)
ELX: CDCO157_2130 CDCO157_2131 CDCO157_3504
EOJ: ECO26_2291(ynfF) ECO26_3967(ygfK)
EOI: ECO111_2056(ynfF) ECO111_3616(ygfK)
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EOK: G2583_1981(ynfE) G2583_1982(ynfF) G2583_3532(ygfK)
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STY: STY1565(dmsA1) STY1566(dmsA2)
STT: t1419(dmsA) t1420(dmsA)
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CABY: Cabys_2131
BANA: BARAN1_0919(YgfK)
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1  [PMID:9295321]
Schroder I, Rech S, Krafft T, Macy JM.
Purification and characterization of the selenate reductase from Thauera selenatis.
J Biol Chem 272:23765-8 (1997)
2  [PMID:8427805]
Macy JM, Rech S, Auling G, Dorsch M, Stackebrandt E, Sly LI.
Thauera selenatis gen. nov., sp. nov., a member of the beta subclass of Proteobacteria with a novel type of anaerobic respiration.
Int J Syst Bacteriol 43:135-42 (1993)
3  [PMID:10826693]
Krafft T, Bowen A, Theis F, Macy JM.
Cloning and sequencing of the genes encoding the periplasmic-cytochrome B-containing selenate reductase of Thauera selenatis.
DNA Seq 10:365-77 (2000)
4  [PMID:10525169]
Stolz JF, Oremland RS.
Bacterial respiration of arsenic and selenium.
FEMS Microbiol Rev 23:615-27 (1999)
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