EC                Enzyme                                 

DNA primase AEP;
archaeo-eukaryotic primase;
Transferring phosphorus-containing groups;
(deoxy)nucleotide 5'-triphosphate:single-stranded DNA (deoxy)nucleotidyltransferase (DNA or DNA-RNA hybrid synthesizing)
(1) ssDNA + n NTP = ssDNA/pppN(pN)n-1 hybrid + (n-1) diphosphate;
(2) ssDNA + n dNTP = ssDNA/pppdN(pdN)n-1 hybrid + (n-1) diphosphate
NTP [CPD:C00201];
dNTP [CPD:C06604]
ssDNA/pppN(pN)n-1 hybrid;
(n-1) diphosphate;
ssDNA/pppdN(pdN)n-1 hybrid
The enzyme, which is found in eukaryota and archaea, catalyses the synthesis of short RNA or DNA sequences which are used as primers for EC, DNA-directed DNA polymerase.
EC created 2018
K02683  DNA primase small subunit
K02684  DNA primase small subunit
K22761  DNA-directed primase/polymerase protein
HSA: 201973(PRIMPOL) 5557(PRIM1)
PTR: 471370(PRIMPOL) 746924(PRIM1)
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SOH: D1869_06595(priS)
SSO: SSO1048
SOL: Ssol_2019
SSOA: SULA_2052(priS)
SSOL: SULB_2053(priS)
SSOF: SULC_2051(priS)
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SID: M164_1162
SII: LD85_1289
SIH: SiH_1133
SIR: SiRe_1047
SIC: SiL_1056
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SULO: GFS33_12100(priS)
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MCN: Mcup_0440
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ABRI: DFR85_11175(priS)
ASUL: DFR86_08985(priS)
AAMB: D1866_01140(priS)
SAZO: D1868_00225(priS)
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PCL: Pcal_0991
PAS: Pars_1787
PYR: P186_1480
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CMA: Cmaq_1378
TTN: TTX_0579(priS)
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VDI: Vdis_2058
VMO: VMUT_0466
TPE: Tpen_0622
ASC: ASAC_0199
ACIA: SE86_01780
NMR: Nmar_0066
NID: NPIRD3C_0155(priS)
NIN: NADRNF5_2210(priS)
NCT: NMSP_0068(priS)
NGA: Ngar_c16160(priA)
NVN: NVIE_005900(priA)
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NFN: NFRAN_2763(priS)
NCV: NCAV_0121(priA)
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NDV: NDEV_0092(priS)
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MARH: Mia14_0061
MIY: Micr_00244(priA_2)
LOKI: Lokiarch_28610(priS)
PSYT: DSAG12_03820(priS)
 » show all
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