EC                 Enzyme                                 

protein-glutamine gamma-glutamyltransferase;
Factor XIIIa;
fibrin stabilizing factor;
glutaminylpeptide gamma-glutamyltransferase;
polyamine transglutaminase;
tissue transglutaminase;
R-glutaminyl-peptide:amine gamma-glutamyl transferase
protein-glutamine:amine gamma-glutamyltransferase
protein glutamine + alkylamine = protein N5-alkylglutamine + NH3 [RN:R03983]
protein glutamine [CPD:C02583];
alkylamine [CPD:C01664]
protein N5-alkylglutamine [CPD:C03636];
NH3 [CPD:C00014]
Requires Ca2+. The gamma-carboxamide groups of peptide-bound glutamine residues act as acyl donors, and the 6-amino-groups of protein- and peptide-bound lysine residues act as acceptors, to give intra- and inter-molecular N6-(5-glutamyl)-lysine crosslinks. Formed by proteolytic cleavage from plasma Factor XIII
EC created 1978, modified 1981, modified 1983
K00686  protein-glutamine gamma-glutamyltransferase
K03917  coagulation factor XIII A1 polypeptide
K05619  transglutaminase 1
K05620  transglutaminase 3
K05621  transglutaminase 4
K05622  transglutaminase 5
K05623  transglutaminase 7
K05624  transglutaminase 6
K05625  transglutaminase 2
K22452  protein-glutamine gamma-glutamyltransferase
HSA: 116179(TGM7) 2162(F13A1) 343641(TGM6) 7047(TGM4) 7051(TGM1) 7052(TGM2) 7053(TGM3) 9333(TGM5)
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