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Acting on peptide bonds (peptidases);
Serine endopeptidases
Cleavage after basic amino-acid residues, with Arg strongly preferred to Lys
This type-II membrane-associated serine peptidase has been implicated in cell growth and development [1,3]. The enzyme has been shown to activate blood coagulation factor VII by cleavage of the Arg152!Ile153 peptide bound in BHK cells, thus indicating a possible role in the initiation of blood coagulation [2]. There is no cleavage after aromatic or aliphatic residues [1]. The occupancy of the S2 site is an absolute requirement for catalysis and a basic residue at that site is preferred to an aliphatic residue. The nature of the residue at S3 also affects hydrolysis, with Gln being much more favourable than Ala [1]. Belongs in peptidase family S1A.
EC created 2006
K08665  hepsin
HSA: 3249(HPN)
PTR: 455944(HPN)
PPS: 100987098(HPN)
GGO: 101135897(HPN)
PON: 100173788(HPN)
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SPIS: 111345236
MNG: MNEG_2561
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1  [PMID:9003440]
Zhukov A, Hellman U, Ingelman-Sundberg M.
Purification and characterization of hepsin from rat liver microsomes.
Biochim Biophys Acta 1337:85-95 (1997)
2  [PMID:7814421]
Kazama Y, Hamamoto T, Foster DC, Kisiel W.
Hepsin, a putative membrane-associated serine protease, activates human factor VII and initiates a pathway of blood coagulation on the cell surface leading to thrombin formation.
J Biol Chem 270:66-72 (1995)
3  [PMID:8346233]
Torres-Rosado A, O'Shea KS, Tsuji A, Chou SH, Kurachi K.
Hepsin, a putative cell-surface serine protease, is required for mammalian cell growth.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 90:7181-5 (1993)
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