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cathepsin X;
cathepsin B2;
cysteine-type carboxypeptidase;
cathepsin IV;
cathepsin Z;
acid carboxypeptidase;
lysosomal carboxypeptidase B
Acting on peptide bonds (peptidases);
Cysteine-type carboxypeptidases
Release of C-terminal amino acid residues with broad specificity, but lacks action on C-terminal proline. Shows weak endopeptidase activity
Cathepsin X is a lysosomal cysteine peptidase of family C1 (papain family). The pH optimum is dependent on the substrate and is 5.0 for the carboxypeptidase activity. Unstable above pH 7.0. Compound E-64, leupeptin and antipain are inhibitors, but not cystatin C. Cathepsin X is ubiquitously distributed in mammalian tissues. The propeptide is extremely short (38 amino acid residues) and the proenzyme is catalytically active. Human gene locus: 20q13.
EC created 1981, modified 2000
K08568  cathepsin X
HSA: 1522(CTSZ)
PTR: 736240(CTSZ)
PPS: 100978982(CTSZ)
GGO: 101135556(CTSZ)
PON: 100445547(CTSZ)
NLE: 100605843(CTSZ)
MCC: 694157(CTSZ)
MCF: 102118566(CTSZ)
CSAB: 103243445(CTSZ)
CATY: 105585314(CTSZ)
PANU: 101006441(CTSZ)
RRO: 104663800(CTSZ)
RBB: 108541622(CTSZ)
TFN: 117069005(CTSZ)
PTEH: 111555632(CTSZ)
CJC: 100409242(CTSZ)
SBQ: 101044087(CTSZ)
MMUR: 105874515(CTSZ)
MMU: 64138(Ctsz)
MCAL: 110310623(Ctsz)
MPAH: 110318622(Ctsz)
RNO: 252929(Ctsz)
MCOC: 116091501(Ctsz)
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NGI: 103741460(Ctsz)
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BFO: 118417697
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CEL: CELE_F32B5.8(cpz-1) CELE_M04G12.2(cpz-2)
CBR: CBG04105(Cbr-cpz-1) CBG06727(Cbr-cpz-2)
BMY: BM_BM3754(Bma-cpz-1)
TSP: Tsp_10493
PCAN: 112576650
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PDAM: 113681648
SPIS: 111329960
DGT: 114516372
PPP: 112282901
DFA: DFA_10566 DFA_10571(ctsZ)
SMIN: v1.2.007800.t1(symbB.v1.2.007800.t1)
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1  [PMID:10504234]
Nagler DK, Zhang R, Tam W, Sulea T, Purisima EO, Menard R
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Biochemistry 38:12648-54 (1999)
2  [PMID:9738465]
Nagler DK, Menard R
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FEBS Lett 434:135-9 (1998)
3  [PMID:9642240]
Santamaria I, Velasco G, Pendas AM, Fueyo A, Lopez-Otin C.
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J Biol Chem 273:16816-23 (1998)
4  [PMID:577]
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5  [PMID:1122298]
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6  [PMID:4429705]
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