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interleukin 1beta-converting enzyme;
protease VII;
protease A;
interleukin 1beta precursor proteinase;
interleukin 1 converting enzyme;
interleukin 1beta-converting endopeptidase;
interleukin-1beta convertase;
interleukin-1beta converting enzyme;
interleukin-1beta precursor proteinase;
prointerleukin 1beta protease;
precursor interleukin-1beta converting enzyme;
pro-interleukin 1beta proteinase;
Acting on peptide bonds (peptidases);
Cysteine endopeptidases
Strict requirement for an Asp residue at position P1 and has a preferred cleavage sequence of Tyr-Val-Ala-Asp!
From mammalian monocytes. This enzyme is part of the family of inflammatory caspases, which also includes caspase-4 (EC and caspase-5 (EC in humans and caspase-11 (EC, caspase-12, caspase-13 and caspase-14 in mice. Contains a caspase-recruitment domain (CARD) in its N-terminal prodomain, which plays a role in procaspase activation [6,7]. Cleaves pro-interleukin-1beta (pro-IL-1beta) to form mature IL-1beta, a potent mediator of inflammation. Also activates the proinflammatory cytokine, IL-18, which is also known as interferon-gamma-inducing factor [6]. Inhibited by Ac-Tyr-Val-Ala-Asp-CHO. Caspase-11 plays a critical role in the activation of caspase-1 in mice, whereas caspase-4 enhances its activation in humans [7]. Belongs in peptidase family C14.
EC created 1993, modified 1997, modified 2007
K01370  caspase 1
HSA: 834(CASP1)
PTR: 101058924(CASP1)
PPS: 100985633(CARD17) 100985973 100986637(CARD16)
GGO: 101136563
PON: 100437679(CASP1) 100442809
NLE: 100588974(CASP1)
MCC: 100426388 706568
MCF: 102118885(CASP1)
CSAB: 103248363 103248365(CASP1) 103248933
RRO: 104665271(CASP1) 104665273 104665280
CJC: 100385618(CASP1)
SBQ: 101048062(CASP1)
MMU: 12362(Casp1)
MCAL: 110302061(Casp1)
MPAH: 110328145(Casp1)
RNO: 25166(Casp1)
MUN: 110552936
CGE: 100759171
NGI: 103743236(Casp1)
HGL: 101725179(Casp1)
CCAN: 109694935(Casp1)
OCU: 100101588(CASP1)
TUP: 102490614(CASP1)
BTA: 514214(CASP1)
BIU: 109570010(CASP1)
BBUB: 102395839(CASP1)
OAS: 101117013
SSC: 397319(CASP1)
CFR: 102514999(CASP1)
CDK: 105100418(CASP1)
BACU: 103013120
LVE: 103078860
OOR: 101289850(CASP1)
DLE: 111167579(CASP1)
PCAD: 102982110(CASP1)
ECB: 100033888(CASP1)
EPZ: 103559838(CASP1)
EAI: 106837656(CASP1)
MYB: 102247565 102258149(CASP1)
MYD: 102769699
MNA: 107532340
HAI: 109377701(CASP1)
DRO: 112314315(CASP1)
RAY: 107504293(CASP1)
TMU: 101359297
SHR: 100935043
OAA: 100078458
GGA: 395764(CASP1)
MGP: 100549639
CJO: 107322632
NMEL: 110407545 110407549(CARD16)
APLA: 101789899
ACYG: 106041090
FPG: 101914004
FCH: 102051371
CLV: 102097973
EGZ: 104131761
NNI: 104012458
ACUN: 113487354
PADL: 103916608
AAM: 106484675
ASN: 102373345
AMJ: 102575910(CASP1)
PSS: 102454294
CMY: 102948326
CPIC: 101951713
ACS: 100554079
PVT: 110084544
PBI: 103067193
PMUR: 107288559
PMUA: 114585476
GJA: 107112418
XLA: 378669(casp1.S) 397719(casp1.L)
XTR: 100491605(casp1)
NPR: 108790873
DRE: 566185(caspbl) 57933(caspa)
IPU: 108267794(CASP1)
PHYP: 113540111
LCO: 104924732
NCC: 104959782
OLA: 101174762
PRET: 103474681
NFU: 107380030
AOCE: 111582467
CSEM: 103378482
POV: 109630250
LCF: 108891827
SLAL: 111654143
BPEC: 110163616
SASA: 106612902
ELS: 105011822
SFM: 108922456
PKI: 111841516
LCM: 102363742
CMK: 103180499(caspase-1)
RTP: 109916765
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