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N-terminal L-serine Nalpha-acetyltransferase NatD;
NAA40 (gene name)
Transferring groups other than aminoacyl groups
BRITE hierarchy
acetyl-CoA:N-terminal-L-seryl-[histone 4/2A] L-serine Nalpha-acetyltransferase
(1) acetyl-CoA + an N-terminal-L-seryl-[histone H4] = an N-terminal-Nalpha-acetyl-L-seryl-[histone H4] + CoA;
(2) acetyl-CoA + an N-terminal-L-seryl-[histone H2A] = an N-terminal-Nalpha-acetyl-L-seryl-[histone H2A] + CoA
acetyl-CoA [CPD:C00024];
N-terminal-L-seryl-[histone H4];
N-terminal-L-seryl-[histone H2A]
N-terminal-Nalpha-acetyl-L-seryl-[histone H4];
CoA [CPD:C00010];
N-terminal-Nalpha-acetyl-L-seryl-[histone H2A]
N-terminal-acetylases (NATs) catalyse the covalent attachment of an acetyl moiety from acetyl-CoA to the free alpha-amino group at the N-terminus of a protein. This irreversible modification neutralizes the positive charge at the N-terminus and makes the N-terminal residue larger and more hydrophobic. NatD is found in all eukaryotic organisms, and acetylates solely the serine residue at the N-terminus of histones H2A or H4. Efficient recognition and acetylation by NatD requires at least the first 30 to 50 highly conserved amino acid residues of the histone N terminus.
EC created 1989 as EC, part transferred 2016 to EC
K20794  N-alpha-acetyltransferase 40
HSA: 79829(NAA40)
PTR: 466645(NAA40)
PPS: 100981949(NAA40)
GGO: 101143531(NAA40)
PON: 100172762(NAA40)
NLE: 100597032(NAA40)
MCC: 722126(NAA40)
MCF: 102140277(NAA40)
CSAB: 103233535(NAA40)
RRO: 104672944(NAA40)
RBB: 108536146(NAA40)
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PIC: PICST_28557(NAT4)
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TPV: TP03_0684
BBO: BBOV_III001570(17.m07160)
CPV: cgd6_1800
SPAR: SPRG_07131
 » show all
1  [PMID:12915400]
Song OK, Wang X, Waterborg JH, Sternglanz R
An Nalpha-acetyltransferase responsible for acetylation of the N-terminal residues of histones H4 and H2A.
J Biol Chem 278:38109-12 (2003)
2  [PMID:19332560]
Polevoda B, Hoskins J, Sherman F
Properties of Nat4, an N(alpha)-acetyltransferase of Saccharomyces cerevisiae that modifies N termini of histones H2A and H4.
Mol Cell Biol 29:2913-24 (2009)
3  [PMID:25619998]
Magin RS, Liszczak GP, Marmorstein R
The molecular basis for histone H4- and H2A-specific amino-terminal acetylation by NatD.
Structure 23:332-41 (2015)
[hsa:79829] [spo:SPCC825.04c]
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