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cytosol nonspecific dipeptidase;
N2-beta-alanylarginine dipeptidase;
glycyl-glycine dipeptidase;
glycyl-leucine dipeptidase;
peptidase A;
Pro-X dipeptidase;
prolyl dipeptidase;
prolylglycine dipeptidase;
L-prolylglycine dipeptidase;
prolylglycine dipeptidase;
Gly-Leu hydrolase;
glycyl-L-leucine dipeptidase;
glycyl-L-leucine hydrolase;
glycyl-L-leucine peptidase;
L-amino-acyl-L-amino-acid hydrolase;
glycylleucine peptidase;
glycylleucine hydrolase;
glycylleucine dipeptide hydrolase;
non-specific dipeptidase;
human cytosolic non-specific dipeptidase;
glycyl-L-leucine hydrolase;
glycyl-glycine dipeptidase
Acting on peptide bonds (peptidases);
Hydrolysis of dipeptides, preferentially hydrophobic dipeptides including prolyl amino acids
(other) R01166 R01992
A zinc enzyme with broad specificity, varying somewhat with source species. Activated and stabilized by dithiothreitol and Mn2+. Inhibited by bestatin and leucine.
EC created 1961 as EC and EC, transferred 1972 to EC and EC, transferred 1978 to EC, part transferred 1992 to EC, modified 2000 (EC created 1989, incorporated 1992)
ec00330  Arginine and proline metabolism
ec00340  Histidine metabolism
ec00410  beta-Alanine metabolism
ec01100  Metabolic pathways
K08660  cytosolic nonspecific dipeptidase
HSA: 55748(CNDP2)
PTR: 455473(CNDP2)
PPS: 100970514(CNDP1) 117974220(CNDP2)
GGO: 101126755(CNDP2)
PON: 100174694(CNDP2)
NLE: 100583155(CNDP2)
MCC: 114675568 695080(CNDP2)
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Bauer, K.
Cytosol non-specific dipeptidase.
In: Barrett, A.J., Rawlings, N.D. and Woessner, J.F. (Eds.), Handbook of Proteolytic Enzymes, Academic Press, London, 1998, p. 1520-1522.
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