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prohormone convertase;
dibasic processing enzyme;
paired basic amino acid cleaving enzyme;
paired basic amino acid converting enzyme;
serine proteinase PACE;
proprotein convertase
Acting on peptide bonds (peptidases);
Serine endopeptidases
Release of mature proteins from their proproteins by cleavage of -Arg-Xaa-Yaa-Arg! bonds, where Xaa can by any amino acid and Yaa is Arg or Lys. Releases albumin, complement component C3 and von Willebrand factor from their respective precursors
One of a group of peptidases in peptidase family S8 (subtilisin family) that is structurally and functionally similar to kexin. All are activated by Ca2+, contain Cys near the active site His, and are inhibited by p-mercuribenzoate. At least three related enzymes are recognized in mammals: PC2, PC3 and PC4, which have somewhat different specificities
EC created 1993
K01349  furin
HSA: 5045(FURIN)
PTR: 453652(FURIN)
PPS: 100978848(FURIN)
GGO: 101128325(FURIN)
PON: 100448725(FURIN)
NLE: 100591992(FURIN)
MCC: 715813(FURIN)
MCF: 102120129(FURIN)
CSAB: 103231185(FURIN)
RRO: 104679270(FURIN)
RBB: 108517214(FURIN)
CJC: 100396662(FURIN)
SBQ: 101030569(FURIN)
MMU: 18550(Furin)
MCAL: 110297474(Furin)
MPAH: 110322269(Furin)
RNO: 54281(Furin)
CGE: 100682534(Furin)
NGI: 103749884(Furin)
HGL: 101717888(Furin)
CCAN: 109695073(Furin)
OCU: 100009442(FURIN)
TUP: 102470724(FURIN)
CFA: 488746(FURIN)
VVP: 112921462(FURIN)
AML: 100475645(FURIN)
UMR: 103660267(FURIN)
UAH: 113263719(FURIN)
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DME: Dmel_CG10772(Fur1) Dmel_CG18734(Fur2)
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PVM: 113817518
DPTE: 113791404
CEL: CELE_F11A6.1(kpc-1)
CBR: CBG15803(Cbr-kpc-1)
TSP: Tsp_12023
PCAN: 112554120
MYI: 110447249
OBI: 106882877
EGL: EGR_00543
NVE: 5510456
EPA: 110248172
AQU: 105312851
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1  [PMID:2094803]
van de Ven WJ, Voorberg J, Fontijn R, Pannekoek H, van den Ouweland AM, van Duijnhoven HL, Roebroek AJ, Siezen RJ.
Furin is a subtilisin-like proprotein processing enzyme in higher eukaryotes.
Mol Biol Rep 14:265-75 (1990)
2  [PMID:1843280]
Van de Ven WJ, Creemers JW, Roebroek AJ.
Furin: the prototype mammalian subtilisin-like proprotein-processing enzyme. Endoproteolytic cleavage at paired basic residues of proproteins of the eukaryotic secretory pathway.
Enzyme 45:257-70 (1991)
3  [PMID:1587790]
Hatsuzawa K, Murakami K, Nakayama K.
Molecular and enzymatic properties of furin, a Kex2-like endoprotease involved in precursor cleavage at Arg-X-Lys/Arg-Arg sites.
J Biochem (Tokyo) 111:296-301 (1992)
4  [PMID:18407092]
Seidah NG, Chretien M
Proprotein and prohormone convertases of the subtilisin family Recent developments and future perspectives.
Trends Endocrinol Metab 3:133-40 (1992)
5  [PMID:1429684]
Steiner DF, Smeekens SP, Ohagi S, Chan SJ.
The new enzymology of precursor processing endoproteases.
J Biol Chem 267:23435-8 (1992)
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