EC                Enzyme                                 

protein-Npi-phosphohistidine---D-glucose phosphotransferase;
ptsG (gene name);
D-glucose PTS permease;
Enzyme IIGlc
Transferring phosphorus-containing groups;
Phosphotransferases with an alcohol group as acceptor
protein-Npi-phospho-L-histidine:D-glucose Npi-phosphotransferase
[protein]-Npi-phospho-L-histidine + D-glucose[side 1] = [protein]-L-histidine + D-glucose 6-phosphate[side 2]
(other) R02738
[protein]-Npi-phospho-L-histidine [CPD:C04261];
D-glucose[side 1] [CPD:C00031]
[protein]-L-histidine [CPD:C00615];
D-glucose 6-phosphate[side 2] [CPD:C00092]
This enzyme is a component (known as enzyme II) of a phosphoenolpyruvate (PEP)-dependent, sugar transporting phosphotransferase system (PTS). The system, which is found only in prokaryotes, simultaneously transports its substrate from the periplasm or extracellular space into the cytoplasm and phosphorylates it. The phosphate donor, which is shared among the different systems, is a phospho-carrier protein of low molecular mass that has been phosphorylated by EC (phosphoenolpyruvate---protein phosphotransferase). Enzyme II, on the other hand, is specific for a particular substrate, although in some cases alternative substrates can be transported with lower efficiency. The reaction involves a successive transfer of the phosphate group to several amino acids within the enzyme before the final transfer to the substrate.
EC created 1972 as EC, part transferred 2016 to EC
ec00010  Glycolysis / Gluconeogenesis
ec00520  Amino sugar and nucleotide sugar metabolism
ec01100  Metabolic pathways
K02778  glucose PTS system EIIB component
K02779  glucose PTS system EIICB or EIICBA component
K02791  maltose/glucose PTS system EIICB component
K20118  glucose PTS system EIICBA or EIICB component
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CML: BN424_364(malX)
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CAC: CA_C0570
CAE: SMB_G0583(gamP)
CAY: CEA_G0584
CPE: CPE2157
CPF: CPF_2412(ptsG)
CPR: CPR_2124(ptsG)
CTC: CTC_00278
CBK: CLL_A3423
CBT: CLH_3174
CBEI: LF65_05637
CSR: Cspa_c47240(glcB)
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CPAT: CLPA_c17380(ptsG1)
CPAE: CPAST_c17380(ptsG1)
CBV: U729_2000(ptsG)
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RUM: CK1_21550
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FPA: FPR_08870
BFI: CIY_15670
CCT: CC1_06480
CPY: Cphy_1768
CSO: CLS_32020
RTO: RTO_07670
ERT: EUR_10290
ERA: ERE_16560
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ELM: ELI_3252
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MGC: CM9_00400
MGQ: CM3_00430
MGX: CM1_00410
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MPB: C985_0205
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SCQ: SCULI_v1c00890(ptsG1) SCULI_v1c05240(ptsG2)
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PAW: PAZ_c03150(ptsG2)
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CACN: RN83_01945
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BGA: BG0117(malX) BG0668(ptsG) BGB26(malX)
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BRM: Bmur_2105
BIP: Bint_2475(ptsG)
EMI: Emin_0921
LBA: Lebu_1946
SMF: Smon_0267
TAI: Taci_1459
 » show all
1  [PMID:6292227]
Stock JB, Waygood EB, Meadow ND, Postma PW, Roseman S
Sugar transport by the bacterial phosphotransferase system. The glucose receptors of the Salmonella typhimurium phosphotransferase system.
J Biol Chem 257:14543-52 (1982)
2  [PMID:3023349]
Erni B, Zanolari B
Glucose-permease of the bacterial phosphotransferase system. Gene cloning, overproduction, and amino acid sequence of enzyme IIGlc.
J Biol Chem 261:16398-403 (1986)
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